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#921795 - 02/08/17 12:45 PM Games People Play
Emily Sivana Online   embarrased

I chose this title (that Fanfic Lady suggested) because "What are you play?" kind of sounds aggressive. I love video games. I would say, they are my third most used form of entertainment (behind clip videos and chatting). I have played a wide variety of games, from complicated RPGs to "casual games" such as Tetris.

I am currently debating whether or not to buy Stellaris. I almost got it on sale, but it just ended. shudder
Go with the good and you'll be like them; go with the evil and you'll be worse than them.- Portuguese Proverb

Top Loc: Illinois | Registered: 06/26/10 | Posts: 2540 |
#921802 - 02/08/17 06:36 PM Re: Games People Play [Re: Emily Sivana]
Blacula Online   content

I didn't grow up playing computer games (other than sort of brief but intense stints playing random things like Tetris and Pong and The Colonel's Bequest while house-sitting) so missed out on a lot of the medium's iconic touchstones of the 80s/90s/00s. But I finally got a decent PC in my early 30s and discovered PC games then. Now I LOVE them. Such a fantastic and quality art-form (as I consider many to be) and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH (x infinity) more value-for-money than comic books are, which I began to fall out of love with at around the same time.

The only thing I hate about computer games is that there are too many good ones out there and not enough time to play them all! haha

I'm almost exclusively a PC guy (only because, until recently, I've never owned a console) so those are pretty much the only ones I play. I recently came into possession of a PS4 though so, since I'm a horror movie fan, I bought 'Until Dawn' and look forward to playing that one dark and stormy night.

I don't really have a lot of time to play lots of different games so I tend to research for ones I'll hopefully like and then, if so (which it usually is) play them to death.

Games I have spent way too many hours in:

* Guild Wars 2: The first and only MMO I've ever played but I love, love, love it! I am so into the lore and characters and history of that world! It's my new DC Universe since Dan Didio and co. debased and murdered that one.

* Civilization IV: Unbelievably addictive. I've installed it and then uninstalled and then reinstalled so many times in order to stop it from distracting me. For someone who's played it as many times as I have though, I'm totally crap at it. haha I think I've only ever beaten it once or twice on even the easiest difficulties.

* XCOM: The Enemy Within: So, SO good! I've even got my non-computer playing brother and his friends into it. Punishingly difficult but so satisfying and you will not believe how attached you get to those little pixelated men and women that you send out to their death or salvation (but usually death).

* Pillars of Eternity: A throwback to RPG games of the 80s (or so I hear) and it makes me thankful I never discovered those games then or else I might never have gone to school. Fun combat, entertaining characters, interesting world, and a surprisingly dark and affecting story.

* The Walking Dead (Telltale Games): So much like actually being inside the comic book (when it was good)! Anyone who's a fan of that property really needs to play this game (and it's sequel). It is better than both the comic and the TV series!

* Titan Quest: Simple but very entertaining, especially for a Greek mythology buff like me. As a youngster I couldn't fantasize about anything more awesome than living in mythological ancient Greece, and this game lets me do it!

I don't know anything about Stellaris Emily, but if it's on sale, give it a go. I've found a few gems on Steam that way. What games are you into?

Top Loc: Australia | Registered: 12/23/03 | Posts: 5438 |
#921803 - 02/08/17 06:47 PM Re: Games People Play [Re: Emily Sivana]
Blacula Online   content

I completely forgot to mention the first game to get me into PC gaming:

* The Elder Scrolls - Morrowind: Such an amazing RPG. This is the game that made me realise how much depth and creativity and intricate world-building a computer game could offer; Together with a totally immersive game-playing experience. It so saddens me that I never finished it (due to moving to a different country and a bunch of other stuff) so never got to find out how the incredible story ended. I know there have been 2 or 3 sequels since it (which have all received incredible reviews and sales) but I haven't played them yet. One day.

Top Loc: Australia | Registered: 12/23/03 | Posts: 5438 |
#922117 - 02/16/17 12:06 PM Re: Games People Play [Re: Emily Sivana]
Emily Sivana Online   embarrased

I bought Stellaris last night. I am willing to do a multi-player session with people here. It is basically like a RPG/strategy game and the program does most of the hard work for you, so it is relaxing.
Go with the good and you'll be like them; go with the evil and you'll be worse than them.- Portuguese Proverb

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