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#921905 - 02/10/17 12:11 PM Re: Legion Worlds Four (updated 10 February) [Re: Harbinger]
razsolo Offline
I like the aftermath of Lexikon's fight and the Legionnaires' confusion when confronted with a violent culture like that smile

HMMM Atom Girl seemed to pop up at a very convenient moment! I hope she's not the traitor, I like her! I like everyone actually, hopefully this traitor business is a Dream Girl-esque misinterpretation of events wink

Also I wonder how much Lexikon's reaction was legitimate sorrow for going too far and how much was for her teammates' benefit? I am guessing we'll see some discussion come up there at some stage!

I am not counting Harmonia out for the count just yet...looking forward to seeing what happens next!
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#922128 - 02/17/17 02:36 AM Re: Legion Worlds Four (updated 10 February) [Re: Harbinger]
Omni Offline

Harbinger we've got some great stuff going on here.

Harmonia dying! what? i don't think she's gone that easily. she's an elemental. considering i've never really liked her until you started using her i do hope she's ok.

Morlo is sneaky with that device calling to his son. Death boy poor death boy. i had hoped he would have become useful to the team and maybe joined some how.

I agree i hope Atom Girl isn't the traitor.

i hope Retro got to Brainy in time and i think this has something to do with Lallor. But we'lll see.

the sense of apprehension you created with the team not understanding such a war like culture was really well done. i could understand that and then Lexicon just every the regal princess. i still want to see more of her.
i half expected them to say she was now required to stay and join them. lol

Can't wait for more Harbinger.
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