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#922131 - 02/17/17 04:39 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Hi since it has been a while since I've been in here is a mini update.
Mini Legion recap.
The last batches of stories all took place over the course of a weekend in which the Alpha Cadets took the weekend off for all their good work, allowing the top 15 Beta cadets to take their place and see what they might be doing eventually some day.

Beta Cadet Missions:
-Mission to Neptune to guard the heart of Neptune. Where they encounter and fight Ron Karr who has the ability to make his body extremely flat. He still maintains the ability to move and breathe while in this form

Mission to Boit. The cadets join forces with Jinx a 21st century sorceress who escaped from Mordru and was on a quest for the Sword of Night, which they find. But only after being hunted down by the Blight, also known as Mordrus shadow deamons that take peoples energy and life. Officer Cuzmon pulls the sword of night free and is its new barer but must give it up in order for Jinx to trap the Blight on the planet Jalnairy, and Jinx and Jim Rook the spirit of the sword keep watch from a nearby moon.

Saving Cadets Nolan and Berta Haris.

Alpha Cadets weekend activities:

Unknown to Jo and Tinya, the Time trapper has Cub and vow to look for him.
Cadet Sul volunteers to stay and help the Beta Cadets on missions
Captain Allon and Vi go on a date.
Group of Cadets head to club Grav-mix.
-Umbra and Chey-nu share a kiss.
-Triad meets and introduces the underground of Meta, Jacques, and Tusk to the Legion free squad who vows to take out the registration system and help those who dont want to register to be controlled.
Cadets Nolan and Berta Haris go to Cyclone world, where they meet the air elemental Arie, who chose the camp director Yigr as her new host. Eventually the Beta cadets had to rescue them as Mordru sent his forces.
Daragonmage Mordrus servant is captured and it is revealed that Berta is a member of the Order of the Sky who worships Arie.

Other events over the weekend:

MOnel travels to Daxam and is injured saving a wandering damaged ship from annihilation and is taken planet side where he is introduced and accepted as a member of the Solaris Project a group of Daxmaites who are trained to use their powers in an artificial yellow sun room against the possible return of Mordru. But Dev-em one of the members of the Solaris Project seems to have an issue with him and MOnels not sure but not everything seems on the up and up with Roxxas.
Brin awakens to find out he and Shikari have been brainwashed and controlled by nannites to be Grimbors Hounds.
Lyle says goodbye to Condo officially.
The rebels meet some of the Cadets who are also Legionnaires and Learn of Wildfires split.
Spark gives Chameleon a new outfit and they figure out that the Legion needs to work on getting thresholds back and that its time to go back to Brande industries.

Mysa and the Emerald eye are in league to undermine Mordru.

Dreamer and Saturn girl finally bring Lyle and Triad into the fold about their fix it squad and Dreamer had a vision of many things to come. One is Cosmic Boy has to still be Magno ball champ.
Domain is tricked By Lyle and Triad into contacting Cosmic Boys old manager.

On Colu:
Andromeda writes in her journal about enjoying working on the cities in the southern hemisphere and her fears of how Brainy is still pushing away from her and that Virx and Brainiac 4 have a relationship beyond mentor and friend.
Brainy and Andromeda confess they are from another reality to Virx as thought they were from the future as Brainiac 4 does. Even though she is currently pregnant with this realitys Brainy.
Brainiac 4 reveals that her mean and heartless nature is due to a curse from the Demon Devil Neron from 1000 years ago made by her ancestor Brainiac II and that Rep. Gux works for Neron and thats why his family line is her family lines handlers. They are there to ensure the curse is fulfilled.
Andromeda and Brainiac 4 fix the other cities of the southern hemisphere where B4 kills another cybernetic whose advanced coding had spread throughout the town in order to absorb it into her own matrix.

**side note from now on all telepathic communication will be denoted through these symbols. <>. thank you Harbinger for showcasing this idea.

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#922133 - 02/17/17 04:42 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Roll Call:
Cadet Inferno - Sandi Anderson of Scylla Flame, heat, and light generation and manipulation
Cadet Dirk Morgna of Scylla -Light and heat generation, heat vision, flame generation, transform body into pure light or flame. Avatar of the fire elemental Phy'r. (Currently Phyr the fire elemental is in the avatars body.)

Im glad you agreed to come with me Inferno. Phyr the fire elemental in the guise of Sun Boy Avatar Dirk Morgan looked at Inferno with a genuine smile. He didnt mind Infernos fiery temperament and attitude. He accepted that was how her passion was channeled a long time ago. The elemental Phyr had watched Inferno grow up to be who she is. He guided her in times of trouble when she was a little girl.

You can drop the Dirk act Phyr. Besides the whole ladies man thing that Dirk has going for him isnt my style. Inferno finished plotting the remainder of the course to Scylla as they exited the slipstreams gate.

Im not channeling Dirk at the moment. I was speaking for myself. Im happy to be in your light again. I did watch over you and protected your flame. Phyr smiled his eyes shifting from Dirks human blue eyes to lava of red and black eyes.

Yeah, I know and I respect that as I always have. But I dont need you to make me feel better about going back. I cant deny whats happening any longer. The darkness within me is growing and I need to find a way to fight it or give in without harming Sari. Infernos gaze didnt leave the front window of their mini cruiser.

I wanted to tell you. Nothing more. And you know it cant be denied. The darkness has come forward and you shall engulf Sister Beauty Blaze and then some.

That may be true. But I still need to at least try. Now how about you tell me more about this darkness. It comes from your fire realm doesnt it?

It does but it is originally from this dimension. The darkness is an entity known by many names but in the most recent past of the 21st century it was known as Eclipso. The vile creature of night that was once allied with the dark lord Mordru. The darkness once had a human form but eventually he and his eternal anger had been imprisoned inside a black diamond which has possessed many a host.

Is that what happened to me? Ive become possessed by this Eclipso? Infernos gaze still hadnt shifted from the vastness of space before her.

Yes. The black diamond fell into the hands of Mordru once again sometime after the great awakening. We tried to destroy it but with it as part of his arsenal there wasnt much we could do and splitting it would only cause more slaves for Mordru to control. So Lady Mysa had me open the fire realm and cast it there for all eternity. But that was before we elementals were banished and merged with planets, which in my case opened a portal to the fire realm to keep both myself and my host alive.

So the black diamonds energy was powerful enough to fight its way out because of your direct link now?

Yes, and that is how the first conduit came about. We choose her to be our champion against the darkness to keep Scylla safe from Eclipso and Mordru.

So how does this affect my mom and me? How did the darkness escape this time? Were you sleeping on your watch? Infernos anger mounting while continuing to cart their course to Scylla.

It was just before we joined the Untied Planets and we were scared that Mordru was going to come looking for me. It was during a protection ritual around Scylla and because our attention was diverted along with your mothers, the darkness escaped and you know the rest.

Not everything. Why me and not Sari? Why not both of us? Inferno stared forward and as small fire tear rolled down her cheek.

Because it saw a little darkness in you and tried to bring it forth. But that is all I can tell you as we have arrived at Scylla and your sister is greeting us. Phyr said opening the communications link from Sister Beauty Blaze.

Its so good to see both of you again! Ive missed you Inferno! Sister Beauty Blazes bright blue eyes shone as her long thick main of scorching locks bounced around her face as she waved at the screen with a big smile.

She really does have no memoryInferno thought knowing that her sister was sincere about missing her.

You have no idea. Phyr thought to himself.

Phyr and Inferno left their cruiser and landed on the Hearths steps the capital island of the floating cities of Scylla. Inferno quickly did her best to avoid her sister and go to her room. While Phyrs body instantly shifted to a light form and jumped into the giant flame at the center of the Hearth.

It is so good to commune with you directly Dirk and my fire brethren. Phyr declared to the flames that began to engulf his form.

The darkness has returned Phyr, as it was prophesied. We cannot contain the remainder of the black diamonds power and it needs to reunite with its host. The flames danced around Phyr and Dirk.

Yes but the host isnt ready. She wont survive its possession if shes not whole. Phyrs head cast downward.

Unfortunately we cannot wait. Its taking all we can to not let Dirk get infected with its dark power.


No more buts Phyr. By the end of the day Infernos darkness will consume her and all around her. Ready or not.

Then Dirk we are about to battle for the light of Inferno and Sister Beauty Blaze. We cannot let them go into the darkness.

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#922134 - 02/17/17 04:58 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Colu, Metaire. Brainiac 5s Laboratory.
Roll Call:
Brainiac 5 -Querl Dox of Colu U 247 - 12th level intelligence, internalized force field apparatus

Brainy sat in his lab working on improvements to the sleepnet and several projects for the southern hemisphere to rehabilitate it. The lights in the lab were low except for over Brainys desk. The holo screens floated before him. Brainy wasnt sure if his plans would work for the southern hemisphere though. When a small screen began flashing at the bottom of all his screens.

Whats this? Brainy tapped the holo screen brining up a file from his mothers files.

The holo screen came to life with his mothers journal entry about several viruses she had helped cure on Colu when she was in her teens.

The Gillon viruscauses insomnia, chronic itching, and bladder issues. It was seemingly caused by a sentient coming in contact with the Gillon root. When ingested it disrupts the bladder and sleep cycles through infecting brains controls over both and the itching is an allergic reactioninterestingwaitthe Gillon root? Brainy knew it was rare on his universes Colu and began searching for it.

The Gillon root mainly grows in the southern hemisphere but during this time the southern hemisphere was off limits and my mothers excursions didnt start here for another few years. Brainy continued to click around, his console lighting up as he typed. The neon yellow light illuminating his face and suddenly a video popped up.

Test subject 23. Ive injected him with my serum that Ive extracted from the Gillon root. I was able to clone a sample of it from sample left in the planet archives. By using the Gillon root itself I hope to find a cure. Brainiac 4 at age 13 stood before Brainy. He never imagined meeting his mother but he did and now hes meeting her as a teenager.

Fascinating and the most logical way to cure a virus. Brainy thought to himself. Brainy continued watching the video and watched as his mother conducted her research. Brainy watched enthralled at her methods and how detailed she was dissecting the subject to understand the virus. But as Brainy watched he didnt notice the look of delight on his mothers face as she carried out these test. But he also didnt notice the test subject wasnt dead or unconscious during any of it and was screaming the entire time. But his eyes didnt leave the screen.

Representative Guxs office

Representative Gux sat in the center of his office in the center of a giant pentagram drawn on his floor with each point covered by a small jade jar; their openings smoldering a light green smoke. The light from the pentagram gently flickered green in and out as Representative Gux summoned his lord and perpetual thorn in his side, Neron the Lord of Lies.

Neron I summon the. Come forth and grace me with your presence. Representative Gux bellowed. Doing his best to stay on tone.

Oh so formal Gux and your enthusiasm is just infectious. Nerons smile was devilishly wide as he looked in from his hellish realm through the mirror across from Gux.

You know Im not exactly magical. Im a man of science. Rep. Gux stood up from his kneeling position and became rigid.

Youre a man of whatever I say. Have you finally found our wayward soul? Neron raised a golden eye brow. His green eyes glowing with mischief.

No. There is still no sign of Brainiac 4. Its been almost 16 years to the day.

Im painfully aware of this. I havent fed on the darkness of her soul or any of the souls she would have sent me. Neron bared his teeth with snarl.

But there is a new heir to the Brainiac mantel and he claims to be her son.

A son? Who knew Nyrl had it in her to be a mother. Neron sat up the flames around him bursting up a bit.

Yes, his name is Querl Dox and he goes by Brainiac 5. He arrived on Colu a couple months ago. Hes about 16 and I think he may have been the reason Nyrl left.

Get to the point Gux.

Well the curse says a descendant 1000 years down. It doesnt specify which one. This Brainiac 5 could take Nyrls place. But I would need you to complete the transfer of the curse. This is why I called you here. Rep. Gux held up two pieces of fabric. One was from Brainiac 4s old night gown that had been in storage and the other was from Brainiac 5s laundry.

This is a good pointNeron closed his eyes and reached out to touch Brainiac 5s soul. His hands glowed a bright green as he reached out with his mystical energies through the open portal.
There is darkness with in him like most humanoids...and your right. But I dont want to wait to cultivate him like we did Nyrl.

Ive been working him like a dog to make him tired and more susceptible to your influence and Ive been leaking footage of his mothers old testing videos and I recently enchanted three of them one of which hes watching as we speak. Rep. Gux slides his hand over the console to his right opening a holo screen showing Brainiac 5 watching the videos.

Ill bless and give your enchantment some extra boost. With a snap of his finger and flash of green light the enchantments power increased.

Keep me updated.

I will my lord. Rep. Gux bowed his head and in a burst of flames in the mirror Neron was gone.


Virx stood on the balcony of the Virx Dome looking out over his resurrected city. Gobu had begun to make its way back from the brink of death and so was Virx. He hadnt felt this good in a long time. Possibly since the first time he met Nyrl. The sun was setting over the ocean. The water glistened as the jumping Flih with their bioluminescent solar scales absorbing the setting sunlight.

I cant believe Gobu is almost fully restored. After the second shut off I truly thought I was going to die here alone and now Ive got Nyrl back and Ive even managed to make a friend. Virx thought to himself as he watched the Flih jump.

Nyrl stood behind him watching him.

For a dying man youre looking rather well. Nyrl made her presence known to him.

How could I not. Im watching the rebirth of my citymy race all with your help. Plus new friendships and the rekindling of old. Virx held out his hand to Nyrl his aged eyes a pale green-gray stared into her vibrant green-yellow eyes.

Things are coming along rather nicely. Weve got Gobu completely restored and within the following weeks the rest of the southern hemisphere will be up and running. We just need a population. Nyrl took his hand and wrapped herself in his arms and stared out at the ocean.

We will. Our race will be whole again. I know there are sentients that will join us. Our Coluian brothers and sisters thirst for knowledge and we offer another form of that. Virx hugged her tightly against his slender frame. His wheezing slowing down.

The two stood there for a moment watching the sun dip below the horizon and the moon slowly rising. Stars began to dot the sky.

It is nice if our son could be part of that race. Virx said wistfully his eyes never leaving the rising moon.

When did you figure it out? Nyrl asked. Her voice was even not a hint of nervousness.

About a week. He and I were working on a few security ideas for Gobu and modifications to deal with the cybernetic nature of our beings and not just the human parts. Hes a lot like you. But then hes not.

Yes, myour son is a Brainiac after all. The most intelligent sentients in the galaxy. Nyrl smirked.

Yes but hes empathetic and kind and as much as I love you these are qualities I know you dontttttpossessssss. Virxs eyes fluttered for a moment as his processing unit rebooted.

Also his age coincides with the time we spent together 16 years ago. Not to mention his DNA scans I ran. Virx continued when Nyrl didnt say anything.

Are you going to tell him? Nyrl asked.

I thought it might be better if it caame from you. Virx turned Nyrl around gently.

Ill talk to him. Nyrl leaned in and kissed him gently before hugging him close. Nyrl hated hearing that Virx thought and knew thats how she was. She was cruel and uncaring but she cared what Virx thought of her and right now it didnt seem like much.

The stars shone brightly across the clear night sky as the two of them hugged each other. Each unsure of what the next day would bring. But for the first time since theyve met it was hopeful for the start of something new.

Colu Orbit

The pink ort clouds wafted around Colus solar system. Lyles fingers glided across the consol of the Legions mini cruiser. The stars above Colu shined brightly.

I cant wait to see you Brainy. Its been forever. I need to have even the slightest break after all of the craziness thats been going on. Maybe we can even work on a project together that doesnt involve saving the universe. Lyle thought to himself before he finished the cloaking sequence that would allow him to land on Colu undetected.

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#922136 - 02/17/17 05:09 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Roll Call:
MOnel -Lar Gand (Valor) of Daxam U247 - flight, invulnerability, solar absorption and healing. X-ray vision, penetra- vision, heat vision, super breath, freeze breath, super human speed, reflexes, endurance and sense (vision, smell, hearing, touch.)
Ol-Vir - the youngest member of the Solaris Project. Specialization: speed.

MOnel flew around the Sol room as fast as he could. it had been a two days since he last flew and MOnel could feel that just how much he needed to stretch his muscles.

Ive been longing for a sense of home outside the Legion for so long now and here I am on Daxam with a chance to have something but I cant shake the feeling of wanting to runto wander to explore. MOnel thought to himself as a small blur of blue and yellow sped past him.

Get your head in the game Lar! MOnel thought to himself as he pushed himself harder to fly faster.

MOnel and the blue and blonde blur raced around the upper part of the Sol room. The vacuum the two of them were creating started to throw some of the equipment around sending a few of the free weights flying about. One of which went flying at the blue and blonde blur.

Watch out Ol-Vir. MOnel screamed as he pushed himself forward and took the brunt of the force of the weights as they made their way towards the two of them.
MOnel crashed into the wall behind him cracking its gray paneling.

Ol-Vir speed around and stopped directly in front of MOnel.

You OK buddy?

Yeahnever better. Ha. MOnel laughed and coughed as he sat up.

That was a fun race and you almost beat me. If the weights hadnt gotten in the way you might have won. Ol-Virs smile was bright as he helped up MOnel.

Rematch sometime. MOnel smiled back.

But now I think Ive got to hit the sonic showersmaybe even a dip in the rejuvenation chambers. Im still not up to par after my run in with the planetary defense satellites. MOnel smiled weakly.

Next time well tie down the weights or maybe just clear the room. Ol-Vir said stretching his legs.

Too bad we cant do a planet race. Run around the world. A hero race. MOnel smiled.

That would be Gaxit! Maybe we can finally test out those solar converters theyve been talking about.

Solar Converters? MOnel asked.

Theyve started developing bracelets that would allow the red sunlight to be absorbed by us and transform it into yellow sunlight. Then we could use our powers outside. Ol-Virs excitement was clear. He couldnt wait to run and fly across Daxam and maybe even the galaxy.

That would make sense if were expected to defend against Mordru out in the open.

MOnel can I ask you something? Ol-Virs brown eyes were wide.

Sure Ol-Vir. Whats on your mind? MOnel patted Ol-Vir on the back as they left the Sol room.

Whats outer space like? Ol-Virs smile beamed even brighter as he looked up at MOnel.

Haha. Its vast. But I can answer all your questions after my sonic shower. MOnel and Ol-Vir walked towards the barracks.

At the other end of the hallway Dev-em listed to the two of them prattle on about space and it angered him. How could Ol-Vir turn his back on Daxam on his people to listen to this Aliens drivel?

My little brother is going nowhere. Im going to keep Ol-Vir safe. Im going to keep Daxam safe. Dev-ems eyes glowed a deep red.

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#922137 - 02/17/17 05:24 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Marina Bay Warehouse District, Metropolis. Earth. Secret Headquarters of the Legion of Super Heroes from Universe 247.
Roll Call:
Saturn Girl - Imra Ardeen telepathy, mind control, reading and communication. Of Titan U247
Randall Burroughs Atom'x of Xanthu of U247/248 formerly Wildfire - kinetic control over atomic energy and the atoms that compose them. Concussive, searing blasts. Flight, Phasing/Ghost, Radiation.
Jahr-Drake Ningle - Blast-Off of Earth of U247/248 formerly Wildfire - Flight and invulnerability
Meta Ulnoor- of Titan.-Mind reading, telepathy, psi-blast.

Ok just focus Drake and Randall I want you both to concentrate. Let both of your minds wander. Saturn Girl sat on the gym mats across from the two young men.

The two of them couldnt be more different in looks but after billions of years as a feral star they were the same person. It had been little over a month since their separation but the two hadnt fully separated yet.

Is this going to take much longer? Jahr-Drake and Randall said in unison. Even though they both had annoyed expressions on their face from talking in unison they both felt they werent getting anything out of this meditation.

Part of what we need to do is get you two thinking separately and the best way to do that is to try and meditate and I will telepathically mediate the two of you. Saturn girl sat there doing her best to concentrate and sift through their thoughts and distinguish which ones belonged to whom.

<This is nuts. Were split. But not. I just want my own thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time.> Jahr-Drake thought his astral form flying high above them his yellow aura glowing bright. He felt like himself here. But on the physical plane he couldnt stop being with Randall.

<I understand your frustration Jahr-Drake. But your minds are melded on the physical plane. Here its easier to separate. But youll get there.> Saturn Girls astral pink form stood next to her body patiently trying to real in Jahr-Drake. She understood how to handle the two of them when they were joined as Wildfire. His mind was complex and usually rather brash but with the best of intentions. But now each had those qualities in varying amounts still making it hard to really see where one ended and the other began.

<Maybe we should focus on getting to know who we were before we merged?> Randall stood by his body his tangerine aura dime showing how hard he was working to think through this. Randall seemed to be having the hardest time reasserting himself. He was an upstanding member of the Uncanny Amazers and had practiced his powers but not much else.

<What do you mean?> Jahr-Drake asked landing next to Randall.

<We could spend time apart or in activities the other doesnt like to help. Go on separate missions and maybe separate sessions here.> Randalls aura brightened at the thought and so did Jahr-Drakes.

<Agreed. That is something we can arrange. But I actually have a proposal for the two of you.> Saturn Girl walked over to them.

<Whats up SG?> Jahr-Drake asked. The two of them mimicking the other with crossing their arms.

<I think its time you join the academy. Id be able to help you better there and your tandem team work would be in valuable. I really want you two to think about this.> Saturn Girl knew this was the only way to get the two of them in a battle or contact with Mordru anytime soon to cement them to this reality. If this was going to work.

<What about the team? Were dropping like flies here. Invisible Kid is leaving for Colu. MOnel is on Daxam and weve got these new kids. Someones gotta keep them in line.> Jahr-Drake didnt like the idea of leaving the team so depowered.

<Jahr has a point.> Randall couldnt help but agree and he enjoyed being a power house again. Him, Star Boy, and Cos were the teams power casters. He couldnt leave them. But then again he could prove he was the best. However that did get him killed before and in this situation to begin with.

<Its something you should think about. It could help with the separate missions. More so than what the Legion has right now.>

Theres still Kariand Brin. Jahr-Drake said.

Saturn Girl saw clearly that Jahr-Drake was the part of them that cared for Shikari.

<The team will find them and the new comers can help. But if you two really want to stay then thats fine. As I said give it some thought.>Saturn Girls aura glowed gently as she pushed at their minds to think it over. She didnt want to force them unless she had to and right now she could sense Randalls curiosity and Jahr-Drakes apprehension about not being there to find Shikari and the team.

The three of them slowly returned to their bodies from the astral plane. Their eyes fluttering open.

Good session guys and please think about my offer. Ive got to head back to the Academy. But well be in touch soon for another session. Saturn Girl smiled at the two of them before heading to the commissary.

Over in the corner Meta stood watching the three of them before crossing onto the mats.

Are you guys done with your session? I wanted to call out the hard light holo workout gear. Meta looked the two of them up and down before casting a side glace towards Saturn girl.

Is there a problem Meta? Randall asked seeing the look.

How do you guys trust her? Shes with the Academy. Metas brown eyes narrowed while she used the console to call up the bench press and elliptical.

Shes SG. Shes got our backs. Shes Legion just like us and we told you the Legions working from the inside and the outside and remember you trusted Triad. Randall responded. They hadnt told the new kids about their alternate reality status or unstableness of this reality.

Who? Meta asked she had to learn so many names but the concept of code names just baffled her.

Lu. The one who brought you to us. We trust each other and now that youre staying here you need to trust us just like were trusting you. She may be a bit up tight but her hearts in the right place. Randall patted the green hard light bench press and holding his hands under the bar.

I guess. But Ill still keep my distance. Meta answered laying down on the bench press.

Randall winked at Jahr-Drake, who winked back before heading back over to the floating couches to play more holo-games.

But I can offer psychic help if you want. I couldnt help but over hear your astral selves. Meta touched the bar her hands inches away from Randalls. He could feel the heat from her hands.

Yeah, couldnt help it huh? Randall smiled as Meta lifted the bar smiling down at her.

Ok so maybe I eased dropped a little. Guhh! Meta grunted.

So you mentioned some psychic sessions? Randall guided the bar up and down.

Im a telepath too and Im sure I could help you find some sense of individuality. Meta continued to lift while Randall looked down at her his smile beaming.

Maybe. Ill think about it.

Thats all I can ask. Meta put the bar back up on the holders before getting up taking her towel to her face before hopping on the elliptical.

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#922138 - 02/17/17 05:34 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 4/27/2016 [Re: Omni]  
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Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Top Level: Captain Allon's office and living quarters.

Roll Call:
Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Violet - Salu Digby able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247
Ferro - Andy Nolan moveable iron body, super strength and invulnerability of 20th century Earth U247
Saturn Girl - Imra Ardeen telepathy, mind control, reading and communication. Of Titan U247

It had been a long weekend for everyone. But Captain Allon sat in his office knowing this upcoming week was just the beginning. By the end of the week the special squad would be chosen and he would be leaving the academy behind and starting his long awaited war on Mordru. But first things first there was some small business to take care of.

Captain you wanted to see me? Cadet Nolan walked into Captain Allons office from the jump tube.

Yes, I did and thank you for coming Cadet Nolan. I had some questions for you about your weekend away. More specifically I wanted to know how you were flying on Cyclone world. Your nannite bracelet doesnt say that flying is one of your capabilities. Captain Allon sat behind his desk. Cadet Nolan was one of the few Cadets that used a nannite bracelet as his skin was impenetrable to anything they had tried to use to inject him with the nannites and therefore had complete freedom.

I was flying

<help!!! Imra help!> Cadet Nolan thought out into the world.

<Whats wrong Ferro?> Imra thought back from the couples suites common room having just gotten back from the Legions secret headquarters at the Marina.

<They caught me flying with my flight ring on Cyclone World and now Captain Allon is asking questions.>

<Tell him the truth. That the rings were made for us during our travels but that they are keyed to only work for our DNA, which is true or in your case your genetic alloy. The Science Police already caught us with and confiscated them from us. They studied them as much as they could Im sure.> Imra thought back to Cadet Nolan

Uhmm...the rings we were captured with give each of us the ability to fly and they are communication devices which Im sure youre aware of Captain.

Thank you for your honesty Cadet Nolan. We had tried to study the rings when you were booked but all we could determine was they were used to communicate. How does the flight function work?

Im not 100% sure. You just think of flying in the direction you want to go and it does the rest. You just have to concentrate.

So anybody can put one of those on and fly? Captain Allons curiosity peaked. If the cadets had those rings it would be helpful.

No Captain. The rings are keyed to our DNA or in my case my genetic alloy. Cadet Nolans voice tightened on that last part. He still longed to be human.

Could more be made? Captain Allons voice was hopeful.

No, Im afraid not. Brainiac 5, the one who was deported to Colu as Im sure youre aware is the one who made the rings. Cadet Nolan regained his composure.

Thats too bad. Maybe we could get his help to make some for us. The flight belts have been malfunctioning lately and they dont work in certain atmospheres. Those rings seem like they could come in handy. If you talk to your Coluian friend maybe you could ask him to make more?

Maybe. But I doubt it.

Well no harm in trying. Also you can spread the word to your Legion friends that they can use their rings if it helps. Just do your best to be discrete about it. The powers that be would want to get their hands on that. Captain Allon knew a few of them could use it and did hope it would help. He wanted these cadets to be the best they could and if this helped in battle then who was he to not use it as an advantage.

Yes sir. Is there anything else you need Captain? Cadet Nolan gulped a bit shocked at him using that term. He and the others had given the name as a Legion of travelers as a cover story but to hear him use it sounded strange. Cadet Nolan couldnt help but wonder if Vi had told him more about all of them and if so just how much. He hadnt met their realities Gim Allon aka Leviathan. He was a hero but a ghost he had to fight past to try and be with Vi.

Yes, one more thing. Are you ok with me seeing Cadet Vi? I know the two of you are close and well Ive noticed you may have more than friendship in mind. Captain Allon did his best to try and stay neutral.

Yes, once I did. But Vi is a friend of mine and Im more interested in her happiness and her happiness seems to lie with you. the only thing I ask is that you treat her right and if you dont youll have me to deal with. Cadet Nolans iron eyes locked on Captain Allons brown eyes.

Understood Cadet and if I do hurt her you have my permission to knock the Sprock out of me. Captain Allon smiled trying his best to lighten the mood.

Anything else Captain? Cadet Nolan stood at attention as he asked this.

No nothing else Cadet. Dismissed. Captain Allon has wished this meeting had gone better but at least now he knew where Cadet Nolan stood with Vi and he had a better understanding of those rings. Captain Allon drew on his omnicom a circle with the L and star emblem just like those are the rings. He wasnt totally positive but he had a feeling this symbol could mean a lot more than initially thought.

And if Cadet Nolan cant get his friend to help maybe that pain in the butt Tharok could design a similar ring or deceive. Captain Allon thought to himself.

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Level 69 Vi and Monstress room.
roll call:
Violet - Salu Digby able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247

Vi sat on her bed with her hands held together.

I shouldnt have grabbed this before I leftbut I needed something of his. Vi thought to herself.

But now I have him and its so close to being back to the way it wasthe way it could have been. Vi opened her hands and gently turned over her realitys Gim Allon aka Leviathans flight ring.

Vi knew that this Gim wasnt her Gim and he never would be. She actually had gotten to know this Gim over the last several months of missions, working out, and now finally their first date possibly better than her Gim. But knowing that this reality was warping in ways to suit the Legion made Vi wonder if this was a way for her Gim to be coming back. His golden ring looked so small in her hands the light bouncing off it.

If I give Gim this ring and it works for him Ill have to explain to him how he has a Legion ringand who we are and where were from. I know were supposed to be keeping this a secret and we dont want to alarm and affect things any more than we are and tell the people this reality is unstable and could cease to exist. But at the same point Im falling for him and I want him to know me. Vi thought to herself starring at the ring turning it over and over in her hands.

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Roll Call:
Cadet Inferno - Sandi Anderson of Scylla Flame, heat, and light generation and manipulation
Cadet Dirk Morgna of Scylla -Light and heat generation, heat vision, flame generation, transform body into pure light or flame. The Avatar of the elemental Phy'r. (currently Phyr the fire elemental is in the avatars body.)
Cadet Inferno - Sandi Anderson of Scyllaflame heat and light generation and manipulation
Sister Beauty Blaze- Infernos sister. Flame heat and light generation and manipulation.

The Eternal Flames light twisted as it neared sundown. Phyr The Fire Elemental and his host Dirk Morgna waited inside the Hearth with three other fire mages from the Sisterhood of the Eternal Flame each a master at bending fire to their will.

Are you sure this is going to be a battle? Maybe Inferno isnt going to burn away everything. Dirk Morgna said trying to stay positive.

Shes going to destroy all. The darkness will consume her as it does everyone of its host. I know you can feel it gnawing at you in the back of your mind. I feel it too. We are connected. The sooner you get that the easier it will be for us to use our power in tandem.

I know we are. I get it. I just dont want to hurt them. Sari is pretty nova. Get it. thats the latest slang Im helping spread on Scylla. Im trying to be more than just an inspirational all knowing Great Flame.

It is Eternal Flame and Guidance! You are providing guidance! And of course I get it. Ive been around since creation. Also you are not the first to try that. Phyr quipped at his young host. But his quip was more like a snap.

I know your fondness for her. Ive felt it. but your fondness is for a person who does not exist.

Can you explain that again? I mean shes here with me every day. She talks to me and listens to me. Dirks blue eyes looked up at the Flame that housed his body. Thinking back to times when Sari sat with him his first few nights because he was scared about the responsibility he had taken on.

She is a fire construct made from a portion of Infernos psyche. When the Darkness struck Inferno, her mother did the only thing she could. she created a being of fire made flesh to house the power of the Black diamond. But the power of the Black Diamond was too great and two thirds of it was housed within Inferno and the fire construct who became her sister Sari as she is a part of Inferno.

So Im falling for Inferno? Dirk Morgna lifted a reddish brown eye brow and shrugged with a wink.

The fire mages stood by practicing their fire bending while they continued to talk. But slowly Inferno and Sister Beauty Blaze entered the Hearth. The fire mages stood on guard. The Eternal Flames bright yellow and orange light slowly dulled its flames flickering to an amber hue casting its shadows across the skies.

Greetings Phyr, Dirk fire mages. Whats going on here? Sister Beauty Blaze looked around the Hearth her eyes glowing for split second as each torch light up around the Hearth.

Hey Sari Dirk started.

The Darkness is coming. The fire gods are to release the remainder of its power from the fire realm. It will consume you. Phyrs lava eyes didnt blink his face and body reacting taking on a fighting stance and flame armor erupting from his body.

Even thought Dirk stood there with his arms greeting the two of them the same armor ruptured around him its flames flickering a bright blue along the tips.

Soyoure fighting us now? Phyr just let me look at the books or talk to the fire realm. There has to be a way to beat the Eclipso power. Inferno took as step forward and the fire mages snapped their fingers and a wall of flame burst forth around her.

I can control and generate fire too. Im one of the chosen. Inferno rolled her brown eyes.
Inferno you are not one of the chosen you are the chosen. Phyrs armor didnt drop but his stance changed. His shield still present but less offensive and more defensive. The room was a blaze with the fire mages walls, the torches and the fire armor. Not a single shadow present as the Eternal Flames light dimed.

What are you talking about Great Phyr? We are both chosen because of our access to the flame and our powers. Sister Beauty Blazes shook her head for a moment as a stray thought of anger entered her mind.

Yes and in all of the history of the Eternal Flame there has only been one. But here there is two of you.

Its just how it happened. Thats what mom said. Infernos anger was starting to boil.

You two are the different sides of the same coin. You are each other. Dirk blurted out. The tension was too much for him. if there was going to be a battle then he wanted it over with.

What? Sister Beauty Blaze rushed forward and a wall erupted around her the fire mages stopping their feet sending their flames across the auburn floor.

Ahhh! Sister Beauty Blaze jumped back before regaining her composure.

Explain Dirk. Please Saris blue eyes shimmered as she looked at him.

The darkness corrupted you completely and the only thing my previous host and your mother could do was to send as much of the darkness back into the fire realm and the remaining which was still even too much was split into a fire avatar. Into you Sari. Youre fire made flesh. Phyr explained.

What are you talking about? Shes my older sister. Shes been there looking out for me forever! Inferno barked her anger and confusion growing and her flames rushing up the sides of her arms.

Inferno you were ten years old when this happened. Sari was made to look after you and split the darkness from your soul. The process nearly killed your mother.

Nearly killed? She died just two years later. She should have lived to see us grow up! Sari screamed. But they both had tears welling up in their eyes as their flames grew, flickering up their arms.

I know and it was hard to watch Sun girls light go out.

But we cant waste any more time. the darkness is returning from the fire realm. I know you can feel it Inferno. Phyr looked at Inferno intensely.

No! I want answers! Youre saying were not sisters. But the same person and we dont remember this because you did a fire wipe on uson me? Inferno shook her head the white flames flowing up her neck and into short blond hair.

Yes. It was necessary. Sari is a part of you that aged due to the amount of anger and jealousy and darkness that was poured into her when the fire settled into place. You were meant to be twins so that one day we could seamlessly reintegrate the two of you. Phyr explained. His lava crusted eyes looked to the Eternal Flame, its light almost a dull glow signifying the end of the day on Scylla.

Be ready my lords! a fire mage with four arms called. All four of his arms working in unison to weave the same fire protection spells.

High above the Eternal Flame the sky swirled with the flames flickers before erupting open its fire walls parting.

END OF DAY! DARKNESS RAINS! The Fire gods spoke sending a hail storm of Black diamond fragments down into the Hearth.

The Black Diamonds flew around the room searching for darkness within all in the room. But the spell of protection protected the mages and Dirk and by extension Phyr. Flooding back to Inferno and Sister Beauty Blaze the two were lifted into the air the Black Diamonds circling them their flames changing completely too bright blue white.

Darkness is her! the two of them said in unison and instantly the two of them had their memories restored and in seconds Saris body was reduced to flames and her essences transferred into Infernos body. Infernos brown eyes and mouth wide open as her eyes changed to grey and then to a smoldering black and her short blond hair grew to shoulder length, sleek and fine with flames running through strands tapering out at the strands in the back.

I AM FREE! YOU WILL ALL PERISH BY MY FLAME! Inferno shouted her black eyes casting down on Dirk, Phyr, and the three fire mages.

You will not take them! Dirk conjured up a sword of pure sunlight and threw it at Inferno with all his might.

Haha! Youre so cute Dirk. You really are and I have to tell you Sari was falling for you. she really was. Too bad youre just not enough fire for Inferno! The now controlled Inferno rasped as she sent a blue flame straight for Dirk.

A wall of flame surrounded Dirk blocking it from striking him. the flames burned blue as they absorbed them before dying down.

Thank you my friends! Dirk used the heat waves in the air to push himself up into the air and began his assault of fire balls on Inferno while two of the fire mages used their bending skills to hold Inferno in place.

MhhhIm not enjoying being so confined. Inferno cracked her neck before swirling around in place and sent out white hot balls of fire of her own.

AHHHHHHHHH! one of the fire mages screamed out in pain as she was incinerated instantly.

There we go. A little bit more maneuverability. Infernos voice cracked with malice as her hands burst with flames.

Phyr charged Inferno jumping up and using his molten lava sword to strike her down. Raising her hands Inferno cast a fire shield its flames bursting forward creating a bubble around them. The light flashing as they clashed flames. The two of them threw punch after punch and with each one the flames lashed out across the room. The remaining two fire mages doing their best to deflect the flames and create protection and fire containment spells to keep the darkness in the Hearth. Dirk flew up high firing his own flames on Inferno but each burst was met with it being steamed out evaporating instantly.

It is getting so hot in here almost too hot to breath. The four armed fire mage yelled her spells starting to fail and just like that she fainted and her spells were gone Inferno was free now and she began flying higher and targeted Dirk.

What is your fascination with me? Dirk started flying around the room trying to get away from Inferno.

Dont you want me any more Dirk! Inferno yelled blasting Dirk doing her best to kill him.

What are you doing? Phyr yelled his hand glowing red as fire erupted out of the floor. Twisting the heated metal with it. the melted slag dropping everywhere almost hitting the fire mages. Phyr cast a flame wall at the last second to finish burning it away.

Killing your host and taking your power. Now that Im whole again I can now claim your power for my own. Infernos white flame grew brighter as she used her power to manipulate Phyrs flame to bath the fire mages in it killing them instantly.

Using the flame so perversely will not be tolerated.

Please! Flame is life and destruction. You know this and I know youll reveal in my darkness soon enough. Inferno blasted beams of white light at Phyr.

I cant deny that. But youll never take my flame or my host! Phyr breathed in drawing in all the flames and light until he was a giant flame his hands grabbing hold of Inferno.

Your darkness will not spread. Leave this girl now Eclipso! Phyr commanded his hands to flare and burn the darkness from her.

Urhhh! I will not be without a host again! my darkness will spread! Infernos white flames began circling her and infecting Phyrs flames turning them white and searing his flamed hand.

Ouch! That actually hurt! Phyr dropped Inferno as she flew away.

The black diamond makes my flames hotter than you can handle and this battle is over! Next we meet, Phyr you will be host less. Inferno screamed before flashing frying the dome of the Hearth blasting a giant hole in it.

after her! Phyr yelled.

Dirk followed behind and sounded the alarm igniting the Prism Brigades light show doing their best to blind Inferno with her light reflecting off their wings.

Arrhhhhh! Ill fry all of you! flames pushed outward scorching their wings making them fall from the sky and onto the islands below. Inferno flew straight for the cruiser quickly getting inside and taking off.

Youll see me again Phyr. Inferno thought to herself as she piloted the small cruiser up activating its slipstream drive.

Were too late. TheirShes gone Dirk thought over his and Phyrs telepathic rapport.

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Earth, Monday Morning
Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Level 40: Alpha cadets meeting room.

Roll call:
All 52 Alpha Cadets.
Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Sergeant Shvaughn Erin -Science Police Sergeant and instructor
Tactical Science Police Officer Gigi Cuzmon

Welcome back Cadets I hope you enjoyed your weekend away. Captain Allon looked around the large room that was literally an entire floor of the Academy. The room that was meant for all 342 cadets and then some. The back corner held a cage for Validus. Captain Allon insisted that he be included in the meetings. He maybe a giant monster and limited cognitive abilities but he deserved to be treated as a member of the team and not just their attack dog.

As Im sure youve all heard the beta class that helped out in your stead did a great job and you all might have some competition coming up. But for now we need to get back to business as usual. Somethings have changed since your departure and you will all have received updates to your omnicoms. One of those being that the threat Mordru represents has become more eminent and because so many of you are doing so well the special squad will be chosen by the end of the week. After this weeks missions and round of tests our final decisions will be made. I look forward to working with all of you, as myself, Sergeant Erin, and Officer Cuzmon will be joining you in the field.

Thought you got rid of us didnt ya. Officer Cuzmon called out with a smile.

This week we have a couple missions that have been preselected. The first being a search for the Elemental Rrox. Our very own Sun Boy Dirk Morgna needs help finding Rrox and the newly hosted Arie. The team thats been picked is as follows; Captain Allons hand glided across the console the holo screen lighting up with each of their profile images.

Cadet Dirk MorganCalled the AI system Dirks profile image sliding to the mission board.

Cadet Sandi Anderson aka Inferno.

Excuse me, Captain Allon but Cadet Inferno is no longer with us and has been taken over by the entity known as Eclipso. She has fled to areas unknown. Cadet Dirk Morgna aka Phyr said standing up.

Well track her through the nannites. Sergeant Erin said quickly taking to the console to try and open up her nannite file.

I wouldnt bother Sergeant. I thought of that as soon as I returned and it seems the Black Diamond which houses the Eclipso power had intensified her own powers and burnt them completely out of her system.

Hes right. I have no register on Cadet Inferno. Sergeant Erin looked up from the console mad.

Alright... that is a problem well add to the list. We may form a squad to go after her somehow. Captain Allons determination was clear.

But first things first. That being said there is an opening in the Alpha cadet ranks. Computer, call up the next highest ranking beta cadet and ping them to come to this room immediately, thank you. Captain Allon swiped his hand across his console.

Back to the squad at hand. Cadet Imra Ardeen, Cadet Skye Haris, Cadet Blok, Cadet Dune, Cadet Purtha, Cadet Wentim, Cadet Nolan, Cadet Magz, Cadet Gsxx, and Cadet Dulga will be joining Cadet Morgna on his quest for the other Elementals. Captain Allon swiped his fingers across the console throwing their profile pictures up to the board.

The second mission is headed by me and Cadets James Cullen, Rikane, Evening, Umbra, Wazzo-Nah, Swanson, Mavien, and Ayrla. Were looking for a planet that doesnt exist.

Tharok sat up his interest peeked.

Recently this ship was found on RumCok-8 one of 8 small moons near the planet Bellatrix and through much work trying to decrypt its systems we have discovered it goes to a planet that no one has ever heard of. The ship will only go to the one location and back. But we dont have the keys to start the ship. the ship appeared on the holo screen. Its outer hall was gray with only one distinguishable symbol painted on it, what looked like the shape of a skeleton but with two eyes xed out.

Tharok realized they were talking about where he was supposed to go when the symbol on it was the shape of one of the keys he had retrieved for the Dark Man.

Captain, shouldnt I be on this mission? Its hacking a computer. Cadet Tharok raised his hand.

Ahhh yes. Tharok. I actually over looked that for a moment. You are on this mission. But Validus isnt. Captain Allon admitted. He was hoping Tharok wouldnt want to go. He knew how valuable hed be but he couldnt trust him.

Well be leaving to look at the ship which is docked on the moon RumCok-8 in the Andromeda galaxy. But the ship only recently came online. It was coated in space dust and had an outer shell of rock. The metal alloy has been carbonated and its 600 years old. So this is an ancient civilization we could be dealing with. The excitement in Captain Allons voice was clear.

Does it belong to Bellatrix? Theyve been on that planet for about that long. Maybe they put it there. Cadet Jazmin Cullen added.

Weve been in talks with and have worked with the Bellitrixian government and research teams since its discovery. Nothing comes up. The ship is just as foreign to them. The technology is ancient but advanced for its time. The ship is from an unknown planet and civilization from what were finding.

It may not be a completely unknown planet Captain. The Cadets and I had a run in with Black Mace. He stole all information pertaining to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy where this ship is pointed. The planet is Anndranna; its the third planet from the white dwarf JS-33. But we went to that location and there is no planet there. We checked for cloaking, light bending, shadow scape, and we even tried sonar. Let me tell you in space, doesnt bring back a whole lot of information.

Then its not the same planet. Captain Allon insisted.

But I think thats where the planet used to be. I think it was moved. Sergeant Erin continued on flashing a wink at Captain Allon for drama.

Planets are destroyed all the time naturally and we know planets can be moved. Yes, it changes the gravimetric forces. But the universe has a way of bouncing back. I think that ship points to Anndrannas new location. Sergeant Erin crossed in front of the floating desk at the front of the room.

But? Officer Cuzmon chimed in with a smirk sitting back in her floating chair.

I think there is something at Anndrannas original location and I think we should send a small team there. Sergeant Erin smiled. She liked coming up with missions for the cadets that werent always that glamorous. Show them what its really like to be a Science Police Officer.

Whos your team? Captain Allon had to hand it to her, ever the diligent drill sergeant.

Cadets Nah, Garth Razz, Astor and Lour will be the watch team. Sergeant Shavaugn

The cadets who all had been chosen for missions began studying their omnicoms while other missions were announced.

Cadet Ardeen looked around before telepathically linking to Cadet Garth Ranzz.

<Garth do you think this is what the Legion would have been like if we got to these numbers?>

<I dont know Imra. There were so many of us it seemed like there were too many at times. But now, there are cadets that I didnt even realize were in the Alpha class. So the Legion seems like a tight family now compared this academy.> Cadet Garth looked over at Cadet Dryk Magz who was studying his omnicom. This realitys doppelganger of his friend didnt seem to have near as much spirit. But Garth hadnt seen him before this point. The Cadets seats are by rank and his seat has always been in the first two rows. Dryk recently shot up the ranks it seems as hes entered the second row just five seats away from Garth.


<Yes Imra>

<I dont want to say it but weve been here so long and lost for even longer> Imra didnt want to finish that thought.

<Im forgetting what its means to be Legion too.> Garth chocked up even in his thoughts. The two of them didnt know what to do with that feeling. No matter the team meetings. They couldnt make this the Legion.

Imra felt even worse as she was working to make this reality theirs. But she wasnt sure what that meant any more. Their new lives werent bad. The academy was much like the Legion. They were official science police and not costumed heroes. But they provided the same function and they were even a symbol of diversity, which even their own ranks hadnt quite, lived up to. Imra slowly rechecked into the meeting while letting her thoughts wonder.

Lets take a look at the mission board for the rest of you. Captain Allon tapped the console. The holo screen shifted around to show a list of mission that could be undertaken by the cadets.

Oooo I want that one! Officer Cuzmon jumped up and shifted her console towards her, tapping the holo button and high lighting the holo screen.

Fifth one down on the list. Officer Cuzmon had chosen a wanted Meta who had recently been seen in the Sol system.

You want to go after Silver Slasher? Captain Allon scoffed.

Yeah. Shes supposed to be vicious and I need a work out. Now lets see who my team is. Spin that wheel. Officer Cuzmon stood up and instructed the AI to choose at random.

Shouldnt you choose cadets suited for the mission? Sergeant Erin chimed in.

Hey, sometimes emergencys will happen and its all hands on deck. You may not get to choose whos best suited for a particular mission. With that Officer Cuzmon pressed the holo button to stop the AI system.

Nice. Cadets Nor, Benem, Sphet, Chey-Nu, Beeek, Shazlon, and Rehtu meet me in the hanger in 20! We head out to bring in Silver Slasher. Officer Cuzmon got up and walked out of the meeting room.

Welcome to the Alphas kids. Im sure youll do great. Officer Cuzmon said as the doors opened up to two of the beta cadets entering the meeting room.

Captain, Beta Cadets Theena and Nepheus are the two top scoring beta cadets. Their scores are identical to the 75th decimal. The AI computer toned over head.

Thank you AI. Welcome to the Alpha cadets. Since your scores are so close were going to take both of you. Captain Allon smiled at both of them.

Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! Cadet Theena gasped.

Im honored. Cadet Nepheus shook Captain Allons hand.

Take your seats. Their chairs lit up showing where they needed to go.

The next mission is to investigate a sighting of Mordrus forces on Boit. Over the weekend the Beta cadets made a trip there and fought off the Blight, also known as Mordrus daemon dogs. Where our own Officer Cuzmon became a sword buckling hero and since then The Boitians claim that dark shadows have crossed their world again. this time stealing sentience. But Boit and its people dont seem to offer anything Mordru might want. Captain Allon pulled up the mission and specifications to the holo screen.

Captain, Boit was once a Manhunter strong hold. Maybe they left something behind Mordru would want or maybe some of the Blight were left behind and they are collecting the Boitians to rebuild their ranks. Cadet Vi said raising her hand and hoping the latter wasnt true. Facing the blight again wasnt something she was looking forward to.

Good point Cadet. Captain Allon winked at Vi.

The five of you will investigate and report back Captain Allons hands tapped the console lighting up the five chairs next to Vis. She had worked with Ganglios and Orn before. But Sethno was a thief in her home reality and here she was something else. She had an air about her that made her seem older and more than just a petty crook forced into the academy program.

The screen flashed again as Captain Allon slide his hands across the console. Its hard light buttons bursting with color. The next mission popped up.

Well Theena looks like you get an exciting first mission as a Alpha cadet. Cadet Nepheus jokingly jabbed Theena in the symbiote as standing before them was a giant holo of a man with a metal hood with two blacked eye sockets and two breathing apparatus covering his mouth and nose. The hood extended down to his chest with a hole in the chest with a medium sized green stone glowing. His hands covered in dirty white gloves revealing a faded and burnt Science Police logo on either side.

This is officer Joe Griggs. He was one of the few men who made it out alive from Cadet Manos Lunar attacks a few months ago. He however went a little insane due to his body being practically destroyed. There was nothing the hospitals could do for him and so he turned to magic, summoning Mordru who gave him a life gem which changed him even further. There were reports that he was out there hunting for Mordru but this is the first actual recording of his presence and transformation. Captain Allon tapped the console and a holo video started replacing the stock image of him. the screen shimmering away. The holo screen revealing Griggs firing on a group of sentients on Vivarium.

On this artificial world made by the Lasmas to replicate the world they lost due to a solar flare, has also become the new home for a colony of humanoid sentients to try and open relations between the Lasmas and the United Planets. Since it is an artificial world, it has been outfitted to replicate breathable atmospheres for the average humanoid but only within the colony which is a 800 clicks wide and 5000 clicks long. The colony is also known as Landing strip because it looks like a giant landing strip. The Lasmas breath Freon combined with Nitrogen which is why the atmosphere is contained to the landing strip.

So were just going into Landing strip to chase after Griggs? Cadet Sul asked taking notes.

Yes. Captain Allon responded.

Why did he leave Mordru after all this time? Cadet Sul continued.

Were not sure but we dont think anything on this world would be of interest to Mordru. So it might be personal. Captain Allon answered. He wasnt sure himself but people were attacked and they needed to go and check it out.

Cadet Ayla Ranzz, you and Cadet Sul will take point. Your team will be Theena as youve noticed. Twine youre in charge of Validus since Tharok is busy and I know youve been working with him; lastly Grava and Cadet Orgnats will be joining you. It will take a day and half to get there even with the slipstreams. I want you to leave now, so Griggs trail doesnt go cold. Captain Allon instructed the team and quickly they got up and left the meeting room for the hanger.

Cadet Bannin and Cadet Durgo I think we need a presents on two of the newly admitted United Planet worlds. I want you two to take the lead on the next missions. The first is on Garon. They joined the UP in hopes of keeping their mutant population safe; which over the last century has been growing. I want Cadets Bannin to take Cadets Bogdan, Gates, Dumaka and Kohan and let them know the benefits of being in the United Planets, the nannites, and joining the academy. Some of the initial Intel we got suggests that many of them would be great for our team.

You want us to be good will ambassadors of this death academy? Cadet Gates interjected. This wasnt something he signed up for. He didnt want to promote the UPs agenda to control their population into a battle to the death.

Gates. Captain Allon warned.

Yes Captain. I know I know. Working towards a greater good. But doesnt mean that the nannite program is wrong. The bracelets do everything the nannites do. Just minus the control. Im sure there are plenty whod be willing to fight Mordru. Cadet Gates argued.

Until legislation changes Gates there is nothing I can do. Just do your best to let these people feel welcomed in the UP and help explain. The plan is to have the stations be built by weeks end and everyone registered by months end. Today youll just be informational and take those who volunteer today to a travel nannite site and register them. Maybe even do a try out for some of them. Captain Allon instructed the group.

A try out? Really? Cadet Kohan groaned.

Yes. Captain Allon didnt say any more. he was starting to become irritated with this back talk. But he also knew these Cadets were going to be his teammates soon enough and he needed to learn to listen to them.

Its fine. Well gladly help out with a tryout and registration. Cadet Bannin chimed in. he wasnt going to let his squad get bad marks for their attitudes.

Thank you Cadet Bannin. Youll leave the day after tomorrow. Captain Allon said placing their profiles on the mission board.

Our last mission is for Cadets Candi, Jazmin, Durgo, and Nepheus. You four will be headed to Zundi; they are the leading planet in invasive surgery and bone issues and diseases. Theyve already had their registration initiation. You will be going there to retrieve a new medical cure for Gringotts, a rare bone disease. The tube youll be retrieving will go to Medicus One to be distributed to more than 1 million sentences who are afflicted with this disease. Because of its rarity we must protect it. Captain Allon instructed.

No problem Captain. Well make sure it gets there safely. Cadet Durgo promised.

Good and good luck too all Cadets. This meeting is over. Head off to missions and classes alike. With those last words Captain Allon ended the meeting.

The remaining cadets left the meeting hall.

Its too bad we cant take all 53 cadets. Sergeant Erin said standing next to Captain Allon.

Yeah. But this week well really learn who our special unit will be.

Cant wait to get out there can you?

Nope. Captain Allon said with a broad smile.

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En route to Asteroid Vitaa
Roll Call:
Tactical Science Police Officer Gigi Cuzmon
Cadet Ral Benem of Mardru -Ability to stimulate plant growth and communicate with planets
Cadet Jeem Rehtu of Preztor creates hallucinations in those he touches. Slight telepathy.
Cadet Ilshu Nor of Lallor -Able to transform into any animal or beast and duplicate their special abilities.
Cadet Ce-Ce Beeek of Steeple - capable of producing/creating sounds on various sound wave lengths that allow her to affect peoples nervous systems, creating vertigo of sorts. she also has an ability called healing harmonics. it allows her to heal others with soothing harmonic tones. the monks were the ones who perfected this technique and taught her how to alter her powers to replicate it. she uses this ability sparingly and not in the heat of battle.
Cadet Chey-Nu of Dryad. He can turn into any form of light.
Cadet Drura Sepht of Smoahtur -Spontaneous generation of infectious diseases.
Cadet Shazlon of Barrio III - Spherical diamond body, with retractable appendages. Super durability. Telepathic communication.

Cadets were about to go after one of the worst killers in the last three years. Killing millions in her wake. Capable of spinning at high speeds with a nearly indestructible metallic body with razor sharp talons. Shes been hired by some of the biggest criminals to carry out their dirty work and shes broken into as many credit banks, art galleries, armories and anything else that will turn a buck. Officer Cuzmon paced back and forth in front of the cadets on their cruiser.

<Where are we headed exactly Officer Cuzmon?> Cadet Shazlons yellow eyes blinked the gentle sound of falling water rushed through their minds instead of the grabbling of diamonds theyve all come to expect.

Very nice Shaz! Cadet Beeek patted Cadet Shazlon on the top of her sphere. Cadet Shazlon resisted the urge to pinch her with one of her retractable arms. Just because they werent out doesnt mean they couldnt be. Shazlon sighed slightly.

Were headed to the Vitaa asteroid belt, specifically the Rugger Royal which is a new casino, theme park, circus, and restaurant/hotel chain in the cosmos Theyve recently created. Theyve got their own artificial atmosphere and the asteroids are held together through magnetic bonds which run along the magno rail that connects each of the larger asteroids. The smaller ones which are private villas are connected to the same magnetic grid but have also have propulsion jets in them.

Ive wanted to check that place out. Cadet Chey-Nu leaned back and put his feet up on the console in his floating chair as he started day dreaming about playing the tables while being waited on.

Feet down. Officer Cuzmon barked at Cadet Chey-Nu.

This wont be fun and games. Were here to find Silver Slasher. She was last seen in the vicinity and with the casino boasting its biggest jackpot yet for the winner of the tournament for Noir-jack. Shell be here to collect for sure. Officer Cuzmon informed them taking a seat at the head of the cruiser turning the auto pilot off.

Id love to go to the circus. Cadet Benem smiled his chubby cheeks full.

You want to go to a place that makes animals do tricks and probably beats them? Cadet Beeeks wide grey eyes looked back at Cadet Benem.

Actually Cadet this circus is humane to their animals. They follow guide lines established by the circus guilds, that came into existence 22 years ago after a plague ravaged their stocks and it turned out to be the work of Otto Orion aka Hunter who was hired by a big name circus that was trying to take out its competition. Cadet Nor sat perched on his floating white chair.

Oh. On Steeple we dont have them and I saw this news report about animal abuse on planets with high entertainment industries. Cadet Beeek answered. She wasnt afraid to voice her opinions and whats she learned since coming to the main land as the monks and other orphans would say.

Well whatever you were watching wasnt about this place. Im very aware of all planets that dont follow animal safety and care regulations. The Vitaa asteroid belt had the Circus Guilds input throughout on the constructions and maintenance of both the animals and circus itself. Cadet Nor snarled a little bit as he said this; his current form a half way between his humanoid form and a cheetah. He had been channeling the various felines of Earth before the team meeting and was still working some of it through his system.

Sorry. But if you send those links, Ill read up on it. Cadet Beeeks tone was assertive but she hoped she had let her fellow cadet know she was interested in learning.

Humph. Cadet Nor puffed back his hair shifting from the faux hawk to its normal short brown length.

The circus has a Furnlin tiger from Tharr. Its main is crystallized fire. Cadet Benem tried to lighten the mood.

I am looking forward to studying their form to copy. Cadet Nor gave a half smile.

I saw those crystal fire manes in a holo once. They were gorgeous but I bet their even better in person. Cadet Beeek added.

Glad that was resolved quickly. Shazlon thought to herself the infighting of the humans always irritated her. Her people didnt argue over petty things like animal rights. They had a link with those on her planet.

Cadet Rehtu sat in silence his orange eyes looking out at space. Cadet Sepht sat next to him. She thought he looked so lonely.

Cadet Rehtu? Cadet Sepht timidly approached Cadet Rehtu.

Yes, Cadet? Cadet Rehtus gruff voice responded his thoughts interrupted.

Are you excited to see the circus or any of the other attractions? Cadet Sephts voice was so small and innocent. She knew Cadet Rehtu wasnt the most social cadet but neither was she. Most of the Cadets kept their distance from her, even with her bio suit on. The helmets glass plate revealing her pink eyes and not much else.

I have no interest in indulging in games or shows. This is a mission. Well find Silver Slasher. Cadet Rehtu still hadnt left his world in his mind. he was just fighting another war. But with the help of Cadets Ardeen and Mano have started to stir something in him.

Are you sure? I just read from the debriefing that the theme park has the galaxys tallest rollercoaster and it goes so fast they say you can feel the gravity practically crushing your bones.

Crushing of your bones? Cadet Rehtus curiosity was peeked. His life before the Dominion took over his world and forced him into servitude as their errand boy was a haze to him but he had a faint memory of something called Inji which in Interlac the closest translation was gratification. But he wasnt sure what gratification really was.

Yeah. If we have down time after the mission maybe we can check it out. Cadet Sephts smile was bright underneath her mask. She hopped this might make her a friend. Looking up towards Officer Cuzmon to see if it was possible.

Well see. You kids did just have the weekend off. But a little bone crushing is what were here to do. Officer Cuzmon said with a wink back.

The cruiser docked on to the lighted runway of the main asteroid in Vitaa. The cadets quickly exit the cruiser making their way towards the Casino.

Cadets, heres your missions. I want Cadet Nor and Sepht to do recon along with me. This isnt going to be a typical shoot out. We dont know when she will strike. So some of you are going to have to blend in. Cadets Chey-Nu and Rehtu are going to be working the floor undercover. Cadet Rehtu anyone who might compromise the mission or is suspicious I want you to use your touch and take them out. While cadet Beeek I want you to stay seated at the bar. Using your harmonics to cast a good feeling throughout the room I believe thats been added to your vertigo and healing harmonics sets. Officer Cuzmon instructed.

Cadet Shazlon will be monitoring above the entrance. I want you to use your telepathy as stealthy as you can to detect Silver Slasher and Cadet Benem will be back up on perimeter.

The team moving quickly they found Ruggers Royal Casino each taking their assignments. Cadet Shazlon flew up quickly using her flight belt hiding in the flora and lights of Ruggers Royal Casinos main entrance.

So manyI hope I can keep up. Cadet Shazlon thought to herself. Her yellow eyes glowing scanning each sentient for some knowledge of Silver Slasher.

Inside the security booth.

Can we get a better angel on those cameras? Officer Cuzmon asked pointing at holo monitors five and eight. The room was tiny with a wall of holo screens that had smaller holo screens in front of them. The console was rounded and white stretching from one side of the small room to the other.

I can t...ttry miss. The security officer stammered out.

Call me Officer Cuzmon, please. First night? Officer Cuzmon looked him up and down the glow from the holo screens lighting his face showing how round and full his cheeks were.

Yes missI mean Officer Cuzmon. The security officer smiled gently.

Well this could be the most exciting first night. we need to be on the watch out for this sentient. Officer Cuzmon pulled up a picture of Silver Slasher whose slicked backed hair came down to a point in the back.

The screens showed the floor below them as the security office was inside a giant diamond coated globe above the casino floor. The diamonds were the cameras allowing them to cover almost every angle. Camera number 66 showed the two gentle men walking in while camera 80 showed a slinky red dressed woman in a full black body suit and a helmet. Attached on a sliver chain to the woman in the red dress and black body suit was a black panther.

<This is sooo exciting! I never thought Id look this sexy!> Cadet Sepht squealed over the telepathic link. Walking slowly and gently holding the chain.

<Concentrate Cadet!> Cadet Nor barked back.

<Sorry. Do you have her metallic sent?> Cadet Sepht said trying to balance her sexy walk and her inner cadet.

<No. I havent picked up any metallic sent. I just keep on smelling the stale smoke filled air. I thought indoor smoking was abolished centuries ago?> Cadet Nor wrinkled his nose the smell of sweat and various kinds of tobacco, greenale, and hijinks which blocked a lot of his sense of smell.

<The section your walking though has shielding around it that doesnt let the smoke go anywhere but up into the air purifiers.> Officer Cuzmon said pulling up the casinos specs.

<Well lucky for everyone else who cant smell. But Im not getting anything in here. We need to move through quickly.> Cadet Nor did his best to keep a quick pace and pull cadet Sepht along.

<Im still not getting anything from the plant life. They all are abuzz with chatter about something or someone completely different.> Cadet Benem chimed in over the telepathic link.

<What ya got plant head?> Cadet Chey-Nu added sitting down at one of the slot machines.

<Dont call me that. The planets are nervous about the arrival of someone they refer to as the Seed Man.> Cadet Benem gently placed his hands on several of the Grangerglos flowers in front of him that grew naturally on the asteroids surface.

<The Seed Man?> Cadet Rehtu asked his orange eyes narrowing in on a blondish looking woman who was rather shiny seeming.

<Sounds like the grounds keeper to me.> Cadet Chey-Nu mused as he took a drink from a passing waitress in a skimpy outfit. Cadet Chey-Nu watched her leave as he continued to scan the area around him.

<I dont know. They are pretty scared and seems like more than just pruning.> Cadet Benem replied trying to be serious, it wasnt the first time someone didnt believe him when he heard the plants but He heard them and their fear was strong.

<Keep an eye out for this Seed Man. But Silver Slasher is our main target. So keep your friends to the ground for her.> Officer Cuzmon interrupted.

The cadets did their best to keep an eye out. But not a single one of them found Silver Slasher. Each of them rotating around the casino but staying close to the display of the credits who wins the tournament. Cadet Rehtus stiff demeanor set him apart from the rest of the crowd even though his clothes marked him as an average tourist. While Cadet Chey-Nu strutted around the casino like he owned it. his blond hair parted to the side while his suit was top of the line. A tight fitting black suit with a strong lapel and pockets on both sides the pants tight as well. While high above Officer Cuzmon watched.

Where are you Slasher? Officer Cuzmon whispered to herself the glow of the holo screens lighting her face.

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On Boit
Roll Call:
Violet - Salu Digby able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247
Cadet Sethno of Medusa - turns people to stone
Cadet Tellus Ganglios of Hyrakius - Telepathy and telekinesis.
Cadet Wel4d of Rigel9 - can turn solids into liquids and vice versa
Cadet Devlin O'rn of Calaton - Reflects physical and energy attacks back to their source. Monkey tail and agility.

This place is kind of creepy. Cadet Orn looked around at the mountains that surrounded them his breath showing as he pulls his thick jacket close around him.

Boit was a small planet that was on the outer edges of the galaxy. Little sun light reached this thin atmosphere planet. Its mountain ranges covered the planet. The Boitians lived in the valleys between all the ranges. Each valley a different tribe, the tribe the cadets had come to investigate was called Boft which was on the other side of a range of mountains from where the Beta cadets had taken on the Blight. Cadet Orn looked at the village they had ridden into after the dust had settled from the hover cycles.

Its a small tribe home stead and if the cold gets to you that much monkey, you should grow that fur out. Cadet Sethno ran her slender finders through his mop top of curly brown hair as she slinked by him getting off the hover cycle they shared there.

They dont use much tec in this village. Its a historical village that does its best to preserve the old ways of their culture. Cadet Vi chimed in taking a reading of the area around them for any signs of magic.

Its still a creepy place. Cadet Orn shivered again.

Is there any signs of magic or Mordrus cronies? Cadet Sethno stood next to Cadet Vi looking at Vis omnicom.

None. But it was almost 12 hours since any signs of Mordrus forces. So they may be long gone by now.

Quickly a shadow shifted past them. no one noticed it slinking past them from one small mud hut to the next.

So are there any inhabitants in this village? Cadet Wel4d asked spinning around to get a better look as they walked to get a better look. Having one eye had its disadvantages one being limited peripheral vision.

Yes, Im picking up sentient minds in this valley and they all seem to be in that direction or heading that way. Cadet Ganglioss mechanical voice erupted through the silent air facing towards the caverns at the edge of the village.

The glowing floating torches outlining their small huts pointed towards the caverns.

There isnt much in the way of design thats for sure. Cadet Sethno slinked over to one of the huts running her green scaled hands over its rough exterior, sticks and pieces of hay sticking out through the hardened mud.

Arent you cold? Cadet Wel4d asked Cadet Sethno as she bent down to inspect some footprints she saw. Wearing a sleeveless vest over her blue sleeveless cadet uniform and no head gear other than a pair of goggles.

Hmmm Cold? Why would I be cold? Reptilian sweetheart. Cold Blooded. Cadet Sethno tickled Cadet Wel4ds chin.

Interesting. Cadet Wel4d touched her scales. They were sleek and hard to the touch he had to resist the urge to liquefy them.

They walked along the huts towards the caverns. The shadows behind the huts moving slowly. Each of the cadets thinking its just the casting from the glow sticks.

Ganglios are you sure youre not picking up any stray thoughts? Cadet Vi looked around and could have sworn she saw something shift.

Ging. Ging. Ging. The slight sound made Cadet Wel4d jump slightly.

What was that? Cadet Wel4d asked.

I dont know. It might have been some wind chimes or something. Cadet Orn pulled at his coat again and scowled.

Theres a strong presence around us but Im having trouble reading it. like its blocked from me. Cadet Ganglios telekinetically floated along in the middle of all the cadets.

It does feel like something is watching us. Cadet Vi walked up to the opening of the cavern.

Do you think we should go in there? Cadet Wel4d looked up at the caverns opening. A giant black hole in front of them. He couldnt help but fear it. but he wasnt sure why. His giant round black eye looking up.

It might be where the people of this village are hiding from Mordrus forces. But we need to make first contact. We cant just go barging in there. They could be ready for an attack or observing some religious ceremony. Parts of Boit like this one are steeped in traditions that they dont let anyone in on. Cadet Vi informed them reading from her omnicom its white glow illuminating her face.

They dont seem hostile from what I can pick up. Is there.opal in the area? Cadet Ganglios asked shaking his large yellow head gently the methane water in his helmet swishing around.

Opal? Cadet Orn turned his head towards Cadet Ganglios.

Opal has the ability to dull my telepathic abilities. It creates a dull haze or almost like Im above mother ocean without my helmet. Cadet Ganglios replied through the voice modulator. The nods on his back changing color from a deep pink to a mellow yellow.

Standing there the cadets continued to debate whether they should go in and the shadows swelled forward towards them each of them unaware of the movement until it was too late.

Whats that? Cadet Orn yelled as he got pummeled under the shadows.

Ahhh! Cadet Wel4d yelled as he was pulled into the opening of the cavern.

Cadet Sethno jumped up and out of the way. Climbing up on to the caverns opening and making her way up and into the mountains. While Cadets Vi and Ganglios took to the skies in a telekinetic bubble.

Whats going on? What or who are they? Cadet Vi cried.

Below them the shadows swarmed their fellow cadets dragging them into the open cavern while the rest looked up and grabbed at them their eyes catching the gleam of the moonlight.

Their eyes areopal! Cadet Ganglios gasped through the modulator he couldnt read them because they had opal eyes.

Where is Sethno? Cadet Vi searched around them not seeing her anywhere.

She went into the woods. Should we follow? Cadet Ganglios asked.

Yes, well come back for the others once we regroup and get away from this cavern. Clearly weve walked into something. Cadet Vi looked down at the sea of shadowy figures and their gleaming opal eyes

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En route to Vivarium
Roll Call:
Cadet Validus of unknown - super strong. Super durable, Mental lightning. Inherent psychic shielding.
Cadet Twine of Rimbor Energy-Enhanced Strike, Siphon Life force, Weapon Master
Cadet Grava of Extal Colony - gravity wake that may derive from the forces she uses to fly (perhaps using gravitational forces to warp space time and propel herself at otherwise impossible speeds), also pulls others along with her. smoke tail capable of putting people to sleep and blinding crowds and posses a light tail that can blind others.
Cadet Ming Sul of Tristram - Able to amplify the speed, strength, intelligence, healing, stamina. Using a tagging affect, the duration of which depends on how many sentients she has amped. The larger the groups the shorter amount of time it last.
Cadet -Jenni Ognats of Aarok travel at super speeds. Speed force connection.
Cadet Theena- clairvoyant symbiote that she can communicate with and display past and present of people through physical touch imprinting.
Spark - Ayla Ranzz electrical generation and manipulation. Of Winath U247

Captains, My symbiote and I actually imprinted someone on this colony a long time ago. One of the first ones actually. Cadet Theena blushed a bit at the thought of this person and instantly they appeared on the symbiotes viewing screens.

A tall yellow skinned man with long black hair. two braids tided down the front. His body thin and lanky, with arms almost to his knees and standing at almost 7 ft tall. Iridescent honey yellow eyes looked back at them.

Whos that hes white dwarf hot, Starshine! Cadet Grava beamed looking at the viewing screens.

He is rather dreamy. Cadet Orgnats gently jabbed Cadet Theena in the side of the symbiote.

Cadets get a hold of yourselves. This isnt a slumber party. Cadet Sul called back from the helms consol.

Ming, give them a break. Its a long flight there. Theyve got to pass the time somehow. Cadet Ayla Ranzz turned her chair around to face Theena and the other Cadets.

So this friend of yours was an imprint of yours? Howd he end up on Vivarium? Cadet Ayla looked at the viewing screens and she honestly couldnt place him to any planet she knew of.
Yes, hes from Aleph, and was transformed by magic. We met just after I bonded with the symbiote and he had been transformed. Wed both been in rehabilitation to regain ourselves. After I imprinted him he went back to Aleph. We kept in touch for a bit but it slowly fell away to just me checking in. But I hadnt checked in for a while.

Well I think it be OK if you contacted him and told him to be safemaybe even get some Intel about the colony that we might not have. Cadet Ayla suggested with a shrug and looking back at Cadet Sul.

Her little boyfriend is a waste of time. besides were going in with a big giant monster. I think our target might know were coming. Cadet Twine hissed through her ventilation mask and grasping her wipe tight behind her head with both hands stretching her back sitting in her floating white chair.

AhhrrrrRRRR! Validus roared to life in his circle cage, of an interon reinforced force field behind her at the center of the ship. This ship being built specifically to accommodate Validus making the bridge look like a globe connected to a smaller globe with side arms connecting to the propulsion engines and the entire ship built around his containment cage which is powered by the solar energy collected during trips.

Hush! Cadet Twine cracked her wipe its black handle busting to life with its pink energy crackling as it struck the force field and Validus whimpered as he coward towards the back end of his cage. Twines smile was sinister and clear beneath her mask.

All information is helpful Cadet. Cadet Sul called back to Cadet Twine. Cadet Sul wasnt afraid of Cadet Twine in the slightest. She was just a big bully and Cadet Sul wasnt afraid of bullies and she hated how she treated Validus. Cadet Sul had studied up on Cadet Tharoks control techniques of Cadet Validus. Cadet Tharok controlled him through various technologies, usually involving sound triggers and a mind link through electronic pulses that relay commands. But Cadet Sul noticed Cadet Tharok likes to call out his commands as if hes simply the only one who can. But Twines fear and violence tactic was just cruel.

Poor guy. Cadet Sul thought to herself.

Exactly. Contact him and see what you can find out. Weve still got a days travel ahead of us, so rest up and get nourished everyone. This guy has a pretty powerful gem stone. Cadet Ayla Ranzz called to them as she returned to the helm.

I miss Cham already this weekend was really needed. Maybe if I dont make the squad I can drop out and join the other free Legionnaires. Without my parents around and this really being our new home I havent felt so disconnected since the rift and Garth died. But even with him back now and a version of the Legion forming around me it just doesnt seem as real. But Cham is real. Ayla thought to herself gazing out the window at vastness of space.

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Glad you're back to posting again Omni! These missions all sound like they'll be fun and I am interested to see what happens with Gim's ring...

I also really liked your description of the black diamonds flying around the room and claiming Inferno and Beauty Blaze, it made for a great cinematic visual smile

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here, more often than not
It's so good to read more of your cadets adventures Omni, welcome back!

The Eclipso stones and Inferno storyline is really worrying, especially in context of the ever present threat of Mordru. I like your Sun Boy being possessed by the elemental, and the potential conflict in interest this brings. I'm looking forward to wherever you take that storyline.

Vi and Gim - bless them, it's very sweet how they are both attracted to and have doubts about each other. How will she explain the ring to him?

I hope Mon El and Dev Em can sort it out between themselves, the Daxam team could be crucial in any battle against Mordru's armies.

If you have a list of all the cadets I'd love to see it as there are quite a few I don't recognise - perhaps they were reboot characters - which I didn't read much of - and I like how you've taken established characters and added twists to them - Devlin having a monkey's tail, for instance.

Meta distrusting Saturn Girl makes sense - I wonder how long the Legionnaires can remain in the cadet programme before having to hunt down the ones that remain outside of it?

The Silver Slasher as a decent opponent makes sense - good that you are mixing things up a bit and giving a loser character a bit of credibility. It'll be fun to see what you have planned and how the Seed Man ties into it.

What have Vi, Tellus, etc. waked into? You create god mysteries, you've got me hooked!

Twine is nasty, but somehow I find her compelling too. Is she an original character?

I'm really looking forward to your missions and the great long term stories line too getting more attention from you - you are really good at weaving between the stories and keeping the pace up.

Of course, really what I want is more, more, more!

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks! Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
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Thanks Raz and Harbinger for the comments and support.

Raz, thank you so much! idk what it is about Scylla but when ever i go there it gets a bit more visual than some of the other post I've noticed.

lots of good comments and questions here idk where to start. lol.

You're right Inferno's story is rather troublesome and with her whereabouts unknown its just a question of who finds who first.

Vi and Gim are really sweet and their relationship is one of my favs to write. She and the other Legionnaires will have to explain a bit. but here's hoping he believes them and her.

The Solaris Project would be crucial to any battle and especially against Mordru but Dev-em may not have a choice for resolutions with M'Onel.

You bring up a good point. with the free Legionnaires and how long they can starve off the cadets and being hunted themselves. You've given me something to think about. Meta's a character who i'm growing an appreciation for. but not sure where i really want to take her yet. But stay tuned.

I'm glad you like my mysteries. i just hope they pay off as well and that each one brings something new.

i feel these guys are all so powerful they need to have villains who can keep up. yes they can still be one and done but doesn't mean they aren't formidable.

So as far as cadets and pretty much every character I've used have come from various boots and somehow changed or re-imagined.
Examples are: Cadet Ayrla who is a re-imagined version of Gossamer from the pre-zero hour Legionnaires title or Cadet Bogdan Tarka who is re-imagined Turtle from the Threeboot.
Twine is from the post-boot and was on McCauley's Oversight Watch during DNA's run on Legion.
Some villains, side characters, and one Cadet are OC for me.

My OCs:
Cadet Nepheus
Cadet Swanson
Artmues- from the philospher's stone storyline.
Ka-Zam-first genie
Magnostar is a villian that will be coming up.

there will be a few more coming up but i'll let you figure out which ones are which. tongue

Thanks again to both of you and i'll hopefully have more posted soon.

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Garon, Rona (capital city)
Cadet April Dumaka of Fuzzball Cat-like speed and agility, enhanced senses, and retractable claws.
Cadet Bobb Kohan of Earth - creates crystal structures by force of will.
Cadet Brek Bannin of Tharr - Cold manipulation; ability to absorb heat and produce cold.
Cadet Gates of Vyrga - teleportation disks
Cadet Bogdan Tarka of Doopa - speedster. Capable of traveling so fast no one sees him

I cant believe were doing try outs for the academy. Cadet Kohan slumped back in his floating chair as he looked out at the crowed from behind the privacy shield that had been erected around the back half of the outdoor stage that was also connected to the mobile nannite injection unit.

Look Crystal Kid, get over it. Were here and some of these kids might be good for the academy and eventually the squad. Cadet Bannin said standing fixing his hat. Garon was surprisingly cold for Brek as he had read how thick their atmosphere was and with a world whose pollution and radiation levels have only recently gone down he expected the greenhouse gases had made this planet a hot bed.

There are only a couple hundred anyway and the computers have already organized them into those who are just registering and those who want to apply for membership. Cadet Tarka peered through the green privacy field.

Membership? Its servitude I dont know why you all dont understand that. Cadet Gates squawked.

Whatever it is. Were here to set an example and that the Untied Planets isnt more than just a protection from Mordru. That we are here to work together and that there is much we can learn from each other. Cadet Bannin tried his best to keep a cheerful attitude.

Can we get this sparing on with? Cadet Dumaka stretched her body out after laying on the hot pavement she had been laying on while the other cadets sorted out their issues. She was just looking forward to a bit of fighting.

Alright, here we go. Cadet Bannin jumped up and down in place for a moment before the privacy shield was dropped and the cadets took their seats behind the floating white table. While Cadet Bannin stayed standing as the MC as of the event.

The Prime Minister and United Planets Representative from Garon introduced the Cadets as they walked out. The tryouts and nannite registration was to be a public event for everyone to watch. They wanted everyone to see that registering if you have a super power isnt a bad thing and that there are benefits to registering; especially for a world like Garon where not everyone has powers or in their case a mutation.

Hello Garon! Thank you for having us here today. Weve come to welcome you into the United Planets. I and my fellow Cadets are here to help you register with our nannite technology which helps to track and in some cases control powers.

The crowd began to whisper. Unsure what to make of this Cadet with a thick furry purple hat on. Casting worried glances amongst themselves at the thought of their powers being controlled.

That is only for those who seek control. But if your control is all set then its just to monitor you and make sure you are safe. Cadet Bannin was dying as the host of this event.

Were also here today to see if any of you has what it takes to be part of the academy! The Academy is designed to train those of you accepted, in the use of your powers to become Science Police Officers in a special unit comprised of those with powers whose main task is to take down Mordru. We are some of those members known as the Alpha Cadets. Cadet Kohan jumped up from his seat and commanded the stage.

Yes, were the Alpha Cadets and Im Cadet Bannin and this is Cadet Kohan! Welcome one and all! Cadet Bannins hand shot up in the air and blasted snow into the sky above the crowd. Cadet Kohans hand glowed at his side as a semi large crystal behemoth formed behind him.

The crowd began to clap and cheer as the snow fell down onto them and they marveled at the crystal giant Cadet Kohan manifested behind him on the stage.

Those of you who have signed up to try out please come up this way. Cadet Kohan pointed to the side of the stage where a set of floating steps lead up to it. The line stretched down and into the crowed.

First up is the dynamic duo of Elastic J and Glue Diddy. Cadet Bannin called out their names over the PA system.

Hey Im Elastic J, Im super stretchy and my limits are unknown. The red headed youth smiling brightly as his arm stretched out and waved enthusiastically.

And you are? Cadet Kohan pointed to the young man next to Elastic J, who was wearing an all gray outfit.

Glue Diddy Yo. Ive got the ability to cast glue and well-Im living glue. Pulling back his transuit his body poured out before he quickly pulled it closed again which reformed to give him the appearance of a humanoid male face.

Can you control your Glue body? Cadet Tarka asked from behind the table.

Not really but Im a great caster. Glue Diddy did his best to sound confident.

Alright, well lets see what you two got. Youre going to spare with our cadets and on that note lets begin. Cadet Kohan moved aside as he wasnt in the sparing round.

Cadet Dumaka jumped up on to the table before leaping at the two potentials. Elastic J instantly stretched out and upward stretching his body past Cadet Dumaka and grabbing a nearby pole in the side of the stage. Quickly his legs jumped up and catapulted his lower half at Cadet Dumaka who was slammed backwards but recovering quickly she flips and lands on her feet with a smiling snarl. Racing on all fours towards Elastic J Cadet Dumaka jumps up on top of his outstretched body and digs her claws into his elongated abdomen.

AHHHHHHHHHHH Elastic J screamed out in pain recoiling hastily causing him to bunch up tying himself into knots. Cadet Dumaka had hit something that even he wasnt aware of that would cause this reaction.

Preermmmmm-.. I guess your next goo boy. Cadet Dumaka smiled and purred as she began to stalk towards Glue Diddy.

I-Its Gl..Glue D-Diddy! Glue Diddy stammered out nervously holding up his hands his transuit opening at the finger tips.

Cadet Tarka stood outside time inside his quantum fissure watching the sparing matching before him frozen with Cadet Dumaka stalking towards Glue Diddy as he prepped himself. Cadet Tarkas small tuft of red hair falling into his face as he leaned forward ready to strike having already run over to the side of the stage and grabbed small pebbles. Standing up and brushing his hair back Cadet Tarka walked over and placed the pebbles in the openings of Glue Diddys finger tips. The gray scale world around Cadet Tarka was enjoy he found in life. He knew Cadet Kohan would like this quiet and being in a place like this. Especially at the moment. He locked at Cadet Kohan whose scowl had grown even deeper. Cadet Tarka double checked to make sure the pebbles were lodged into Glue Diddys finger tips when he felt something shift. Cadet Jazmin Cullen had taught him how to use his time fissures to feel quantum quakes to help him better mask his own as to not get caught again.

What was that? Cadet Tarka looked up from above him a small burst of purple light appeared above him.

A quantum wake? But that wasnt a sentient one-and it was close by. Cadet Tarka closed his eyes and concentrated hard trying to see if he could find its origin. But it was too far for him to tell. Its light disappeared just as suddenly and with its disappearance Cadet Tarkas black eyes went white and his mind twitched with the fringes of temporal energy casting across his neural network showing him a glimpse of time bending. Quickly he snapped back from this vision.

What was that? Cadet Tarka thought to himself before shaking his head. Looking back up to where the quantum wakes light was but nothing was there. It was just frozen gray scale clouds.

Ill have to talk to Jazmin and maybe even Pol later- Cadet Tarka thought to himself before a blue white glow appeared before him and with a step he left his quantum fissure ending up next to Cadet Dumaka.

Wait for it Cadet. Cadet Tarka smiled as he put his hand out in front of her and right as Glue Diddy started to force the glue out the pebbles stuck in his transuit forcing the glue to back up.

Whats going on-.why cant I cast my glue? Glue Diddy hadnt noticed the pebbles as they were coated in glue and stuck to his transuit. He pushed harder and harder trying to release his glue. His transuit at first shifted the glue around but as he tried to produce more glue to push out when finally he exploded at the arms and quickly he oozed out of his transuit.

Awww man. The puddle that was Glue Diddy slurped out.

Nice try guys and you both might have a future with the Omega Cadets and can work your way up. But nice try guys. Lets them around of applause. Cadet Bannin began to clap to get the crowd going with him.

These tryouts are brutal. I wish we didnt have to have them be so public. Cadet Bannin whispered. He thought no one heard him.

Our imperial over lords demand a show to know they are alive and to prove they have power over us and so they force us to be their enforcers of brutal entertainment. Cadet Gates had just finished opening a green portal disk under applicant Glue Diddy to clear the way for more applicants.

Thats one way of putting it. Cadet Bannin simply scratched his head before continuing on.

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Next up, we haveVeilmist? Cadet Bannin read off of his omnicom.

Yes. That is I. the young pink haired girl stepped forward. Her hair pulled back into a braid. She had on a pair of overalls that hug off her thin muscular pink body. She wore a small sheer veil over her face. It highlighted her green eyes with their thick eyeliner even more.

Welcome. First were going to inject the nannites and then youll give us a demonstration of your powers. The nannites will activate your powers and take readings of your power output and levels. If for any reason your powers go out of control the nannites will shut you down and knock you unconscious. Understood? Cadet Bannin informed her. He decided to change the rules and instead make it about power demonstration instead of battles.

Understood. Veilmist stood waiting as one of the drones came over and held her hand in the injection scanner. Her hand tingled as its light passed over her delicate pink hand.

Slowly a mist emerged from her hands its pink hue dark on the inside while its outer lining bright neon pink swirling outward and then in an instant it was gone. The nannites had been injected and activated and the AI system announced its first inductee.

Veilmist of Garon. Height 52. Weight 100 lbs. Eye Color: Neon Brown. Hair color: Pink. Status: Active Mutant. Powers: able to create a mist capable of teleportation both short and long range. Maximum distance unknown. The AI system toned.

Is it going to do that for everyone? Cadet Dumaka asked with a snarl.

We should turn that off. Were getting the nannite readouts by nanosecond anyway and it seems to have embarrassed our new friend. Cadet Bannin walked over to welcome Veilmist. Who instantly crouched and activated her powers. The pink mist flowed outward around Cadet Bannin and Cadet Kohan.

What!? Both Cadets yelled out.

Where did you transport them? Cadet Gates asked porting in behind Veilmist.

Look up. Veilmist responded simply.

Gates and the other Cadets looked up to see both of them sitting on the roof of the stage. Both waving down to the crowd who saw them and clapped. Quickly Gates opened up two green disks over their heads and lowered them on to the Cadets; who then appeared in front of Veilmist and Gates.

That was weirdnothing like your teleportations Gates. Cadet Bannin was a little dazed as he stepped out of the green disk.

Every teleporters power has its own signature. Now Miss that was a good demonstration of moving these two unaware. But now we want to see you moveGates was cut off the moment he uttered the word move.

What the Sprock! This girl keeps attacking. Is something wrong with her nannite injection? Cadet Kohans hands flared up with spikes of crystal coming outward and instantly a crystal hand grabbed Veilmist around the waist.

Ha! Vielmists hands glowed and the mist appeared again this time around herself moving her behind Cadet Kohan.

I hate being teleported against my will. Gates disk opened in front of Cadet Kohan as he pushed him through the green disk.

Whhatt was.about not being teleported against your will. Cadet Kohan asked landing in a tuck and roll behind the Cadets table.

Dont be such a weebo Gates canned before teleporting away again.

Cadet Bannin quickly generated snow ball after snow ball to throw at Veilmist and each time she teleported it away and into the crowd but still backing her up and right into two giant crystal hands clasped tightly around Vielmist, and crystal coated her hands.

Stop! a voice from behind all of them.

Who? Cadet Gates asked powering down.

Vielmist speaks the most basic of Interlac. I was translating to her mentally. But I got distracted while filling out my own information. A statuesque woman with red hair in a tight fitting forest green jumpsuit stepped forward on to the stage.

And you are? Cadet Dumaka waved her hand in the air with a roll of her hand.

Im known as Union. Im telepathic and can create a hive mind. the red headed woman bowed.

Do you have a real name? We dont use code names. Cadet Tarka chimed in appearing out of nowhere again having gone into his quantum fissure to see if he spotted that quantum wake again.

That is my real name. Garon had a mutant revolution 50 years ago and those who hand standard Garonian names disrobed them and those that have been born since have been given only their mutant name; which usually describes our powers. Union said.

Shes right. Cadet Gates used his omnicom to check the facts. Something they should have known before embarking on this mission.

Feeble squaw! Gates muttered to himself.

Yes, and that is why she is Vielmist and I am Union.

So you two are a package deal? Cadet Bannin asked.

Yes. I translate for her and shes also my best friend. Weve been neighbors forever and we want to do what we can to help stop Mordru. Union replied.

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Down with registration! Down with enslavement! a voice called from the crowd.

Down with registration! Down with enslavement! called another voice and soon more voices joined in.

Whats going on? Cadet Tarka looked around trying to see just how many were chanting but slowly it looked like it was the whole crowd.

We will not tolerate being registered and enslaved! They tried this before! The great uprising was in response to that! This is just another way for them to make us slaves and destroy us! Called a voice that sounded like it was coming from all around them.

Is this you Union? Cadet Kohan glared at Union his fist ready to create anything he needed.

No. this isnt meIll try to find them. Unions eyes glowed red as she began sifting through the crowd to find who it was. But soon Unions eyes changed color to a bright green and she and Vielmist soon began chanting as well.

I thought you said this wasnt you! Cadet Kohan yelled. His hands blast to life with streams of crystal flying at Union while Cadet Bannin snow balled Veilmist. Both dodging their blasts.

I dont think it is her. Cadet Tarka stepped back surveying the crowd below the stage. The entire crowd had bright green eyes.

<Union, is a decent telepath but shes got nothing on Me.> the voice came again.

Show yourself! Cadet Dumaka yelled her retractable claws coming out.

No Need to shout. An average looking man came out of the shadows. He was no more than 35 with thick jet black hair with bright green eyes that glowed even brighter as his power activated.

Who are you? Cadet Kohan demanded.

Im Probe and I can tell you we dont want any registration. Probes eyes flashed at them.

Its for your own benefit and it is standard United Planets practice and law. This is to protect you from the likes and threats of Mordru. The nannites can turn off your powers in his presents which could save your life from him. He can leech your powers and life energies. Cadet Tarka said before vanishing from sight only to reappear on the other side of the stage as the crowd began to swell the edge of the stage.

Mordru is just an empty threat that the United Planets has been using to force everyone into service. Probe spat at them and pushing the crowd forward.

Is he really? How about this Probe, why dont you read my mind about Mordru about some of the things hes done across the United Planets or better yet why dont you read my mind about what he did to me. Cadet Kohan yelled his crystals shifting in his hands.

Probes eyes glowed green entering Cadet Kohans mind. Marveled by the crystal that was Cadet Kohans brain. Not sure how to proceed he moved cautiously but Cadet Kohan had been practicing in the virtual reality room with Cadet Ardeen and Cadet Ganglios how to better show his memories on this plane. Showing on the crystal façade and Probe saw him and another man fall through an energy doorway of some kind and on to another world and almost instantly the image of Mordru standing over him blasting him with energy to try and torture him to get information about the United Planets and calling him a spy. He pulled crystal from his mind. Mordrus body almost turning to crystal and pulling back to fry Cadet Kohan. He even turned Cadet Kohan to crystal and shattered him only to recreate him. Then he tortured the another young man he hadnt seen before. Shifting him in and out of phase making him so dense he fell flat against the walls and then shifting his density up to the point he almost evaporated. The memory faded from the crystal façade. Cadet Kohan let a small crystal tear fall from the corner of his eye before it just wisped away.

That happened to you? Probe stepped back unsure what to do with this. His people had fought so hard not to get registered and be lead down the wrong path. But if Mordru came there his people could be in much dire straits.

What did you see? Cadet Gates teleported in next to Probe while slapping a pair of incapacitater cuffs on Probe. Instantly everyone was freed from his power the crowd stopped rushing the stage.

Mordru broke him Probe stared back at Cadet Kohan who looked back intensely before Gate teleported the two of them away to the newly build local Science Police headquarters.

Are we done with these try outs and registrations yet? Cadet Bannin asked finally losing his peppiness.

Only, 998 more to go. Cadet Tarka patted Cadet Bannin on the shoulder.

Alright, back to it. Cadet Bannin said as he stood from his white hover chair.

Boo! No registration! Fight for our freedom. A few voices started to chant. The crowd had seen what might happen but they only saw their brother in arms Probe falling before them.

Union, could you create a hive mind link for a crowd this size? Cadet Bannin asked with a slight smile.

Yes. My hive mind works almost like an infection. Its spreads until I say stop. Union said not blinking.

Link my mind into the hive and let them see what Probe saw. Otherwise were just going to be standing here with more fights and opposition to come.Cadet Kohan sighed gently to himself letting people this close wasnt something he was great at.

Unions eyes began to glow yellow slowly infecting each individual and each one that was chanting or screaming slowly came around to seeing why the nannites were needed. None of them wanted to be tortured or leached for their power.

I think well be able to proceed from here. Cadet Kohan went back behind the floating white table and sat down.

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Watch team Anndrannas former location.
Roll Call:

Live Wire - Garth Ranzz - electrical generation and manipulation, and elemental transmutation of Winath of U247
Ultra Boy - Jo Nah- Super-strength, super-speed, flight, invulnerability, flash vision, and "penetra-vision" (all approximately at Kryptonian power levels), only one of which can be used at a time. Of Rimbor U247
Cadet Mory Lour of Omegons -Teleportation
Cadet Myke-4 Astor of Calish-Aetia -Able to recall portion of powers of those he's touched.

<You Ok Garth?> Cadet Nah asked Cadet Garth Razz over the Legions telepathic earplugs frequency. Their small team had taken a cruiser out to the last known coordinates for the lost planet of Anndranna and what Sergeant Shvaughn thinks might be a connection to its location and why it was moved.

<Im alright. See anything on sub space scans?> Cadet Garth Ranzz replied briskly. He and Joe had been friends for a long time, almost as long as him and Rokk and as long as hes known Joe hes been a tough guy with a heart of gold and all the love in the world for his now wife Cadet Tinya Wazzo-Nah. But after a trip through the second galaxy Joe and his fiancée Cadet Imra Ardeen had a moment. Garth did his best not to think of it. They both had told him about it at different times. Neither wanting to hurt or lie to him. He appreciated the sentiment but he couldnt help but hate them at times. Hed forgiven them and moved on understanding the circumstances they were in but Joe had still become the last person hed confide in.

<Nothing. This is going to be long mission. Ive set the scanners to auto scans to look for any new and reoccurring disturbances and frequencies. So seriously you OK> Joe asked again knowing something was bothering Garth. Thats the one thing about being in the void with 24 other people for so long. You learn to know each other inside and out and even though they hadnt talked much Joe still knew when Garth wasnt doing well.

<Its nothing. Just during the meeting me and Imra both admitted that we were forgetting what the Legion is and what were here forwhat were fighting for. This is our home but isnt. Maybe because we havent found a real place to fit in and have lives. Just from one team to another but this team isnt the Legion...>

<I hear ya. Its hard to keep going when everything weve fought to protect is gone and there is no getting it back.> Cadet Nah looks down at his consol its red light illuminating his face and his sad brown eyes as he thinks of lost son. Cub had come into his life unexpectedly but he couldnt be happier for it. But now he was lost and he had Tinya all to himself again and he hated to admit it but he was starting to enjoy it being just the two of them again.

<But weve got to keep going. Somehow this will be our new home. Once everyones been cemented to this place it could all change. Maybe things will fall into place well all find what were looking for.> Cadet Nah tried to sound convincing but he wasnt even sure he was convincing himself.

<Thanks Joe.> Cadet Garth Ranzz looked down at his right arm, its metallic sheen bouncing with electricity. Lately his artificial arm had been sparking up; feeling like it was going to burst off. But he didnt know why. After his transformation from the crystalline hybrid form of him and Element Lad and was turned back into his own handsome self with the exception of his artificial arm. He tried to turn it back to flesh with the lighting rod from the other Legions Brainiac 5s rescue plan for a fallen friend a second time and its been sparking up since.

Cadets this is boring. Anybody want a smoothie from Fuga juice? Theres one on JS-12, the science planet where Sergeants team fought Black Mace. I can blip over and grab us all one. Cadet Lours purple fluid body bubbled upward towards her head which then flowed up into the air before dispersing.

You can teleport that far? Cadet Astor looked intrigued.

Yah... interstellar distances are my specialty.Cadet Lour winked her white eye at them and with a BLIP! She was gone.

Havent copied her power yet Astor? Cadet Nah scoffed as he looked at his fellow cadet. Their cruiser was big enough for the four of them with a little room to spare. But not much and what little there was was taken up by Joes anger.

Ive told you a thousand times Joe, Im sorry for copying your power without telling you. They needed me on a mission but the power sets I had at the time wouldnt work. Yours were a much better fit. Cadet Astor had bumped into Cadet Nah just before a mission in the main mess hall two weeks ago.

Cadet, does Captain know about it? Cadet Garth joined the conversation setting the scans to auto for every spectrum his consol could run.

Yes, and I was reprimanded and put on Hub duty for a month. The only reason I just got it lifted is because its the last week before the special unit is chosen.

Jo had gotten to know Cadet Astor and for the most part he was a pretty good sentient. He just made a mistake. But he couldnt help shake this feeling of violation. It was hard enough to use one power at a time. But to know that someone could copy his powers and use them without the limitation, even if it was at a tenth of his power level stung a bit.

Then let it go Jo. Besides we all know Astor cant hold more than three peoples powers at a time. It will wear off or be replaced with another set and youll be the only Ultra Boy again. Cadet Garth teased him doing his best to try and turn the sour mood around for all of them.

Just ribbing him. Besides I can always use the help. Cadet Nah did his very best to be nice. But it bugged him and he wasnt going to ignore that.


Back! So what did I miss? Cadet Lour asked handing each of them their drinks having used the telepathic com link to ask what each of them wanted before she left.

Not much. Just some talk to pass the time. Cadet Nah said checking readings while taking a sip of his smoothie.

Yeah. Nothing much. This is going to be a long stake out it seems. Cadet Astor replied blinking his light yellow and orange slits before sipping his smoothie as well. His breathing apparatus opening up with a shuffle of its metallic plates to create a hole for the straw.

This wasnt the first time people reacted badly to him copying their powers. But He was doing his best to not copy without permission. His kind werent known for being the warmest of sentients being reptilian and not always fully understanding the intricacies of private space as they had none on Calish-Aetia between each other. They live communally and share all spaces. Their dwellings are all open concept. Even though Calish-Aetia is a long time member of the United Planets, they have kept to themselves and were known to not be very hospitable to visitors. Their atmosphere wasnt breathable by most sentients leaving them to themselves allowing for an air of distrust of outsiders and not many journeyed off planet. But Cadet Astor was here to try and change that and to show his people arent all cold blooded. They had much to offer to the UP. Him being one of them as their successes as a weapon against Mordru.

The space before them didnt change for over an hour. The stars twinkled, no gravity distortions pulling in passing meteors. There was just the void and a few floating mini asteroids in the place of the planet Anndranna. The four of them watching scanners and playing guess that planet waiting for something, anything to happen.

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Roll call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Apparition - Tinya Wazzo Nah intangibility of Bzgtl of U247
Umbra (Tasmia Mallor) shadow caster. Of Talok IV U247
Cadet James Cullen of Xanthu - Ability to cast stasis fields using belt.
Cadet Tharok of unknown hacker genius. Capable of making any type of weapon from any part.
Cadet Ayrla of Dyrlia - Gravity negation
Cadet Staq Mavien of Shawr - breathes fire
Cadet Gil Swanson of Earth -able to switch peoples powers at will, must touch person to do it. Flight. Invisibility
Cadet Lonny Evening of Myar sentient being of ink. Makes ink projectiles. Can transform into humanoid form.
Cadet Jedediah Rikane of Earth density control. Super dense and strong to immaterial phantom.

RumCok-8 being the smallest moon didnt have enough room for their ship to land and not disturb the ancient ship. Captain Allon and the Cadets floated down to the surface about 50 clicks above with help from Cadet Ayrlas gravity powers to help guide them down her hands glowing with little white globes circling her slender alabaster fingers. While Cadets Mavien and Rikane stayed in the cruiser piloting.

<Hows everybody doing?> Captain Allon called over the telepathic ear plug link as they floated down touching ground and quickly bounding across the low gravity surface of RumCok-8 a small moon near Bellatrix in the Andromeda Galaxy. Dust kicking up with each land of his steps.

<Peachy!> Called Cadet Swanson. His muscular body bounding joyously.

<Is he for real?> Cadet Evening slinked along. With less gravity her ink forms center of gravity was less almost causing her to float away making her ground herself in the dusty sand. If it wasnt for her cadet uniform and transuit she would be picking dirt and dust out of her body for months.

<Sadly, yes.> Cadet Umbra replied flying close by rolling her eyes.

<Its funny how you top ten got fancy ringsss all of a sssudden. Maybe youd like to give it up and let sssomeone elsse fly.> Cadet Mavien hissed over the telepathic link from the cruiser as he watched his fellow Cadets bounce towards the ancient ship.

<Can someone explain why hes here? His power isnt much of a tactical advantage in space.> Cadet James Cullen interjected his arrogance showing flying up high above using his quantum powers to fly using a quantum wake.

<The rings are our personal property actually. The Captain just said that we could recently start using them.> Cadet Tinya Wazzo-Nah corrected Cadet Mavien.

<That I did. There is a tactical advantage and everyone has their uses Cadets. I choose each of you for a reason. Now get your heads in the game!> Captain Allon called over the link leading the pack with the ship in sight.

Looking to her right Cadet Evening saw Cadet Tharok right beside her. Utilizing a pair of booster boots he made on the trip over from a phaser and some miscellaneous cruiser parts Cadet Tharoks omnicom was out as he was diligently studying readouts and scans of the ship.

<Someones taken an interest.> Captain Allon didnt trust Tharok at all but he knew this is what he was here for.

<Heh, yeah I guess so. Ancient tec is a hobby of mine.> Cadet Tharok winked at Captain Allon. He wasnt lying but every reading he took was being encrypted and coded to be sent to the Dark Man.

<hmmm I wonder how Im going to explain having or finding the keyor the other two keys that open up where this ship leads to.> Cadet Tharok thought to himself.

A rock from the ships outer rocky shell whisked back past the cadets. The small ship was big enough to carry two maybe three people. The area around the ship had barely been disturbed by all the investigation over the last 15 days.

<This is surreal! I cant believe were getting to search an ancient ship.> Cadet Swansons yellow eyes were wide with excitement.

Cadet Wazzo-Nah flew up to the top of the ship using her omnicom to scan the symbol on top of ship. Its two X Ed out eyes on a skull.

<Could this actually be someones face just distorted over time?> Cadet Wazzo-Nah asked for a second opinion while she scanned the symbol through facial recognition and historical records.

<If this is Anndranna related all information was deleted remember.> Cadet Evening stood her ground next to the ships back thrusters which had recently been uncovered.

<Yes, I know Black Mace took all of JS-12s information. But there could be a historical record somewhere. The U.Ps records go back hundreds of years, even some of the records from before the Federation survived.>Cadet Wazzo-Nah smiled as she pulled up historical logs that showed over 100 symbols that could possibly be the symbol on the ship.

Its a start. Cadet Wazzo-Nah thought to herself.

Captain Allon and Cadet Tharok stood at the side door hatch to the ship. Captain Allon imputed the code they had received as a transmission from Bellatrix, who had actually gotten it sent to them from the ship. When the ship came online, it transmitted the codes to the nearest planet with a compatible communication system.

<Shall we?> Cadet Tharok gestured for the Captain to enter first. He didnt want to take the chance of setting off a booby trap and it gave him a moment to find a place to plant the key. Using his glasses through a circuitry diagnostic and micro x-ray lens he scanned for special compartments on the ships inner wall next to the door. One turned out to house the medical kit.

Cadet Tharok quickly switched to his upgraded pager/omnicom from the Dark man to open it. The lights within the cabin hadnt been activated yet and Captain Allon was busy going over to the console to input more codes that the ship had sent out. Since its activation the ship would power down after sending the messages to gain a certain amount of access to conserve on energy. With a small whoosh it slides to the side. Cadet Tharok quickly placed the first key with the xEd out eyes in and closed it up right as Cadet Umbra walked into the ship. Cadet Umbras eyes instantly adjusted to the dark cabin and just as quickly she looked at Cadet Tharok.

What is he up to? Cadet Umbra thought to herself quickly grabbing her cloak of shadows about her slinking along towards him.

<Yo, El Capitanto Ive found something.> Cadet Tharok called over the telepathic comlink.

<What did you find?> Captain Allon stood instantly heading over to Cadet Tharok with his flashlight and quickly discovering Cadet Umbra near Cadet Tharok. He didnt remember seeing her come in. but in that moment her stare was harsh as the light shown into her eyes causing her to shrink back with a slight hiss baring her teeth.

<Sorry Cadet> Captain Allon apologized moving the light towards the side and out of her eyes. With the three of them in there the cabin was just enough space for them to not trip over themselves.

Cadet Tharok gave a slimy smile. He knew she was there and wasnt about to get caught.

<I was scanning for secret compartments and found this.> Cadet Tharok handed over the key to Captain Allon who turned it over in his hands over and over fascinated by it.

<Scan this and then bring it over and start seeing if you can hack into the ships consol to give up more than just these repetitive codes. Im hoping this key once it starts the ship it will tell us where its going.>

<It hasnt told you?> Cadet Umbra asked thinking they knew where the ship had been pointed.

<Its pointed in the direction of Anndranna but no guarantee it is going there and it hasnt given coordinates yet. It gives the code for the door and the code to do a systems check. But everything else requires the key to be inserted. Whoever made this ship and its destination made sure it was top secret.> Captain Allon took the key back from Cadet Tharok and went over to the consol and inserted the key and instantly the small cabin came to life. The lights activated showing walls lined with secret compartments for weapons as each one opened and the hull door swiftly closed. The ships engine roared to life sputtering a couple times its body shaking violently against the rock around it. Instantly the decrepit rock began cracking against the push of the ship.

<Whats going on?> Cadet Tharok called instantly sitting in the nearest chair and consol to him while Cadet Umbra quickly sat in a chair that folded down from the wall and as soon as she was settled straps whipped out and fastened her to the chair.

<I dont know. I didnt do anything other than insert the key.> Captain Allon doing his best to try and take the key out. The ship sent an electrical charge through Captain Allon knocking him out of his chair and sending him to the floor.

Initiate launch sequence. The ships computers voice came to life.

<Tharok shut this thing down!> Cadet Umbra yelled struggling to free herself from the straps. Her hands bound to her sides.

<Im locked out and the ships not being responsive to anything Im doing. > Cadet Tharok yelled before the consol sent pulses of lights blinding Cadet Tharok sending him backwards his chairs emergency functions kicking in activating the straps.

Outside the ship the other cadets backed away from the ship the engines sputtering at first before bursting with plasma energy out the rear. Cadet Swanson jumped back and flew up just in time. While Cadet Wazzo-Nah slipped through the top of the ship as she was still scanning the symbol. Cadet James Cullen began trying to cast a stasis field to hold it in place but the ships force field kicked in bouncing the power back out in a wide direction catching Cadets Swanson, Evening, Ayrla, and even Cadet James Cullen was caught in its backlash.

<Whats going on out there?> Cadet Rikane yelled through the telepathic comlink as he began trying to get the tractor beam ready.

The ships final burst pushed the ship forward throwing off the rocks from its body before the beam could take hold. The ship rockets off into space at hyper speed leaving a trail of red hot plasma energy in its wake.

The cadets caught in the stasis backlash hung wherever they were when it hit. Cadet James Cullen caught in mid back flip. Cadets Ayrla and Swanson flying towards the cruiser. While Cadet Evening in mid run and jump.

Are you able to track the sssship? Cadet Mavien asked.

No. The Captain and the cadets are gone. Cadet Rikane said his grey eyes wide with fear.

On the Ancient ship

Captain Allon and all the Cadets were unconscious inside its small cabin. Both Cadet Wazzo-Nah and Captain Allon were passed out on the floor. While Cadet Tharok floated in his chair his head down his long brown hair covering his face and Cadet Umbra sat bound in her chair the emergency lights on its read hue cast over all of them.

Ive got to do something! Cadet Umbra though to herself. This moment of a ship rocketing out of control into the unknown is a familiar concept to Umbra but this time shes the only one awake for it. She wondered if this was how it was for Element Lad when they were tossed outside of space and time.

Let this be over soon. Cadet Umbra thought to herself.

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Mission to Zundi
Roll Call:

Cadet Nepheus of Beltair IV -Water control and generation
Cadet Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III of Xanthu-super-strength, endurance, and a fair measure of invulnerability.
Kid Quantum II - Jazmin Cullen quantum fields capable of slowing/freezing time. Energy blast capable of causing decay. Of Xanthu of U247
Triad - Luornu Durgo Ability to split into three bodies. Of Cragg U247

Cadet Candi landed the cruiser on the roof landing pad of the hospital. Cidur Hospital often received visitors, whether patient or delivery. Looking out the window Cadet Candi saw standing there waiting for them was a nurse and chief of staff Vuli, who had contacted the United Planets about the escort. While Cadet Candi did the final check in for landing the other Cadets disembarked to meet the staff.

Welcome Officers. Chief of Staff Vuli greeted them her bone protrusions covered much of her body. The bones on her arms and legs flared out and up while her backs warped around to her front creating a breast plate and her foreheads bone extended back over her head and down her back creating a short braid.

Thank you for contacting us. Were honored to help you with this work. Your cure will save so many. Cadet Durgo smiled warmly.

Yes, it will be of great service. We normally wouldnt ask for so much security to deliver something like this but we had a break in during the testing trials. Someone tried to steal the research. Chief of Staff Vuli explained.

Well that wont happen with us on the job. Cadet Nephus smiled and crossed his arms trying to sound reassuring a gurgle of water erupted from beneath his tentacles.

From high above them a small cubed ship sat and watched the exchange cloaked from view. Cadet Jazmin Cullen felt something in the air. But couldnt put her finger on it as she stood there with her fellow cadets. It was like a buzz around her body.

Ill be taking that thank you! the canister in the nurses hand floated upward towards a muscular green haired man with a blue visor over his eyes in a black and green body suit. His hair standing straight up.

Cadet Nepheus instantly ejected his trident from his arm cuff its neon blue energy lighting up as a water bubble surrounded the canister and he pulled it back towards them.

Ha! Nice water cast. However water cant stop me. The green haired man snapped his fingers and the ball of water surrounding it pushed outward as he broke it and the water floated off and upward into the sky and the canister continued to fly upward. Cadet Jazmin Cullen quickly formed a quantum bubble around the man cutting off his power. The canister falling Cadet Durgo triplicated each on top of the others shoulders with Lu orange at the top grabbing the canister.

A gravity caster I knew I felt something was off. Cadet Jazmin Cullens hand glowed an amber gold and she slowly rose up into the air.

Well if you felt I was putting you off, then maybe you should let me put you on. Razing his hands he pushed Cadet Jazmin Cullen backwards using her gravity against her making her fall to the ground. Quickly Cadet Nephus braced her with a funnel of water blasting to keep her from smashing into the ground.

I got her! Cadet Candi jumped up and grabbed Cadet Jazmin Cullen, whose body had started falling through the water as this green haired man made her heavier. Cadet Candi was the only one who could lift her.

Thats it buddy! Cadet Nephus aimed his trident at the green haired man blasting him with a deluge of water all of which the stranger deflected around him. But what the stranger wasnt expecting was for Cadet Nephus to control the water he was sending flying to come back around and ambushed him from behind sending him down right into the waiting fists of Cadet Candi.

Hope youre able to recover your center of gravity! Cadet Candis fist smashed into his face sending him flying backwards.

Quickly using his powers to steady himself and stop himself from doing flips the green haired man greeted his teeth before rushing back in his nose bleeding slightly.

AHHHHHHHHH! he screamed his hands glowed a violent purple as Cadet Candi began to sink into the ground growing heavier and then he rocketed in using his powers to make him heavier and punched the emerald green giantess in the jaw.

Ouch! That still hurt! the stranger recoiled codling his hand as he flew back up.

Dont even! Cadet Durgo flew up and instantly triplicated around him all three of them hitting him in a different spot. Lu orange kicked him in the chest while Lu neutral punched him in the face and Lu purple punched him back in the other direction towards Lu neutral who then elbowed him in between the shoulder blades and kneeing him in the stomach at the same time.

Back off! GGGhuhhhh! The stranger grunted his powers flying outward sending Cadet Durgo outward nullifying her center of gravity.

Ive got you! Cadet Jazmin Cullen created balls of quantum energy around all three bodies to slow them down.

The nurse and Chief of staff Vuli ran towards the hospital with the canister. Cadet Durgo gave it back to them before she flew into action. But he pushed his gravity power on to them pushing them to the ground.

Stop! Please! Chief of staff Vuli called feeling her bone protrusions cracking under the weight from the strangers power. The canister rolled out from her hands and instantly lifted up in the air.

Come to papa. The stranger said.

Think again! Cadet Nephus yelled casting a water bubble around the stranger but leaving no air for him to breathe; just completely engulfed him

The stranger gagging on the water trying to concentrate on pushing it away from him but to no avail. Slowly chocking he fell to the ground.

Did you just kill him? Cadet Jazmin Cullen ran over to the stranger starting compressions on his chest.

No. just cut off the air long enough to make him unconscious. Cadet Nephus hand glowed gently as he pulled the water from his lungs slowly the water came up.

Cough! Cough! the stranger coughed finally breathing.

Who is this clown? Cadet Candi asked finally pulling herself out of the ground her gravity returning to normal now that the stranger was out cold.

According to my omnicom scanner hes known as Magnostar and thats really all there is. Hes wanted across the galaxy for theft and murder but hes never been caught. Cadet Jazmin Cullen said scanning his finger prints.

Well thats because he never met us. Cadet Nephus smiled.

Why would he be after a cure for Gringotts though?

Probably because he has it. Chief of Staff Vuli said scanning him herself.

Puling at this jumpsuits zipper at his throat they revealed his chest which was broken in a 1000 places, as was his entire body according to the scans from Chief of Staff Vuli and it was his powers instinct that was holding his bones in place.

Get him in the hospital and well administer some of the cure into him. Gringotts has made his bones so weak, decaying all of his bones at an accelerated rate. But this will reverse that. Hell be in intensive care for the next six months unconscious but well save him and show to the world the cures possibilities. Chief of Staff Vuli had the nurse run and get an anti-grav stretcher.

Cadet Nephus wrapped him in a water cocoon slowly infusing him with healing water while again lifting him up. Cadet Jazmin Cullen wrapped him in a quantum sphere to slow down any pain and internal bleeding he could be having. The Cadets and staff made their way into the hospital to help Magnostar be the first of many to receive this treatment.

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Asteroid Vitaa
Roll Call:

Tactical Science Police Officer Gigi Cuzmon
Cadet Ral Benem of Mardru -Ability to stimulate plant growth
Cadet Jeem Rehtu of Preztor creates hallucinations in those he touches. Slight telepathy.
Cadet Ilshu Nor of Lallor -Able to transform into any animal or beast and duplicate their special abilities.
Cadet Ce-Ce Beeek of Steeple - capable of producing/creating sounds on various sound wave lengths that allow her to affect peoples nervous systems, creating vertigo of sorts. she also has an ability called healing harmonics. it allows her to heal others with soothing harmonic tones. the monks were the ones who perfected this technique and taught her how to alter her powers to replicate it. she uses this ability sparingly and not in the heat of battle.
Cadet Chey-Nu of Dryad. He can turn into any form of light.
Cadet Drura Sepht of Smoahtur -Spontaneous generation of infectious diseases.
Cadet Shazlon of Barrio III - Spherical diamond body, with retractable appendages. Super durability. Telepathic communication.

<Weve been casing this place for hours. I dont think shes going to show.> Cadet Chey-Nu shuffled in his floating seat as he pulled the handle on the slot machine for the 100th time and still had yet to win big.

<This is where she was supposed to strike. That amount of credits and the fact that this is her last known location makes for the prime targetshe couldnt have moved on already.> Officer Cuzmon thought over the telepathic comlink standing in the security office looking at the holo screens that covered the entire casino floor.

<Its totally possible she left. She could have found a bigger score.> Thought Cadet Beeek who was still at the bar gently sending out a relaxing harmonic sound that was amplified by a pair of rings on her purple head bulbs her short blonde hair surrounding the two of them. Cadet Beeek didnt want to admit it but keeping this harmonic going this long was starting to take its toll on her and the longer she had to keep everyone else placid the more annoyed she became.

<Im inclined to agree Officer Cuzmon. I havent picked up a single thought about her.> Cadet Shazlon her yellow eyes cast a glow as she continued scanning everyone walking into the casino.

<Well do one more hour and if nothing happens well head out. Stay vigilant cadets.> Officer Cuzmon instructed.

What none of them noticed was a short robust sentient walking into the casino. His wide body caused everyone to move out of the way but his confidence didnt alarm anyone. He just seemed like a big shot ready to place a bet. But the planets around them began to tremble

The Seed man the planets screeched into Cadet Benems ears. He covered them instantly as their screams shook him to the core.

<Thats the seed man.> Cadet Benem tried to cast the thought to the others over the screeching in his ears from the planets.

Entering the casino the Seed Man strode right past Cadet Beeek. Walking tall his long black hair was tied back in a braid that went down to the middle of his back. His green suit didnt look that expensive. Cadet Beeek watched the planets around her sway towards him.

<This Seed Man is real?> Cadet Chey-Nu scoffed at the idea until he saw the stout man in the inexpensive green suit. The braid of long black hair with the green suit made his red skin pop to life.

<We cant just attack him for no reason Cadet Chey-Nu keep an eye on him. while the rest of you keep an eye out for Silver Slasher.> Officer Cuzmon instructed over the telepathic comlink.

<Fine.> Cadet Chey-Nu stood up and started to follow the Seed Man. But they didnt go far reaching the center of casino the Seed Man stopped and instantly dropped seeds in a circle around him before he began chanting. Instantly the seeds burst forth with vines rising high and up into the ceiling. While all the planets around the casino began to grow and ensnare the people around them.

AHHHHHHHH! Theyre alive! people screamed and shouted as they ran out of the casino. Many being warped in the vines and flora.

Looks like weve got something to do. Cadet Nor ran from Cadet Sepht breaking the chain as he transformed in to a hulking Talon Ape from Rimbors bad lands. A four armed ape with talons on each hand and 6 feet tall. Very agile in this form Cadet Nor dogged every vine and plant growth and slicing those in his path with his large talons.

<Cadet Benem, get in there!> Officer Cuzmon yelled over the link.

Cadet Benem ran in forcing his way past the throngs of people and plants growing out of control. Using his own powers of plant growth and control Cadet Benem pushed plants out of his way. Each time thanking them politely which made them want to work with him more.

Thank you! Cadet Benem called as he ran through a thorn patch with his hand stretched out in front of him.

Welcome! Stop him please! the vines called to Cadet Benem. They hated working for him and the way he pushed them to do his bidding.

Sprock this! Cadet Chey-Nus body transformed instantly into pure light and began blasting the vines with the strongest beam of light he had, a mix of red and yellow sunlight with white dwarf star light thrown in giving it weight to not only burn but smash through the vines.

Grow! Grow and take whats mine! the Seed Man called out. His eyes glowing green.

youll take nothing! AGRRRAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! Cadet Nor yelled jumping at the Seed Man, who through his hands up creating a vine wall that sprouted pointed flowers that darted out at him as he tried to slice them with his talons. With each slice a new one grew in its place.

A slow hum took over the area around the Seed Man and for a moment he was transfixed and all the vines stopped growing. Slowly he grabbed his head as the soothing hum began to cause him to feel nauseous. Cadet Beeek stepped closer, while Cadet Chey-Nu blasted every vine around her to make a pathway.

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Uuggthis is a nice try.guuugg The Seed Man chocked out through his nausea when he threw a patch of seeds at the two of them which instantly popped open and engulfed the two in a Bluma bush, whose blossom swallows animals whole.

The two of them fought against the Bluma blossom but its tough hid didnt budge. While Cadet Nor was surrounded by a cage of vines that grew back the more he slashed at them.

Now that I can stand. The Seed Man stood up and began to make his way towards the credit bar display.

Dont think so! Cadet Sepht pointed at him sending towards him an array of micro organisms to infect him.

Tossing up seeds a wall of vines sprouted up in her path.

Thats not going to stop the Winathian Flu. This targets twice as fast as any other flu and maybe a little Demus virus to help speed the symptoms along to the final stage. Cadet Sepht called out and instantly the Seed Man doubled over in pain starting to vomit uncontrollably.

Hmmmlooks like youve done a number on my partner. But I doubt those tricks will work on me. A sultry voice came from behind Cadet Sepht knocking her over the head with her fist cutting open her protective suit.

Dear Im not afraid of you. you cant make metal sick. Sliver Slasher reveled herself stepping forward.

But metal can be heated up! Cadet Nor yelled finally getting lose from his vine cage breathing fire from his mouth as he transformed into a Hynx sphinx, which breaths fire from its mouth quickly taking flight to evade more of the vines that were still growing even though the Seed Man was heaving from what Cadet Sepht did to him.

Cadet Nor breathed fire breath after fire breath at Silver Slasher, her metallic body heating up so fast she could feel it bending.

<Thats it Cadet pour it on!> Officer Cuzmon yelled as she rushed into the room and began firing on Silver Slasher the heat making it easier for Officer Cuzmon to make dents in Silver Slashers metallic hid.

Cadet Benem stood on the other side of a wall of vines. Doing his best to get them to budge but they wouldnt move. Not responding to his commands to part. Maybe they need to be injected with a little dolgin rot spores. Casting the seeds on to the vines and thinking hard the seeds burst forth causing a fungus to grow across the vines making them brittle.

And a little bit of fussa dust from the fussa seed and Ill get through no problem. Cadet Benem thought to himself knowing the fussa seed counter acted the dolgin spores effect which if breathed in could do the same thing as it did to the vines. Sprinkling it all over himself and throwing some on the spreading fungus made it shrink back.

Cadet Benem ran in and right over to Cadets Beeek and Chey-Nu who were still struggling to get out of the Bluma blossoms.

Therethere... Now just let them out. Cadet Benem tried to sooth the Bluma blossoms touching both of them and stroking them gently.

Hhaha! Ooo ouch Cuzi! Those really hurt. Sliver Slasher taunted Officer Cuzmon as she began spinning faster and faster the winds pinking up around her while she lifted up into the air cutting down the vines around her in the process. Her high speeds also began sucking the air out of the room and cut Cadet Nors flames down.

Youre not going to get away. Officer Cuzmon yelled over the winds.

Keep telling yourself that! Face it your just gonna lose me. Again! Silver Slasher spun forward towards the Seed Man who had the vines grow over him until he healed.

Spinning faster and faster the vines remains falling around them. Cadet Nor shifted into a small monkey jumping around the room. Silver Slasher rushing forward to cut him up.

Try and resist my talons. Silver Slashers metallic talons reached out for Cadet Nor and Cadet Sepht who had regained her balance after the winds had knocked her over.

Maybe a hydra micro can take her down. Cadet Sept concentrated hard to try and push the organism into Silver Slasher. But it was no good. however several of the patrons around her began to double over in pain. The Hydra micro causes pain, nausea, and the growth of a tail that when removed grows back.

I wouldnt bother. Metallic alloy skin tends to keep organisms out. Havent had a cold in four years. Silver Slasher quipped spinning faster sucking in all the chairs, vines, and slot machines around her and tearing them to shreds and spitting them back out.

Ouch! Watching out! Cadet Benem yelled avoiding a flying golden handle to the head while the Bluma blossom still wasnt budging around Cadets Chey-Nu and Beeek.

<AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!> Cadet Shazlon rushed in rolling in and flattening everything in her path. Her round silicon diamond body moving at its top speed. Quickly pushing out her appendages to throw herself up at Silver Slasher and just as quickly Silver Slasher spun fast enough to send her flying barely leaving a mark on Cadet Shazlon.

Ouch! Silver Slasher cried out pulling in her talons. Cadet Shazlon had caused her talons to bend slightly backward.

One for the good guys! Officer Cuzmon yelled firing off rounds of laser fire.

<And Im back for more.> Cadet Shazlon rolled back in just as fast but this time her body glowed yellow her mental powers pushing at Silver Slashers mind her diamond garble distracting Silver Slasher forcing her to the ground grabbing the sides of her head and stopping her from spinning.

Get out of my head you ball! Silver Slasher continued try to twirl but slowly missing everything Cadet Shazlon rolled by her.

Cadet Shazlon extended two appendages and thrust them at Silver Slasher, who instantly cut them off before they could make contact.

<Ahhh> Cadet Shazlon screamed out in pain cutting the psychic assault on Silver Slasher.

Im Done! Silver Slasher began powering up again raising her body spinning faster and faster causing her winds to sucking everything in and slices it up.

That you are. Cadet Rehtu dropped from the ceiling his dead orange eyes zeroing in on his target.

Cadet Rehtus hand glowed gently as it made contact with Silver Slashers metallic hide. Holding on for as long as possible knowing getting through her metallic body would be resistant to his touch initially and just as quickly as she started up she slowed down her eyes orange just like Cadet Rehtus.

She under cadet? Officer Cuzmon approached her firearm held up and ready to fire on the now still Silver Slasher.

Yes. She thinks shes escaped already. Im using her own confidence and assurance at victory. Cadet Rehtu responded working hard to keeps the mental link going between them. Hed learned how to control them but it was still rather hard on his own to instruct a hallucination. But he couldnt take the chance of Silver Slashers own hallucination put her back into action.

<Let me help> Cadet Shazlon focused her pain into helping Cadet Rehtu keep the hallucination going for Silver Slasher.

Cadet Benem finally was able to push the Bluma blossoms open while Cadet Sepht placed incapacitator cuffs on Silver Slasher. Cadet Nor moved to go to the Seed Man when the vines burst forth flying back at Cadet Nor strapping him to the floor.

Nice try kids. Tossing seeds at Cadets Sepht and Officer Cuzmon snaring them in juju bushes.

Stop! Cadet Benem yelled halting the growth of the juju bushes.

Cadet Chey-Nu fired off rounds of sun light and electricity at the Seed Man, who blocked it with a giant sun flower.

EKKKKeEEEKKKKKKKKK! Cadet Beeek sang loudly pushing the sound into the Seed Mans inner ear trying to cause him vertigo.

Haha. Nice try. But thats not the right pitch. The Seed Man scoffed before throwing up even more seeds each one blooming instantly morning corlas which emit a strong odor that freezes everyone in its path by attacking the synapse.

The Seed Man quickly ran over to Silver Slasher and slung her over his shoulder.

Until we meet again and remember Plant kid, someday youll get the hang of this. He said with a wink and with a push of a button a small slipstream warp opened up beneath them.

<Did they just really escape via a personal slipstream?> Cadet Chey-Nu asked frozen in place.

<Yes, and looks like the flowers toxins doesnt work on the mind> Officer Cuzmon said trying her best to stay positive.

<Actually, it normally does. But the Seed man changed its variation and with that change we should be free within an hour.> Cadet Benem informed them.

<Greeeeat> they all replied in unison.

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Roll Call:

Violet - Salu Digby able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247
Cadet Sethno of Medusa - turns people to stone
Cadet Tellus Ganglios of Hyrakius - Telepathy and telekinesis.
Cadet Wel4d of Rigel9 - can turn solids into liquids and vice versa
Cadet Devlin O'rn of Calaton - Reflects physical and energy attacks back to their source. Monkey tail and agility.

<I think we lost them Cadet Ganglios.> Cadet Vi looked back through the telekinetic bubble. Its yellow hue coating everything.

<Yes, but Im following Cadet Sethno to her exact location. She seems to still be running.> Cadet Ganglios voice modulator squawked out.

<Contact her and have her meet us down there. We dont want to get too far from the cave opening.> Cadet Vi pointed down to a small clearing in the woods on top of the mountain.

<Will do Cadet Vi.> Cadet Ganglios slowly descended down in between the thicket of trees.

The telekinetic bubble slowly vanished from around them. Cadet Vi stood holding her breath for a moment before releasing it.

Weve gotta get the Cadets from whatever it was that grabbed us and you saw their eyes right? Cadet Vi turned to look at Cadet Ganglios.

Yes, their eyes are opal; which is what blocked me from sensing them from attacking. The modulators tone shirked for a moment.

Is Sethno nearby yet?

Im here. Those things arent very nice. Cadet Sethno looked down at her uniform the sleeves torn revealing her iridescent scales.

No, theyre not. but theyve got two of our own. Cadet Vi bent down and thought for a moment.

But without our tactical advantage I dont know how well get past them. Cadet Sethno pointed to Cadet Ganglios while holding herself tighter. With her transuit and uniform ripped the cold of the snowy mountains around them was starting to set in. She was cold blooded but this was a little too cold.

I can shrink down so they cant see me. But we need to get the two of you in. Could your telepathic powers block you from their senses? Cadet Vi looked at the two of them.

The opal makes that harder. But doable. Cadet Ganglios answered but he really wasnt sure how much help hed be telepathically against their opal eyes.

How about the two of us stay close to the roof of the cave and make our way in and anyone who sees us Ill stone em. Cadet Sethno suggested drawing in the snow with a stick.

<Could work using my telekinesis.> Cadet Ganglios switched to his telepathic voice which was much smoother than his modulator.

Alright lets rescue the others. Cadet Vi shrank down and took off flying on her flight ring.

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A yellow glow encased Cadets Ganglios and Sethno as they headed back for the cavern opening and the wanting hands of the opal shadows. Flying in quickly Cadet Vi flew in first to make sure the way was clear, having only shrunken down to the size of a lady bug.

<Were clear. Move in!> Cadet Vi called over the telepathic link flying swiftly and right behind her Cadets Ganglios and Sethno flew in bumping across the top of the caverns roof bumping along slowly the telekinetic bubble matching the rough roof accounting for its jagged edges barely keeping the two of them from getting nicked.

<Cant this be smoother?> Cadet Sethno dodged a large rock.

<Sorry Cadet. but we need to be as stealthy as possible which means staying close to these rocks.>

<Alright, were still clear. Lets keep going. I havent seen a single opal eye nor any sign of the other Cadets.>

As Cadet Vi went forward a small glow started to stir in the distance. Flying straight for it the Cadets kept themselves hidden. Coming to a large cave in the center of the cavern, tall stone pillars stood around the cave carved to look like the face of the giant statue in the center of the room.

<Whats that thing?> Cadet Sethno looked into the center of the room and noticed for the first time that the reason they didnt see anyone was because what they thought was the floor was actually the opal eyed sentients bowing before the giant statue.

<I dont know. But right now our priority is the other Cadets.>

The sea of hooded figures all began to stand.

<Hey guys!> Cadet Orn waved to them from behind a pillar sitting on a bench.

<Cadet Orn youre OK!> Cadet Vi called flying over to him growing to six inches tall.

<Yeah, they just took us because they thought we were here to steal their God.> Cadet Orn smiled leaning back on the bench.

Cadets Vi, Sethno, and Ganglios landed gently in front of them. Cadet Vi grew to her normal height the opal eyes that saw her shrank back and began to whisper.

<Youre sure you are OK?> Cadet Vi asked skeptical as she saw the people whispering.

<Yes, Im sure. They thought we were gonna try and steal that thing and I explained who were are and that were here to help as these are the Boitians, the ones who reported seeing Mordrus agents.> Cadet Orn replied.

<Thats great. So who do we talk to find out more details?> Cadet Sethno tried to rush this along. The statue gave her the scallies and looked at it before she realized what exactly she was looking at.

<We need to go.> Cadet Sethno pushed Cadet Ganglios and motioned for the other Cadets to follow.

<You just said you wanted to talk and we need to make sure that these people are safe from whatever Mordru sent here.> Cadet Vi replied trying to slow down Cadet Sethno.

Yes, stay. Our prayers are almost over to the great MAHUTER. Came the velvety voice of the reverend.

This is Reverend Ciotti. Cadet We4ld added finally joining the conversation as if he was freed from a trance.

Thanks but weve got to find that Mordru agent. Gotta look for clues. Cadet Sethno pulled on Cadets Vi and Orn to move with her before it came to life.

Yes, we should. But we should learn all we can about what they saw. Cadet Vi pulled back.

Cadet Vi turned and saw the eyes of the statue start to open up beams of light blasted forth and hit Cadet Vi in the eyes and instantly Cadet Vi was mesmerized.

Tellus! Block that beam and get us out of here! Cadet Sethno yelled and instantly the bubble went up around them and out the cave they went.

What is happening? I dont understand. Cadet Ganglios modulator sparked to life.

That was a Manhunter. They worship a Manhunter, a robot from the Guardians of the Universe first attempt at a police force before they made the Green Lantern Corps. They rebelled and were banished across the galaxy; theyve shown up time to time throughout history and the galaxy and this particular one happened to be stashed here. Cadet Sethno shook her head slightly trying to recall the history.

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