This thread is inspired by a post made by stalwart Legion Worlder Cobalt Kid in the Gy'mll's forum:

Originally Posted by Cobalt Kid
BFOB, I'm also loving the Copiel art on Unworthy Thor. My father, who missed all of Olivier's work over the last 2 decades, just discovered him and considers him among his new favorite artists.

Olivier, of course, also had a run on the Legion which produced a lot of powerful, memorable art. But the standout, to me, will always be Legion Lost v.1 #10, the Wildfire showcase issue where he and other Legionnaires battle bravely and fiercely, if ultimately in vain, against an armada of enemy ships. I believe if that issue doesn't convert someone into not only a Coipel fan, but also a Legion fan, then they're unlikely to ever be converted!

So, I got to thinking, what issues would work best the same way when the above criteria is applied to other notable Legion artists?

My other nominations, in no particular order, and with more to come in future posts:

Steve Lightle: Baxter LSH #14, the Legion tryouts issue.

Greg LaRocque: Baxter LSH #25-26, the 2-part climax to the Sensor Girl/New Fatal Five Saga

Dave Cockrum: Superboy & the LSH #197, "Timber Wolf: Dead Hero, Live Executioner."

Mike Grell: Superboy & the LSH #210, "Soljer's Private War" and "The Lair of the Black Dragon."