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Author Topic: Post Zero Hour Fan Fiction

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I have a new idea for a fan fiction about the Archie Legion. I want to bring them back from the void that is outside the 52 universes. but I don't want to bring them back to their universe as it was when they left it.
They will return to their universe, but with many changes. this world doesn't know the legion and many that they've loved are gone or have returned from the dead.
how will they react and will they try to either live in this new world or will they try and change it back?

so I just want to know what you all think... and I'm going to post the first section I've completed. (completed part below.)

Chapter 1: Reentry…

“Shikari… are you sure this is the right way?” Kid Quantum asked as she surveyed the void for what seemed like the billionth time.

“Yes Quantum Legion” the way is clear.

“We’re back to that again? I thought we got this clear. Just call me Jazmin”

Even though Shikari had been with them for over a year now, she sometimes regressed to her old ways of referring to everyone as half their code name or some kind of physical feature mixed with legion as the secondary word. It’s something that annoyed most of her teammates. But they still accepted it at times. This time wasn’t one of them.

“Sorry Jazmin. But yes this is the path. I know it will lead us to more people lost in the multi-verse.”

“No offense to your abilities, but they have been wrong as of late.” Brainiac 5 interjected as he studied the readouts from his Omnicom to confirm Shikari findings.

“Green Legion, I know this is the way. It leads to something. But I’m not sure what exactly. This void is hard to navigate. But I know it’s a path we must follow.”

“Give her a break will ya” Wildfire stood up for Shikari. He had faith in her and knew she would find a way back to where they needed to be.

“I’m just stating a fact of late. But I will say that my Omnicom has picked up something familiar for once. That direction does show an energy tether to a portal that is opening to us.” Even though Brainic 5 trusts Shikari, he still doesn’t understand her abilities fully, at least not in the context of the void.

The team began to argue amongst themselves each taking a different side. Kid Quantum stood their listening to everyone. She tried to get it all straight in her head. But this void is a place beyond normal comprehension and outside the confines of time and space and having being stuck here for almost a year and then to be released from it, she knew the team was thankful for a break and some action. But after their adventure with the two other Legions to save one of their universes, they decided to return to the void and find others like themselves; lost and without a reality to call home. They had been searching and searching. They came close a hand full of times to finding another door way out. But without Gates, their natural teleporter to try and access certain energies its up to Shikari to track these door ways alone and sometimes, it seems to take its toll. The team has changed so much since they’ve entered the void. They’ve lost Kinetix, hopefully she’s at peace now, and without Xs the team’s resident speedster and energy ball it’s hard to keep up the spirit sometimes. Lastly, is Gates, Even though no one missed his political talks, his unwanted cynicism helped keep everyone else hopeful.
Kid Quantum, was trying her best to be a leader and keep the team together but after so many weeks with no hopes and leads of finding a way out or home, the teams has lost its way again. Its as if they never left the second galaxy, except this time it was the whole team that was sent through and not just a few of them. As Kid Quantum looked down to prepare herself to speak Cosmic Boy placed his hand in hers forcing her to look up at him. His smile gave her confidence to speak from her heart.

“Guys! Listen this is going to get us some where! I can feel it to! There is a quantum fluctuation in that direction, and Brainy and Shikari both have valid points. This is a way out and a way to something!” her enthusiasm and heartfelt voice gave some hope back to the team.

“That’s right guys. We’ll get out of this. We just need to follow that path!” Chameleon tried his best to boost himself and everyone. But even he had a hard time believing himself.

Shikari led the way following a path that only she could see clearly, as Brainic 5 and Kid Quantum followed closely behind and the rest of the team in tow.

“I really do hope this gets us some where Jo. I’m hoping we can find Cub again! I just know he’s out here.” Said Apparition weakly. She had become so lost with out their son and as of late the fear that he didn’t survive at all was getting to her more and more.

“We’ll find him again Tinya. I know we will.” Ultra Boy tried to reassure her but even he had his doubts.

Timber Wolf looked on after the two of them. He had faith that cub was out there. He was a strong little guy and he knew that even if Ultra Jerk, didn’t believe it, he did.

The team glided on cautiously following their path to a new world. The void started to shift from blank whiteness to vibrant hues of color. All shifting and rushing in all directions all the while getting brighter and pushing at each of them, at times it seemed almost blinding. The gravitational forces were starting to get worse; pulling each of them in different directions. There was no way they were going to be able to keep everyone together if this got worse and along with the gravity distortions came winds that created booming sounds around them.

“Star boy, can you compensate for this?” Brainic 5 yelled back.

“What?” Yelled Star Boy back. The wind was too much Star Boy couldn’t make out a thing Brainiac 5 said

“Star Boy he asked if you could use your powers to compensate for this gravity change.” Saturn Girl projected into Star Boys’ mind. She realized talking wasn’t going to be possible much longer.
“Yeah, I think I can. But I need everyone to be closer for that to happen.” Star boy thought back.
“Alright, everyone link hands and get closer together. Brainy can you use your force field to help bind us together? Saturn Girl asked.

“I believe so. I can extend it out but I’ll need it to be reinforced with another shield if I’m going to be able to continue to calculate and help follow Shikari’s path…” Brainic 5 said as he punched in some more data.

“I’ll help with the calculations” Invisible Kid and Gear both thought at the same time.
“Alright, thank you both and we’ll still need an extra field… I think if Kid Q and Cosmic Boy use their powers together it could help create a quantum magnetic field to help keep us together and then Star Boy will uses his gravity powers to keep all of us centered.” Brainiac 5 thought this so fast that Ferro almost felt like he was talking with Xs for a second.

“Is there anything I can do?” Ferro asked

“Actually I can use you as an anchor of sorts that will help keep us all together.” Offered Cosmic Boy. Everyone I need you to try and get close to Ferro and I’ll see if I can magnetize your rings to his body.” Cosmic boy concentrated as he magnetized Ferro and the team’s rings. But he also had to create a shield with Kid Q.

“Rokk, just focus and don’t over exert too much. You can do this. If you need the back up I’m here.” Saturn Girl offered.

“Thanks.” He thought with a weary smile on his face.

“Also, Vi if you could shrink down that would be a help.” Saturn Girl suggested.

“Will do!” and in an instant Violet was no bigger than doll.

Like the team they used to be, they were a well oiled machine, each doing their part to make this easier for everyone. Brainiac 5, Shikari, Kid Quantum and Cosmic Boy all leading the way, while Star Boy tried to continuously shift the group’s gravity to match the conditions of the void.

“You know where ever we end up we may want to think of getting some one who can control the weather… that might be a useful thing to have!” Joked Chameleon.

“Yeah, maybe. That’s if we ever get to where were going. But first things first I hope we land some where that has sonic showers! I could use a good one!” Teased Spark.
“I’d be up for that as well girl! Actually I see one in our very near future.” Dreamer interjected.

Spark and Chameleon both looked at Dreamer, not sure if this was really a vision she had or just a joke. But all three hoped it was a true vision of what’s to come. The three of them smiled at each other and felt happy. Something they hadn’t felt in a while.

“How are those calculations coming Gear and I.K.?” Kid Quantum asked.
“Good! If you veer left in about 2.5 seconds we will miss a barrier that’s could be a potential problem. Shikari do you see it coming up?” Responded Invisible Kid.

“Yes Invisible Legion. The barrier is just up a head. Everyone shift to the left just a little. We should pass right by it with few problems. But I sense that something… it’s just past the barrier.” Shikari’s senses were going wild. The path was becoming more unpredictable and yet predictable with each movement they made. She knew they were close to a way out.

“Alright hold tight people and move left on my mark… and NOW! Gear ordered.

The group shifted left, Star Boy straining to compensate for the gravity increase was getting harder on him. Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum’s field was holding nicely but both were becoming very tired.

“Are we there yet?” Triad asked trying to keep herself from triplecating. The thing she always did in uneasy situations. The ride was getting bumpier and bumpier as they went. The winds also started picking up speed, pushing the fields around them.

“Just a Bit longer! Were almost out of the woods here people! Just keep focused! Invisible Kid reassured them.

The colored hues started giving way to what looked like visions of a world that looked like their own. The U.P council headquarters stood proud and lively as it ever did. That slowly shifter to R.J. Brande in his office.

“Guys look! It’s showing a world that looks a lot like ours! Oh my stars and garters R.J.! Triad exclaimed. She was so happy to see her adoptive father again even if it was just in a vision in the void walls.

“Brainy is it possible that were actually going to a reality similar to our own?” Asked Apparition hopefully.

“It’s possible. But from what happened with the Persuader and what the Adult Brainiac 5 said our reality ceased to exist and it wasn’t reborn within one of the 52 Universes. But there is a possibility that it’s close to our own. But there will be differences. I believe what I can do to help us figure that out is run another computation and use our own temporal and reality signatures to see if they match or come close to the reality were about to enter.” Brainiac 5 said enthusiastically.

“Sounds like a great idea Brainy but can we wait till we get past this hurdle first! I think we’d all really like to just live through this first before you get distracted.” Suggested Saturn Girl.

The scenes of the void continued to change but so did the light intensity. Everything started getting brighter and brighter, so much so that almost everyone was getting blinded by the light.

“Umbra can you help out here? Shield everyone’s eyes from this light or something?” asked Kid Quantum.

“Alright, but if I do that, no one will see where were going.” Umbra thought back.

“I will see for all of us Dark Legion. The time has come that you all must just trust me to lead you out of here. The time for calculations is over!” Shikari thought bravely.

“Brainy can you handle that?” Live Wire teased.

“I’m fully capable of trusting Shikari and it has reached the point of where I think all calculations are done as far as I, Gear or Invisible Kid can do.” Brainiac 5 covered his eyes and lowered his head, as Invisible Kid patted him on the shoulder. Brainiac 5 hated having to give up. But when you can’t see there isn’t much else one can do.

“Well… if you like I could always make you think that its darkness you’re seeing. But allow you to see your instruments. Sensor suggested.

“Can you?” Brainiac 5 asked hopefully. He wanted to see these calculations through to the end.

“Sure. All three of you?”

“Yes!” Replied Invisible Kid, Gear and Brainiac 5 in unison.

With a thought Sensor “blinded” the three geniuses and Umbra used her dark field to cast shadows over everyone else’s eyes. Luckily Umbra and Sensor’s shadows stopped everyone, including them from seeing the events that transpired on the void’s walls. If they had looked they might have gotten a glimpse of the reality they were about to enter.

“Legion we are close! Everyone stay together!” Shikari reassured them. As she flew on with the rest of the Legion in tow the winds pushed hard and gravity increased even more. If it wasn’t for Star Boy they all might have been flatted by now. Even though this was a path Shikari found and trusted, something about it was familiar and strange. It’s as if the void didn’t want to let them go. For every inch they moved forward the void pulled on them more and more. Shikari couldn’t help but wonder if this was a path that the void itself was trying to keep hidden from them.

They flew on valiantly. Everyone playing their part and everyone’s hope rising.

“Legion we are almost there but there is something holding us back! We need more speed to push forward and to push us through a barrier that’s coming up. It’s the last hurtle we’ve got to face”. Gear called back to them as he did two more calculations.

“Maybe if we have M’Onel, and Ultra Boy use their strength and speed to punch through this last barrier, then we’d be free.” Suggested Invisible Kid.

“It’s worth a try!” agreed Cosmic Boy.

And with that both M’Onel and Ultra Boy moved from the Quantum/Magnetic force field up next to Shikari. Cosmic Boy used their utility belts to keep them magnetized to the group. Meanwhile Star Boy was still trying his hardest to compensate for all the gravity shifts. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on. Both of them were spreading themselves thin.

“Alright, when I tell you both to speed up do so and when I tell you to punch the barrier do it! Brainiac 5 told them.

“No sweat Brainy! We’ve got this” Ultra Boy said confidently as M’Onel agreed with a silent nod. The two of them pushed on getting faster and faster pulling the team along with them. Star Boy was so close to passing out from the excretion. Saturn Girl saw his face and felt his mind getting weak.

“Star Boy, are you alright? Can you make it just a little bit longer?” Saturn Girl asked.

“I… I’mmmm noot tooo surre…” Star Boy barely squeezed out this thought as his mind and body began to shut down.

“How much longer?” Dreamer asked concerned as she held on to Star Boy’s arm trying to show her support for her love.

“We’ll reach the barrier in one minuet! Once there Star Boy may have to increase the weight around everyone for a bit.

“I don’t think he can do that!” Dreamer said.

“He doesn’t have a choice. We need him.” Brainiac 5 said.

Cosmic Boy and Live Wire looked at Saturn Girl. They knew she could help him. But it would require taking over his mind and shutting him down for the rest of the time. This could work well but it could also be disastrous and his body could still give out no matter what. Also this would violate Star Boy on so many levels.

“Star Boy… Thom… I take control I can sustain you a bit longer but I don’t want to violate you” Saturn Girl asked him.

“Doooo whhhatttt you must!” Star Boy struggled to think again and in that moment Saturn Girls mind was made up. She took control of Star Boy. His mind was her mind and the two of them were one. She wielded his power like an expert using her own gravitational knowledge, Brainiac 5’s calculations and Star Boy’s own knowledge to help her. She started to understand why poor Thom was having so much trouble. The void’s gravitational pull and changes were so strong and fast. Saturn Girl was starting to wonder how long she could even hold out or make his body hold out for.

“Alright, here comes the barrier. Jo you need to switch to super strength and M’Onel keep pushing your speed while you two punch!” Invisible Kid instructed them.

The two of them along with Shikari flying straight a head towards the barrier. Shikari started to fall back to let the muscle boys strut their stuff.

“Annnd Strike it now!” commanded Invisible kid.

M’Onel and Ultra Boy strike the barrier as hard as they can and a sonic boom of back lash of energy hits them all. The winds pick up again pushing against them harder than before. The energy was is like something they’ve never felt before. Even Wildfire couldn’t handle the output of energy and he was energy. One last final blast of energy washed over them. The energy bypassed their shields everyone last one. Suddenly all of them experienced a feeling of change. It’s as if their very DNA changed.

“What was that? Did anyone else feel that?” Sensor the mistress of illusions and of recent genetic evolution said. She knew something was different about all of them now. But she wasn’t sure what. All she could hope was that her appearance didn’t change even more than it already had. She had enough trouble adjusting the last time her body went through DNA manipulation.

“It was an energy wash. But nothing to substantial. No need to worry!” Brainiac 5 tried to reassure her.

“It felt like hyper taxes energy.” Sensor cautioned.

“It does have a similar energy signature and pattern. But that is understandable. We are breaking through a wall of creation in a sense. I’ll do full scans of all of us once we full breach this barrier. Now please concentrate! I’m starting to go blinded again.” Brainiac 5 said as he searched his Omnicom.

“Fine.” Sensor said as she concentrated more on her illusions. She just hoped he was right and that nothing had changed them.

“Alright, Ultra Boy and M’onel, one more punch to the barrier and we will be through!” Brainiac 5 instructed them.

With that last order the two of them slammed their first as hard as they could into the barrier breaking it apart. All energy washed over them one final time. Then suddenly it all stopped. The strong winds were gone and replaced with a light breeze and sounds besides their own voices appeared. The sound of other people talking, laughing, and cars whoosing by them.

“Umbra drop the dark field and Sensor I believe you can end this illusion. I think we’ve reentered reality.” Brainiac 5 said out loud for the first time in what seemed like forever.”

“Brainy, I gotta ask why this reentry was more difficult than any others we’ve dealt with.” Live Wire asked.

“Well in theory, we left reality and had to reenter it under our own means, where as before we’ve been called forth from the void and in the case of the Time Trapper he’s a master of time and space it seems. He exists outside of time itself. So a lot of the confines that we face don’t affect him. There is also the possibility that…”

And before Brainiac 5 could finish the Sensor’s illusion had ended and he looked around for the first time. The whole team was in awe. They were back in reality and from the looks of it, it was both a place they recognized and didn’t. Meanwhile, Star Boy fell to the ground exhausted and with Saturn Girl no longer in control of him. Dreamer and Karate Kid knelt down to tend to him.

“Brainy this looks like… where our headquarters used to be…but well something’s missing. Said Violet as she re-sized herself to her proper height.

“Uhmm yeah like our headquarters…” said Wildfire with a boots of sarcasm.

“It appears we’ve reentered into a reality where either we weren’t formed or maybe our headquarters was located some where else.” Gear suggested.

“It’s highly probable.” Brainiac 5 said as he returned to his Omnicom.

“Are we at least in our own time period?” Kid Quantum inquired as she searched the skies of this realities earth for something she could recognize, like maybe Legion World in orbit or any number of buildings she would fly around.

“Maybe we should do some recon?” Suggested M’Onel, finally breaking his long silence. It was hard for him to talk in that void without showing his fear to his teammates of almost being like a phantom again.

“Good idea Mon lets break up into teams. We can cover more ground that way. But first things first everyone test your flight rings for both communication and flight capability.” Kid Quantum instructed everyone. Soon each of them started to float a few feet off the ground. “Alright this is good. This helps a lot. Ok people here we go. We’ll split up into teams. Each team will take a different area of the city. See if we can get some answers about this reality.” Kid Quantum said.

“Agreed. I think we should have a coordinating team based here. Saturn Girl, myself, and Gear should set up camp here and see what we can find out, while the rest of you gather more information.” Suggested Brainiac 5.

“That sounds like a good team to stay. Even though our rings are working we don’t know who or what could be listening in and we don’t want to disrupt too much here till we get more intel. Saturn Girl, if you could continue to help us stay in telepathic contact with everyone and help feed the intel to Brainy and Gear that would be great. Gear is it possible to create some sort of device that can get readings of this place.” Said Invisible Kid.

“Lyle I think that’s a great idea. My Omnicom is just not doing the task very well right now. It seems there’s too much data to impute. I’ll need more. Do all of you still have your mini Omnicom’s in your utility belts?” Brainiac 5 inquired.

Each of them searched their utility belts for them. One by one they located them and handed them over to Brainiac 5.

“This is a good start. Gear and I can both make all of these mini Omnicom’s into a proper computer interface that will allow us more access to information of this reality.”

“Good. Now let’s break this up. Cosmic Boy, Karate Kid, Invisible Kid, and Chameleon I want the four of you to head towards the United Planets council building, if there is one. Maybe that can get some answers. I think that actually will have the most information about the current state of this reality.” Kid Quantum stopped for a second to survey those who were left. “Dreamer, how’s Star Boy doing?”

“He’s unconscious for the time being. But I think he should be ok. At least I hope he is.” Dreamer said stroking his hair.

“Then he will have to remain here. As for the rest of you … Violet, Ferro, Spark and Apparition I want all of you to try the Superman Museum. That could give us something on some of the history here. Triad do you think you, Live Wire, Umbra, and Timber Wolf could check out Brande industries. This could allow us to find out if there is a legion or not in this reality and maybe get in touch with R.J. he could perhaps help us out a great deal here. Is there any where else that we should try?” Kid Quantum said as she looked at Comic Boy for suggestions.

“What about the time and space museum? Or the flash museum?” chimed in Dreamer.
“Any reason why we should go there?” asked Invisible Kid suspiciously.

“No if I had a vision I’d tell you. But since being here I haven’t seen anything coming. I just think that they would be logical places to check if were looking to learn about this reality. As she said this she had a slight feeling of guilt. She had had a vision. But she wasn’t able to make out more than that. Her new surroundings were clouding her vision.

“True enough. M’Onel, Dreamer if you’re up to it … and I will check out the Time and space museum. That leaves Sensor, Wildfire and Shikari to tackle the Flash Museum if there is one.

“Wait what about me? Andromeda pointed out.

“Sorry, Andy. I just miscalculated our man power. I’m thinking maybe you should stay here and watch over Star Boy and the others incase there is any trouble.”

“Actually, I think she should stay in my stead. Gear seems to have our for lack of a better term “computer” under control. I actually have another place that I think we should check out.” Brainiac 5 interjected.

“Oh?” Kid Quantum said in surprise.

“The time institute. If there is one of those here then that would give us almost everything we would need both technology and information. But also now that I’m thinking of it, I think we need a better place to gather ourselves. We’ve got spectators.” Brainiac 5 motions to the ever gathering crowed. All staring at them in disbelief.

“I can hear them all whispering about us. Something about… regulated and such bright colors. There’s too much going on to really lock in on more than a few words.” Andromeda commented.

“Me too.” M’Onel added.

“Saturn girl and Sensor what about the two of you? Can you pick up anything from their thoughts?” Kid Quantum said as she tried to figure this out.

“From what I can gather none of these humanoids have ever seen someone fly unaided before at least from their point of view. And they’ve never seen we’ll anyone who looks like us. No hero’s, no one demonstrating powers in person or unrestricted it seems. This reality seems to have heroes but not many and they seem to be in control of some one else…” Saturn Girl pulled from their minds.

“Attention Unknown citizens! You are under arrest for strict violation of Science Police laws. The use of unauthorized powers weather biological gifts to your race or gained other wise is prohibited within city limits and without being registered. You all will surrender and report to Science Police Headquarters immediately!” Said a loud booming voice over a PA system.

“Well I guess we just got some answers. No heroes or people with abilities that aren’t registered and there is a Science Police, which indicated there is an Untied Planets. Also there are several aliens and non-humanoids in the crowd; which means there is inter planetary cooperation.” Whispered Violet.

“That’s the good news it seems. From what I’m getting from the read outs and a little bit of hacking I’ve done into their systems this isn’t a place we want to be.” Gear cautioned.

“Team we’re going telepathic again. We need to get out of here and find a place to reconvene.” Saturn Girl thought to them all.

“I concur. First things first… Sensor I need you to hide us away from the civilians view. Gear and Brainy I need you to modify our rings to hide us away from all their technology and surveillance systems and Saturn Girl…Imra… I know you don’t want to but I need you to wipe away all knowledge these people have of seeing us.” Kid Quantum instructed everyone as she pated Saturn Girl on her shoulder.

“I think I can do it. It’s going to take some concentration; which means I can’t keep all of us in telepathic connection while I do this. Sensor can you keep us connected?” Saturn Girl asked.

“Unfortunately, with this big of an illusion on this many people. I’m in the same situation as you. I need to concentrate.”

“Oh for grifs sake!” and with that Umbra made a few gestures and they were clocked in her dark field instantly. Spark and Live Wire both conjured up some light for everyone to see, seeing the electricity flowing around their hands always brought a smile to Live Wire’s face.

“Sorry, but you all were taking too long and we needed cover.” Umbra said annoyed.

“No this is good. It’s just the distraction we need. They will be too confused and possibly scared by your dark field. Good thinking.” Saturn Girl said as she tried to focus on the minds of everyone in the plaza. At the same time Sensor concentrated on concealing them from everyone’s perception.

“Everyone with a utility belt search for the telepathic ear plugs. I’m not sure if we still have them. But maybe they could be of use.” Triad said as she searched Saturn Girl’s belt while she concentrated on erasing the recent memories of the crowd.

“Found”… “mine!” Violet said and thought as she finished putting it in her ear. Soon everyone who had one found theirs and put them on. This made things easier for both Saturn Girl and Sensor. Now they didn’t have to work as hard.

“Gear, how’s the technology shield coming?” Brainiac 5 asked as he tried to work with the mini Omnicom’s to get more information and away to distract the Science Police.

“Well its actually coming along well. It’s just a matter of converting the cloaking device format to that of this reality and then modifying it just a bit. I should be done within a few moments. I’ve also been trying to communicate with their systems to get at least a schematic of the area. It seems it’s very similar to our reality. There is an old ware house a few districts over from here. We should be able to use that for the time being.” Gear said as he finished working with his flight ring.

“Can you interface with the other rings now?” asked Dreamer.

“Unfortunately, no. I’d need more time with everyone’s rings.” Gear said.

“Then we move. Shikari can you get a lock on this warehouse Gear is talking about?” asked Kid Quantum.

“Yes! I’ve located it! Follow me.” Shikari changed to her battle armor form and took to the skies. Umbra dropped the dark field as everyone else ascended. Both Saturn Girl and Sensor were still concentrating pretty hard and were lifted up by M’Onel and Andromeda because they couldn’t stop concentrating just yet to fly away. While, Chameleon morphed into a red stretcher and used his flight ring to move Star Boy.

“Alright, just a few more miles and we should be out of the sight of the crowed. Sensor how are you holding up?” Cosmic Boy inquired

“Alright… cloaking all of us continuously is a bit harder than I thought. But I’m doing fine.” Sensor said as she tried to keep her concentration in tact. She was making them all invisible to everyone. Even though people couldn’t see them the scanners of the buildings could.

“Now you know how I feel doing more than just myself” Invisible Kid chimed in.

“Done! The people don’t remember seeing us at all. Trying to conceal us from the memories of more than a hundred sentiences took a lot out of me. Thank you so much for helping me M’Onel.”

“Any time.” M’Onel just smiled as he said this to her. As Saturn Girl nestled into his arm for a second, Live Wire shot them a look and his hands began to crackle with electricity.

“Attention! You are to report to the Science Police Headquarters and if you fail to do so you will stopped and brought in by force.” Multiple vid screens on the sides of the buildings flared up with the image of a Science Police officer. This image repeated over and over again. Shouting at them and with each passing building the image and sound got bigger and bigger. “Attention! You are to report to the Science Police Headquarters and if you fail to do so you will stopped and brought in by force.”

“Will someone shut that guy up!” and with a jolt of lighting Live Wire shorted out a vid screen. The rest of the team looked at him in slight shock. “What? Like you all weren’t thinking it.” He said as they flew on.

“Destruction of property! This is a Level two offense. Unknown citizens you will surrender now or be prepared to be forced into submission.” Clamored the booing officer’s voice.

“Great Going Garth!” spat Spark as she stuck her tongue out at him.
“Yeah, Garth until we know more about this reality it is best if you didn’t go and break things or cause any more trouble.” Saturn Girl cautioned him.

Live Wire looked away defeated from Saturn Girl. He hated when she did that. He was just letting off some steam. As they flew on more screens popped up on the sides of the buildings. Each with the same officer telling them to submit or be taken by force. But this seemed to be the only thing happening. There were no drones or Science Police officers chasing them. The team was starting to think this was just an empty threat. Then they passed by one more building and an alarm went off.


“What’s that?” Triad shouted as she covered her ears and her concentration was broken. The entire team covered their ears to keep from falling out of the sky. This caused Sensor great discomfort as she needed her concentration to keep them hidden.

“Attention! You have passed boundary 4, by passing this boundary and not reporting to the Science Police Headquarters, you have now activated high alert. Prepare to be apprehended!” the officer’s voice boomed as all the screens from this point on read “Apprehend” as they flashed red.

Soon the team was joined by four detaining droids.

“Alright team, looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands. They appear to be droids. So let’s take them out quick and easy.” Kid Quantum instructed.

Instinctively the team started maneuvering, Cosmic Boy turned around stretching out his hands to grab them magnetically. Hoping he could just smash them together. But they were resistant to his magnetic powers.

“Nothing! They must not be metal. But I can sense it on them. Sprock it!” Cosmic Boy dodges a laser blast from the droids. Looping around behind one of the drones Cosmic Boy tries again. This time he grabs a hold of its jet pact. That was the metal he was sensing. Cosmic Boy holds back the drone. Its taking everything he has to hold it in place. Luckily the drone can’t turn and fire. From the front a blast of electricity hits the drone Cosmic Boy’s holding back.

“ZZZZZ ERROR! ZZZZ! The drone screams out
“Nice Shot!” Cosmic Boy says congratulating Spark.
“Any time Cos! But looks like he’s not the last!”

Another drone races towards them, and dodging Sparks jolts. As the drone powered up to fire a laser shot and flew straight for Spark, Wildfire flew past generating bright red and yellow blast from his jet back melting the drone instantly.

“You two should be more careful to not get in the way of drones!” Wildfire said as he flew off to rejoin the others.

Meanwhile, the last two drones were in hot pursuit of the rest of the team. With some of its heavy hitters out for various reasons the team had to get inventive.

“Umbra blind them!” Kid Quantum called out as she fired on the other drone. She decayed the drone to atoms as she blocked its laser assault from hitting Chameleon who was still caring the unconscious Star Boy. Umbra created a dark field around the last drone. Its sensors were confused but it still tried to fire. The assault was randomized and started striking out everyone.

“Evasive maneuvers people! Watch out! Kid Quantum called out as she shielded Umbra from getting hit.

Stray lasers started firing faster and stronger as the drone tried to fight its way out of Umbra’s dark field.

“Are you strong enough to fly now Imra?” M’Onel asked her.

“Yes, go!” Saturn Girl jumped from his arms.

M’Onel rushed into to the dark field to take care of this drone once and for all. Even though he couldn’t see he knew how to beat this drone. He smashed right through the center of the dark field, coming out the other side.

“These drones are a lot tougher than we thought.” Cosmic Boy said to M’Onel as they both caught up to others. But as they reached the others more drones came flying around the corners of every building boxing the whole team in.

“We’re surrounded.” Dreamer exclaimed.

“Thank you for stating the obvious.” Brainiac 5 mused.

“How many do you think there are?” Invisible Kid asked
“According to the Omnicom’s there seems to be at least… 40 or 50 of them. But there could be more on the way. I can’t seem to tap into their systems. They are a bit more guarded than the other system we hacked into.” Gear informed them.

“Can you communicate with them at all?” Kid Quantum asked.

“No, nothing is happening. They aren’t responding to me at all.” Gear said as pulled back a communicator device back into his hand.

“Alright, evasive maneuvers were only mildly effective with the last four… lets see what we can do. Andromeda, I need you to get Sensor to that ware house and fast. That way she can rest and recuperate and Chameleon I need you to do the same with Star Boy. Gear I want you to go with them and work on their rings. Now team lets show them who we are.” Kid Quantum instructed.

“LETS GO LEGIONNAIRES!” they all shout in unison and fan out each taking a different route. The first time they’ve shouted that out in along time. The team was finally making its way back to being who they really are, Heroes.

Andromeda and Chameleon flew straight up with their charges in hand hoping to out fly the drones. Four drones tried to fallow them. Andromeda turned her head back and fired two red hot beams of laser vision at them. Flashing through the two drones each was shorted out instantly.

“That was easy” Andromeda mused.

“Too easy don’t you think?” Chameleon thought as he looked back only to see the drones stagger and move back up.

“I guess these drones aren’t like the last ones. They must be able to recuperate from our attacks.” Gear said as he tried to communicate with the drones again.

“Team watch your attacks they can recuperate from them!” Andromeda informed the rest of the team.

The drones pushed forward faster than before. But before they reached them Star Boy woke up a long enough to cause the drones to fall to the ground, increasing their gravity 100 fold and smashing them instantly to the ground. The moment they were crushed Star Boy reverted to being unconscious.

“Thanks Thom!” Chameleon thought softly.

With those drones taken care of the five of them flew on away from the battle.

“Everyone got that message, watch your attacks people!” Cosmic Boy shouted.

Apparition moved first, phasing through several drones, shorting out each one. The drones stated to fall to the ground.

“Jo, get those bots! There could be people down there!” Apparition yelled.

“On it Angel.” Said Ultra Boy switching to ultra speed to rush past the drones and catch them as they fell.

As he reached below the drones Ultra Boy could see their eyes flash alive again and aiming lasers at him. Instinctively he switched to invulnerability. The blasts had no effect on him, bouncing off in various directions. Even though the drones were still active Apparition had managed to short out their jet packs. As the “dead” drones fell fast towards Ultra Boy, he had to make a decision, stay invulnerable to avoid their blast or go with ultra strength to save the people. But before he could decide, M’Onel moved in fast and grabbed a couple of the bots and threw them up into space. With the pressure off of so many drones firing on him, Ultra Boy quickly sped towards the drones and taking a cue from M’Onel, switched to ultra strength in an instant and flung three more drones into space.
“Well no jet packs, they should just be floating up there, firing away.” Ultra Boy chuckled to himself and with that thought he flew up in to space to stop them from firing on any stations or passing ships.

“Where’s he going?” Dreamer asked.

“Taking care of the drones lasers” Apparition commented as she tried to short out a few more drones. Still only shorting out their jet packs, she tried to pull some wires as she phased through them, taking their wires with her. As she exited Kid Quantum tried to capture all of them in a quantum sphere and deteriorate them all. But as fast as she could deteriorate them, they started to regenerate by themselves.

“What the!” Kid Quantum said shocked as she kept trying to keep her spheres up and running. It was exhausting her as she tried to do this. She’d never had to keep a sphere up this long to deteriorate something.

“Calibrate you decay frequencies at a faster rate and have Spark energize them, which should boots its power!” Dreamer thought to Kid Quantum.

“Vision?” Kid Quantum inquired.

“Vision!” Dreamer reaffirmed. Dreamer moved quick and pushed Invisible Kid out of the way.
“Another vision?” Invisible Kid asked as he tried to breathe again.

“No just happened to see a drone aiming for you.” Dreamer told him as she pointed to a drone, which was still firing. Changing its target to their new position and as laser fired its arm was cut off with a flash of red, from the returning Ultra Boy’s heat vision. Finally speeding straight through it, he decimated the drone.

Kid Quantum and Spark worked together to take out four drones at a time. But they feared this tactic would stop working soon. But for the moment it was taking out four at a time. Each set of the drones turning to dust or heaps of scrap depending on how effective it was. M’Onel and Ultra Boy swept through the area doing clean up of all the drones, making sure none of them reached the people below them.

Ferro, smashed through several drones, as he did fly bys. Cosmic Boy even started hurtling him through them like a giant bullet. Karate Kid also smashed as many drones as he could around him, while Timber Wolf slashed his way through any other drones near by. The two of them took out 2 or 3 drones at a time.

Brainiac 5 uses his force field to block their laser attacks and even whip a couple of them about. “This is quite tiresome! Can we hurry this along any faster?” Brainiac 5 asked as he took down two more drones.

“We’re all doing the best we can Brainy!” Live Wire shouted as he slaged four more drones in a row with a giant burst of electricity. “Well I think that might be the last of my tricks they will react to.” He said as he tried one more time to blast 2 more drones and they recovered from his blast within mere seconds.

“I think were all running out of tricks. They adjust to every maneuver and power we all have. Even just smashing them isn’t as effective any more.” Points out Violet as she grows 60 feet tall and slams her fist into three drones.

“Alright all, everyone form a circle. Saturn Girl, Triad, Timber Wolf, Invisible Kid, Dreamer, Vi, , and Karate Kid, I want you all to get in the center and then as soon as we all start firing you all take off and follow Shikari to the ware house. It will allow some of us to get out of here and give a little bit more room to let loose!” Kid Quantum ordered.

“I will not leave you Quantum Legion!” Shikari refused to leave a fight. The warrior blood in her boiled hot for a fight.

“No choices! What’s coming next we’ll need everyone to max out their powers and we can’t allow you all to get caught in the stray energy.” Kid Quantum told her. “On my make start firing!”

With a wave of her hand Kid Quantum, fired her first blast, cutting through several drones and slowing down some of their laser blast. The rest of the energy casters started their own firings. Shikari and the others finally agreed to fly off. Taking off as fast as their flight rings would carry them. 10 drones took off after them and in that instant Cosmic Boy used Ferro as a battering ram smashing through all ten drones, quickly bring him back into try this trick again.

“Nice Shot Cos! Next time could I get a little warning?” Ferro shouted as he continued to smash through a few more drones.

“Sure thing! Keep up the good work!” Cosmic Boy said as he pushed Ferro towards two more drones. He tried to keep his path as random as possible, hoping the drones wouldn’t catch on.

“Dreamer, please tell me you’ve had a vision that this is a good plan? I need a little faith right now!” Triad asked.

“Triad, the visions haven’t been coming as much as they used to but I can tell you this I know we’ll be seeing them all again! We’ll make it through!” As Dreamer said this she began to have a vision. In an instant she saw more drones coming for the team. But this time they were accompanied by someone; someone very familiar.

“They will be fine! They’re about to meet an old friend.” Dreamer smiled.

“What?” Vi struggled to hear as she and the others flew on quickly behind Shikari.

“Hopefully it’s an old friend in the good sense!” Saturn Girl said as she worried about Live Wire.

Meanwhile back at the battle scene, the team was being pounded by the drones. Live Wire and Spark joined hands to try and send out a massive electric shock to the drones. Cosmic Boy flung Ferro around a few more times before the drones caught him in a net, which was made of plastic. Cosmic Boy tried to re-grip him but to no avail. Ultra Boy, M’Onel, and Wildfire fired on ever drone they could and with as much heat as they could. Umbra surrounded several in a dark field, cutting off their sensors, allowing Brainiac 5 to smash them with his force field.

“Brainy, this is getting out of hand. No matter how much we slag them they keep coming. Isn’t there anything you can do?” Umbra tried to focus her dark field into sharp knives. She pierced the bodies of several drones, making them fall to the ground instantly. M’Onel, rushed down to stop the drones from falling. In doing so, the drones rushed him. 10 drones flanked him on all sides.

“DNA make up identified. Daxamite. Capture! Uses of Red Sunlight to capture.” For the first time the drones spoke.

“Did anyone else hear that?” M’Onel thought out to the team as the drones finally subdued him.

“The drones have voice boxes, so what?” Umbra said as she tried to spike through several drones to help out M’Onel. The drones however seemed ready for it, blocking her spikes with shields of hard light.

“It seems that their more advanced than any of us thought.” Brainiac 5 noticed, as he tried to take out two more using his force field once more.

“Force Field calibration. React and disrupt.”

“They are disrupting my field? That can’t be! If I just recalibrate to the 10th degree then I should be safe.” Brainiac 5 said as multiple drones started firing on him. They over whelmed his shields. Apparition moved to try and phase through them to break them down. But instantly she was stopped, changing their density to match hers.

“Angel!” Ultra Boy called out, as he switched to ultra speed to rush to her side. Drones began firing on him before he could switch to invulnerability. Brainiac 5, Ultra Boy, M’Onel, and Apparition were all captured now.

The team was falling fast. Kid Quantum looked around at her team; half were hopefully safe and out of harms way, while many others were tied up in nets and collars that seemed to inhibit their powers. The last remaining free members still fighting were Cosmic Boy, Spark, Live Wire, Umbra, Herself, and Wildfire. She wasn’t sure how much more of a beating they could all take.

“Team Regroup!” she called out as she cast a stasis field around as many drones as she could. They all slowed down significantly. She hadn’t done this trick in while, but thought it might just work.

“I’m slowing down all the drones I can. Its taking a lot but they are slow enough that we might be able to get everyone free and slip away” Kid Quantum thought to the remaining free members of her team. “keep up all distractions! Umbra I need you to try and free everyone.”

Cosmic Boy joined in by using his magnetic fields to repel the remaining drones not in the field. He realized that by repelling their jet packs would push them out from himself and the others for a little bit. Wildfire began circling a group of them and melting them completely. Spark and Live Wire continued their out put of electricity hoping to scramble the drone’s signals. Umbra moved towards her captured teammates, cloacking herself in shadows till she reached them.

Umbra went for Apparition first. “Tinya, wake up!” I need you to help me get everyone out of here.” She said as she tried to wake Apparition and cut through her net with a shadow knife. But Apparition did not wake and as she cut a small whole in the net a drone fired a light net on to her from behind and with that Umbra was captured.

“Jazmin, Tasmia is down! They’ve got her!” Live Wire noticed as more drones showed up.

More drones rounded the corners with sirens on them blaring away. They all shared one final look. They knew this was it their last stand. They had to go out big and try one last time to free their friends and teammates.

“RUSH THEM!” Kid Quantum shouted to them as they flew head first into the firing drones. She shielded each of them in a quantum sphere. Cosmic Boy flung anything he could at every drone. Spark and Live Wire fired bolt after bolt at the drones hoping to inflict some damage on them some how. Wildfire fired his energy.

“Drake, don’t exhaust yourself! Remember your energy is finite.” Cosmic Boy warned.

“Thanks Cos, but I think I’ve gotta do what I gotta do!” Wildfire responded as he melted four more drones.

They continued to rush the drones but each drone they took out was replaced by three more or adapted to their attacks and now the drones were surrounding them on all sides and from above, driving them to their captured teammates. Finally, they were pushed down to their teammates, standing with their backs to them.

“What now?” Spark asked.

“Your surrender” Came a voice moving through the crowd of drones; sounding much like the voice they heard earlier on the screens.

“Surrender isn’t something we know how to do.” Live Wire blurted out.

“We’ll today is a first then and exactly who are you?”
“We’ll comply but maybe we could talk face to face first.” Cosmic Boy said as he looked at his teammates. “We need to gain some trust here and there’s no way we can do that if we keep running. We need him to trust us!” He thought the team. As he thought this the commanding officers voice got closer and closer to them.

“Sounds like a fair offer.” said the commanding officer as he stood in front of the drones.
“The name is Gim Allon, Captain Gim Allon of the science police Metropolis district.” Said removing his helmet.

Officer Gim Allon stood their and the team stood in disbelief at the sight of their long dead friend Leviathan.

“Now tell me who are you?” said Captain Gim Allon with a smile.

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Intriguing first post! You definitely have your continuity down pat, and I think you have the Legionnaire's personalities too.

Would love it if you could insert Kinetix, XS and Gates somehow... but having a version of Leviathan show up is an excellent plus!

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Really? thank you so much! i was really concerned with their voices and making sure they all sound different and have their own persona's intact.

Thank you about the continuity down as well! I grew up on this legion and love them and miss this team!

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Your love for the team shows! And as someone else who grew up with this version of the team, I'm just too glad to see you honoring their memory.

Loss: How does the galaxy cope w/o the Postboot Legion?

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Chapter 2.

While much of the Legion’s heavy hitters were taken out by the drones, those that were left were trying frantically to get away. Andromeda, Sensor, Gear, Chameleon and Star Boy, had made it safely to the abandoned warehouse. Star Boy, was still unconscious after his last gravity increasing moment. Chameleon was checking on him every few minutes to make sure he was alright.

Sensor finally dropped all her illusions and sat coiled up meditating to regain her strength. She had never had to extend her illusions that long and on that many people before. But she was glad she was helpful.

Andromeda hovered in the air, using her x-ray vision to scout the skies for more drones and her super hearing for any signs of the science police coming for them. She hoped to hear anything she could about the team as well, but they were far out of her range.
Lastly, Gear worked on the four rings he collected from him teammates to make them invisible to this realities technologies.

“How’s it coming Gear” Chameleon asked as he checked on Star Boy once more time. He thought he was going to lose his mind just staying her hiding like this. Cham maybe a shape shifter but he was never one for hiding from a battle.

“The ring modifications are coming along nicely actually. I’m just synching the cloaking devices in the rings to this realities Tec frequencies and then using the environmental sensors to incorporate an illusion of sorts to allow us to hide ourselves from view. This however, can be turned off if we wish too. The Tec frequencies won’t be though. But it’s a lot easier to do all that when I’m not being rushed and pursued by drones.” Gear said calmly as he finished the last calibration to Star Boy’s ring. His calm manner seemed to sooth Chameleon. Gear, always did seem more at home out of the fight that most of the team but he could still hold his own against any challenge.

“Done” Gear said as he tossed the ring to Chameleon and took Chameleon’s ring from him.

“So far we’re all right. Nothing seems to be coming our way for the time being.” Andromeda said as she lowered herself to the ground.

“Well that’s good. We can take a moment to relax then. But I hope the rest of the team is alright.” Sensor said as she uncoiled herself.

“I can’t stand to just sit here and wait like this. I’d love to lay waste to some more of those drones.” Andromeda said as she punched her fist together.

“I’m right there with you Andy but we’ve got to keep hidden for now. At least till we get word from the rest of the team.” Chameleon reassured her.
“Cham, here is your ring and Andromeda yours is finished as well. Sensor, if I could just have yours?” Gear gave them their rings and reached for Senor’s ring and steadily went back to work.

“How do you think Star Boy is doing?” Andromeda asked as she looked over at him, hugging herself.

“He should be fine. He just needs to rest a lot. The make shift bed I made should hold him for a while. But he might need some medical attention…” Chameleon trailed off.
“Well, Reep dear lets take turns watching him so you can get some rest as well and I’ll monitor him telepathically to make sure he’s alright.” Sensor volunteered.

“Are you sure your up for the task Jerka? I know you’re exhausted yourself. ” Chameleon asked.

“Reep, I’ll be fine. Simple telepathic monitoring will not wear me out. Now, do we have any word from the rest of the team?”

“Nothing so far and the science police don’t seem to be pursuing us anymore…” Andromeda trailed off as she listened hard to what was going on outside. “I think someone’s coming our way and they are traveling fast!”

“Can you see what or who it is? Asked Gear

“I can only make out that it’s a couple of bodies… but it looks like it could be drones, by how fast their traveling.” Andromeda said as she looked through the walls of the warehouse.

“Battle ready!” Chameleon shifted into a giant dragon like creature with sharp talons.

Gear extended a high pulse proportion ray from his arm and Sensor uncoiled and retrieved two blasters from her belt. Andromeda’s eyes began gleaming with hot red laser beams.

There they stood, the three of them trying to keep their nerve up as they were about ready for anything that was about to come their way and with a blast from the ceiling the mysterious threat was revealed. Drones stood hovering before them ready to fire any second.

“Protect Thom!” Sensor yelled as she flew up ready to fire on the drones and take them out with a wipe of her tail.

“Wait! Stand down!” called a voice from behind. Slowly becoming visible stood Invisible Kid sitting on the back of a drone.
“Lyle?” Chameleon said in shock.

“Yup that’s me! In the flesh” as Invisible kid said this four of the drones took off their heads revealing Triad, Saturn Girl, Dreamer, and Karate Kid. While Vi, grew to the size of a toy doll resting on Dreamer’s shoulder.

“But how did you get away?” Andromeda asked as she landed lightly on the floor.

“well after the battle started to go down hill, Jazmin thought it be best if the energy casters stayed and dealt with the drones, while we got out and tried to find you guys.”

“But how did you end up in drone suits?” Chameleon said as he shifted back to his standard form.

“We found some dormant drones and Shikari and Timber Wolf hollowed them out for us and we got in. it helped get us past a lot of the other drones who are searching for you guys.” Triad explained.

“But wait, where are Shikari and Timber Wolf?” Gear asked looking around.

“The two of them couldn’t just stand by and not fight. So they are trying to make their way back to the rest of the team. We tried to stop them. But it obviously didn’t have an effect.” Invisible Kid told them.

“Well at least we’ve got some of the team together. This will help and hopefully we can figure out a way to get the rest of the team. But first things first, we’ve got to regroup and recuperate.” Saturn Girl suggested as she and the others took off their suits. “How are the rings coming Gear?”

“Actually, all of our rings are done. If you give me yours I can fix them as well.” Gear held out his hand and each of them passed over their rings.

“THOM!” Dreamer rushed over to Star Boy as soon as she was free of her suit. She had missed him and needed to know how he was.

“So, far he’s fine. But we need to get him to a hospital soon. At least that way we can make sure it is just over exertion.” Chameleon explained as he went to her side.

“Once the rings are done and we’ve all had a chance to rest we will do that.” Saturn Girl said as she sat down. “Although, we might want to take care of the gaping hole in the ceiling. Saturn Girl points behind her.

“Done!” Andromeda flies up to the hole using her super strength to bring the sides of the hole closer together and red beams from her eyes welded them shut.
“Let’s hope we can wait till morning.” Dreamer said as she stroked Star Boy’s forehead.

“We can. Don’t worry, we can.” Chameleon reassured her.

Gear continued to work on the rings and making its cloaking abilities apply to all the technology in this reality. But something troubled him; he thought it was odd that the frequencies of this reality were so similar to that of their home reality. He thought it would have taken more than just a few hours to tinker with the rings. But he wasn’t quite sure what it was.

Meanwhile, Timber Wolf and Shikari back tracked down every hidden ally they could get to.

“I’ve got their sent.” Timber Wolf said as he sniffed the air.

“And I’ve got their tail.” Shikari said as she focused her mind on her fellow legionnaires. “They are no longer in the battle spot we left them.”

“Yeah I got that. This way” Timber Wolf led rushed down the deserted Ally towards the team’s new direction. “Where do you think they’ve been taken” he asked.

“They are…at the Science Police Headquarters. The drones must have defeated them and knocked them out. The Legion wouldn’t go willingly” Shikari replied. The two of them stalked the ally ways for what felt like miles and with every twist and turn there was a slight fear in both of them; of the unknown, whether it was is more possibility of more drones or the uncertainty of the condition of their teammates.

“Or maybe they did Shikari. Look over there” Timber Wolf said as they reached the end of the dark ally that faced the Science Police Headquarters and walking in, unrestrained was the captured Legionnaires.

“Maybe they are going in to try and gain information or something” Timber Wolf said.

“It is very possible Timber Legion. But they might require our assistance soon. We should stay and keep watch.” Shikari said.

“We will. Don’t worry Kari, we will.” Timber Wolf said as he leaned back into the shadows.

Inside Science Police Headquarters….

Each of the Legionnaires had been taken to separate rooms, were identified by planet given a representative from their home planet. Three officers were dispatched to interrogate the team, Captain Gim Allon the man who brought them in and for many of them their former teammate, Gigi Cuzomon, and Erin Shavaugn, the woman who in another reality was once the Legion’s closest ally. All three looking for answers.

Cosmic Boy’s Room

“What is your name?” Gim Allon asked as he turned on the recorded.

“Rokk Krinn. I am from the planet Brall.” Cosmic Boy replied willingly and instinctively.

“We know. Mr. Krinn this is your planet’s representative in the United Planets, Mr. Krane. Said Captain Allon.

“Nice to meet you Sir.” Cosmic Boy extended his hand in a gesture of good will towards Mr. Krane. But Mr. Krane just looked at him. He then raised his hand towards Cosmic Boy and tried to extend his magnetic field towards Cosmic Boy. In this reality it seems a Barllian greeting is done thru magnetic field. Cosmic Boy tried to respond in kind; but neither seemed to be able to make their fields work.

“Sorry Gentlemen, I forgot to inform you. The holding rooms are each outfitted with power dampening units.” Captain Allon said as he gestured for the two of them to take a seat. “If we could get started.”

Umbra’s Room.

“Miss?” asked Gigi Cuzmon.

“Just call me Umbra” Umbra said back as she crossed her arms defensively.

“Alright, Miss Umbra… I’m Officer Gigi Cuzmon and I regret to inform you that your home planet doesn’t have a representative in the United Planets.”

“What do you mean? That Talok VIII just doesn’t have one present on Earth?” Umbra asked leaning forward.

“No, I mean that they don’t have a representative in the Untied Planets at all. They were offered membership but they chose not to take it. From what we know of your world they are a very private civilization.” Officer Cuzmon said with a gulp.

“Great! What does this mean for me?” Umbra asked as she rolled her eyes.

“Well we have a couple options. Earth is a very welcoming place and we let citizens from other worlds come here. We issue aliens a visa and since you have a power of some sort, we register you and you’re allowed to stay on Earth.” Said officer Cuzmon.

“And what is registering me mean exactly?” Umbra asked leaning forward again

“It means that, we will have all of your information on file. That your powers will be studied from time to time and they will be regulated.”

“Define Regulated.” Umbra said with a harsh tone.

“Well… as I said you would be tested from time to time and you would wear a tracking device, which would also alert us to when you use your power, especially in a lethal manner.” Officer Cuzmon said

“So you’ll be tracking me at all times and when and how I use my powers?”

“Yes, that is basically how it will work.” Officer Cuzmon said with a gulp and slight hesitation.

“And my other options?” Umbra asked with a hint of joy at the sight of Officer Cuzmon’s fear.

“The other options are deportation; we send you back home no questions asked if you choose to not go back, then you will be faced with imprisonment for failure to register and comply with Earthgrov Law.” Officer Cuzmon said as she tried to reassert herself. Umbra just smiled at her as she leaned back in her chair.

Ultra Boy’s Room.

“Hello. I’m officer Erin Shavaugn and this is Mr. Yan the United Planets representative for Rimbor.” Ultra Boy didn’t move. He didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to start by asking you some questions and then I’m sure Mr. Yan has some questions for you as well.” Officer Shavaugn sad as she started the recorder. “First things first, what is your name?”

Ultra Boy continued to stair at the two of them. Reverting back to his old gang ways and mistrusting any cops he came across. But be looked across the table at Officer Shavaugn. He trusted her. The only cop he ever trusted, even after he became a legionnaire.

“Jo Nan and as you know I’m from Rimbor.”

“Thank you.” Officer Shavaugn smiled. “What brought you to Earth?”

“Uhmmm not really sure…business I guess.” Ultra Boy said. As he said this he tried to concentrate hard enough to send a telepathic message to Tinya or Imra, which ever one could still here him. His mind reached out to both at the same time.

“What do I tell them? Do I tell them we’re from another reality? Will they believe me? Someone help me out here!” Jo Thought hard.

Across Town in the Ware house.

Saturn Girl awoke to Ultra Boy’s plea. “Jo, are you alright?” she thought back.

Apparition’s Room

“Jo! Sweetie! Are you alright? Pleas tell me you’re alright.” Apparition pleaded.

Ware house:

“Jo and Tinya please listen to me. We don’t know if this reality has traveled to other realities or not. We can not let them know just yet.” Saturn Girl instructed them.

Ultra Boy’s Room

“Angel, I’m fine and hearing you lets me know your fine as well. Imra… if I don’t tell them, then what do I tell them?” Ultra boy tried to play attention to his interrogators but was having trouble.

“I’m sorry what business brought you here?” Officer Shauvung asked.

“I’m here too…


“Enroll in the Science Police Cadet Program!” Saturn Girl shouted to him.

Ultra Boy’s Room

“I’m here to Enroll in the Science Police Cadet Program.” Ultra Boy said in an almost monotone voice. Saturn Girl’s suggestion was more like a commanded.

“Oh, Really?” Officer Shauvang said raising an eye brow.

“Yes, that is exactly why I came here. I heard that Earth had a great program and I wanted in.”

“Why not just enroll at our worlds local headquarters?” Mr. Yan asked skeptically.

“I… heard Earth’s program was the best one out there and…


“Tell them that you heard of a special unit they were putting together for people with special abilities/ those who were highly trained in their race’s special abilities.” Saturn girl urged him to say.
Ultra Boy’s Room.

“I heard of a special unit that was being put together here. One that was about those with special abilities.”

“Oh alright. I didn’t realize that word had gotten out on that yet. But then why didn’t you or your friends come to headquarters right away and sign up?”

“Uhmmm well we were kind of freaked out by the drones and alarms and we’ll we just weren’t sure what to do and we were trying to find our way when we got attacked.” Ultra Boy said. Saturn Girl was feeding Ultra Boy this information.


“Imra… what’s going on?” Andromeda asked her.

“I’ve giving the team information they need to keep themselves safe and to keep us from getting in to deep in this reality.”

“What do you mean?” Andromeda asked.

“It turns out that this reality is putting together a cadet program much like the Legion. But it’s specifically run by the Science Police and the United Planets. I guess it’s a lot like when we first began. But it’s different…. They have the cadets who train and eventually become part of the special unit… At least that’s the information I’m getting from the various officers that are with our teammates.”

“We’ll that could work in our favor right?” Sensor chimed in.

“Maybe… but that’s only if we all turn ourselves in and make it past the cadet program and into the special unit.” Saturn Girl said warily.

Ultra Boy’s Room

“So this was all a misunderstanding?” Officer Shavaung said doubtfully.

“Exactly. Just a misunderstanding.” Ultra Boy said sounding incredibly confident.

“Alright, if that’s your story then I’ll take your word for it. I’ll go and grab the proper processor pads to get you resisted and admitted into the program.” Officer Shavaung said as she got up to leave the room.

Officer Shavaung left the room. Leaving Ultra Boy and representative Yan alone in the room.

“Well…well Mr. Nan and now that were finally alone, I guess I get to have my turn at asking some questions.

“Fire away.” Jo said.

“Alright. Your last name of Nan is very popular on Rimbor as you must know. Do you happen to belong to any specific house of Nan?” Mr. Yan inquired.

“No sir. I’m just a street kid from Rimbor who’s trying to get a better life for myself.”

“Street kid, well then I’m assuming you’re familiar with the various gangs we have on Rimbor. Do you belong to any of these gang’s? The wolves? The emerald dragon’s maybe?” Mr. Yan was trying to gage Ultra Boy’s reaction based the names.

“Nope, I can’t say that I’m apart of any of those gangs. I’ve heard of them. But they aren’t my style.” Ultra Boy replied.

“And what is your style?”

“Like I said, I’m just a street kid, who’s trying to make it off Rimbor and have a better life.” Ultra Boy’s defenses started going up.

“I see. Well I did some checking after you were booked and neither your name nor your DNA marker seems to exist on Rimbor.”

“DNA maker?” Ultra Boy asked confusedly.

“Yes, everyone on Rimbor is outfitted with a DNA marker, when they are born on Rimbor. I would think being from there you would know that.”

“We’ll that’s why I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t born on Rimbor. I was born in route to Rimbor. My parents were traveling back when from Earth when I was born.” Ultra Boy informed Mr. Yan. He wasn’t lying though; this was how he was actually born in his home reality.

“Ahh that explains it all. Well then why didn’t you get the DNA marker as soon as your parents reached the space port?” Mr. Yan asked; tone becoming more menacing with each question.

“My family was too poor to get the DNA marker, at that time they weren’t free and my parents had no insurance to cover it. My dad worked two jobs and it still wasn’t enough and my mom… well she was a mess in a bunch of other ways.” Ultra Boy’s defenses started to rise even more. Talking about his family was always a sore spot for him.

“Well then that is understandable. I’m sorry to have been so harsh. I do understand the economic trouble of our planet. I guess this is the right choice for you then. Although you might want to reconsider and just join the Rimbor branch. I’ve heard great things about the Science Police there.”

“I think I’ll stick it out here and take my chances.” He said. “Besides I’m no dirty cop like those on Rimbor.” Ultra boy thought to himself.

“Well if you need anything from me, don’t hesitate to ask. Rimbor will always help out one of its citizens and who knows maybe you’ll make us all proud on day.” With a slimy smile Mr. Yan left the room.

“That wasn’t easy. Did you get all of that Imra?” Ultra Boy thought.

“Every last bit. Great job Jo. This might be the in we need to find out more about this reality. If all the legionnaires join this crew then maybe we have a chance at surviving here.” Imra thought back.

“Did you transmit all of that to the rest of the team?” Jo asked insecurely.

“No, I filtered out the family stuff from everyone except Tinya. I thought you wouldn’t mind her hearing that.” Imra thought to him sincerely.

“Oh Jo, I wish you had told me more of this.” Tinya spoke up.

“Sorry Angel. It’s just not something I want to talk about. But now… maybe we can.” Ultra Boy said.

“Sorry to break up this moment you two are having but I think we all need to chat telepathically.” Irma began to concentrate to help reconnect all of their telepathic ear plugs. Instantly the team was all back together in a landscape unknown to all but Saturn Girl.

“Where are we?” Ultra Boy asked.

“We’re in my mindscape. I figured it be easier to bring you here so that we could all talk and discuss what we’ve learned.”

“Which is what exactly?” Wildfire interjected.

“Well for starters… there are certain planets that aren’t in the U.P. in this reality, like mine.” Umbra responded.

“Really? Talok VIII isn’t apart of the U.P. and I would have thought they would have been the biggest supporters, seeing as how they jumped when the U.P came a calling in our home reality and sent you packing as champion.” Spark spit out.

“Don’t even start you little lighting bug” Umbra said rising her hand up in a fist.

“We’re not starting this infighting again! Now listen to what Saturn Girl has to say. It’s our only way to make it here.” Kid Quantum barked.

“Alright so, Talok VIII isn’t in the U.P…. Rimbor gives its citizens at birth DNA markers….and the Science Police are starting a special unit squad much like the Legion, but they train their cadets first and then test which ones get into the special unit. It hasn’t been made public yet and the U.P. and Science Police control every aspect of it. This could allow us to use their resources… get materials we need, a place to stay…also we’ve learned they don’t have much trust in people with powers of any sort. Everyone is registered if they have one, racial gift or otherwise.” Saturn Girl ran through everything they had learned over the course of the last few hours. “Gear is there something you wanted to bring up?” I can feel it pushing at your mind… sorry I don’t mean to pry.” Saturn Girl reassured him

“I’m sure its nothing. It’s just… reconfiguring the rings to cloak us from sight and technology on this world should have been a bit harder than it was. Maybe they just have similar technology to our own. I’ll look into it more. But I’m sure its nothing.” Gear said.

“Alright if you say so. Does any one else think that the cadet program maybe a good idea for us to get into? I’m sure we all will excel at it.” Imra looked around at everyone hoping they would agree with her plan.

“We’ll since there are those of us who have our rings modified it might be better if they don’t enter into the cadet program. They can remain free agents and do some more digging about this reality. Since it does seem like we will be here for a while…unless Shikari has seen a path out of here or Dreamer had a vision saying otherwise.” Brainy said.

“Where is Shikari… and Timber Wolf for that matter?” Chameleon looked around the mindscape noticing that their minds weren’t present.

“I wasn’t able to locate their minds at the moment. I think they took out their telepathic ear plugs. That’s why I couldn’t patch them in. let me try and locate them now.” Imra concentrated harder trying to locate her two teammates. “I’ve got them…they’re outside of the Science Police Headquarters. I’ll try and bring them in. they seem resistant…”

In The ally…

“Shikari…. Timber Wolf…..” Faintly she called to them.

“Kari do you hear that?” Timber Wolf turned his head swiftly from side to side.

“Shikari… Timber Wolf… join us.” The whisper continued.

“I do Wolf Legion. It sounds like Saturn Legion.” With that recognition the two of them were instantly transported to the mindscape.

“Welcome you two. Thanks for showing up.” Live Wire said jokingly.

“We didn’t know we were being called. But now we’re here. So what’s all the fuss about?” Timber Wolf growled. In an instant Saturn Girl filled their minds with all the knowledge they had gathered.

“Do you see a path out of this reality Shikari?” Brainy asked.

“No I do not Green Legion. I’m afraid this is where our path lies. We can not leave here anytime soon.”


“Nothing I’m afraid. My visions seem to only pertain to this reality and to our current predicament. By the way don’t forget to mention the old friend I foresaw earlier.” Dream said

“Gim…Leviathan is alive in this reality.” Cosmic Boy informed those who didn’t know already.

“G…Gim…?” Violet stuttered.

“I’m afraid so. It makes me think that there are others of our fallen friends and comrades who might also still be alive here.” Suggested Cosmic Boy his voice filled with sorrow and relief all in one. “But I agree with Brainy, I think its best if we split the team. If we all enroll at the academy it could be suspicious and we need to draw little attention as possible to ourselves right now. Plus, if they are only taking one cadet from each planet then all of us might not make it…” Cosmic Boy trailed off.

“Its not one from each planet; it’s just the brightest and the best among the cadets with special abilities.” Saturn Girl corrected him. “It’s not meant to be as much of an ambassador program as the Legion is.”

“I see. Well that does change things a bit. But I still think that we should keep the teams separated for the time being. The team that is separate will have it harder though. Maybe if we pool what ever credits we get from the cadet program, which will help out.” Cosmic Boy suggested.

“And those who don’t make it into the cadet program or into the special unit can return to the rest of the team to help them out.” Kid Quantum suggested.

“But I still think Gear should finish modifying the remainder of the rings. It will come in handy when we are operating on our free time from the Science Police.” Invisible Kid recommended.

“We can’t forget that Thom needs medical attention. He seems to be in a coma as of right now.” Dreamer chimed in.

“Alright… we’ve got a lot on our plate. Let’s list this out. Andromeda, Dreamer, Chameleon, Sensor, Gear should all stay free agents. Star Boy will be turned into the hospital after he is “registered”. Brainy I want you to doctor up a fake identification for him. This way he can be registered but not at the same time.” Kid Quantum said.

“Hmm…?? Oh yes of course.” Brainy said half listening as he listened to his captors interrogating him at the same time about Colu.

“Do any of you object to the assignments thus far?” Kid Quantum asked.

The five of them shook their heads no. each agreed that they could do better from the outside than the inside.

“Saturn Girl, Invisible Kid, Violet, Timber Wolf, Shikari, Triad, and Karate Kid where do you think you would best serve the team?” Kid Quantum asked wanting to respect everyone’ opinion.

“I’d prefer to stay out of the program.” Timber Wolf said. “I think I’d be better as a tracker for the team”

“I would like to join you Jazmin.” Shikari said

“I think that might be for the best actually.” Kid Quantum agreed.

“I’d like to be in the cadet program. I think I’d be an asset to both them and the team. Besides I have Science Police training.” Saturn Girl said. “I’d also like to keep Garth out of trouble.” She thought to herself.

“Both Triad and I would like to join the cadet program.” Said Violet. “I can see Gim again. I wonder how he looks now. Maybe we could finally have a chance.” Violet thought to herself with a wistful smile.

“I’ve going to stay out. I’ve always been better at covert ops anyway.” Invisible Kid informed them.

“I figured as much and I agree it would be best for you” Kid Quantum said. “And what about you Val?”

“I will stay free as well. I require less to live on than most and it will give me a chance to explore more” Karate Kid explained.

“I’ll assume that those of us that got captured will stay here and do the cadet program?” Kid Quantum put the question to those remaining.

“Might as well… it’s either that or be registered for no reason or get sent back to Talok VIII.” Umbra said with an annoyed tone.

“I’d like to stay as well. Maybe I can get some more training in,” Ferro said.

“Where every my angel is, is fine by me.” Ultra Boy said as he tried to squeeze Apparition’s hand.

“Then it’s settled, we will split in to two teams and meet and exchange information when we can.” Kid Quantum said as she looked around at them.

“I agree. It’s a good plan. With one little change.” Cosmic Boy said.

“What change?” Kid Quantum asked.

“I won’t be entering the cadet program. I’ll go with the other team” Cosmic Boy said with a dutiful tone.

“What do you mean?” Saturn Girl and Kid Quantum asked in unison.

“Well I think I’d be better suited for the other team. I think with Star Boy out of commission, the team could use a power caster of some sort. Also I’ve gotten better at the spy game.”

Invisible Kid snickered a little.

“But Rokk, that means we might never get to see each other except well here….” Jazmin said gesturing to the barren mindscape they were in.

“I know… but it’s best for the team. You know it is.” Rokk said stroking her check.

“Alright, it’s settled. Then Rokk will join the other team. Brainy could you possibly make other fake identities for the rest of the secondary team?”

“Honestly, I don’t see the point of doing so, when they will have to register anyway. I mean that is the only way they will be able to operate at all in this world.” Brainy said.

“Yes, but with us working in secret to navigate this reality, its important that the authorities don’t know our true identities.” Cosmic Boy said.

“But the way the registration works, is that they can tell when and how we use our powers. It’s not just them knowing we have them. At least that’s what they told me.” Umbra said snidely.

“We’ll for the cadets this won’t be a problem…but I’m not sure what to do for the others…” Kid Quantum said worriedly.

“Well the rings should keep them shielded. So even if they register, once the rings are on, they will go off the grid.” Gear explained.

“Well if the rings should just stay on at all times. The disguise functions and technology cloaking should be enough and the team won’t have to register then, right?” Chameleon asked.

“But what about if someone gets caught? They will need a fake identity and registration to keep safe. Won’t they?” Live Wire inquired.

“Good point and even though we want a non cadet team to do extra digging, we still want to be heroes don’t we? Maybe find away to restart the Legion here, if were to be stuck here? Violet asked innocently.

“Besides they know our faces and have us on camera attacking those drones and I’m sure they got pictures of all of us…” Triad trailed off.

“True very true. Well… then we register, but the rings keep us off the grid when we use our powers and do the hero thing. That way they can’t track us… and maybe we have to resort to the old ways of being a hero…” Spark said with a mischievous grin on her face.

“What did you have in mind?” Invisible Kid asked skeptically.

“You’ll see.” Spark said impishly.

“Alright, you all register in the morning… We “cadets” will do the same…and we’ll meet up soon once we get some more intel done and Brainy have the new identities as well. ” Saturn Girl said.

“Yes, will do”. Brainy said.

Instantly they were all back to their proper places and many returned to their interrogators.

Brainic 5’s room

“Mr. Dox, was it? Science Police officer Zuza asked.

“Yes, yes it is. Sorry for my lack luster communication the last several minuets. I’ve was computing a few things.”

“That is acceptable. We value multitasking as you know.” said Mr. Gux the United Planets Colu representative. “But Mr. Dox, I regret to inform you that you are not able to enroll in the cadet program here on earth.” Representative Gux.

“Would you care to explain why that is Representative Gux.” Brainiac 5 asked.

“The reason you can not enroll Mr. Dox is that, if your surname really is Dox, which means you are property of Colu and are required to stay on world and better Colu.” Representative Gux informed him dryly.

“What do you mean? There is more than one Dox and you only require one Dox as property. I believe that is the agreement my family has with Colu’s government.” Brainiac 5 said.

“Yes, that is the correct. But currently we are without a member of the Dox family line. The last Dox we had, affectionately known as Brainic 4 has left our service mysteriously and without any word several months ago.” Representative Gux stated.

“She disappeared?” Brainic 5 said skeptically.

“Yes, as of right now her whereabouts are unknown. Therefore you must fulfill your family’s obligation and return to Colu.” Representative Gux’s tone filled Brainic 5 with a sense of dread. He thinks he knows more about Brainic 4’s disappearance. Brainy wonders if in this reality she had a son and if she is just as psychotic here as she was in his home reality.

“How long do I have till I actually have to be planet side?” Brainaic 5 said flatly.

“We’ll give you a standard 24 terrain hours. In case there are any loose ends you need to take care of.” Representative Gux said as he rose to leave the room.

Brainiac 5 was left alone in his interrogation room with his thoughts.

“Well… that throws a wrench into the teams plans. But I do feel I might be better able to gather information on Colu than here. I might not be as restricted. Although, I might be even more, if the Brainiaic legacy holds in this reality. Well lets see I think I have a lot of work cut out for me, if I’ve got 24 hour hours before I have to return to Colu.” Brainy takes out his Omnicom and starts to create a list of to dos.

Brainiac 5’s list of things to do.
1. Make fake identities for all non cadet legionnaires. That shouldn’t be too hard. If I just hack the mainframe I can get a basic guide to how, their identifications look and work in this reality. I’m sure it’s not that complicated to break in… and there I’m in. Let’s see… alright there is a uniform look… and each must have planet listed…height, weight… not that different from our reality… lets see I need 10 new identities. I’ll have these finished within the next 20 minuets.
2. Find the time institute and Rond Vidar. Once there do an hour interview and history review. Maybe gather materials to build a time platform.
3. find Brand… he maybe able to help get me out of my family's obligation…
4. develop any tec the Legion might need...maybe leave the schematics of my force field belt with Lyle or Gear.....

As Brainiac 5 continued to make his list, others were still being interrogated or trying to sleep. But the night didn't past any faster. Each of them felt conflicted about this new reality; each feeling as though this was home but yet not home. The team as a whole realized that they were potentially the only family left that they all had. For some this was nothing new, for others it was something they couldn't imagine. Apparition was one of them. Even though her and her mother weren't always that close, right before everything with the fatal 500 went down, they really began to have the relationship they both wanted and her son, cub.. he was gone... possibly never to be seen again. Apparition's heart started to break as she cried softly to herself.

Meanwhile, Live Wire and Spark.. the only two members of the team allowed to stay together were still waiting to hear from their representatives about their family. They requested to have a holo vid conversation with their parents to know that they were OK.

Live Wire and Sparks Room:

“Garth... do you think they are alright? I mean its been hours since they said they would try and get us a holo vid with them.” Alya asked.

“They've got to be. I'm sure its just hard to get a hold of them. I mean it should be the middle of the night there and mom and dad have got to sleep. Right about now it should be harvest time on Winath...”

“Your right... “ Alya trailed off as Garth hugged her close.

As they shared a close hug Winath's twin representatives Ms Rebecca Yullz and Ms. Lenna Yullz, accompanied by Captain Gim Allon

“Mr. and Miss Ranzz..uhmm I’m not sure how to say this...”

“What is it? Are our parents alright?” has something happened to them?” Alya stood asking questions faster than the representatives could answer.

“Well.. for starters... your parents aren't your parents. The Ranzz on Winath never had a twins like most of our population. They were unfortunate to have a single birth son, Mekt.” informed representative Rebecca Yullz.

“What? But that's not possible. I mean you can see were flesh and blood and standing right here in front of you! Those are our parents!” Garth affirmed to them.

“Well its possible we may have the wrong Ranzz on Winath..your maybe you just have the wrong information. We did do a DNA test on you and your friends to help identity your planets of origins. So we do know your from Winath...but also maybe your just don't want to go back, so you've feed us some false information.” Captain Gim Allon said.

“We didn't give you false information. We swear!” Alya said pleadingly to Captain Allon.

“Well that isn't the worst of the news I'm afraid to say.” representative Lenna Yullz said.

“What else could be worse?” Garth retorted back.

“Uhmmm... We don't know how to say this but the Ranzz are both deceased.” The representatives said in unison.

Garth stood shocked as Alya began to sob into his shoulder uncontrollably.

“H..Ho..How.. Did.. they die?” Garth stammered out.

“They were murdered....”

“By who!” Garth demanded. Even though the room was fitted with power dampeners Garth could feel the electricity building up within him. There was a slight crackle in his eyes as he waited for their answer.

“By their son, Mekt.” Captain Gim Allon answered for the representatives.

“Like many of single births, he was mentally unstable and after he acquired abilities similar to the two of you he, seemed to go crazier and went on a killing spree around Winath, turning many of us into single births. He wanted us to feel how he felt all those years.” Representative Leena Yullz said with a sad tone.

“Where is he now?” Alya managed to say in between sobs.
“He's currently serving time at Takron-Galtos in the criminally insane ward. We moved him there because of the threat he posed to Winath, which seemed to exacerbate his condition.” Representative Rebecca Yullz said.

“I’m sorry that we had to inform you like this and to be so insensitive about your heritage. I can see that your both greatly affected by this news.” Representative Lenna Yullz said somberly.

The Garth and Alya just stood there holding each other. Garth's strong arms tense as he tried to comfort Alya, but there was little that could comfort either of them.

As Garth and Alya got the worst news possible others of the group seemed to fair much better.

Kid Quantum's Room

As she waited for her representative to arrive, so she could announce her intentions of entering the cadet program Jazmin thought to herself ““I wonder...if Gim is alive, does that mean James is alive too? Maybe if he is we can reconnect. Its been so long since I've really sat down to think about him.”

“Ms. Cullen.” said Officer Gigi Cuzmon.

“Officer Cuzmon any word yet on Xanthu's Representative making planet side?” Jazmin asked.

“No, I'm afraid not. Xanthu's representative isn't able to make planet side for another day or two.”

“Does that mean I'm reprimanded to stay here?” Jazmin asked with hint of annoyance and fear in her voice.

“No, we aren't going to keep you here. But we do have some options to discuss. First there is registration.”

“I'm more than willing to register and I was planning to do so tomorrow, once I was released. I'm also interested in joining a cadet program I heard about.”

“Actually, I figured as much. The rest of your friends have said similar things as well. Which, is part of something we have to talk to you about.” Officer Cuzomon said.

“What about it? I mean isn't is a good thing that you have some many of us wanting to join?” Jazmin asked.

“Yes, we are. But its clear that you all heard about this special squad before it was ever mentioned to the public. We've been very careful to not leak that information to the public for fear that they might think Earth was forming a militia of some sort of super powered beings. So it begs the question how did you all learn about it?” Officer Cuzmon said.

“We all heard from various sources...uhmm and we met on our travels here.” Jazmin said trying to be convincing.

“Well...where did you hear exactly?” Gigi Cuzmon asked.

“I over heard a conversation one of the Uncanny Amazer's was having back home. They all were talking about trying out for the cadet program.”

“Alright. I do know we reached out to them to see if they were interested.” Officer Cuzmon said skeptically.

“Did any of them ever end up responding?” Jazmin's curiosity was aroused, hoping that maybe she could get information on whether her brother was alive or not.

“Actually yes. There was some interest from a couple of their members. The one who actually was accepted was James Cullen. Do you have any relation to him?” Officer Cuzmon's asked as she leaned forward.

“No, actually. He's just someone with the same last name. But he's a hero of mine. I'll look forward to meeting him if I'm excepted.” Jazmin's heart leaped a little when she heard he was alive and in the cadet program. “Its almost as if we all have a destiny and even without the Legion in this reality, everything is falling into place.” Jazmin thought to herself.

“I have a feeling you'll be excepted. You showed great leadership when you were being tracked by the drones, at least according to the vids we saw.” Officer Cuzmon had a smile on her face as she said this. Hoping to catch Jazmin in a lie.

“Well.. I guess I just have good instincts when I'm being attacked. But it does help that I’ve been traveling with these people for a while now. It took us all a long while to get here.” Jazmin said confidentiality realizing what Officer Cuzom was trying to get out of her.

“Yeah you've all been together so long, that you've all got those nifty little belts and the rings with the symbol on them. What does that mean anyway... i've never seen it before.” Officer Cuzmon knew she had her now. She knew that she would have to explain more about all of them. There was no getting out of this trap.

“It stands for Legion and the star is a symbol of travel for us. So were a legion of travelers.” Jazmin said with a smile. “And our friend from Colu designed and made them for us all to wear.

“Did he designed the outfits too?” Officer Cuzmon said still smiling.

“Actually no. he didn't that was a concept put together by Rokk Kinn, myself, and Andrew Nolan. We all were inspired by the stories of the Superman. We've all heard his stories across the galaxy. Besides we all want to be heroes in our own right and we thought this was fighting.” Jazmin was able to tell a slight version of the truth without really feeling guilty.

“Well it was all very inventive. But you must know that once you enter the cadet program all of this individuality goes away and this is a job not a chance to play “super heroes”. There haven't been any super heroes like that in a long time. This is a government police unit like any other and you'll have to learn to follow order, instead of giving them. You understand all that right?” Officer Cuzmon's tone changed to very serious.

“Yes, I'm fully aware of all that comes with it and what I’ll be giving up. But I also know what I’ll be gaining.” Jazmin gave Officer Cuzmon a smile to reassure her.

“alright... and what about those of your friends that went missing?” Officer Cuzmon asked.

“We will contact them and we'll get them registered in the morning.”

“Alright, I think we done here them. You and your friends are free to go in. everything will be returned to you and you all have approximately 3 hours to find your friends and get them registered. If you fail to comply you will all be arrested and/or deported. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you as a cadet.”

“Working with me?” Jazmin asked.

“Yes, I'm one of the instructors for the cadet program. I'm one of the tactical advisers and fighting experts. I, along with Captain Allon and Officer Shauvang are the officers in charge of admissions.” she said with a sly smile.

“Oh?” Jazmin said with a surprise.

“ Yes, and all of you that are eligible have been accepted to the program. Welcome Cadet Cullen and I'll be seeing you later.” Officer Cuzmon said with a smile as she walked out the door.

“Wait all those who are eligible....who didn't make it in?” Jazman said to herself.

read the adventures of the Reboot Legion!


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OOh. Looks like the team will be split further.

I wonder how Brainy will handle being on Colu. And what will the free Legionnaires be up to? It's actually a good lineup, and it makes sense, too.

Will we be seeing any other alternate versions of absent Legionnaires, like Kinetix or Gates?

Loss: How does the galaxy cope w/o the Postboot Legion?

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I'm actually getting a little suck on where i want to go next... plus i'm thinking i need to make the sections smaller....

I've got an idea for Gates and Kinetix but it may be down the road a bit...

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I used to post a lot in one go. Sometimes, though, I prepare a really long post, then just split it up into sections.

Yeah, I find plotting to be one of the harder parts of writing. That's why I prefer writing series of vignettes instead of one long narrative.

Can't wait to see what you have in store with those two [Big Grin] They're my two favorite Legionnaires!

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Chapter 3: “The Welcome Wagon.”

The next morning finally came. Each of them released out into the open air of a warm Metropolis morning. As they all looked at each other some seemed more warn than others. But they knew they still had lots to do.

“OK everyone we need to regroup. Lets find the others and we'll fill everyone in. I think we still got a lot to go over.” Kid Quantum said. “Did everyone get their rings and belts back?” she thought to the team.

Everyone replied yes. They knew they were going to be watched and that everything from here on out would need to be through their telepathic connection.

As each of them put their rings back on they slowly lifted into the air. Flying away from Science Police Headquarters.

“Are We being followed?” Apparition asked.

“Let me just patch in...”Brainiac 5 used his omnicom to connect to their mission board servers. “We have three of those drones detailing us...and it seems we have two officers tailing us as well.” Brainiac 5 said.

“Yes, the two officers are Officer Gigi Cuzmon and Erin Shauvang... I guess they've taken a liking to us.. or they want to actually make sure we hold true to our word.” Saturn Girl chimed in from the warehouse.

“Should we try and lose them?” Wildfire asked.

“No need. I've already rerouted the drones to another location. After being detained all night I had the chance to study their drones. They are pretty impressive from the schematics.. self repairing as we saw... internal sensors on several spectrum, multi-blaster function, extremely durable for the most part...I'm assuming they've never encountered those with skills on pair with ours...oh and the function that I find the most intriguing is...

“Brainy, We don't need a hardware lesson on these guys right now. We just need to know that they are gone.” Live Wire interjected.

“But this is important. They have multidimensional travel and hyper speed travel... meaning that they have the same travel capabilities as the threshold drives we used from our home reality.” Brainiac 5 explained.

The team stopped in their tracks, all of them stunned by this revelation.

“We'll finish this at the warehouse guys. Were too exposed here.” Cosmic Boy said as he started flying on again. The team followed him, each with their own hopes about what that could mean for them. This could be their way home.

“Wait what about the two officers?” Triad asked.

“No Worries, I've rerouted them as well.. The Science Police didn't trust us so they put tracking devices on each of our rings. But I’ve already disabled them and are having them send false signals.” Brainiac 5 said.

The team flew on using their rings to home in on their follow teammates. They flew on in silence as it seemed like it was taking forever to get to the warehouse and see the others. They've all been together with no one else for so long, that this short separation was killing them. Meanwhile, Shikari and Timber Wolf decided to follow the two Science Police officers for a short time till they could double back and meet up with the rest of the team.

“Should we have gone with the rest of the Legion?” Shikiar asked.

“No, we've got to trail these two a little bit and make sure that the others are safe.” Timber Wolf said as he sniffed out their trail. “this way”. Timber Wolf took off down the ally ways with Shikiar in tow.

“I could lead you to them if you like, Timber Legion.” Shikiar suggested as she powered up her vision.

“Its fine. Don't worry. I know where they are. I can smell them. The red headed one smells like lilacs. Its an easy sent to follow.” Timber Wolf smiled slightly at the smell of it, it reminded him of Tinya. She wore that sent a couple times when they were on Rimbor before she returned to the legion.

Shikari looked at Timber Wolf, unsure of what to make of his sentiment. She tried to smell what he was smelling but nothing was there.

“Timber Legion I think we should get to the others now. Before there's other trouble.” Shikari warned.

“We will. Just give me a minuet” Timber Wolf raced on taking flight with his ring. He followed the sent far coming up almost underneath the Science Police officers hover car. When he looked up he saw the red haired officer up close. He realized it was officer Shvaughn Erin. He'd met her a couple times after he became a legionnaire. She was a trusted member of the Legion's community. The other he didn't know...she had a nice sent to her as well.

“Timber Legion, can we please go now.” Shikari cam up behind him
“Fine” Timber Wolf gruffed at her.
As the two started to make their way back to the team, the loud sound laser fire rang out.

“What was that?” Shikari said as she spun around to view the officers coming under fire from a near by building. The two legionnaires ran back towards the officers. The hover car was now under constant fire from a near by roof top. The two officers were only getting off a few shots.

“We've got to do something. Where are the lasers coming from?” Timber Wolf searched the roof tops but he couldn't see any shooters or even any laser cannons.

“The lasers are coming from that roof top. Follow me!” Shikari armored up and took off towards the roof. Timber Wolf followed her, she reached the roof top in seconds but within those seconds the lasers hit the back thrusters of the hover car causing it to burst into flames. Timber Wolf changed course and flew back to the hover car. The hover car started falling fast but Timber Wolf was faster. He hoped both officers inside had gotten out already. But as he used he keen eye sight he saw that the two of them were unconscious inside.

“DAME IT!!” Timber Wolf grabbed hold of the hover car. He tried to pull it up a little but even his strength was nothing and the flames didn't help matters. His vision was becoming cloudy and his nose was flaring up with smoke. The firing lasers weren't much help either. He dodged several blasts before reaching the cab of the hover car. Using his claws he reaches the cab of the hover car and rips off Shvaughn Erin's door. She lay unconscious as did Officer Cuzmon.

“how long till this car goes up....” Timber Wolf thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Shikari had reached the top of the roof. Standing there were several cannons all firing down onto the Science Polices hover car and one man standing there watching it all go down. He seemed more preoccupied with how the cannons were doing than anything else. He seemed to be taking measurements of some sort.

Shikari quickly swooped down using her exoskeleton claws to cut the cannons. But she barely left a scratch on them. The man finally took notice of Shikari.

“Ahh and what have we here?”

“Your worst nightmare!” Shikari bantered. Shikari flew straight at him. Ready to take am at his omnicom to stop the cannon's from firing. Flying fast she thought she had reached him before he got to his belt. But she was wrong. The man already had in his hand a glowing chain and as she reached him, he flung the chain and instantly wrapped itself around her. Shikari feel to the ground with a large thud.

“Uhhmm... grRRRRR” she growled at him as she tried to break the chains.

“Good Luck my dear. Those chain's are a specialty of mine. No one can break them. Their coated in tromium, a very hard to break element. They are also outfitted with a special lock that is calibrated to restrain my captives own strength. Which yours seems to be quite strong according to my instruments.” he said as he looked at his readings.

“URRRGGGGhmmmmm” Shikari growled again.

“Oh did I forget to mention that the lock has an electric plus emitter in it, that disrupts brain activity. I know you can understand me but you however won't be able to respond.” He says taking another reading. “You strength is quite amazing I must say...”

“BING! BING!” the cannon's alarm went off.

“Ahh, and there go the cannon's. Do pardon me. I must check in on them and see if those little Science Police are taken care of.”

As the man moved towards the cannon's, he heard something unexpected.

“KAAAAABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!” the hover car had finally exploded.

“We'll I guess I must have hit the back thrusters and they must have disrupted the....”

“GRWLLLLLAAAAAAWWWW!” Timber Wolf shouted as he jumped up from the ledge below.

“Ahh another one... looks like you didn't come alone little one.” he said.
“I wonder if he's as strong as you are?”

“STRONGER!” Timber Wold screamed as he jumped the man. The man was shocked at how quick this one was. He wasn't expecting a physical altercation. But he wasn't unprepared. With the cannon's still firing the man's omnicom flew from his hands.
The man and Timber Wolf tumbled on the ground, each throwing punches. Timber Wolf tried to restrain himself from slashing the man's throat. The man punched Timber Wolf once more, and threw him off himself. Directly attacking the man again, Timber Wolf wrestled him to the ground and pinned him quickly.

“DON'T MOVE!” Timber Wolf ordered.

“Oooo Scary. Don't worry I won't have to.” the man said this as he kicked his legs up and flipped Timber Wolf off of him. Timber Wolf using his super agility landed on his feet. His feral snarl became nastier. But the man still didn't move. Timber Wolf slowly walked around the man till he was in front of the man again. Timber Wolf's instincts told him that something was a miss.

The man stayed not moving and Timber Wolf sniffed to see if it was a trick. But nothing. What Timber Wolf didn't notice was that the man was slowly turning the a nob on the inside of his cuff, which was turning the one of the cannon's towards Timber Wolf. Shikari looked in horror as she tried to warn Timber Wolf of the cannon.


“Shikari, you alright?” Timber Wolf looked at her at the wrong moment for in that second the cannon had fully turned and started rapidly firing at Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf's started dodging the blast. Jumping from spot to spot, trying to gain height with each jump. First from side to side, then he jumped the side wall. But the cannon was following his every move. Jumping from spot to spot and wall to wall wasn't working. He tried to take to his flight ring next, pushing himself up into the air. But as he flew off the ground the cannon's laser hit him square in the stomach. With Timber Wolf's concentration broken he feel to the ground in pain. Even his strength wasn't enough to take that a direct laser cannon hit. Shikari looked on frightful as she saw him fall. Slowly the man sat up.

“hmmm well that was fun. The rotater cuff works well. Very effective.” I didn't think it would link fast enough.” the man said as he stood up and walked over to pick up his omnicom.

“Whoever...uhhhhh...you are....we'll... stop you!” Timber Wolf grunted out as he tried to stand up.

“I'm not sure about that. Your both down for the count as of right now... oh that reminds me! Can't let you get up that easily.” the man strode over to Timber Wolf and lightly touched his belt pulling out a luminescent net. “After our little tussle I have a better idea of your abilities my friend and I think this will hold you. Your strength won't break it, the rope is a new polymer that was discovered on Colu. Non toxic... so no worries there and the locks that are on it are the same that I installed on your friend's chains. So you'll have some slight discomfort.” the man placed two locks on the ropes.

“You'll never...get away.. with this!” Timber Wolf said quietly as he tried to collect himself and regain his strength. The locks activated instantly and Timber Wolf hunched over in pain. His mind became scrambles as he tried to speak.

“uhmmm GRRRahhh...WWHHHOOOOO A..A...A...Are Yu..Yu..You..” he cocked out.

“Ahh much stronger than I thought. I guess I should increase the voltage. But you want to know who I am? Well I'm your new master... I'm Grimbor the chain's men.” as Grimbor said this he turned up the voltage and Timber Wolf began to loose consciousness.

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Brin and Kari make a great team here. I wonder if this is going where I think it is...? Will the Legionnaires play cavalry to save their friends? Hmmm....

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hmmm idk maybe maybe not....

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Chapter Four:

The rest of the Legionnaires finally reached the teams safe house. As they all landed, the took a moment to realize how big it was. It looked like it could be a decent place for all of them to stay, at least for now.

“Alright everyone lets get inside. We've got a lot to cover.” Kid Quantum said.

“You have no idea how true that is.” Brainica 5 said in agreement as he continued to shuffle through his omnicom.

As they entered the warehouse they all saw that this was just a big as their previous headquarters with maybe some room to spare.

“How is it a warehouse this big has nothing in it?” Ferro said.

“Well that's because its a subsidiary of Brande industries which is part of the reason I directed us here. I figured if we came here and used it Mr. Brande wouldn't mind... once he got to know us that is.” Gear said as he went around collecting all the rings from everyone.

“Yes, and I checked into that while we were imprisoned last night...seems the reason its abandoned, actually many of R.J's warehouse are.. some have been moved off world while others are just left like this one. Something happened to Brande Industries, but I wasn't able to access any records on exactly what. There weren't even any news feeds. So clearly Brande Industries had some sort of media blanket of its events of the last two or three years...” Brainica 5 informed them all.

“That's odd.. R.J.'s always been fairly open when it came to his company...his past not always so much.... I wonder what could have happened to make him just cut all public knowledge about the company...and its not like him to abandon any properties. He always made sure they were some how refurbished into something useful.” Triad neutral said as she triplicated for the first time in hours.

“AAAHHHH it feels good to do that. Being cooped up like that really was difficult. I can't believe the Science Police don't trust people enough around here to allow them to use their racial gifts... especially those that are some what harmless...” Triad purple said as she stretched.

“What if something terrible has happened? It really isn't like him to be so closed off and out of touch from the world. That's also bad business... it would make people think he has something to hide...”Triad orange hugged herself as she thought about the implications more and more. She worried so much about R.J.

“Well these are all things that we will worry about. But right now R.J. Is the least of our worries...So where do we start?” Live Wire said as he sat on an empty barrel.

“Well... actually I have a question for those of you who were in holding last night. Officer Cuzmon said something to me that worries me.”

“What could that be?” Cosmic Boy said.

“Well she said welcome to the cadet program and that she looked forward to working with me and that “all of you that are eligible have been accepted to the program” So whose not eligible and why?” Kid Quantum asked. As she searched her teams faces to see who would speak up; she couldn't admit that it was something she had to even ask.

“That would be in reference to me actually.” Brianiac 5 finally answered.

“What! What do you mean? How could you not be eligible. I would think that they would want a Coluan in their program...” Kid Quantum spat out before he could answer.

“It seems that my “mother” this realities Brainiac 4 was still be holding to the Coluan government as I was before my legion draft... and she has apparently disappeared; which means since I have showed up in this reality I have to take her place...” Brainy says slightly defeated.

“Is there any way to get out of it?” Invisible Kid asks skeptically.

“From what I can see Lyle, no. that's why I already tried to research Brande and contact by the way; to no avail.... I was hoping maybe he could some how steal me away from them.. Even buy me from them if need be.” Brainy said. He tried not to show to much emotion but he felt as though he failed and his lack of eye contact hadn't gone unnoticed. Invisible Kid walked over to Brainiac 5 and tried to comfort him. He put his had on his shoulder.

“Brainy its not your fault and besides We all knew there were certain risks taking coming here. But We'll figure it out and even though you'll be leaving, we will keep in contact and figure away out of this predicament.” Invisible Kid reassured him. “How long till they are making you leave?”

“They've given me the standard 24 earth hours till I have to report to the local threshold gate/ U.P. Space port... they didn't specify at the time. They said they would send further instruction once the time was closer.” Brainy said. “Which that brings me to my other piece of information unless there is anyone else whose not eligible.” Brainy looked around to see if there really was anyone.

“I'm also, unable to join the cadet program.” M'Onel said.

Everyone starred at him in shock. They figured he would be the first to sign up. He's always been a good solider.

“Why?” Kid Quantum inquired. She seemed more shocked than anyone. He should no signs of not wanting to be with the team and she couldn't understand why the cadet program wouldn't want someone as powerful as him.

“It seems that all of Damax is on lock down. They were surprised to see that I was actually off planet.”

“How did they know yo were from Damax? I mean unless they did a bio scan on you....” Triad trailed off.

“They did. When we were in battle. Apparently the drones have that capability. That's partially how they knew which delegates to get each of us.”

“Well... did the bio scan confirm anything else about you?” Cosmic Boy asked. He hoped that it wouldn't expose his true identity.

“Thankfully no. they said I was very similar to certain someone but they didn't actually link the two of us.” M'Onel's smile was slight. But he was still troubled about it.

“So did they say why Daxam was on lock down?” Andromeda asked, fearing that it may have to do with a version of this realities White Triangle.

“They said it was self imposed.... it seems there was a lot of visitors planet side and they brought some kind of virus that's lead related. Till they figure it out or cure it Daxam is on lock down. No one in no one out...and since most Daxmaites stay on planet there's only a few of us off planet. But the number is so small that no one thinks anyone is off planet.” M'Onel told them.

“So how does that make you ineligible?” Cosmic Boy asked.

“because of the lockdown, there has been no communication with Daxam for almost 20 years now; which has officially marked Daxam's membership in the U.P ending.”

“But my planet isn't even in the. U.P. In this reality. They never were members, so how come I get to join this hell squad and you don't?” Umbra spat out.

“Because I’m considered DANGEROUSE!” M'Onel yelled. For the first time ever M'Onel's calm exterior cracked. Even in battle he never exposed his anger like this.

“What do you mean your dangerous?” Andromeda pleaded; for that was always one of her greats fears.

“We..Were... considered dangerous because of our powers under a yellow sun...it seems were considered unstable...because of the lead poisoning they flare out of control...and there's a lot of lead around...I'm suspecting that this lead virus is some cover up to control Daxam...this place is more authoritarian than we thought....”M'Onel's tone was harsh but scared all in one. “They agreed to let me leave as long as I leave the planet... they think I’ll succumb to the “Virus” here and go on a rampage...” M'Onel trailed off.

“Does, that mean you'll actually be leaving?” Andromeda asked.

“Not exactly, I'll just have to stay out of sight a bit; but I will be taking a trip to Daxma to check things out for myself.... and Brainy or Gear do you think you could get me a bio scan that won't get me kicked off planet?” M'Onel said crossing his arms regaining his composure.

“Yes, I’ll do that before I go... along with the rest of my list...” Brianiac 5 said as he updated his omnicom. “Yes, I’ll make one for anyone who wants one....”

“We'll, when would you be leaving for Daxman?” Andromeda asked.

“Once things are more settled here... then I'll leave.” M'Onel crossed to Andromeda and rested his hand on her shoulder. “But I'll be going alone.” Everyone accepted his wish. They knew that he wouldn't allow anyone to get hurt and he'd call for help if he needed it.

“Alright, is that the last of the unexpected withdrawals?” Chameleon asked.

“Well... actually we've also encountered a slight problem.” Spark said shyly as she looked at Live Wire.

“I thought we weren't going to talk about this and do it at a later time. You know once things were more settled with everyone.”
“Garth I can't wait! I need to go home to Winath. I need to see them.” Spark pleaded.

“You'd you guys care to fill the rest of us in?” Saturn Girl said

“Imra, Alya can we please talk about this later?” Live Wire asked in hushed tone. His anger rising, Live Wire was doing all he could do to keep his electricity from flying out of control.

“Its fine. Lets move on.. anyone else...”Cosmic Boy chimed in. He tried to keep things moving. He could see the Garth's cage rattling.

“I think we're all in. So lets move on.” Ultra Boy said trying to move things along.

“Then would now be a good time to talk about the threshold drives?” Brainy inquired.

“Yes. That would be for the best.” Live Wire said as he turned away from everyone to sit back down.

“Alright, so as I said they have threshold gates here... which means that the Kawi are apart of this reality... but that also means that we could potentially use them to travel home...maybe even to the other legions for help if need be...”

“Do you think we could really travel home? I mean both Dreamer and Shikari said that our path lies here and no where else...” Violet said.

“Yes, that's true...I haven't had any visions of us being able to leave this reality.” Dreamer confirmed.

“We'll that was before we found out about the Thresholds being here. Now we can factor that in...

“Gear, are you alright?” Saturn Girl asked him.

“Yeah of course why?” He asked looking away from the rings.

“I don't mean to pry but there's just something coming from you that I can't help but ignore. Its a very very strong thought your working through.

“It's just a calculation that I’m working on. I'm sorry to make it so loud. I'll try to quiet my thoughts.” Gear said as they both tuned back into Brainic 5's ideas.

“We need to run some more test and see if it works that way but I suspect that it does. So we will need to obtain the materials for us to rebuild one....I also propose that we make this hanger more suitable for living in as it will be our new home.”

“And how do we do that Brainy? We don't even have a credit to our names. We have nothing here...”Apparition said.

“Actually we do. That's part of what I've been doing over the last few hours. I used my “inheritance” as the new Brainica of Colu to transfer some credits to an account for us, which I’ve set up smaller accounts for each of you. I wasn't able to get a lot without being detected. I also bought this warehouse from Brande Industries. I was able to at least get in touch with Marla and get him to sell it to me...now we just need to redesign this place to make it livable for all of us and secret enough.... i'm thinking force fields around the perimetter will help with that....

“Is that even legal?” Invisible Kid asked.

“Actually yes. Personal force field use completely acceptable here. Especially in the warehouse district and as far as the city of Metropolis is concerned that is exactly what this is.”

“Then how are we supposed to renovate for us to leave? Won't they get suspicious when they are rebuilding it?” Dreamer inquired.

“No, not at all. I've actually hired Chuck to do the work. It seems he's alive and well here, with his own architecture firm. He's agreed to the specifications I asked for, as well as a complete secrecy clause.”

“Chucks here?” Triad neutral’s voice had the happiest sound to it. She couldn't wait to see him.

“Yes he is. He'll be here to start the work soon and while he's doing that I’ve got various missions that need to be taken care of. As long as everyone agrees to doing them that is...” Brainiac 5 looked around trying to make sure they all were on board.

“Were in. not like we have much else to do.” Ultra Boy quipped.

“Good... first things first, we need to register. As much as I loath this idea we must. Which means we all must be together... Where are Shikari and Timber Wolf?

“I believe they were tailing officers Shauvung and Cuzmon. I'll check in with them now.” Saturn Girl offered.

Saturn Girl closed her eyes to concentrate on finding their two teammates. Not wanting to risk their rings. Saturn Girl searched the surrounding area and found nothing.

“That's odd... I can't find any trace of either of them. Its as if their minds have been cut off.”

“Can you try long range?” Chameleon asked

“I'll try but its as if there's some sort of static around them that’s blocking them from me...”

“What does that mean?” Asked Kid Quantum.

“I'm not sure... their minds have just disappeard off the grid. But not in the senes that they are dead... just that something is blocking them from me...some sort of psychic dampener maybe..... maybe someone else has seen them.... this could take some time though.” Saturn Girl furrowed her brow trying to concentrate harder. Entering peoples minds without her knowing and without their permission would take some finessing.

“Well, while she tries to do that maybe we should continue with the other missions?” Brainiac 5 asked.

“Agreed. Lets continue and we'll find them.” Kid Quantum said.

“Good. Alright I’ve split up the team into different groups as it will be easier to get more done. The teams consist of the follow people and missions. The home team staying here to make sure that our new “headquarters” is up to date and outfitted with all the technology we'll need is going to be Gear, Clearly Saturn Girl as she is now indisposed, and Violet...I believe that team will work.

“That's fine. I can help Chuck with most of the installations he'll probably put up. But I’ll also get the place ready for any tech we will need. I'll make a list.” Gear said as he took to the makeshift omnicom computer they made.

“The next team will be to get Star Boy the help he needs. I've created his false identification. If they ask his name is “Danny Blaine” from Xanthu. I've figured Dreamer, Kid Quantum and Chameleon will go with him. I assume that is alright everyone?” Brainy was trying his hardest to be polite and not bark orders as he wasn't the current leader but even the politeness was getting to everyone. They all just wanted to be useful.
“After that, I want you to join my team at the Time Institute.

“The next team is Triad, Spark, and Invisible Kid... I want you all to head to Brande Industries get any and all information that you can from them. Maybe even try and get in touch with R.J. or Marla. There's something there... and they maybe our biggest allies. “Lyle, I want you to do some digging discreetly.. which is why I’ll be sending a fourth with you, as a sort of decoy...Sensor...the four of you go to Brande. Get everything you can.” Brainy typed more into his omnicom calculating where to send everyone else.”

“What are the other missions you have besides that?” Cosmic Boy asked.

“Well.. there is the Time Institute which I'll be heading that team along with Cosmic Boy, Andromeda, Ferro, and Umbra.”

“What about the rest of us?” Well first you'll all have to register and here are your new identification cards. Those of us that were held captive won't be changing name. Those of you that weren't will have different names. Laurel... seeing as how Daxam is on official lock down I'll have to readjust your identification... maybe change your planet...and done. Alright your new planet is... Venegar... and your power set comes from....hmmm genetic mutation.... no that won't do...hmm... a radioactive element... yes... that works....the element altered your DNA to match that of a Damaxite, giving you their powers and weaknesses.”

“Alright... here's hoping that works” Andromeda says as she takes her new identification from Brainy, never one to hide she hung her head trying to convince herself that this was the right thing to do. Brainy wanted to console her but the time wasn't now.
“The remaining team members I need you to collect material for Chuck to use in the construction. All of you can collect as much metal, micro chips, conduits, platforms, and anything else that Chuck might need you to get. He has sent me a list that maybe everything. Live Wire, you take this and Chuck will send updates as needed.” Brainy handed the omnicom with to Live Wire as he pulled out a secondary one to continue his calculations.

“Gathers that's it?” Live Wire said discontentedly

“Actually I think I have something for you and a couple others to do... I can't track Shikari or Timber Wolfs minds. The last minds I found them in was of the two officers. But those two seem to be unconscious and don't know where they went.... I'm thinking we need to send a search party for them.”

“Are you certain that something is wrong with them? I mean they both evaded our group message earlier today...” Violet said.

“No, something is wrong. I can sense it and the fact that I can't find any trace of them means something is wrong. We have to find them.”

“Alright.... Then we'll send a search team. Whose left?” Kid Quantum asked as she looked around.

“I'm in for the search party. I need to stretch a little bit.” Live Wire volunteered.

“Me and Jo are up for that as well.” said Apparition as she looked at Jo she could see that he didn't care to much about finding Timber Wolf, but he sure seemed like he was happy to have something or someone to punch soon.

“Alright so the four of you will go and try and find them. Saturn Girl, I'm assuming you'll want to go with them?” Kid Quantum asked.

“Actually, I'll coordinate from here. I want to see if I can get more from the two officers and I need to concentrate.” Saturn Girl again closed her eyes and began to concentrate on finding the two officers minds again to see if she could find any clues.

“Alright everyone, you've all got your assignments! Lets head out!” Kid Quantum said as they each took off. She was tempted to yell out “LETS GO LEGIONNAIRES!” but it just didn't seem like the moment to do that. Right now she just hoped that they could get through their missions.

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Mission # 1: Hospital: (Team: Dreamer, Star Boy, Chameleon, Kid Quantum.)

“Alright, Brainy programed the hospitals location into our rings. So we should be able to all get their if we get separated.” Kid Quantum said as the four of them lifted into the air. Chameleon carrying Star Boy again as a giant winged dragon with a built in medical harness.

“Don't worry so much Jazmin! We'll get him there safely.” Chameleon called back to her as he glided past her.

“I know. I'm trying. Dreamer how is he? Do you see anything? Any new visions?”

Dreamer flashed back to a vision she had of Star Boy's memorial being placed on Xanthu. Remembering her first flash of that vision and all she could think was,

“No.. it can't be....Thom can't go like...I must... I must...”

She didn't want to see that vision or say those words ever again. But there had been several times since she had that vision that she really thought this was the moment it would come to pass. Her visions had been so accurate during the days before the fatal 500 but now she began to feel like her old flaky self.

“This isn't fair... I thought my dreams had finally been proven wrong... We've survived so much and Thom has come out OK through all of it...and now here we are back in reality and he's going to die.” Dreamer thought to herself. Her vision of his memorial flashed to her mind again. It had to be wrong. The memorial said “Thom Kallor, Star Boy....not Danny Blaine... maybe his death wasn't at hand yet.

“nothing...as far as visions go.. but he seems to be alright. He's resting that's the best we can ask for right?”

“Exactly! He'll pull through guys. I'm sure of it. Thom has been through worse. I mean if he can survive an all out attack by robtican forces then he can survive this.” Chameleon said.

Dreamer suddenly had a flash. She was having a vision but it was odd because she was seeing multiple versions of Star Boys. But at the epicenter was Starman from the universe they had just left. He was throwing off chronological energies.

“I think I know why Thom is in a coma and its not from exhaustion.”
“What do you mean?” Kid Quantum asked looking back at her.
“Him and all the other StarBoy's are experiencing the same thing right now. I think its because Starman from the other legion we just met is now drawing in all his Chronological energy and so its causing his other selves to go into a coma....although I’m not sure why..”

“Is it something the hospital can help with or do we need to bring him back to Brainy?” Chameleon asked.

“No, I think he'll be fine in the hospital....”Dreamer trailed off as she saw a vision of her Star Boy. Star Boy stood among the other legionnaires fighting Mordru. For a moment Dreamer thought it was a vision of the past. But then she saw others who weren't in the Legions other battle with Mordru. She also noticed that they all were wearing some odd uniform. It must be the cadet uniform. He wakes up! He's fighting again. Then the vison cut out and returned to Starman; being drained of his chronological energies and surviving. He sat receiving a clean bill of health from a physician.

“He will be fine! Starman seems to be OK too and so will our Star Boy. He's going to be OK.” Dreamer smiled for the first time in what seemed like forever. She hadn't had much time to smile but she was glad that her first smile was caused by a vision of Thom.

“Are you sure?” Kid Quantum asked

“Yes! I'm sure of it. And he'll be a cadet. I saw a battle for the cadets with Mordru.”

“Wait Mordru is here?” Chameleon's voice went cold with the utterance of Mordru's name. “do you know when we fight him?”

“Yes, he's here but I have no clue. It could be farther down the road. It must be if Thom is with you guys fighting.” Dreamer reassured him.

“Well Mordru is a problem for another day. Today we've got enough to do.” Kid Quantum said.

The three of them flew on to the hospital without any problems arising. When they reached the hospital the emitted Thom, as Danny Blaine and registered him. They then left to find a registration center.

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“Did Brainy program a location into our rings?” Dreamer asked as she tried to change the setting on her ring.

“No he didn't. But I’m sure we can ask someone...” Chameleon looked around and he spotted a friend. “Look I'm sure he can help us...” Chameleon pointed over to Dr. Gym'll. “Dr Gym'll! Dr. Gym'll...Hey its Reep! Hey!” Chameleon called. Dr. Gym'll looked over confused at the three of them.

“Uhmm... Yes I'm Dr. Gym'll... I'm sorry do I know you young man?” Dr. Gym'll walked closer to them.

“Reep, Remember he doesn't know us in this reality.” Dreamer whispered into his ear.

“Ahh... no you don't. Sorry... I saw your name tag and I thought you were someone I knew... sorry again.”

“It's alright. Now what can I do for you? I'm very busy and can't talk to long.” Dr. Gym'll began to multitask with a couple omni pads and a robotic assistant.

“Yes, we need a registration center and we were wondering if you knew where one was?”

“Is that all? I thought it might have been an emergency. People think I don't have anything better to do than to take care of youngsters needs. Its down the hall and to the left. The office there can help you. Good day.” Dr. Gym'll waved one hand and pointed down the hall with the other as he walked away.

“Somethings never change right...” Chameleon said with a wink to Kid Quantum

They reached the hospital's registration center. While waiting in line to be processed Kid Quantum began to have a reservations about this plan. She saw the Science Police there with an idea scanner. It seems these I.D. Didn't just have to look the part but they had to pass the scan.

“Did you guys know they scanned the I.D.? Brainy didn't say anything about that?”

“I'm sure its fine. Brainy knows what he's doing and when he makes something he makes it right.” Chameleon tried to reassure her.

“What about C.O.M.P.U.T.O.?” Dreamer asked with a smirk.

“One failed homicidal, world conquering sentient robot and you think the man can't invent anything worth while.” Chameleon said jabbing her slightly in the ribs. “But the I.D. Should work fine. Scanning isn't a big deal. They did it at the space ports all the time back home. Remember?”

“Yeah this is true... I guess its just been a while and I didn't remember that happening... I guess I’m just really nervous...”Kid Quantum trailed off as she approached the registration center.

“Hello, and welcome to the Metropolis General Hospital's Registration Center. Are you here to register or register someone else?” said the silver and white robotic technician.

“To register myself.” Kid Quantum said.

“Thank you. Please place your hand on the scanner in front of you and your identification on to the scanner to the right. I will scan you hand first. Allow for three minuets for scan to complete. Also while you are being scanned you will feel a slight prick on your finger. That is a small needle inserting and injecting the small nannites that allow us to track your power use, whereabouts, and vital signs. As well as taking a small sample of blood to record your DNA into our data banks.”

Kid Quantum slowly placed her hand on the scanner. The scanner felt like it was moving as slow as possible. At least that's how Kid Quantum felt. As she looked down at the scanner, she realized her hand was glowing.

“Oh no my power has activated.” Kid Quantum tried to calm herself. She realized her powers were working to slow down the the scan because of her fear. “Relax Jazmin! Just relax!” she kept repeating this under he breath over and over to get it to stop.

“Please stop struggling with the machine. Your power has been activated through the nannites to help us get a better understanding of how your “ability” works.”

“Thank girfe its not me!” Kid Quantum thought to herself.

“Thank you for your patience. The scan is complete. You have been registered as time manipulator with energy blast capabilities. The nanaites will now transmit your vitals. As this happens please do not be alarmed in change of temperature or other sensory input.” as the robotic technician said this Kid Quantum felt feverish and lost her vision for a few seconds.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Please now scan your identification. This will complete your registration.”

Kid Quantum slowly placed her identification card on to the scanner. As it light up with a bright green light to scan the identification card Kid Quantum held her breath.

“Error! Error! Identification Card not accepted!” the robotic technician rang out. Kid Quantum's hand began to glow. Instinctively she tried to slow down time to stop the machine's noises before someone noticed her. As she powered up her body felt week and she began to feel pain in her chest.

“Please power down or the nannites will be forced to shut you down.” the robotic technician said.
Kid Quantum tried to shut off her power. She tried breathing slowly; calming herself. As she tried to do this a science police officer came over to assist.

“Ms. Are you alright?”

“Yes...Yes” she said breathlessly.

“Just continue to power down. You'll be fine. The nannites won't hurt you. They will just make you unconscious for a short time. Now lets see what the problem is.” the science police officer picked up her identification card. “hmm...uhmm miss... did you know that this identification card type is discontinued, making this identification card expired?”

“No.. No I didn't. I've been.. traveling for a while and haven't been back to Xanthu. I wasn't notified.” Kid Quantum's fear began to rise again. The chest pains had subsided but she still could feel her power at the very edge of her finger tips slowly recharging.

“Just give me a moment and I'll verify with the United Planets security data banks.” the science police officer walked away for a few minuets.

“BRAINY!!!” Kid Quantum screamed through her telepathic ear plug.

“Uhg.... you don't have to yell. What do you need?” Brainiac 5 responded.

“there's something wrong with your identification card you made for me. They are checking their security data banks now. What do I do? Also they have nannaites! That's how they are tracking us and our power usage.” Kid Quantum thought at him frantically.

“Good! They are getting me right where I need to be.” Brainiac 5 responded.

“what do you mean good?”

“I purposely made yours defective. Before you ask, the reason was I needed to gain access to the U.P. Mainframe and I wasn't able to break their codes to do it with out any identification. So I’m using yours to upload all our information into their data banks, which will also be put into the data banks of each of the Legionnaires planets. This will also allow me to link up with their mainframe undetected. Don't worry your identification card is caring all the information cryptically.”

“Brainy, why didn't you tell me you were doing that? You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Kid Quantum scolded him.

“Sorry, I just figured it be better if you didn't know. I thought if you knew you wouldn't go in with the confidence we needed you to.”

“Right now we need to stick together. Please don't do that again!”

“No worries. Also all the data is up loaded and safely. I've also got access to their U.P. Mainframe and all their passwords. I'll see you all see at the Time Institute.” with that Brainiac 5 cut off his telepathic signal.

“Sometimes I really want to just sock him one...” Kid Quantum thought to herself.

“Miss Cullen?”said the science police officer returned with her identification card.


“Your all set. Her is a new identification card and your old one will be destroyed for you. Thank you for registering today and have a good day.”

Kid Quantum thanked the officer and walked away to meet up with Dreamer and Chameleon who had finished registering minuets earlier.

“What happened to you? Chameleon asked

“Brainy, that's what.” Kid Quantum switched to her telepathic ear plug to fill the two of them in. neither could believe that Brainiac 5 could do such a thing. They both agreed that he should have told her.

She knew Brainy was brilliant but she didn't know he wouldn't tell her the whole plan. As usual Briany's idea worked, even if it was in a deceitful way. As they left the Star Boy at the hospital they flew up into the sky to rendezvous with the time institute team.

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The three legionnaires descended to the ground after returning from registering. Each could feel themselves changing a little as their bodies adapted to the nannites. Gear couldn't help but feel each nannaite attach and try to modify the organic technology that grows from within him. Studying his cells and capabilities and interfacing with them. He was organic machine being corrupted by inorganic.

“Gear, has Chuck arrived yet?” Violet asked as she shrunk down to normal size after moving some of the debris of the warehouse outside.

“Hmm... oh.. he is scheduled for arrival in 2.12 seconds.” as Gear finished he looked up and above them was Chuck Taine in his hover car.

“Ahoy down there! Are you the...Legion group?”
“Legion?” Violet asked scared. She didn't think Brainy would tell someone who they really were.

“Yes, Legion... I'm sorry Foundation of Dox...not legion. The Legion hall on the eastern side is my assignment for tomorrow.” Chuck said with a hearty laugh. “but little lady if you can lift as much as I think you just did, why you could be a as strong as a legion all by yourself.”

Violet just smiled at Chuck. His laugh was always a welcoming thing around the old headquarters. Looking back up at him she smiled again. Chuck landed his hover car. As Chuck got out so did two small creatures with four metallic arms, antenna's and little beddie red eyes. They stood no more than three feet tall. “Hi, I'm Chuck by the way and these are my associates the Anthariaites.”

“Yes. We're very familiar with their species. Welcome. I am...Izor... a Linsnarian and your contact on this assignment. I have a list of materials here that we will gather for you and we have a list of specifications for security and design for you.” Gear's manners were professional as always. But Saturn Girl couldn't believe how clam and uncaring his voice sounded in that moment. As if he wasn't organic but total machine.

“If only this was like home, with Chuck and Gear joking and working on Legion World...I hope someday we can find out way back to that way of life.” Saturn Girl thought as she turned her attention trying to continue to locate Timber Wolf and Shikari.
She hoped she she would find them soon. It was odd to not hear them in her head any more. She's spent so much time with all her teammates inside her head; while they were in the void that without even just two of them it didn't feel right. They were all each other had and they couldn't lose any one now.” Saturn Girl searched every mind she could. Extended her telepathic limits as far as they would go around her. “Ughhh just a bit farther...” as Saturn Girl said this to herself; she couldn't take any more and her mind slowly returned. The thoughts of others slowly decreased. Putting head in her hands she leaned forward. “Where could they be...”

“I'm sorry miss are you alright?” Chuck stood over Saturn Girl. Even with the light hiding much of his face his smile shone throw to Saturn Girl.

“Hmm.. oh yes. I'm fine. Thank you Chuck.”
“We'll good to hear. But how did you know my name was Chukc?”
“Hmm oh... sorry.” Saturn Girl stood up, revealing the Saturn Symbol on her chest.
“Oh.” Chuck was a little startled. “Well that explains it.” But in an instant his voice was warm and kind.

“I missed his voice in my head.” Saturn Girl thought to herself.
“Well, you have my name. May I have yours?” Chuck said extending his hand.
“Imra... Imra Ardeen.”
“Pleased to meet ya Miss Ardeen.”
“Please just Imra.”
“Alright, Imra. I'm sorry to bother you but would it be possible for us to have you move over there for a bit. My crew and I had some construction to do here.” He said as he looked up from his data pad with a smile.
“Yes, of course. Sorry I'll move.” Saturn Girl moved over to the other side of the warehouse.
“Thank you. By the way Imra I couldn't help but over hear you saying something about needing to find someone.”
“Oh... yes....I..” Saturn Girl hadn't realized she said that out loud. She'd spent so much time and energy being in her head these past several months that she never really knew what she thought and what she said.
“Well I just wanted to tell you that, I’m sure whoever your trying to find. I think you will. People have a way of turning up when you least expect it.”
“Thank you.” Saturn Girl smiled graciously. She truly believed that was possible in this universe.

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