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#940566 - 11/13/17 07:32 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/13/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Top Level: Captain Allon's office and living quarters.
Roll Call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Triad - Luornu Durgo –Ability to split into three bodies. Of Cragg U247
Star boy -Thom Kallor of Xanthu U247- interstellar mass control.

Captain Allon sat at his desk staring blankly at the holo screen still in shock about his latest mission.

“We’ve inherited an entire planet…a war world. The entire planet is amazingly constructed. All sub levels are all the way to the core, which is a giant reactor. Engineering surrounds the core. The entire room is a circle with zero gravity. The control panels line the walls. That is simply insane.” Captain Allon thought to himself.

“Captain, Cadet Kallor is approaching your jump tube entrance.” The A.I. toned

“Thank you computer.” Captain Allon responded automatically as he straightened himself up.

Newest recruit Cadet Thom Kallor emerged from the jump tube effortlessly. Thom wasn’t surprised by Captain Allon’s office. His reality’s Gim Allon’s was similarly low maintenance.

“OK, Thom you can do this. This isn’t Gim. It’s just a guy who looks like him.” Cadet Kallor thought to himself.

“Cadet Kallor, welcome to the Science Police Cadet Program. I’m Captain Allon.” Captain Allon extended his hand and shook Cadet Kallor’s firmly.

“Thank you Captain.” Cadet Kallor knew it wasn’t customary for every cadet to meet with the captain, especially one who was captured while helping the nannite underground.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked you hear so soon after your…well capture.”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

“Look, I understand how all of your powered beings feel about the nannites. I get it there’s no control and no privacy. But it is for the greater good. Until Mordru can be stopped he can go around and leech their powers and the nannites give us the option to stop that from happening. Not to mention it allows us to find the best and strongest to take on Mordru.” Captain Allon gave his speech. But he knew it was probably falling on deaf ears.

“I do understand that Captain. But if I may be so bold I’m more than sure there are plenty who would be willing to volunteer to fight Mordru and the nannite bracelet work just as well.” Cadet Kallor stood his ground as his own nannite bracelet glinted with a purple hue.

“Yes, I agree. But the nannites are law and we enforce it. I see you have a nannite bracelet and from your intake file it can’t be removed. So you are a very lucky and well if I may be so bold wild card in our ranks.” Captain Allon circled back around behind his desk and sat down.

“Captain, I may not agree with the present law. But I’m more than willing to do my part against Mordru. People’s lives are at stake and I’m not going to be the one to put them in harm’s way. I know how to be a team player.” Cadet Kallor stood his ground with his arms behind his back.

“I’m happy to hear that Cadet and I’m also aware of your team work skills. You were one of the original Legion of travelers that I was expecting on opening day. I only got to see you once, when you took out the drones. Although looking at footage from a satellite feed that picked up parts of the battle and your control is exceptional and according to the readouts from your bracelet you’re a power house.” Captain Allon wasn’t going to shy away from how impressed he was.

“Thank you Captain. Yes, I had some medical troubles as my record of registration shows. But I’m here to join my fellow travelers if they need me.” Cadet Kallor’s ring glinted next.

“Again glad to hear and once you’ve completed training I have no doubts you’ll make the Special Unit. In the mean time you’ll be a beta cadet. Now for a more serious issue. We know you know where a underground safe house is. You need to tell us where it is and how many are there. They could be key to turning the battle with Mordru.”

“Captain I’m sorry but I can’t do that and you won’t get it out of me either. I’ve had some of the best psychic shielding implemented.” Cadet Kallor knew Captain Allon was referring to Cadet Ardeen.

“I understand. Since that is your final answer, I’m going to give you a form of punishment we have here. It’s called monitor duty. You’ll meet Cadet Beeek there and she’ll train you. Dismissed.” Captain Allon was disappointed but he didn’t expect anything less. He could never admit it but he admired their determination and loyalty to their cause.

“Yes Captain.” Cadet Kallor turned and made his way to the jump to.

“Some things never change.” Cadet Kallor smiled to himself realizing just how much the two Gim’s were alike.

“Captain, Cadet Durgo is approaching jump tube entrance.”

“Thank you computer.”

Cadet Durgo passed Cadet Kallor at the jump tub. They flashed a smile but Cadet Durgo knew she was about to hear it.

“Cadet Durgo, thank you for coming.”

“Of course Captain. What is this about?”

“This is about your last mission that you led. First there was the injury of the young sapient, the loss of three potential new cadets and even though there were two captures, both of them are part of your Legion of travelers.”

“Yes, sir I know. Our friends have seem to fallen in with the underground. We haven’t had much contact with them since joining the academy.” Cadet Durgo did her best to lie but inside her head she felt like screaming the truth.

“I understand that cadet. but we know your rings keep you all in contact. We may not be able to tap into the network but we’re not blind. Your friends are violating United Planets law and they must be brought in. Even if that means searching all of Metropolis.”

“Captain, you have an incoming call marked urgent from Alux Cuspin.” The A.I. system interrupted them.

“Thank you computer. Cadet hang on a moment. Put the call through.”

Instantly a full bodied hologram appeared before the two of them. A older gentlemen with blondish red hair slicked back in green and tan pants suit stood before them. His face contoured in anger.

“Captain Allon, I have an urgent matter my star player is being held captive!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Cuspin what do you mean held captive?”

“I got a tip that my star Magno Ball player is in Metropolis, even though he’s been missing for a year which leads me to believe he being held captive. There is no way he’d stay away this long.”

“Why didn’t you report this?”

“I didn’t want to alarm anyone and we’re in seclusion training. I thought I could find him before there was a problem.” Cupsin’s hologram began pacing back and forth.

Cadet Durgo watched with intensity as she knew what was about to happen and hated herself for it.

“Who is your player?” Captain Allon began typing on his holo keys.

“Rokk Krinn.”

“Rokk Krinn…”Captain Allon typed furiously.

“He was arrested for resisting arrest, public destruction and failure to be registered. All was forgiven once he registered. But he’s been MIA with the exception of his normal nannite readings…”Captain Allon logged into the nannite mainframe servers and checked it out.

“That’s impossible! He’s a star athlete and a heart of gold!” Cuspin screamed.

“Sir, I’m afraid it happened. We would have turned him over had we known who he was but he slipped through the system.”

“Slipped through the system? What kind of incompetency is that!” Cuspin’s anger growing as he leaned into Captain Allon’s holo screen disrupting both of their images.

“We’ll get him back to you soon. We’ll start to trace for him.” Captain Allon answered calmly.

“I’m sending you the address. I know where he is. I just need back up to take him. I’ll meet you at the space port.” With those final words Cuspin cut his transmission.

“Well that was enlightening.” Captain Allon returned his attention to Cadet Durgo.

“Another one of your Legion of Travelers seems to be in some hot water.” Captain stared hard at Cadet Durgo.

Cadet Durgo couldn’t hold it in any more and instantly she triplicated and Lu purple was the first one out the gate.

“First of all you listen here Captain those are not just my friends they are my family and if you hurt them I’ll hurt you!”

“Sister!” Lu orange and neutral yelled.

“No, speak your mind.” Captain Allon leaned back in his floating chair.

“That’s my piece.”Lu Purple calmed and stepped back remembering her place. Moments like this she missed the Legion.

“We understand that you think our friends are bad people. But they are doing what they think is right.” Lu Orange started.

“Even if that means breaking the law?”

“Yes. Sometimes the laws are not always on the right side of history.” Cadet Durgo Neutral replied.

“True. But until the laws change we enforce them. I sound like a broken holo disc. I know you know where your friends are and I know you will warn them. I’m not naive enough to believe otherwise. If your friend the pro athlete turns himself over and your friends agree to stop their actives I will let your friends slide this once. But if they are caught helping unregistered again I will be forced to send them to Takron-Galtos. Now, I want you, Cadets Nah, Wazzo-Nah, and Vi to accompany me to the space port.” Captain Allon’s gaze was fixed on the three of them and instantly they merged back together.

“Yes, Captain.” Cadet Durgo left immediately down the jump tube.

Cadet Durgo couldn’t help but sweat as she traveled down the tube.

“Jo, Tinya, and Vi we need to be in the hanger now! We have to head to the space port with the Captain to retrieve Cosmic Boy for his former manager Alux Cuspin of this reality.” Cadet Durgo called through her flight ring, their images appearing before her and each with a shocked face. They knew this meant their friends could be in danger.

“Dreamer, plans worked. Cuspin and the cadets are on our way to collect Rokk.” Cadet Durgo called Dreamer instantly as soon as the other holos faded out.

“Uhmmm Lu now’s not the best time.” in the back of Dreamer’s holo Cadet Durgo saw Rokk and Chameleon step forward.

“What plans Lu?” Cosmic Boy asked his voice commanding.


“I’ll explain. Lu just take care of what you need to do on your end and be safe.” Dreamer’s holo cut out her beautiful smile still present.

“I hope this doesn’t get ugly.” Cadet Durgo thought to herself as she continued on to the hanger.

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#940567 - 11/13/17 07:38 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/13/2017 [Re: Omni]  
Joined: Feb 2011
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Marina Bay Warehouse District, Metropolis. Earth. The Secret Headquarters of the Legion of Super Heroes from Universe 247.
Monitor Room
Roll Call:

Cosmic Boy – Rokk Krinn of Brall U247 – Magnetism: control, generation, and manipulation.
Dreamer – Nura Nal of Naltor U247 – precognition
Chameleon - Reep Daggle of Durla U247 – shape shifting

“Nura what’s going on?” Chameleon asked.

“It’s easier if I show the both of you.” Dreamer pulled out the memory stone. Its shiny surface slightly memorizing them.

“Place your hands on the memory stone and it will show you everything I know.” Dreamer said with a gulp. She knew this wasn’t part of the Time Trapper’s ultimate plan and after what happened to Gear she was scared for what would come next. But she couldn’t lie any more.

Cosmic Boy and Chameleon glanced at each other before placing their hands on the memory stone. Their eyes glazed over white as their minds filled with the Time Trapper’s visions and meeting with their teammates. They now knew what their teammates had been up to and what they were up against; the collapse of this reality.

“You sent Gear out to make sure Star Boy ended up with the Cadets? Why? Thom was going to leave on his own eventually.” Chameleon stared at her in disbelief.

“No. He wouldn’t have. I know Thom and he would have stayed and with all the new recruits he knew we would need all hands on deck.”

“One of your missions is to turn me over to Cuspin so that I can become the Magno Ball champion of this reality?” Cosmic boy was torn. Hi friends were trying to give him back something he never thought he’d do again. but at the same time it was at the cost of returning him to a man that helped bankrupt his family and sent a killer after him.

“The Trapper needs all of us to cement on more than one level and sadly as things currently are the reality we’ve stepped into is in flux and we can’t step into our lives of this reality and well Cos we know you’d never leave us like this. You’d never let the Legion down. But you have to go and lay claim to your place in this reality.” Dreamer tried her best to put it into easy terms and play to his heart.

“I know. Cham as the most senior member I pass leadership over to you. Dreamer thank you but next time you might just want to talk to us about this and we can make these decisions together.”

“Rokk…we would have to ask Randall and Drake to sacrifice themselves and their individuality to save this reality and the Time Trapper hands out punishments for knowing more than what he wants us to. Just ask Gear.” Dreamer hugged herself a little.

“She’s right Rokk. As much as I hate the idea that they have to meddle and manipulate our lives. It’s better than having to ask us to relive our worst and for some of us best moments.” Chameleon began thinking through his own history wondering what needed to be repeated.

“You can’t tell the others and you can’t interfere. The trapper took out Gear with that aged root. And today is your time. You need to go with Cuspin and the rest of us…we need to leave. The cadets are coming with Cuspin and Captain Allon.

“Where are we going to go? The headquarters is the only place we have.” Chameleon objected.

“We have to move the headquarters into Domain’s dimension. We need to let him open up his jacket and let us in.” Cosmic Boy answered turning to the two of them. The look on Dreamer’s face told him he was right and that she had seen that coming.

“That is crazy. He’s a maniac and would terrorize us.” Chameleon protested.

“No. His nannite collar won’t allow that. His jacket and dimensional portal power is technology based. We can still control him and considering his own personal safety would be an issue without us and he’s got a soft spot for Sensor. He won’t mess up his chances with her by sprocking all of us over.” Dreamer responded. her vision of this moment had come a few days ago and even though she knew what was going to happen the emotion of it was still rather raw.

“Gather everyone in the meeting room.” Cosmic Boy instructed as he quickly made his way to his quarters to change into civilian clothes and pack a few things.

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#940568 - 11/13/17 07:42 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/13/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
En route to Marina Bay Warehouse District, Metropolis. Earth. The Secret Headquarters of the Legion of Super Heroes from Universe 247.
Roll Call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Triad - Luornu Durgo –Ability to split into three bodies. Of Cragg U247
Apparition - Tinya Wazzo-Nah –intangibility of Bzgtl of U247
Ultra Boy - Jo Nah- Super-strength, super-speed, flight, invulnerability, flash vision, and "penetra-vision" (all approximately at Kryptonian power levels), only one of which can be used at a time. of Rimbor U247
Violet - Salu Digby – able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247

Alux Cuspin – Mango Ball player manger.

“I still can’t believe you had him in custody and let him go!” Cuspin yelled at Captain Allon. The mini- flying shuttle flew through the sky at top speed. The cadets flew alongside. Cadet Nah flying ahead of everyone else using his super speed instead of his flight ring. But the others are keeping their stride.

“Lu, I can’t believe this is happening.” Cadet Vi called out.

<I know. We have to keep this secret, no chatter out loud about Cos. We can’t let Cuspin know that we’ve known where Cos has been all this time. Captain Allon’s cutting a deal with the team as long as they stop helping the underground.> Lu flew on trying not to show how upset she was. All of this was on her. She knew they would clash with the team at some point but she didn’t want it to be like this and knowing that she’s had to help set things in motion is another stress she’d wish she didn’t have.

<Understood.> Vi looked back at the mini shuttle at Captain Allon.

“If I could just tell him…I know Gim would understand.” Cadet Vi thought to herself.

They flew on quickly making their way.

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#940569 - 11/13/17 07:48 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/13/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Inside Marina Bay Warehouse District, Metropolis. Earth. The Secret Headquarters of the Legion of Super Heroes from Universe 247.
Meeting room.

“So we’ve have some important and bad news. The Cadets are on their way here and with Cosmic Boy’s manger.” Dreamer spoke to the assembled heroes.

“Cosmic Boy’s manger?” Timmy Feer looked around confused.

“That’s why you looked familiar. I’ve been trying to place your face since I got here.” Teela smiled with a wink at Cosmic Boy.

“I’m a Magno ball player and I’m in line to be the Magno ball champion once I win this season.” Cosmic Boy flew up from the second level joining the team. Cos had a slime smile on his face. He couldn’t believe he was leaving the Legion like this and in the state they were in. But he knew this was for the greater good and even though he didn’t want to admit it but the idea of going back to Magno ball was kind of thrilling.

“So…the cadets are coming and our new “safe” home isn’t actually safe.” Roy’s hands began to glow before he started trying to control and breath. Teela gently grabbed his hands and began absorbing his energy. Her green eyes sparking with radiation as she transitioned it into harmless light as her body glowed a light green.

“Our home is safe. But we have to put it in the hands of...” Cosmic Boy struggled to say these words.

“Domain.” Domain stepped forward his eyes glowing with a smirk underneath his scarf.
He knew this meant he got his coat back and he couldn't wait to be inside of it again.

“Yes. Domain posses technology that can hide the headquarters and allow us to exit and reenter the world at will. We will be safe.” Cosmic Boy continued.

“Are you kidding me? He's a known assassin. Why would we ever trust him?” Blast-Off and Atom'x piped up. Both glaring at each other for a second. It had been a while since that happened.

Meta took Atom'x's hand while her eyes glowed gently a light violet. Roy shot a glace their way but Teela grabbed his face and made him look at her.

“I'm afraid not. He's our only hope to remain free at this moment and on such short notice.” Cosmic Boy continued and glanced at Dreamer. He understood why she couldn't say anything but he couldn't help but feel betrayed.

“He will cooperate. We can guarantee that as his collar won't allow him to harm us in anyway and Sensor has agreed to psychically monitoring him.” Chameleon stepped up behind Domain with Sensor beside him. Sensor applied an updated collar Invisible Kid left behind before he left Colu. The team had thought to start using Domain on missions once things had gotten worse between the team and the cadets. They knew it was only a matter of time before they would be forced to come after them.

Chameleon stood with Domain's jacket and in what felt like a crowing of a king Chameleon helped Domain on with his coat. Sensor stood back as a white light emitted from his coat. The technology coming to life.

“So what are we doing? Am I moving everything or am I just creating something much more... grandiose?” Domain adjusted his coat around his neck and collar. His alabaster skin reflecting the light of the jacket.

“Your taking the headquarters as is. No reason to let you reign free.” Sensor responded her green eyes glowing a bit as she began to monitor his mind. Sensor wasn't as pleased with this. But she knew this was for the good of the team.

“Are we going to have to defend ourselves?” Karate Kid stood with his arms crossed. Val wasn't sure if the new recruits would be capable of defending and not out right hurting their friends.

“Possibly. Which is why I'm going to surrender and go out side the headquarters before the cadets can get in here and try to take anyone. Domain your with me.” Cosmic Boy flew over towards the door quickly leaving. Rokk didn't want to deal with any long goodbyes as they didn't know how long they would have until the cadets arrived.

“M'Lady.” Domain bowed at Sensor before following Cosmic Boy outside.

Cosmic Boy stood in the sunlight under the force field looking up into the face of Alux Cuspin and Rokk couldn't do anything but frown. He hated this man for all he stole from his family in their home reality. But Rokk had to hope that this reality's Cuspin was different.

Captain Allon and the cadets along with Alux Cuspin floated above the Legion's headquarters the force field invisible to them.

“Well what are you waiting for go and get him!” Cuspin yelled at Captain Allon next to him.

“He's under a force field. We can't get him.” Captain Allon answered as he did a reading of the building below them.

“I'm coming out Captain. I'm surrendering as I said I would.” Rokk called out as he spoke into his ring creating an opening in front of him in the force field. Domain followed him out.

“Cos, I'm sorry about this.” Cadet Durgo landed left to him her orange and purple eyes watering.

“Not your fault Lu. You're just doing your job.” Cosmic Boy gave a small smile.

Captain Allon landed his mini shuttle and the other cadets landed around them. Domain stood motionless as to not attract attention to himself.

“Rokk Krinn we've come to return you to your manger Alux Cuspin. You can choose to come peacefully or we will arrest you.” Captain Allon cautioned.

“I'm coming Captain and peacefully.” Cosmic Boy raised his hands.

“And your friends must come out as well and if you all cease and desist their vigilante activities.” Captain Allon said.

“Who cares about his friends. Now get over here Rokk and lets go! We've got a championship to win!” Cuspin immediately ran over to Rokk and began pulling him away from the cadets and Captain Allon. Rokk pulled himself free and began to walk on his own.

“I'll call a hover taxi thanks for the assist Captain.”

“Mr. Cuspin, he still needs to be debriefed about his activates with the underground.” Captain Allon called after them.

“Mr. Krinn what about your friends?”

“What about them?” Rokk looked back and gave Domain a small nod.

A blazing white light erupted from beneath the Legion's headquarters and slowly in began to sink.

“What the sprock is going on here!” Captain Allon yelled as they all shielded their eyes.

Domain put on a bigger show of moving the headquarters by adding the lights .

“Good day Captain!” and with those worse Domain disappeared and standing before them was a giant crater where the headquarters used to be.

“Where did they go?” Captain Allon yelled as he stood in shock.

“Somewhere where you'll never find them. But if you ever need help with anything I'm sure they would be willing to come to your aid Captain.” with those last words Rokk Krinn aka Cosmic Boy left with Alux Cuspin in a hover taxi.

“Cadet! Line up!” Captain Allon yelled. He was willing to let them be as long as they stopped this foolishness.

The cadets quickly lined up. Cadet Durgo first in line and holding back all her tears of anger.

“Those are your friends cadets. I brought each of you because I thought you could talk some reason into them. But we didn't even get that far. What ever warning you sent Cadet Durgo put them on the defensive to the extreme. I want you to locate them and locate them now.” Captain Allon paced back and forth as he gave orders.

“Captain, I've looked for their nannite feeds and they give the same information with one exception their location is unknown.” Cadet Wazzo-Nah responded. Tinya knew Lu wasn't in the right space to respond.

“Then shut off their powers now! That will bring them back.” Captain Allon barked.

“We can't sir. They don't have nannites...according to the read out its the nannite bracelet. The application doesn't allow for the control function.” Cadet Wazzo-Nah handed Captain Allon her omnicom.

Captain Allon grabbed it from her practicality making her drop it. Cadet Nah did all he could to restrain himself from punching Captain Allon for being so rough with Tinya.

“How did they get bracelets? There are only a select group that gets to wear them.” Captain Allon stared at the omnicom in disbelief.

“As of right now your friends are on the wanted list. The Legion of traveler's is no more and when they are apprehended they will be thrown in to Takron-Galtos.” Captain Allon stared them all down. He hated seeing his prize cadets fall like this.

Inside Domain's dimension:

“This is sproking nebula!” Teela marveled as she looked around at the landscape Domain had created for them outside of the headquarters.

Domain had created an ever changing sky of pastel colors with stars randomly twinkling. Over to the left the was a large orchard full of trees each one a different kind of fruit. A swimming pond just in front of those trees with a rope swing. On the other side a giant roller coaster wrapped around a mountain. While at the base of the mountain was more rides like grav-carts tilt a galaxy, various holo games, and what looked like a hotel.

“Welcome sapient s to this wonderland I've created for you. Now everything here is edible and ride able so enjoy!” Domain's cloths changed to that of a ring master with a red waist coat and tan pants. A black top hat and knee high boots to match.

“What's with the hotel?” Chameleon pointed off to the “Land O Fun” as it was called a sign popping up in front of them.

“Oh well I figured that there would be more recruits coming and there are only so many quarters in there.” Domain pointed to the headquarters rolling his eyes.

“Domain, if we're going to be here we need to be somewhat functional. We need a portal area that you can port us in and out of. “ Chameleon looked around and slowly the orchard of trees and arched out creating a semi circle next to the headquarters. The semi circle was made from ten thick tall red burchith trees from Winath. Each one having a different type of swirling portal at their center.

“Happy?” Domain bowed and ushering them towards the portals.

“It will do.” Chameleon responded. His senses were going wild in this strange place as he tried to analyze the forms around him.

“Where do these portals go?” Dreamer asked touching one of the trees feeling its rough bark underneath her finger tips.

“Anywhere we want. I just need the coordinates and I can open as many portals as we need to where ever you need. If I open more than one I just have to remain here.”

“What happens when you leave? When I was here last the world basically shut down.” Sensor slithered over to them.

“There's an auto function for my captives... I mean my guest.” Domain shrugged with a smug smile showing from his eyes.

“Then I guess this is our new home.” Sensor looked around.


Dreamer looked around and hoped the security setting on the headquarters's monitor room had survived the trip and could shield them from Domain's prying eyes and the Legionnaires could keep their secrets.

read the adventures of the Reboot Legion!

#940570 - 11/13/17 07:55 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/13/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Joined: Feb 2011
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Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Level 26 – holo theater one.
Roll Call:

Kid Quantum II - Jazmin Cullen –quantum fields capable of slowing/freezing time. energy blast capable of causing decay. Of Xanthu of U247
Cadet Bogdan Tarka of Doopa –speedster. Capable of traveling so fast no one sees him. (secretly creates fissures in space/time that allow him to freeze those around you.)

Cadet Tarka took the jump tube to level 26 in search of Cadet Jazmin. Ever since his mission to Garon and seeing that weird quantum quake he's been waiting for hours for Jazmin to get back. She was the only one who knew his secret and the only one who would understand. But she had been away on a mission on the outer reaches of the United Planets.

“I've been monitoring the mission boards for hours. But I need to find her. Why would she go to the theater right after a mission...” Cadet Tarka thought to himself over and over as he made his way there.

Cadet Tarka landed on on level 26. The floor was littered with people as they walked from theater to theater. The beta and omega cadets all had a lot of free time now that the Alpha cadets were all on missions to prove their worth for the special unit and classes had finished to allow the officers to focus on their choices. Level 26 had 20 theaters to choose from with hover seating for extra room. As the floor rows only held 25 comfortably.

“The mission board said she was in theater 15 but there are no show times listed for anything.” Cadet Tarka recalled as he briskly walked down the hall its florescent floating lights danced around dimming from time to time to signify a new show was starting.

Quickly finding the door Cadet Tarka tapped his pass code and entered the theater.

“Jazmin! Jaz... are you in here?” Cadet Tarka walked farther in and there she was floating golden amber balls floating around her the energy gently held her in place above the smooth black floor. Cadet Tarka stared at her for a moment her quantum signature radiating out from her. He could feel its warmth. Her skin shinning under its ethereal glow.

“Hmm...” Cadet Jazmin opened one eye to see who it was.

“Oh Bogdan. How are you?” Cadet Jazmin's glow faded as she slowly landed to the floor.

“What were you doing?” Cadet Tarka stepped forward running his blue hand through the reddish mop of hair on top of his head. His fingers passing through effortlessly.

“I was meditating.” Cadet Jazmin seemed a bit out of sorts.

“Did you see it too?” Cadet Tarka wasn't going to beat around the bush. He felt that quantum quakes energy when it erupted. He knew if he hadn't been inside his fissure when he felt its full force might have caused him to feel the way Jazmin looked at this moment now that the quantum glow had completely faded. She looked tired as if she had over exerted her powers.

“Saw what?” Cadet Jazmin wasn't sure what Cadet Tarka was getting at.

“The quantum wake in space.” Cadet Tarka's black eyes widened.

“There was a quantum wake? When? Where?” Cadet Jazmin suddenly figured out why she had felt so drained. A quantum wake pulled at her own powers.

“I was on Garon and inside one of my...” Cadet Tarka looked around out of habit.

“Time fissures and it erupted above me in space. It was so bright. I don't know where it came from. But it was strong. Jaz it really was something. But I've never seen anything like it.” Cadet Tarka was slowly showing the cracks in his normal easy going vainer.

“I've been feeling like this for a few hours...the wake must have just reached Earth around the time I got back. But what could have caused a wake that powerful that you would see it and I would feel it?” Cadet Jazmin racked her memory and all she could think of was the moment Darkside entered in their lives and almost destroyed all of time from beginning to end to create his new world. But she had visions then of the battles to come against Darkside. But none of that had happened.

“I'm not sure. But I think I need to return home to Doopa soon and see if it had any affect there. If the two of us felt something I know my people must have.”

“I'm not sure we will be able to get clearance to go. This week is important and Captain Allon has recently placed some more restrictions on some of us.” Cadet Jazmin's flight ring glinted in the light as she turned it around on her finger as she crossed her arms.

“Then as soon as the units chosen we ask to go.” Cadet Tarka didn't want to wait but he knew that the academy had its rules and he wasn't at the liberty to break them. His world needed the protection of the United Planets from Mordru.

“Agreed.” Cadet Jazmin wasn't sure what was going on but she knew they had to get to the bottom of it. If Darkside was returning and another moment of the Legion's history was about to be recreated she was going to make sure this time they were ready for it.

Across the Galaxy the blue misty marble that is Doopa spun slowly. The stars spun clockwise their light shinning dimly around the planet. In an instant they stopped in their tracks and just as suddenly they began to spin counter clockwise casting their light in a different direction. A daily occurrence for the stars orbiting Doopa. The blue marble continued to spin. Planet side the humanoid turtle people of Doopa went about their day as the purple blue mists passed by them. Mothers walking their babies on the side walks past shops with low light neon signs coming to life for the daily mists. The mist parted as the sun blazed through for a moment revealing a ghostly silhouette of a figure in tatted purple robes and strands of dirty white strips walking slowly through the center of the street mist and Doopian passing though it alike. Slowly walking it looked around and for an a small instant it became tangible when a flash of white light washed over it. The robed figure raised its hands and felt the mist pass through its fingers and bandages and just as quickly as it came into being it faded away.

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On Zerrox:
Mordru's throne room.

Mordru sat atop of his jewel encrusted gold throne watching his “Chandelier of Failure” spin gently. In recent months many of his slaves have been bested by the United Planets and some group of super powered individuals. It wasn't the first time that he had dealt with “Super Heroes” and he knew it wouldn't be the last.

“If that infernal United Planets has created some sort of force against me they will be sorry.” Mordru thought to himself.

At that moment the Emerald Eye glided into the throne room its emerald glow bouncing off the golden statues and jewels.

“Eye. What do you want?” Mordru rolled his eyes at his favorite weapon and adviser. But lately the Eye hadn't been on its best game sending him after planets of no real worth in their ever growing conquest of the galaxy.

“My Lord, I need to see you. I felt something in the universe. It was only for a moment but I felt a change. Something cosmic powered even. Its sent a shock wave out. Did you not feel it?”

“Oh that? I felt its momentarily power. But it was so fleeting I deemed it not worthy.

“My sire that shock was was felt throughout the galaxy. But it was felt on one world specifically that I think you might find of some interest.”

“What world?” Mordru leaned forward stroking his long white beard and raising an eyebrow.

“Doopa my lord.” The Emerald Eyes green glow brighter as he hovered.

“Mysa! Where is Mysa?” Mordru bellowed.

In a flash of green light the Emerald Eye had summoned the Lady Mysa from her the chambers of its Empress. Mysa stood with a velvet green wrap in her hands ready to be placed on the shoulders of the eye's mistress.

“What is this intrusion?” Lady Mysa spoke before the Emerald Eye's glow had faded and had not realized it was the Dark Lord who had summoned her.

“What of it daughter?” Mordru sat up right and smirked. He was itching to issue a punishment.

“Sorry, my lord. What need do you have of me?” Lady Mysa bowed her head her purple hood falling over her face.

“Doopa. Do you know of this world?” Mordru sat back easily.

Mysa conjured the omnicom President Chu had given her and typed the name in.

“It is a newly added United Planets world my lord.” Mysa bowed again.

“Damn! Then it is off limits. Whatever power you felt there is lost to us for now.”

“May I be excused my lord?” Mysa stayed bowing.

“Oh... yes of course.” with a wave of his hand Mordru sent Mysa back to the Emerald Empress' chamber.

“My Lord, there is another world I would like to remind you of from your empire long ago. It holds something that I think you will like and I know for a fact it is not in the United Planets territory.” The Emerald Eye boasted knowing this was the plan it and Mysa had worked out from the beginning.

“Speak.” Mordru growing wearing of this encounter.

“Skarla.” The Emerald Eye flashed.

Mordru's interest was reignited as he remembered this world from his former Empire. It held a very special crystal.

“Continue Eye, we have plans to make.” Mordru settled back into his throne with a grin spreading along his face.

Across the castle of the Dark Lord Lady Mysa flashed back into the lavish room of the current host of the Emerald Eye. The young woman she charged with finding it in the first place and who sadly failed her. If it wasn't for a boon her mother Azra had over her for saving her own life she wouldn't have looked as favorably on Zoe and given her a second chance as the Emerald Empress after she had found the Emerald Eye with President Jenni Chu.

“Oh your back so soon. I figured the Dark Lord would have you for hours.” Zoe the Emerald Empress said as she looked in the mirror psycho kinetically changing her outfits. She started in a short green dress that flared out at the bottom and hugged her all the way up to her neck. Trying with sleeves and without sleeves. Then changing the sleeves to lace and frilly. The skirt shrinking up into a leotard body suit. All the while her thick red hair floating upward a streak of green present in the front.

“It was a quick reference check.” Lady Mysa quickly cast a spell to put her omnicom back in its hiding place.

“That's good. I need your advice. I'm planning a trip to Rojira. They are in desperate need.” Zoe smiled as she turned back from looking at Mysa and into the mirror glowing green and changing her outfit once again into her archaeological dig clothes; a pair of shorts a simple lose fitting top and a pair of gloves. Zoe changed her usual green for those of the rustic brown they normally were. Here hair resting no longer floating but still thick and beautiful about her face.

“Perfect!” Zoe squealed.

“What do you mean your going to Rojira? You have no reason to go there. Your job is to remain here and keep Mordru distracted and get me as many of those gems as you can. We need more for me to complete my plans.” Mysa chastised Zoe. She knew she couldn't tell Zoe everything about her plans. But she needed to understand just what those gems could do for them.

“I know and I will Mysa. Trust me. I'm not going alone. I've convinced Mordru to go with me. I've convinced him to be not only a feared leader but a benevolent one. We are going to help restore their crops and get the planet back on their feet. That should take at least a few hours as I've made a big show of it with the Rojiraian delegates. They plan to praise him and give him a nice show. The Eye is in on it as well. So no worries about conflicting plans. Oh and the Eye wants me to tell you that Skarla is set.” Zoe scrunched her nose a bit at Mysa as she relayed the message from the Emerald Eye through their psychic bond.

“Thank you Zoe.”

“Its not a problem Mysa. Look you brought me here to help you and I figure the best way I can help you is by helping these people. There are hundreds of planets in Mordru's territory that need help and I want to help them. I hear them every night when I listen with the eyes magic.

“Zoe do not indulge in the Eye too much. We both know it has its own agendas. But still I applaud your efforts.

Zoe smiled and gave a quick wave before vanishing from her room in a blink of emerald light.

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Sub level one: Detention Center.
Roll Call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Dragonmage of Earth, New Shanghai Colony, slave of Mordru - spell casting for various effects. Manifesting through various forms of dragons.

Captain Allon took the jump tube from his office down to the Detention Center. It had been almost a week since they had captured the young mystic who attacked them on Cyclone World. He had watched the security footage from the Detention Center and had seen the young mystic do nothing but meditate with the exception of what looked like a heated argument with Cadet Kohan. Captain Allon looked around the short hall to the Detention Center below the hanger. As he entered his pass code Captain Allon realized that he hadn't been to the Detention Center since his tour of the academy months ago when this concept was first initialized. The bright white sterile floors burst into life as the door slid open. The circular room with 15 white cells all with force fields holding in the only two occupants. At the center command post was Cadet Umbra. She volunteered to take a shift once Cadet Tharok was brought in after his collusion with The Dark Man aka the Omniphagos to return Anndranna to the universe.

“Cadet, how's the prisoners doing today?” Captain Allon asked approaching the central command post.

“It's been kind of quiet. Dragon boy has barely moved and Tharok has been some what good. He needed a few shocks to keep him from tinkering with the locks but otherwise its been a welcome rest.” Cadet Umbra arched her back stretching.

“Good to hear. The more mistakes you make Tharok the longer you stay in there. Don't think your “immunity” gives you free reign. You are still a crook and you are here as punishment.” Captain Allon pushed the hard light blue button send a direct speaker message to his cell.

“Don't remind me.” Cadet Tharok said grinding his teeth.

“Cadet, let me into the Dragonmage's cell please.” Captain Allon doing his best to be respectful of their prisoner.

“Sure thing Captain.” Cadet Umbra waited for Captain Allon to reach Dragonmage's cell before pushing the combination of hard light buttons on the console.

Captain Allon gently approached the force field and as it shut down he moved into the cell and just as quickly and quietly as the force field went down it went back up.

“Dragonmage. Sorry its been so long since our last meeting.” Captain Allon spoke firmly but soft as he disturbed Dragonmage from his meditation.

“No need to apologize Captain. I understand there is a lot going on in the universe that you and your cadets have to contend with.” Dragonmage stood and bowed to greet Captain Allon.

“Thank you for your patience. Now first things first I'd like to know what Cadet Kohan came to see you about. We have the two of you on security footage and looked to be a pretty heated argument.”

“Cadet Kohan and I are former associates. As I'm sure you are aware he was captured by Mordru and tortured. The reason he was captured was because of me. I looked for a way to help him stabilize his abilities and we found it on Zerrox. We took the risk, went and got captured. It was by the grace of the Opal Dragon and a little help from my own captor that he and your other cadet...Cadet Rikane I believe it is escaped back to United Planets space.” Dragonmage looked Captain Allon square in the eyes as he explained his story his green eyes not once leaving the Captains.

“I'll have to talk to Cadet Kohan about this to corroborate your involvement in his presents on Zerrox.”

“Understood.” Dragonmage bowed his head slightly.

“Good.” Captain Allon tapped his omnicom to set a reminder to talk to Cadet Kohan.

“Captain, I also understand that you may not trust what I am about to say to you but you must believe me that now that I am no longer on Zerrox and under Mordru's thrall I wish to do everything in my power to help defeat the cursed Dark Lord.” Dragonmage continued to keep his gaze on Captain Allon.

“That's good to hear and your right I don't trust you. But whether I trust you or not is besides the point. You are an asset that I can not ignore in this war against Mordru. I have some ideas on how you can help us. But I'm going to make sure your vetted first. Once our top telepath returns we will begin.” Captain Allon tapped his omnicom again as Dragonmage bowed his head in agreement.

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Gobu On Colu
Roll Call:

Brainiac 5 -Querl Dox of Colu U 247 - 12th level intelligence , internalized force field apparatus
Brainiac 4 -Nyrl Dox- 12th level intelligence and cybernetic being regeneration/self repairing and limited body morphing.

Brainiac 5 glided across the greenish blue waters of Colu towards Gobu the Capital of the newly rediscovered southern hemisphere. Brainiac 5 had been in the lab for the last two days without any reprieve from his work from Representative Gux. But Brainiac 4 had requested he come out. She even put in a phony request of a power grid disruption to get him out of the lab. Brainiac 5 focused as he maneuvered the hover cycle over the waves. But his mind couldn't help but wander to other things. Of the many tracks of thought going on in his mind a couple of them returned to Lyle... the Invisible Kid; whom as of late he was sure that is exactly how Lyle felt. He had been on Colu for almost a week and he had barely seen him.

“Thank the laws of physics for Laurel. She has helped keep Lyle company for me while I've been otherwise engaged with the development of the nannites to transfer the cybernetic “virus” to those who wish to ascend to that state of being. It would make the process almost instantaneous and much less painful that the way my mother had to transform. She and Virx will be so pleased to have the potential to rebuild their species.” Brainiac 5 thought to himself. All of it was starting to mingle together. But the more he thought the more separated it all became as he became less concerned about the emotions of his mother, Virx, Laurel, and Lyle.

It was about the work. He was helping to rebuild a species and an entire continent of his home world. But he knew that meant somethings would have to be done in order to get things done and testing was one of those things.

“Reality is rewriting itself to suit the Legion and reintroducing our history to us in new ways and for once I'm going to be proactive about that. I found would be assassin Sara Nux and he wasn't going to let her almost destroy C.O.M.P.U.T.O. or A.I. Intelligence in this reality. Once I find a way to leave Colu I'll assist the team by finding these possible out comes and taking care of them before they take care of us.” Brainiac 5 thought to himself as the wind rushed his face. Brainiac 5 knew his actions might not be inline with what the team would want. But too much pain has happened already and none of them should have to relive that.

The ride to Gobu was quick. Each time he took the ride it seemed shorter and shorter. He knew it was just his mind becoming accustomed to the ride and shortening as it didn't need to focus on the details. Brainiac 5 docked into to the ivy covered marble dock. Its green neon lights running along its smooth edges. The ivy moving in the wind as the circuity of the ivy arched up to grab the sun on its leaves to power its gentle glow. Running a quick diagnostic as he does every time he docks here Brainiac 5 taps away at his omnicom.

“Things are continuing to go well here. Gobu is thriving again. 'The self repairing circuity is exceeding projections and the solar intake is at 90% on a daily basis.” Brainiac 5 recorded to his omnicom tapping the third circle on his forehead which controlled his connection to his devices.

Brainiac 5 walked farther along the path into Gobu's center taking readings as he went along. The work that he, Laurel, his mother and Virx had done to restoring the southern hemisphere. All the planet life had revived and the animals were coming back to life. Brainiac 5 noted several species that were on the brink of extinction being revived through the regeneration process. Brainiac 4 stood fixing three relays for the circuit row of street lights near the entrance of Virx Dome.

“Querl. Its good to see you again. I see my faked malfunction worked on releasing you from Gux's menial tasks.” Brainiac 4 turned around as her rear sensors went off alerting her to his presence.

“Yes, it was sufficient enough. Thank you for the break. Things are progressing nicely here. We should be ready for the Coluian High Council to come for a visit and officially reopen Gobu and introduce the Cybernetic species to the galaxy.” Brainiac 5 gave a board smile for the first time since his arrival.

“Yes. It is almost time. Although I haven't perfected away to transform those who wise to become Cybernetic.” Brainiac 4 faced Brainiac 5 and returned his smile with a small one of her own.

“I actually have the answer for that and its thanks to your invention and research with the nannites. Because of their capabilities to shut down the system and control its abilities. The nannites can change its host on the molecular level with a few minor tweaks to their programming. I actually witness how easily they can target and identify any species. A former colleague of mine was taken out by them before I deprogrammed them. The assimilation process is still not painless but its almost instantaneous and as long as the host has the nannites in them they can be cybernetic.”

“Can they be turned back? Do they need to keep the nannites in them in order to stay cybernetic or can they expel them and remain one of us?” Brainiac 4 automatically began questioning her son's findings. She was impressed that he found out this application and annoyed that she hadn't thought of it herself.

“If they posses the nannites they can be changed back. But once the nannites are expunged they can not be changed back and the nannites have a fail safe that can be triggered to revert anyone back who isn't enjoying their experience. However, if one is injured after their conversion to being cybernetic and use the regenerative properties of your species they can not return to their original form. ” Brainiac 5 gave the answers he knew she was looking for and some she might not have been.

“Those are some excellent results. I'll have to look into your findings more see if I can add anything to it.” Brainiac 4 smiled to herself for a moment as she was happy to be bonding with her son and discovering a way to give birth to her new race. But then her thought track turned to the real reason she had wanted Brainiac 5 to come to Gobu for a visit.

“Querl... I need you tell you something. Something that I've been meaning to tell you for a while now. Something about Virx...” Brainiac 4 was trying her best to choose her words but she never imagined that this would be a conversation she would have to have with her son. She allows thought her son would grow with his father. Not be estranged from him for 16 years.

“He's my father.” Brainiac 5 looked a this mother simply with no emotion.

“Yes. How did you know?” Brainiac 4 was shocked for one of the few times in her life.

“He's of exceptional stock. You two clearly have a history and a close relationship. I've watched it over the weeks I've been working with the two of you and I see how close that relationship is and that's without your even links. I also saw a facial resemblance of 45% around the nasal area and my ears are like his...and once I recognized that I did a DNA test.” Brainiac 5 returned his gaze to his omnicom and continued readings as he gave these observations to his mother.

“You've been busy.” Brainiac 4 was surprised at his initiative and his lack of excitement.

“I've never been that curious about my father. But now that I've had the chance to meet him I'm happy for it.” Brainiac 5 smiled simply again at her. His emotions completely in check and understated.

“I'm glad.” Brainiac 4 felt pride and happiness about that but she felt disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm. She realized for the first time she had real feelings about Virx... about her son and in that moment Brainiac 4 felt a sudden surge of panic as she didn't know what to do with all these feelings.

“Oh also I had this retrieved from Earth.” Brainiac 5 pulled out a small sphere from his utility belt. Indents with red and blue alternating colors.

“What is that?” Brainiac 4 moved closer and marveled at it. She instantly began taking readings of it.

“This is a Responsometer. It is a device that animated robots and gave them sentience. It allowed them to morph into liquid shapes but retain their solid form. They were rather effective in their day. The technology was created by Doctor William Magnus.” Brainiac 5 continued to hold it out for his mother to scan. He enjoyed seeing the wonderment on her face at a new scientific device.

“I see its quite interesting and can replicate sentience.”

“Yes. It was actually at the center of a computer I once made along with a New Gods Mother Box.” Brainiac 5 began spilling private Legion information.

“You've met the New Gods? But they are just myth.” Brainiac 4 was astounded.

“They are far from myth and I've had some extraordinary adventures in my travels.” Brainiac 5 took a few seconds to appreciate the life he had with the Legion.

“Your future sounds like an amazing place to be. I wonder how much of it I'll get to see once I go back.” Brainiac 4 understood that if her son was to be 16 now and he wasn't from the future and she was currently pregnant with him then she would have to return back to her own time.

“Why do you say you have to go back?”

“I'm pregnant with you now Querl and if I stay here that would mean your from the future. But your temporal scans as odd as they maybe match this time period.”

“You ran temporal scans on me?” Brainiac 5 was only mildly shocked.

“Of course I did. I needed to know if I was going to be able to stay here. I was brought forward by a time storm I created.”

“My mother...I've been over your research multiple times and I've found your private locked files and have never found anything on a temporal storm or even a temporal event or time research.” Brainiac 5 hoped this was some ruse of his mothers as his trust with her was still tentative at times. He saw that malicious look in her eye from time to time. But he was so happy to have a real mother. Brainiac 5 had considered the possibility of her being evil once more due to reality reshaping to the teams memories.

“I've kept that on my personal omnicom always. I had decided I wanted to try and escape my life on Colu and I knew that the only way to do so was to travel through time. Gux and his minions would never let me out of their sight and in all honesty that was my plan behind conceiving you. You were meant to be my replacement. But after the last time I saw Virx something had changed and I wanted to take you with me. My research was almost complete and I was about to finish when something in the time stream happened opening a temporal portal which brought me here.” Brainiac 4 left out the bit about the curse of Neron. She figured that was something she would bare on her own as she wasn't 100% sure if the curse had been broken because of her trying to escape through time.

“The temporal portal brought you forward on what day?” Brainiac 5 had a theory.

“On 7.23.2998.” Brainiac 4 wasn't sure why this date was important but saw her son working feverishly.

“Do you remember when it happened? What time of day?”


“Mother, I have some news for you. The day your temporal experiment went wrong there was a temporal storm registered with the Time Institutes records one of the first of many... but it seems it wiped a piece of your memory. The day you left was the day I was born and I was born at 6am that morning. I was already born. That means that either you had decided to leave me with Gux and the Coluian High Council or you were making adjustments before coming back for me and was caught in the temporal storm.” Brainiac 5 was conflicted as he did the research of his own history which began filling in on Colu and his disastrous lab explosions for a long time before Brande Industries bought me away.

“I suspect Gux and the High Council's memories will have changed once I get back.” Brainiac 5 thought to himself as reality aligned before his eyes as his contract with Brande Industries was voided after Brande's death and reverted back to Colu. A few taps and he saw that it wasn't just his mother they listed as missing but him too and just like his teammates he's been gone for little over a year.

“But I'm pregnant now...” Brainiac 4 stood stunned for a moment before running scans on herself and motioning for Brainiac 5 to do the same and they both came to the same conclusion that she is currently pregnant.

“Congratulations Mother. Looks like you and Virx will be parents again and have the first naturally born cybernetic baby.” Brainiac 5 beamed a little at the announcement before instantly seeing the look of sheer happiness on her face and realizing that baby will have the thing he never had. His mother's love and attention.

“Thank you...I must find Virx.” Instantly Brainiac 4 ran off into the Virx Dome and to the Fusion Furnace to find Virx.

Brainiac 5 stayed for a bit to help with the odds and ends around Gobu that needed to be done to give his mother and Virx some time alone before he unveiled his plans for the southern hemisphere. But after almost an hour Brainiac5 knew that it was best if he left. Besides he had plenty of work to get through and Lyle was still here. Brainiac 5 walked the path back to the docks. The lights coming on as the sun had begun to set.

“Querl!” a raspy voice called out.

“Hmmm?” Brainiac 5 turned an saw Virx hobbling along towards him.

“Virx, what can I do for you?” Brainiac 5 gave a small smile.

“I'm glad I caught up to you. I know yooooo hearrrd the good newwss.” Virx's eye fluttering as his central processor glitched.

“I have. I'm very happy for you and mother. The first baby born cybernetic is a great thing and means true survival for your species.” Brainiac 5 was slightly cold as he responded.

“Thank you son. I hope I can call you that now that you knooow I'm your father as well. To think I never thought I'd be a father and I've been blessed twice in one day.” Virx smiled warmly at Brainiac 5 who couldn't help but return the smile.

“That is a blessed day.” Brainiac 5 responded simply.

“Yes and you must come and celebrate with us son. We will feast. Invite Laurel and your other friend I've seen with her the past couple days. This is a joyous occasion.”

“It is and it will. I will invite them but I will correct you on something. Lyle, my other friend is my partner. I love him.” Brainiac 5 felt weird saying those words out loud. He had barely said them to Lyle. But a part of him knew he felt that even if lately the rest of him had started to feel less and less and he became obsessed with his work.

“That is great. My son, in my long life the only thing I ever wish for anyone is happiness and on this day of all days I can not begrudge you of yours when I have received mine.” Virx pulled Brainiac 5 into a hug. Brainiac 5 stiffed as he did so but quickly relaxed and the two of them headed back into Gobu and Virx's dome.

“Father...” Brainiac 5 stopped for a moment as he said those words and how strange how they felt coming out of his mouth.

“I have something I want to show you.” Brainiac 5 continued as he pulled out the Responsometer.

“I think this can help us with controlling the nannites and the process of transition to cybernetic beings. I believe that the 7 outer cities can be the central hub with each city having a part to play. But I need to find one more thing in order to make this work.” Brainiac 5 looked up at Virx with pride as Virx smiled.

“That's great come along and we will discuss.” Virx led Brainiac 5 back to his dome.

Unknown location:

“Hmmmm well...well...well... a repeat client is always a great thing.” Grimbor stood in his lab working on his latest device a new flash bomb that contracts into a hard light body wrap. So far he hadn't perfected it. But eventually.

“Shikari...” Grimbor called over his shoulder.

“Yes, Grimbor.” Shikari stepped forward her exoskeleton fully enacted. Grimbor's crown of wires surrounding her head and intertwining with wild teal hair.

“Can you find something called... a Mother Box?” Grimbor turned to face his slave as the center jewel on her forehead of her exoskeleton armor came to light.

“It is far away. But I can find it. I sense it out there among the stars...” Shikari responded automatically.

“Good. I'll gather the team. Something tells me this is going to be an adventure.” Grimbor grinned from ear to ear.

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The Search for the Elementals
Roll Call:

Saturn Girl - Imra Ardeen – telepathy, mind control, reading and communication. Of Titan U247
Cadet Berta Skye Haris of Earth- wind generation and manipulation.
Cadet Blok of Dryad- super durable, physical resistance, super strong; energy absorption. mass increase.
Cadet Dune - of Mot duzt - collective of sentient sand grains morph body at will. Travel through soil.
Cadet Rol Purtha of Naltor – precognitive dreams.
Ferro - Andy Nolan – movable iron body, super strength and invulnerability of 20th century Earth U247
Cadet Dirk Morgna of Scylla -Light and heat generation, heat vision, flame generation, transform body into pure light or flame. The Avatar of the elemental Phy'r
Cadet Dyrk Magz of Braal- Magnetism manipulation; control and generation of magnetic fields.
Cadet Waiane Wentim of Zwen - Zwennite physiology to turn to stone, narcoleptic induction
Cadet Ollow Dulga of Aleph 2 -Creates jewels about her body to use as armored protection. Emerald, Ruby's, Diamonds, and Sapphires are her favorites to use.
Cadet Lgxx Gsxx of Hnyx- Generates earthquakes

In deep space:

“I must keep running. There has to be a host out there somewhere…I can’t let Mordru find me.” Rrox the Earth Elemental thought to itself. The void of space chilled it to its core. The asteroid it sat on wasn’t very warm but it was enough earth to comfort it until it found a host or planet to bond with.

Flying through the galaxy:

“I will find you Rrox.” Elemental Yigr thought. A’rie and Yigr’s merging had completed now the two of them had become one following their battle with Mordru’s agents.

“If I could just focus on Rrox’s energy like we used to when we needed to find each other.”Yigr’s mind flooded with memories of A’rie’s previous life with her previous host Ellury. Rrox giant hands holding her after so many a battles before their final battle with Mordru.

Science Police Academy: Edge of Pluto’s orbit.

Cadet Purtha sat meditating on the Academy's cruiser as the cadets searched for the Elementals. It had been a long week as they searched and his fellow cadets were starting to ruffle his normal happy exterior. But he never dreamed as he meditated he'd meet one of the most focused and talented precognitive his world has ever known. Rol knew that he was second choice for the special unit compared to Nura Nal and wouldn't have made it had she not gone missing. But to learn that she's from an alternate reality and that she had only been inserted into this world to save it was something he never expected. Cadet Purtha realized that this made him his world real premier precognitive. But that wouldn't matter if everything he had learned had come to pass. They needed to save the universe.

“We’ve been out searching all week and still nothing. This mission has to be done by the time they announce cadets. You hear me. I can’t miss that.” Cadet Dulga barked impatiently over Cadet Morgna’s shoulder as he piloted the ship.

“Cadet, even if we’re not done, I’m sure this task can get passed on to the special unit and that the lack of finding the Earth Elemental will not go against you. We are searching the vastness of space.” Cadet Ardeen interjected calmly her eyes not leaving the radar screen in front of her.

“Hmmmm.” Cadet Dulga abruptly turned and made her way back to her seat at the other end of the cruiser.

Cadet Purtha opened one eye listening to Cadets Ardeen, Morgna, and Dulga argue.

“Thank you. she’s a rather…impatient sentient.” Cadet Morgna tried to pick his words carefully.

“She is. But it is the last week before graduation to the special unit and this mission has taken a lot of time. We’ve searched 7 sectors of space in five days each light years wide. It’s going to take its toll on some. But it’s part of the job.” Cadet Ardeen smiled simply.

“It is. But right now my job is to find my fellow elementals before Mordru does.” Cadet Morgna responded firmly. Phy’r’s mind was a blaze with worry. Cadet Ardeen could see that without being a mind reader.

“And we will Dirk. Just have some faith.” Cadet Ardeen tried to reassure him. But Cadet Morgna barely acknowledged it as his mind went to the worst possible scenario and being called Dirk was still something he had to get used to. His previous host gladly took Phy’r’s name as their own casting aside their mortal shell. But Dirk was different. He had connections to this world and universe more than any other host and his personality was so much stronger than the others. Phy’r found himself acting in ways he didn’t fully understand. He even felt as if he were developing feelings.

“I can’t wait to return to the flame and let Dirk take back his life.” Phy’r thought to himself as he felt an urge to go an talk with Cadet Dulga to smooth things over.

“We’ve got something.” Cadet Dune called from his console which was tracking magical energy released in space that was attached to any minerals that could compose earth.

“What have you got for me…I mean us.” Cadet Morgna ran back to the station after placing it cruiser on auto pilot.

“This trail of asteroids which were once icy dwarf planets have now defrosted with planet life growing only to be frosted over again, here in the Kuiper Belt leads towards the edge of our galaxy. Of the 800,000 asteroids in this belt at least a forth have this energy signature and after affect happening to them.” Cadet Dune answered. The console's holo light keys responding to his every movement the thousands of sentient sand grains gliding in cohesion.

“What process? Cadet Gsxx made his way to Cadet Dune’s console

“They’ve started growing grass, but because they all have little to no atmosphere the grass is adapting and in some cases making its own atmosphere. It seems the magical residual energy of the Earth Elemental can almost bring life to these little rocks.” Cadet Dune smiled at the thought of fellow rocks growing life.

“That’s Rrox for sure. Set a course.” Cadet Morgna commanded.

“Wait…we’ve got something else on the scanners heading in the same direction.” Cadet Ardeen called from the helm.

“It’s Yigr isn’t it?” Cadet Berta stood her violet eyes fierce.

“Yes, the wind elemental is heading for Rrox, but that’s not the only thing on our radar.”

“Mordru?” Cadet Nolan asked.

“No…it is something different…” Cadet Purtha’s gentle brow furrowed under his platinum bangs.

“What do you see?” Cadet Gsxx leaves on his head shook slightly. He couldn’t imagine anything scarier than Mordru.

“It’s a Celestial.” Cadets Morgna and Purtha said in unison each feeling its energy in their own way.

“A what?” Cadet Dulga yelled.

“A Celestial. We elementals are as the big bang. We were formed mere moments after the big bang. But we weren’t the only ones nor were we the first. The celestials are the equivalent of our parents.” Cadet Morgna hung his head.

“You don’t look to thrilled about that. I guess you hate your parents like every teenager.” Cadet Wentim joked.

“I’m not a teenager!” Cadet Morgna roared his body erupting into flames.

“Cadet! Calm yourself!” Cadet Berta called balls of wind ready in her hands.

“The celestials are dangerous. Depending on which Celestial you get there is a chance you could bring some serious trouble into our universe. They have the power to rewrite reality as we know it. but that’s not the worse part….”

“If Mordru gets his hands on a Celestial there is no stopping him.” Cadet Purtha cut Cadet Morgna off his pale star gray eyes popped open as they saw a future where Mordru absorbed a Celestial.


“Why haven’t we heard of these Celestials before?” Cadet Berta crossed her arms.

“They hide. Once they lived on a planet and did their best to stay out of the affairs of the universe but then as with any world holding great power it got corrupted. Originally there were 13 Celestials. But one…one Celestial left because he desired chaos in the universe and became who you know as Entropy.” Cadet Morgna informed them as he called on his elemental magic to try and sense which Celestial it was.

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“You elemental’s are descended from sprokin’ Entropy!” Cadet Dulga barked. This was all getting over her head. She barely thought she deserved to be an alpha.

“Yes.” Cadet Morgna’s patience growing thing.

“Well we’re about to meet one. We arrive at the Earth Elementals location in 2 clicks.” Cadet Ardeen took the ship out of auto pilot and brought it on to the second closest largest asteroid that could hold their cruiser.

Each cadet put on a transuit and embraced the cold void of space. Not far from them they saw the Earth Elemental and a bright light.

<There they are. Let’s go people.> Cadet Morgna thought over the com link Phy’r had gotten used to using it but it was a odd sensation to hear others in his head besides Dirk.

“Phy’r?!” a lofty but icy voice rang in the vacuum of space. A gust of wind hit Phy’r.

“A’rie?” Cadet Morgna wasn’t sure if this was good. the last time they saw each other they were being banished and it was his impulsive nature that ruined their plan. Phy’r’s eyes couldn’t meet A’rie’s cloud and sky swirling eyes.

“Yes, and it is Yigr now as it is…?”

“Dirk.” Cadet Morgna felt the icy chill of her curtness.

“Dirk we need to find a host for Rrox. If we don’t…”Yigr’s concern clear.

“I know. I’ve brought potentials.”

“Potentials?” Cadet Ardeen’s stance changed immediately as she realized his plans. He was going to try and sacrifice one of the earth powered cadets.

“I’m sorry but we need a host and any one of them has the heart and integrity to be Rrox's host.”

“So each of you choose a host for different reasons. Your passion, drive, and creativity. While Yigr is love and compassion. It makes sense Earth is loyalty, heart, and integrity. That leaves water as…”

“The mind. Intelligence, and openness.” Yigr spoke softly to the Cadets but particularly to Cadet Berta who she could see was still upset for not being chosen. Yigr pushed back her floating mane of red windswept hair from her face.

“And we’ll find her later but please let’s get over there before Rrox and the Celestial are done. Only the gods know what they could do.” Cadet Morgna’s flames sparked as he flew towards Rrox.

2 Clicks away:

“Rrox. It has been a few millennia since we’ve communed. I thought you children of the element were a shamed of your Celestial for bearers.” The ball of glowing light’s voice rang throughout the space around them.

“Yes, I know Mother Celestial Gaia. But these are desperate times. I’m without a host and the cursed sorcerer Mordru is searching for me and my fellow elementals. If he gains our powers this universe is doomed. At least with a host I stand a chance. Please help me or use your power to take the Dark Lord away.” Rrox pleaded the ball of light shimmering until it became a giant being in a white and blue toga. Her hair made of trees and her skin the color of mahogany bark that shined while her eyes were filled with stars.

“I’m sorry my child but why would I care about the trivial pursuits of a mad sorcerer? The concerns of mortals are not that of the Celestials anymore. We left them to their own devices long ago.”

“Yes and in doing so and not using your power to spread through the universe it drove one of your own mad turned him into the worst devil this universe has known.” Rrox argued the asteroid around him burst forth with life. Grass and trees, flowers sprouting.

“Entropy is neither mine nor your concern. He brought a balance to the universe as does your sorcerer. Good has to have an opposition. You can’t have dark without light.”

“Mordru would squash out all the light for total conquest and dominance.” Cadet Morgna yelled to Rrox and the Celestial Gaia.

“Phy’r and A’rie?” Rrox and the Celestial Gaia said in unison.

“Yes, mother Gaia. We have come to find our brother and find him a host so that we may take on the blight that is Mordru and you must hide yourself again for if he gained your energy we would be surely lost.”Yigr flew straight at Celestial Gaia standing tall her leaves gusting back from Yigr’s wind wings.

“This Mordru could never. He can’t handle the power of a celestial.” Gaia scoffed at them before her mind was filled with utter pain and visions for at that moment Aq’u’s power, body, and soul were being absorbed into Mordru. Each of the Elementals screamed out in pain as well.

“Don’t be so sure about that Gaia.” Mordru’s sinister voice echoed around them.

“Where are you Mordru! Where are you coward?!” Cadet Dirk yelled to the void.

“I’m where I need to be little flame. But with Aq’u’s power flowing through me I can tap into your mental connection when a Celestial is called. Your energy all resonates together its quite enthralling really. I can’t wait to add the rest of you to my collection. Can’t wait for the family reunion and Gaia once I’ve claimed your children. I’m coming for you and your brethren.” None of them could see Mordru’s face but they could hear the evil grin spread across his face.

Again the Celestial Gaia and the elementals screamed in anguish.

“Dirk!” Cadet Ardeen yelled reaching out to catch him.

Cadets Blok and Wentim helped to steady Gaia with help from Cadet Magz while Cadets Nolan and Berta grabbed Yigr. Cadet Purtha and Dune help Rrox.

“Mordru has Aq’u’s power. He used the philosopher stone to absorb him.” Yigr sobbed into Cadet Berta’s shoulder.

“We must avenge him!” Cadet Morgna sat up his eyes burning with flames.

“First, things first your brother needs a host and I enchant each of you with a protection spell. It should protect against the powers of the cursed philosopher’s stone.” Celestial Gaia declared choking back a small sob for the death of her child. She could still feel Mordru’s evil taint on her psyche as she crafted small balls of wood thickets and infused them with her energy before sending them out to each of the Elementals.

“And you and the other Celestials will hide your selves?” Cadet Morgna asked.

“Yes. I’ll make sure our family will not fall to him. all of reality will be at stake.”

“If you only knew.” Thought Cadet Nolan as he listened to them decide on their course of action.

“Now, which one of you is going to be Rrox host.” Celestial Gaia’s voice rang around them as they looked at each other.

“That’s something that may have to be talked about.” Cadet Ardeen looked around at the stunned cadets.

“I will offer myself.” Cadet Blok’s large rock form stepped forward.

Rrox stood as a giant tree next to Blok’s already large stone stature. Cadet Blok actually had to look up at Rrox.

“Thank you Blok. Your heart is in the right place but I’m not sure you are the right host. I must be certain.” Rrox’s voice was so small and simple compared to the hulking frame they all saw before them.

Cadet Blok hung his head not sure what that meant. The other Cadet’s stood holding their breath as Rrox looked around at the group of Cadets. Each of them having their own merit. But Rrox just wasn’t sure. After being with his host for so long and then entrapped with a planet where he felt truly one with everything it was hard to commit to going back to a single host. Looking at each of the cadet’s his vision showing their energies wafting off their bodies.

“We don’t have time for you to be too picky.” Cadet Morgna cautioned.

“You know how this works just as well as I do Phy’r and each of you would be a good host. I can sense that. I know you wish nothing more than to help and your loyal to our cause. But you will be with me for the rest of your life. I will be one with you.” Rrox explained.

“I still volunteer. I know I would serve you well and I’m more durable and long lasting than other host as my form will evolve.” Cadet Blok steeped forward again this time not backing down and it was that act that made Rrox choose Cadet Blok as his new host.

“Evolve into what? Rrox interest was piqued.

“A Planet.” Blok answered simply.

Rrox, thought about it for a moment and saw the potential to be one with an entire planet again. Rrox began to hum lightly. Rrox’s body began to glow bright before bursting into tiny little lights that flew at Blok’s body. Making contact with Blok’s body trees sprouted out from his limbs and chest and then the asteroid slowly grew up Blok’s rocky body until he was covered from head to toe in a cocoon of molten rock burning the trees and incorporating them into its lava form. The lava rock pulsating and Its bright orange and red lava swirling and bubbling up slowly crusting over completely covered.

“uhmmm this is interesting an all but what now?” Cadet Dulga’s impatience growing.

“We let them merge together and form a bond.” Yigr responded.

“We may have another problem…” Cadet Wentim pointed off to towards the horizon and coming from the void what looked like a giant wave of energy but as it got closer it was clear it was something else.

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“What is that?”

“It is a space creature known as the Ort-tapie, energy cloud. It will sweep through and collect us. Adding us to its energy. I'll send it to another spot in the cosmos.” The Celestial Gaia started to wave her hand to try and remove the Ort-tapie from coming towards them but her powers did nothing.

“Nice try Gaia. But that’s not an Ort-tapie. It’s THE Ort-tapie. The one that makes all the others and…” Cadet Ardeen’s eyes glowed a bright pink as she connected with the Ort-tapie’s mind.

“And it is bound by and uses the same energy I have coursing through my body.” Celestial Gaia’s voice was distant.

“Which means it can counter your advances?” Cadet Nolan surmised.

“We need to keep Blok and Rrox safe.” Yigr’s body instantly went into a defensive stance her wings of wind growing and talons of cyclones wrapped around her fingers.

“Yes, you do and good luck my children.” Celestial Gaia’s tree and river body rolled up and back into the ball of light.

“MOTHER!” Yigr screamed before Celestial Gaia became a ball of light again and instantly was gone with a quantum wake opening up.

“Like you expected anything else.” Cadet Morgna scoffed while surrounding his body in flames using the heat he generated to fly up and ready himself for battle.

Celestial Gaia was gone and the cadets were left to protect the Rrox and Blok as they merged together.

The Ort-tapie moved steadily towards the Cadets. Cadets Ardeen and Purtha stood back next to Blok’s cocoon while each cadet got ready to tackle the Ort-tapie who was now only a few clicks away. Its luminescent tentacles stretched out towards them. Cadet Dulga’s body glowed with a red and blue light as her body became covered in jewels. Diamond and ruby armor grew across her arms legs and torso until it reached her head creating a ruby helmet. While Cadet Magz started creating magnetic shields around all of them extending his power out as much as he could.

“That thing is an energy sucker how are we supposed to fight it?” Cadet Wentim asked scared his blue green eyes wide with terror. His feet even starting to turn to stone as he nerves took over.

“Brace yourself Cadet and do the best you can.” Cadet Nolan responded. he knew what it was like to have to go up against someone who was stronger and more powerful but there always was. They just needed to find a way to beat it.

“We got this. Just keep your heads up.” Cadet Berta reassured them. Moving slow and deliberately creating cyclones around them to help protect.

“Don’t bother fighting it. You’ll just be part of us anyway.” A voice quipped from a nearby rock cluster.

“Who?” Cadet Dune shifted around his body splitting into three duplicates the thousands of sentient grains of sand maneuvered as one their telepathic bond and wills switching the electromagnetic fields on to surrounding the new comer whose body was nothing but energy. But Dune found their form sturdier than usual realizing Magz magnetic field was strengthening their pellets will to bond.

“Yeah I don’t know why you bother.” Came another voice from behind Cadet Gsxx who had started to shake the ground beneath him gently.

Before the cadets could do anything they were surrounded by neon white energy beings all from across the galaxy that had succumbed to the Ort-tapie’s life stealing tentacles.

“Gone you’ll be. Ort take all.” A giant muscular humanoid with elongated arms grunted as it hunched over to reach for Yigr.

“No. this isn’t going to happen.” Yigr flew up out of its grasp and slashed at the light giant with her wind talons slicing him across the shoulder and forearms.

“Ouch. Hurt me.” The giant shank back.

“Maybe we can hurt these things after all.” Cadet Berta smiled as she called forth her tornadoes who started sweeping in.

While Cadet Nolan went in for a punch to a small neon white tiger that had started to pounce. But Cadet Nolan instantly feel down in pain.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH” Cadet Nolan screamed falling to one knee.

“Ferro get back with me and Rol.” Cadet Ardeen called out. She knew that using his code name was a bad idea but instinct took over and she saw him fall. She knew how hard it was to take him down from an energy blast.

“I’ve got him.” Cadet Gsxx called out his hands shaking slightly sending a wave of asteroid at Cadet Nolan which gently moved him next to Cadet Ardeen and Pol who were protecting the cocoon behind Yigr’s wind field, and Cadet Magz magnetic field.

<Thank you> Cadet Nolan broadcast switching to the telepathic com link

<OK people don’t make physical contact with these creatures they are the advance party used to weaken us before the Ort-tapie comes and collects the rest.> Cadet Ardeen instructed as they fanned out around the cocoon’s fields.

Cadet Dune’s body shifted back together before punching through several energy beings their energy clouds dispersing around him, his path through them exhausted them a little but not as much as it did cadet Nolan. Cadet Dune slowed and took a breath realizing he had the asteroids own soil to connect with and energize him and that’s when he looked over at the cocoon which was pulsating.

<Helping my brother.> Cadet Blok’s voice entered into the collective of Dune and instantly cadet Dune did what he does best and created a stand storm around the Cadet’s Nolan, Ardeen and Purtha and the cocoon. If he couldn’t touch them the least he could do was keep these things out.

Cadet Ardeen knew they were protected and she began doing her best to blast these creatures psychically. Hoping she could reach the creature’s consciousness. Her blue eyes a glow its bright pink energy lighting the now small area around them.

<Cadet Morgna fire off a few blast of sun light. it should disrupt the flow of energy a bit and stop them from gaining ground. Sunlight is something it can’t absorb.> Cadet Purtha called out his eyes glazed over as he saw moments of the battle flashing before his eyes.

Cadet Morgna complied and radiated out several pulses of pure sunlight shorting out the neon white energy beings causing them to fizzle out. While Cadet Berta and Yigr created a giant tornado beast with sharp talons that started to lash out at the Ort-tapie’s tentacles that had finally found their way to them. Their beast tackled three of the eight tentacles slashing away cutting it, causing its white hot energy to bleed out into space. The other five tentacles wigged across the asteroid. Cadet Morgna continued his assault of sunlight cutting the tentacles but they never stopped raging on towards them.

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<How’s Blok doing> Cadet Nolan asked recovering.

<They both are OK. But I don’t know how much longer this process is. But it seems Rrox and Blok are expending a lot of energy not just in merging but in sustaining the asteroid were on. It seems the Ort-tapie's touch is deteriorating the asteroid.> Cadet Ardeen informed them.

“I bet this thing can’t stand a jade sword! AHHHHHH!” Cadet Dulga cut the tentacles the jade absorbing the energy shock from the tentacle. Her diamond and ruby armor glimmering from the backlash.

Cadet Dulga punched and slashed with the ruby talons that formed with her thoughts instantly. Cadet Magz used every piece of metallic ore he could from the asteroid and flung it at the Ort-tapie’s main body. While Cadet Gsxx reached out to the other asteroids around them and began to shake them apart until their pieces own gravity flew them at the Ort-tapie. each fragment melting into its body.

<Cadet Dulga, can you create a few jade javelins since they seem to work?> Cadet Ardeen asked and without a second thought Cadet Dulga generated five of them and flung them at the Ort-tapie.

“AHRRRAAG” the Ort-tapie yelled in pain as it recoiled back for a second before pushing forward hitting cadet Dulga and wrapping around her their energy coming to life.

“AHHHH its too much energy for the jewels to deflect.” Cadet Dulga struggled but the longer she stayed in contact the weaker she grew.

“Let her go!” Cadet Berta yelled sending a wave of hurricane winds at the tentacle beast.

Cadet Wentim stood their unsure what to do. He had stayed out to help but he knew if he even tried to touch the Ort-tapie it would drain him and it didn’t matter which form he was in. his stone body was durable but not invulnerable.

“It’s energy…how can I stop energy.” Cadet Wentim thought over and over before pushing his power outward to induce sleep. Using his ability he did his best to try and find a frequency that this creature would respond to. His power worked by using the brains natural frequencies to induce sleep though his soothing song.

“I haven’t found a being yet that can resist a good nap.” Cadet Wentim thought to himself as he began powering up his song. Watching Cadet Magz flung the scattered pieces of ore around from the asteroids Cadet Gsxx had shaken apart.

“OOOOOoooooooOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOO” Cadet Wentim sang out his soft lullaby working its way around the Ort-tapie’s body trying to find the central mind within it.

<Keep up your song. Its having an effect.> Cadet Ardeen thought out her telepathic powers sensing the beast grip on Cadet Dulga was loosening and the ore from Cadet Magz was keeping three tentacles busy.

Cadet Morgna’s sunlight burst started getting faster and more frequently combined with Cadet Wentim’s power the Ort-tapie’s advances slowed its body fizzing in and out. While the hurricanes and wind beasts of Cadet Berta and Yigr kept it distracted from attack them.

“Must help…” slowly Cadet Dulga started to encase the Ort-tapie’s body by extending her armor out but changing it to jade to absorb it better. The jade traveled up the tentacle until its entire body was covered.

“Good job Dulga! The jade is draining the Ort’s power while it becomes docile from Cadet Wentim’s song. We need to figure out what to do with this creature. It won’t stay like this forever.” Cadet Ardeen knew it was only a matter of time before it would regain its energy and consciousness.

“It’s a natural part of the cosmos. We can’t destroy it.” Cadet Morgna kept his assault up but just to subdue the beast.

“Then we contain it by using our elemental magic’s to send it to a distant galaxy that has no life.” The deep child like voice of Blok spoke as the cocoon slowly crawled down his hulking form. Cadet Blok was a tall giant rock before but now he was even bigger with a glow of green running through the cracks of rock that composed his body. Blok was connected to the Green and he was their new champion. Chosen to protect all planet life in the universe and he knew this would be the first step in his life of protecting the energies and lives of the green.

“All three Elementals would be needed. We can use the displacement spell we had meant for Mordru but it will send us with it.” Cadet Morgna flew down next to the merged form of Blok and Rrox.

“No, just us brother.” Blok and Yigr took off towards the Ort-tapie as his energy cascaded out and encased all of the cadets in earth.

Cadet Morgna roared against the wall of rock around him. his flames flaring but getting him nowhere. Cadet Blok and Yigr went to opposite sides of the Ort-tapie and extended their energy outward. Calling forward the winds of change and the Green’s energy the two of them surrounded the Ort-tapie in energy. The two of them chanting.

“We can’t let them do this!” Cadet Morgna yelled as their energy moved Cadet Dulga back to the asteroid’s surface.

“We must and you must stay and fight Mordru. We will return when we can to take him down with you. But for now the only way to save all of you and to save the Sol system is to remove this creature for it will not stop. We have the power to move ourselves through space and we shall take it with us. It may be able to negate Mother Celestials attack to move it away at full power but weakened as it is it can’t mount a counter energy attack which kept it here before.” Yigr stated as her winds extended out even father as a bubble of wind and green energy surrounded them and in an instant they were gone.

The rock around the cadets fell away crumbling now that Blok wasn’t there to hold it together.

“They’re gone. Again!” Cadet Morgna sank to his knees returning to humanoid form as he tried to reach out and sense them. But their energies were too far away.

“We’ll see them again. I promise.” Cadet Purtha put his hand on Cadet Morgna’s shoulder.

Cadet Purtha saw the Elementals being back with them for a battle with Mordru. But he wasn’t sure how far off that was or if it was indeed the final battle against Mordru.

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Daxam, Solaris Project Compound in Daxam City
Roll Call:

M'onel -Lar Gand (Valor) of Daxam U247 - flight, invulnerability, solar absorption and healing. X-ray vision, penetra- vision, heat vision, super breath, freeze breath, super human speed, reflexes, endurance and sense (vision, smell, hearing, touch.)

M’Onel sat up slowly in his bed looking at his clock. It was 2:30 in the morning.

“Practice is at 6 hundred hours. This is my only time to try and see if I can get into the files about the nannites.” M’Onel thought to himself.

M’Onel quickly dressed standing in the light of his solar lamp getting into his black ops Solaris team uniform. A black insulated body suit that absorbed solar energy of any kind and transmutes it to yellow sunlight to power them up and keep them powered longer after absorbing yellow sunlight. It’s one of the new gadgets the Solaris Project’s been working on to grant the team members their powers under a red sun in case Mordru attacked. The body suit also cast a net of invisibility from technology. Daxam was locked away by the United Planets for a reason and he needed to find out why.

Slowly flying down the hallway towards Roxxas office which was on the other side of the underground complex.

“It’s times like this I wish Lyle had come with me.” M’Onel thought to himself flying along hoping he didn’t trigger any motion detectors.

“I’ve been here almost a week and this place seems to be pretty normal. This team is just trying to train to protect their world. But there has to be a reason why they cut themselves off from the rest of the United Planets or if the U.P. locked them away. They said we were dangerous and that our powers were out of control. Then those medical reports of the lead virus were faked. Why fake so many infections to make every Daxamite come world side?” M’Onel floated in front of Roxxas door wondering if he should just open it with his code or try something else. M’Onel decided to try using his heat and penetra vision to short the circuits of the door.

With the circuits fried the door was stuck. M’Onel gently lifted the door helping it slide open.
“Careful, don’t leave any imprints on the door.” M’Onel thought to himself.

Speeding in to the office and moving the door back into place. Opening up Roxxas computer quickly he did typed in Roxxas’ password from the Sol Room’s key pad.

“Access Granted.” The AI toned softly. The holo screen flew up in front of him.

“Good…OK so there is a nannite station on Daxam but only a small number of the population got induced…wait that small number is the same number of fake lead virus cases. The nannites caused Andromeda’s powers to go berserk because of their programming to subdue Daxmaites at all cost. But why would the nannites be per-programmed to subdue Daxmaites if the nannites came into law before Daxam went into lock down?

Roxxas files were meticulous as M’Onel opened window after window trying to find the answers. He found feeds from Daxam at the time of the great lock down and then he found letters from various factions of the White Triangle.


The time is perfect to close our borders. The United Planets has played right into our hands with the news of the Lead Virus spreading making us “unstable”. Using the nannites to cause Daxmaites to lose control was ingenuous even if they idea did come from your Coluian friend. Now with Mordru’s first visit to our world passed there is still cause for great concern for our brethren still abroad. The nannite program helped subdue any power Mordru could sense from us. But if we leave our world and intermingle with the rest of the galaxy Mordru will discover our powers and turn us into his personal army of supermen. We must close ranks and cut off. We were able to bring almost everyone home with this lead scare. But now we must make it permanent and keep ourselves not only safe but pure from the taint of the universe. The Triangle has been working on satellites to keep the planet safe. At the next council meeting propose Gand industries and the lock down. We’ll be in touch soon.


“They programmed the nannites to trigger the Daxmaites and create a fake lead virus scare to save themselves and the galaxy from Mordru. But they didn’t do this for safely. The White Triangle did it to control the population into being scared of leaving the planet and keeping them pure. Brainiac 4 even came up with the idea….The United Planets didn’t lock Daxam away at all it was the White Triangle.” M’Onel’s blue eyes widened in shock.

M’Onel clicked around to a few more feeds, links, and files on Roxxas computer and he found files entitled Reeducation A Home World Perspective.

“They teach this in schools? This plan is all about chasing anyone with a desire to leave Daxam away from that dream. Isolationist to the extreme…”M’Onel’s mind swirled for a moment when he realized now that by coming to Daxam he really was never going to be able to leave again.

M’Onel’s face twisted with anger at the thought of being stuck on Daxam and never getting to see the Legion again. It hadn't been very long but he had started to find a small kinship with the Solaris Project squad. But this exile made him realize the Legion wasn’t just his teammates or even family they were his home. They were his heart.

“Dink!” came from the vents. M’Onel’s super hearing picked up instantly unsure of what it was. Quickly he closed down Roxxas’ omnicom and quickly flew back to his quarters before his body suits reserves ran out leaving him powerless. M’Onel was unaware that he was being watched from the shadows.

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Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Captain Allon’s suite 70th floor.
Roll Call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Sergeant Shvaughn Erin -Science Police Sergeant and instructor
Tactical Science Police Officer Gigi Cuzmon

“Welcome you two. This is our meeting to pick the special unit to take on Mordru. We'll go through each cadet and we'll each get a chance to argue for them. But first things first. I'm sure you've received word from President Chu that the academy will be moving and we're going with it. I have been tasked with being the guardian and United Planets representative for the missing planet...Anndranna.” Captain Allon stood before his fellow officers both proud and shocked at the turn of events of late.

“Wait a go big man!” Officer Cuzmon slapped Captain Allon on the shoulder.

“That is rather impressive. But what does that mean exactly?” Sergeant Shvaughn took her seat at the holo table. Always inquisitive one.

“Well... we basically will live and run Anndranna and all its dealings with any foreign governing bodies. But in reality it will be the academy's command post primarily. We will run our operations from there. But we are basically a free...” Captain Allon smiled with sigh of relief. Having more distance from President Chu's watchful eye was something he could always do with. Her weekly messages regarding the cadets was getting a bit much to handle.

“I like it. When do we move?” Officer Cuzmon grabbed a handful of grapes from the commissary.

“Metrixx-Kanndrnn will be transporting the entire hillside to Anndranna within the week. I sent him the specs on the fields and the mountain side. Apparently Anndranna can replicate the the point and the bay.”

“Cap...we have an entire planet...that is a war instillation and can reduplicate and change to anything we need. I think we can leave the academy here.” Officer Cuzmon pointed out.

“What do you suggest then?” Captain Allon grabbed a grape from Officer Cuzmon's hand.

“The planet can be retro fitted to anything we need according to what you've said and the extensive file Metrixx-Kanndrnn sent over for us to familiarize ourselves with.” Sergeant Shvaughn interjected.

“I saw we set up quarters for all of the cadets and personal. We have a main building where your office and the monitor room and meeting rooms will be. It can be like Embassy.”

“And I have the perfect place. It can be behind the Mausoleum making that a monument to Metrixx-Kanndrnn and his people.” Captain Allon's eyes drifted off as he saw it in his mind.

“The planet has five continents that we can use. One can be a science and research area, while another can be devoted to combat training, the third can be a detention center. Takron-Galtos isn't going to be able to hold everyone we can't and recall them for questioning in our quest to stop Mordru. We can have one that is for relaxation. We'll need a place like that for the cadets....and the last one I don't know but I'm sure we can think of something. “ Officer Cuzmon's eyes glinted with delight at this new world.

“Haha. We'll have plenty of time to figure all of that out. But the cadets living quarters along with the Embassy and medical center will all be on the main continent. As for the sub levels they will be used as storage for all supplies and weapons both brought to the planet and those already there. All the defenses will be upgraded and incorporated into the Anndrannian technology. They will also serve as fallout shelters if we're ever attacked.” Captain Allon tapped his omnicom making notes as they discussed.

“What happens to the Academy here though? There is a lot of technology here.” Sergeant Shvaughn was always pragmatic.

“It will most likely be turned into a normal Science Police academy. But that is something we can discuss later. Right now we need to pick our special unit. ” Captain Allon rained them back in.

“Fine. Let’s just get this out of the way then. Your little pets...even if they aren't so much right now... those “Legion of Travelers” are your top ten.” Officer Cuzmon put her feet up on the floating table in Captain Allon’s office suite.

“I don’t have to. Their scores on test and in missions is beyond anything we could have asked for. They not only lead but they lead by example while still being humble.” Captain Allon gushed for a second over his top ten but his gushing was soured by their disobedience of late.

“And an array of powers, great team working skills. I can agree I’d want each and every one of them out there covering my back.” Sergeant Erin sat forward her hands folded in front of her face.

“I’m not arguing I just don’t think we should waist time discussing the chosen, when we’ve got 25 more slots to fill and 42 cadets to consider. So let’s get cracking.” Officer Cuzmon clapped her hands together with a grin.

“Alright, we’ll lets first discuss the criteria for being chosen.” Sergeant Erin pushing to do this in a responsible and proper way.

“Obviously we go by their scores in class and how well they did on missions, and in training." Sergeant Erin began typing on the floating tables console bringing a holo up of all the cadets profile pictures on one side of the screen. While the other had three sections, labeled out as “Cap Picks, Erin’s Picks, and Cuzmon’s goon squad. A smaller screen has the criteria listed out.

Officer Cuzmon logged on to her console and changed the title of her picks while sticking he tongue out at Sergeant Erin.

“We need to add a section for President Chu’s picks. She had a lot to say about each cadet. Thankfully she’s behind our top ten and then from each of those four categories we discuss our top five and those that are agreed upon by all Three of us well pass on. Chu may be the president but this is still my squad.” Captain Allon joined them at the table and began uploading President Chu’s picks. The screen under her name filling up. Captain Allon removed the top ten from all of their list and made anew screen simply titled “The Squad.” His name along with Officer Cuzmon and Sergeant Erin’s were at the top of the roll call.

“Alright…well let’s see are there any over laps for the President and any of us?” Sergeant Erin asked her hands gliding across her console’s hard light panel.

“Tharok.” Officer Cuzmon looked at Gim. She knew he didn’t want him on the team and Shvaughn wasn’t too thrilled either.

“He’s on the president’s list, mine, and Shavaughn’s. Gim I know you don’t trust him. but one if you want Validus like the rest of us all seem to he’s part of that deal. Not to mention a hacker genius who can make any weapon is highly useful.” Officer Cuzmon looked at Captain Allon who was frowning from the moment Tharok’s holo image appeared before them.

“I know. Just swipe him and Validus over to the roll call screen.” Captain Allon said and instantly the AI computer moved them over listening to Captain Allon’s voice commands.

“I hate this as well but it goes without saying that Twine is on the squad. She’s our insurance policy on them if they turn on us. There’s no way we can’t include her, as vile as she is.” Sergeant Erin moved her profile over.

“I hate that we have to let known villains, enemies of the state, crooks, criminals and straight out scoundrels on to this team too. But it’s the advantage we need to take to beat Mordru.” Officer Cuzmon chimed in.

“I just have to say this fear of meta abilities is honestly stupid. They are normal sentience But we all know the only reason we have these nannites is to control them in to fighting for us and the best way to make the public think it’s OK to control a portion of the population is to make people think their powers are a danger.” Captain Allon hung his head a little bit. He hated the nannite program.

“Yeah well without that nannites Tharok and Validus would have probably skipped town or killed us by now.” Officer Cuzmon pointed out as she looked over her list.

“Who else do we all have in common.” Captain Allon forced himself to move on. Gliding his hands across the console to highlight the remaining commonalities.

Cadets Gates, Tarka, Rehtu, Ayrla, Wel4d, Astor, and Morgna’s profiles all light up.

“I understand all of these. A teleporter, a speedster, a living hallucinogen, gravity negation, liquefier, power replication, and magical fire. In battle against Mordru each of them would be extremely useful. “ Sergeant Erin nodded leaning back her floating chair.

“Also all are from different planets and Chu stressed that we needed to show interplanetary cooperation. Two of which are planetary champions. Cadet’s Ayrla and Wel4d were sent to us to train specifically to fight Mordru and then Rehtu is a war hero after his home world’s invasion. Even if they weren’t exceptional Chu would fight for them to be on the squad and well Cadet Morgna is a level up against Mordru. He’s faced him before.” Captain Allon moved their profiles over to the final team roster.

“That’s another ten making it 20. But we’ve been counting Validus and Tharok as one. So who’s the next choice? Those were the last of the commonalities from all four of us.” Officer Cuzmon started combing through her list.

“I think we need to have a second speedster. Cadet Tarka’s good. Always comes out of
nowhere. But Cadet Orgnats is more versatile I think.” Captain Allon spoke up first.

“I’ll second that one. she’s got a good spirit and she’s a dynasty in the hero world. Her grandfather is the Flash. I just found this in her file. Did either of you know that?” Sergeant Erin asked.

“Yeah, I looked into it because if anything she should be a few generations later but the Flash ended up in the 30th century and settled here.” Captain Allon brought up the file information on the Flash next to Cadet Orgnats profile.

“OK, She’s in. I think we could use a little more muscle on the team though. Cadet Nah is a one power at a time, cadet Astor only has a 10th of his super strength, and Validus has to be instructed and controlled. My vote is for Cadet Candi. Her super strength, endurance and attitude would be welcomed.” Officer Cuzmon pulled up the emerald giantess’s profile.

“I’ll second that.” Captain Allon moved her profile over.

Sergeant Shvaughn Erin nodded moving both Cadets Candi and Orgnats over to the squad.

“These are my top five. Cadet’s Bannin, Kohan, Haris, Dumaka, and Rikane. “ Sergeant Erin pulled up all five profiles.

“Bannin and Haris get my vote.” Captain Allon tapped the console

“Cadet Dumaka’s strong, and agile. I just don’t know if she’d be good against the likes of Mordru.”

“Physical fighters are just as good and it gives him less to possibly leech off of. Besides she’s fierce and could slice him up pretty good. She’d also be able to track any of his associate should he send them. Remember this isn’t just about the big battle against Mordru but anything he could throw at us.” Sergeant Erin pleaded her case.

“Good point and we’ll need a tracker for sure. But Cadet’s Kohan and Rikane I’m still not sure of.” Captain Allon moved Cadet Dumaka’s profile over.

“They are both good. But Kohan’s attitude might be an issue and Rikane’s powers are very similar to Cadets Wazzo-Nah and Nah.” Officer Cuzmon added.

“We’ve already got duplicate powers. His density shifting is instantaneous and he’s a good fighter. Cadet Kohan I understand he rubs everyone the wrong way. But Cadet Rikane and him are really close and he seems to make him better. If both come along it could be beneficial. Plus Kohan’s power levels are pretty high and his crystal avatars allow for long rang fighting without it being an energy attack.” Sergeant Erin smiled as she knew she was winning all of her debates.

“I’m going to pass on Cadet Rikane for now. He may move up quickly but I’m going to move Cadet Kohan up. His crystals are impressive for a mental construct.” Captain Allon moved on to their next choices.

“Cadet Evening is another one I like.” Officer Cuzmon added bring up the profile.

“Tactically I like her uses. She could keep him in place and busy while casters fired on Mordru. But her scores aren’t the best in classes or in practice. As the program’s gone on she’s gone down in points.” Sergeant Erin pointed out.

“Her and Cadet Rikane are on the maybe list then.” Captain Allon willing to concede.

“Fine my next choices are Cadet’s Sethno, Chey-Nu, and Dune. They all have great potential. They each have scored well in classes and training. Missions however aren’t so great. Each doesn’t always follow orders exactly. But are strong fighters. Not to mention the Earth Elemental did almost choose Dune. I think his collective is strong. His sandstorms can be pretty harsh.” Officer Cuzmon taps the console throwing up their profiles.

“I think Chey-Nu would be great back up to Morgna. The two of them could be a sun.” Captain Allon pushed their profiles over along with Dunes.

“Sethno’s an ace shot with her blasters and her stone casting is expert level. She can even control its duration?” Captain Allon was surprised.

“Yup. Great for interrogations and in battle.” Officer Cuzmon’s smile grew as she sheepishly pushed her over to the final squad selection. Captain Allon smiled at her as he nodded yes.

“Cadet Sul is another good choice. Her ability to amp the other cadets to be their best and in some cases she’s started to learn how to amp their abilities, like Cadet Candi’s strength and Cadet Orgnats super speed. But I think with even more practice she could amp Cadet Ardeen’s telepathy or even Cadet Jazmin Cullen’s powers.” Captain Allon mentioned.

“Her amping works best on herself though and she’s probably one of the most well prepared cadets outside the top ten. Her scores in practice aren’t the best. Her hand to hand needs work. But she’s got my vote.” Sergeant Erin added moving her over.

“You’ve got one more pick Gim before the final five.” Officer Cuzmon reminded Captain Allon who had left to the commissary to get a cup of coffee.

“Thanks Gigi. I’m going to throw up Gsxx. Earthquakes are effective against anyone. Plus nice kid. Like super nice.” Captain Allon took a sip from his cup smiling as he had changed it to a hot Tharrian hot coco.

“Yes. I’ll support that one.” Sergeant Erin moved him over. She couldn’t argue with the tactical advantage it had sliding his profile over.

“Our final five. How exciting. This has been a long time coming. So is this our wildcard debate section?” Officer Cuzmon leaned forward ready throw up on to the holo screen a cadet.

“Yes and all still have to pass all three of us.” Captain Allon’s smile was wide as he knew this was where they would finally start to be divided. All of the other cadets were good high scorers in certain areas or in multiple. But these last five would be a fight for their favorites and not just the top placing cadets.

“Cadet Beeek.” Officer Cuzmon brought her profile up.

“Defend.” Sergeant Erin scoffed.

“Agile, independent, and her vertigo blast can affect almost anyone.”

“Agreed. But her independence has lead to a few mishaps in following orders. She almost took out an entire block while cashing after unregistereds because she refused to listen to Cadet Durgo who pointed out that the area they were in would rebound her sound back to the crowd and the cadets. Also her scores in the law classes are low and let’s be honest she needs more training with those vertigo blast. Her healing harmonics on the other hand would be great in any sick bay. I’d say that’s actually her better talent.” Sergeant Erin spoke up first.

“Agreed. I’m going to pass on her as well. Good potential. But I don’t know if she’d work in the field. “ Captain Allon

“Cadet Lour? Long range teleportation.” Sergeant Erin suggested

“Nope. She’s better as back up. Her long range is great but close range isn’t up to par.” Officer Cuzmon stretched her back.

“Also a no. same reasons.” Captain Allon tapped Cadet Lour’s photo causing it to ex out while he ate a bowl of noodles.

“President Chu suggested Cadet Sepht.” Captain Allon mentioned through a mouth full.

“Try again. her powers are too wild. She still has to wear her containment suit and can’t fully aim at just one target. She compromises the other cadets. Plus I don’t think Mordru is susceptible to most germs or biological warfare as he’s immortal.” Sergeant Erin instantly vetoed her while looking at Gim disgusted. She loved the boy but he had the worst eating habits.

Officer Cuzmon simply nodded while gesturing for Gim to wipe his chin.

“I’ve got two that I think you’ll both go for.” Sergeant Erin tapped her console gently and before them were Cadet profiles of Dyrk Magz and O’rn.

“Magnokinesis is great for long range and O’rn can reflect Mordru’s power back at him. Cadet Magz is high ranking in all classes and has done well on missions. But I will admit he’s not great with group cooperation an does have a tendency to be a loner.” Sergeant Erin knew her chances were slim for Magz because of how antisocial he is but she thought he deserved a chance.

“I’m on board. Monkey man makes me laugh and Magz’ got a good head on his shoulders. He just needs to loosen up a bit and not be so insecure.” Officer Cuzmon smiled.

“I think Cadet Wentim is a good candidate. He’s one of two sentience on his planet that can move in his stone form making him formidable. But also he’s got that extra added slumber power. He can put anyone to sleep including Mordru I’m sure of it. He recently helped take out The Ort-tapie energy creature with his song . He’s just super shy. But so far in battle he can hold his own.” Officer Cuzmon suggested.

“I agree on this Cadet. He’s got a lot of promise and his sleep casting could come in handy. He’s got great accuracy as well.” Sergeant Erin added.

“Passed.” Captain Allon added.

“Cadet Grava?” Captain Allon suggested.

“NO!” both Sergeant Erin and Officer Cuzmon shouted in unison. Neither being able to understand a word Cadet Grava says.

“We’ve got two slots left. What about our maybes?” Officer Cuzmon asked.

“I’ve got another suggestion first.” Captain Allon answered.

“Cadet Theena I think tactically would be great to have. She can track anyone with a touch and then there is Cadet Nephus, his water power could be needed.” Captain Allon pulled up their profiles.

“You want to promote the two newest alpha’s that quickly?” Officer Cuzmon was skeptical.

“Yes, I think they both have great talent to offer. Theena is a living tracking system and Cadet Nephus is a water caster whose power is on par with the elemental according to his practice scores and Cadet Morgna himself. Who else did you have in mind?” Captain Allon asked.

“One other person. Cadet Purtha. When you talk tactical advantages he’s definitely one. his precognitive powers would be a great asset in stopping Mordru’s targets. He’s already helped find members for the United Planets and Naltor is becoming more involved with security for the UP as an early warning sign for big invasions.” Officer Cuzmon defended.

“I vote for Cadet Purtha, Theena, Rikane, and Nephus.” Sergeant Erin agreed.

“But we only need two and then our two maybes.” Captain Allon pointed out.

“I think two extra won’t hurt and your case is sound But I think Rikane is another one we need and I'll agree to the other three as long as you agree to him.” Sergeant Erin threw down her gauntlet she wanted Rikane in there.

“The rest of the alpha cadets are our reservist team. Our back up if we need it and we just might. We’ll move the top beta’s up and they all will train together. The classes are done with all alpha and beta cadets having passed all courses. Now it’s just training and review which can be achieved by helping out with the Omega Cadets.” Sergeant Erin informed them.

“Alright. Purtha is in and we all agree on the other three?” Captain Allon asked looking at Officer Cuzmon.

“Fine. He's in.” Captain Allon swiped Cadet Rikane's profile over.

“Yup. This works for me. This is our squad.” Cadet Cuzmon looked up at the screen pretty satisfied.

“Beep! Beep! Captain I have an incoming call from President Chu.” the A.I. Toned.

Captain Allon looked at his fellow officers and all three had the same annoyed and scared expression on their faces.

“Put it through to the holo table please.” Captain Allon instructed.

Slowly a hologram of President Chu stood before them on the holo table.

“Captain, Sergeant, Officer Cuzmon thank you for taking my call its good to see all of your again.” President Chu smiled graciously at the three of them.

“Of course Madam President. What can we do for you? Do you have a mission for the cadets?”

“Sort of. After much consideration and preparation for the Academy's move to Anndranna I've decided that it would be unwise to leave Earth without a contingent of your alpha cadets. I think you should put a small squad here.”

“With all due respect Madam President I'm not sure I agree.” Sergeant Erin spoke up first.

“The Earth is the head seat of the United Planets and if Mordru should ever attack then we'd be defenseless and unlike many of the other United Planet worlds that have powered individuals to spare Earth actually has very few if any.” President Chu kept her smile tight. She wasn't going to give any ground on this she wanted a squad on Earth and she was more than willing to throw her power around at the moment.

“How small of a squad?” Captain Allon interjected hoping to stop the brewing storm he saw before him.

“Six.” President Chu said simply.

“We'll have six picked for you within the hour.” Captain Allon assured her.

“Thank you Captain. I look forward to seeing your list.” President Chu ended the holo conversation.

“Six...I vote Rikane and Evening. Both were maybes.” Officer Cuzmon threw in her two cents.

“I second that.” Captain Allon said.

“Nope. Rikane is on the main squad with us. But Cadet Evening I'll agree to and we replace Rikane with Cadet Shazlon and Cadet Tellus.” Sergeant Erin countered.

“Fine.” Captain Allon knew Shvaughn wouldn't back down from getting Rikane on the special unit.

“We need three more.” Officer Cuzmon stretched
“Benem, and Dulga both could work. Benem's powers work best planet side and Dulga has the magical edge they might need. I know she relies more on the armor than magic but she's got some skills with it.” Captain Allon nominated the two and both passed them. He could see they were just ready for this meeting to be over.

“Last one...” Captain Allon was about to suggest someone when both of them interrupted him.

“Grava!” Sergeant Erin and Officer Cuzmon said in unison.

“OK, that's the Earth squad. Mordru I hope you’re ready because I know we are.” Captain Allon looked up at the holo screen of their squad and smiled.

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Firth floor: The Couples Suit.
Roll call:

Live Wire - Garth Ranzz - electrical generation and manipulation, and elemental transmutation of Winath of U247
Saturn Girl - Imra Ardeen – telepathy, mind control, reading and communication. Of Titan U247
Triad - Luornu Durgo –Ability to split into three bodies. Of Cragg U247
Apparition - Tinya Wazzo Nah –intangibility of Bzgtl of U247
Ultra Boy - Jo Nah- Super-strength, super-speed, flight, invulnerability, flash vision, and "penetra-vision" (all approximately at Kryptonian power levels), only one of which can be used at a time. of Rimbor U247
Violet - Salu Digby – able to shrink to microscopic and grow gigantic size at will. Of Imsk U247
Ferro - Andy Nolan – movable iron body, super strength and invulnerability of 20th century Earth U247
Umbra (Tasmia Mallor) – shadow caster. Of Talok IV U247
Kid Quantum II - Jazmin Cullen –quantum fields capable of slowing/freezing time. energy blast capable of causing decay. Of Xanthu of U247
Spark - Ayla Ranzz –electrical generation and manipulation. Of Winath U247

“So we’re about to be Official Science Police and complete our objective of being inducted into the cadet program. How’s everyone feeling?” Imra sat next to Garth holding hands their flight rings front and center the glint from the light making them look freshly polished.

“Are you looking for a certain answer?” Umbra’s usual flippant attitude every present sending a small glare her way. Umbra still hadn’t forgotten Imra hijacking into her mind to “release her fears” only to make her comatose. They had buried the hatchet but she never cared for Imra’s poking and prodding.

“I want to know how you all feel. We’ve accomplished our goals thus far and now we have other work that we have to do and that work will get done best with us as SP’s. but that doesn’t mean we don’t all feel something about this experience…” Imra took a deep breath and looked at Garth who simply nodded.

“…Like that I’ve been getting so caught up in our new lives here that I’ve begun to forget what it means to be legion…to forget our old universe.” Imra’s blue eyes were cast down towards her flight ring but she could feel that they all were feeling the same way.

“I’ve felt it too.” Garth squeezed her hand hoping it would help.

“This reality is changing to suit us but you’re feeling like you’re forgetting our home?” Lu asked skeptically. They were all working hard to make this home and to make sure they didn’t forget. She couldn’t understand how they could be forgetting. She refused to forget.

“Yes. Our world is gone and this is our home now. Our lives before this don’t matter because even if we left each other and returned to what would be our lives without a Legion those still wouldn’t be our lives. Our memories. Its honestly kind of lonely to think about.” Vi cast her eyes down.

They all looked at her for a moment. Clearly they all felt some type of way about their new home.

“So we’re not the only ones who are unsure what were fighting for?” Imra looked around at her teammates, her friends, her family and she knew that they all felt it too.

“Nope. Honestly, if it wasn’t for you guys I’d be going nuts right now and maybe that’s what we’re fighting for.” Ayla did her best to be encouraging. She had felt it but knowing Garth and maybe some of the others felt it too made it easier.

“If we don’t cement ourselves reality continues to suit us and continue on or does it just collapse?” Ferro asked his hands clasped in front of him hunched over slightly.

“From what I understand it ceases to exist. Its unstable. We won’t have a home again and who knows if we don’t vanish with it.” Imra replied trying her best not to let on more that she does about the stability of their new home.

“Then we stay and work through it. we have each other and once we’re cemented then we can figure our lives out from there. I’d rather try and make a difference and hold on to our memories than possibly not exist at all. That is worse than the void. At least the void we always found a way out.” Ferro said simply looking at all of them.

“Bucket head’s got a point.” Jo poked at Ferro as he sat next to him.

“Yeah, we’re all in Imra. That hasn’t changed and we may just need to rethink what comes next.” Tinya looked at Imra softly.

Everyone nodded in agreement. They’ve come this close to having a home again. they weren’t going to sit by and let that happen. It’s not who they were as a team or as individuals.

“Alright all in.” Imra subtly reached out with her mind and in that moment she pushed the thought Sergeant Erin to bring up Dryk Magz for the special unit. knowing his scores she knew he’d get in but to make sure she did another small push to Captain Allon and Officer Cuzmon.

“I’m sorry Dryk.” Imra thought to herself as she saw a vision from the Time Trapper. A vision of the moment when Dryk lost his powers in their reality with the words “Something lost is something gained” playing over and over in her mind.

Last edited by Omni; 11/14/17 05:40 PM.

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#940649 - 11/14/17 05:37 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Montauk Point, Metropolis Earth - United Planets Special Unit training academy
Top Level: Captain Allon's office and living quarters.
Roll Call:

Cadet Rol Purtha of Naltor – precognitive dreams.
Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy

Captain Allon sat in his office finalizing the paper work for graduation and selection of the special unit. When the A.I. toned.

“Captain, Cadet Rol Purtha is requesting an audience with you. He's waiting in the jump tube.” its melodic voice toned.

“Let him in computer.” Captain Allon tapped the holo screens in front of him closing all of them down.

“Captain, I hope I'm not intruding.” Cadet Purtha smiled as he entered.

“Not at all cadet and for our resident precognitive I will always make time. Did you have a vision?” Captain Allon had been having Cadet Purtha checking in every time he had a vision in hopes of finding ways to defeat Mordru.

“Yes, Captain I have and I know you've chosen your squad and I know that I've had the honor of making it. But I had a vision of your Earth squad and they will need me here.” Cadet Purtha did his best to give only the essential information without giving away his communication with Dreamer of the Legion of Travelers.

“Did you. Was there any particular reason your essential to their success? Captain Allon knew he wasn't being told everything. He had come to learn when Cadet Purtha was holding back.

“Captain... there will be an invasion of Earth by forces that your Earth team and I can repel.” Cadet Purtha breathed a sigh.

“An invasion? From Mordru? If that's the case then the academy will stay here and face him.” Captain Allon stood in a panic opening holo screen after holo screen.

“No Captain. It is not from Mordru. He has nothing to do with this. But the invasion is something that only a small group can handle. The invaders are from a distant planet that blame the United Planet's for the destruction of their moon which caused tidal waves across their world. They have regrouped. But their forces are small. But in my vision I was with them.” Cadet Purtha affirmed his vision again.

“Alright Cadet. I understand. Was there anything else you saw there?”

“Yes, Captain. The young captive in the sick bay from the underground round up earlier this week. He needs to stay as well. His specific abilities will be crucial in stopping their advances.”

“That is a shame I was interested in getting to work with him. He would come in handy on Anndranna. But if your vision says he is there as well then I can't deny that. I've learned to trust your visions. Speaking of have you had any more about when the Elementals will return?” Captain Allon made the roster corrections while the screen was open and gave the orders for the captured sentient known as Gear to remain on Earth.

“Thank you Captain and sadly know I haven't. I only know that they will return and fight along side us and as I told Cadet Morgna I'm not sure if it will be the final battle or not. But they will return.” Cadet Purtha bowed his head a little causing his head of silver curls to bounce a little and catch the sunlight coming in from the balcony windows.

“Thank you Cadet. That is at least some reassurance. Was there anything else?” Captain Allon asked.

“No Captain.”

“Alright. Dismissed.” Captain Allon returned to his work and Cadet Purtha made his way to the jump tube.

“I did it. This is going to work.” Cadet Purtha thought to himself as he rode the jump tube down.

Last edited by Omni; 11/14/17 05:40 PM.

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#940651 - 11/14/17 05:39 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Medical Bay Level: level 19.
Gear's room.

Roll Call:
Gear - I.Z.O.R. Of Lisnar U247 – techno-organic body that allows him to interface and control machinery and that can grow any type of machinery he can think of.
Cadet Kent Shakespeare of Earth - Limited invulnerability super speed and Super strength. Medical knowledge. Greater physical stamina. But requires sleep after.
Cadet Ral Benem of Mardru -Ability to stimulate plant growth
Cadet April Dumaka of Fuzzball Cat-like speed and agility, enhanced senses, and retractable claws.

Cadet Shakespeare stood over the young Lisnarian as green sweat poured down his face.

“I hope they get back soon. I'm not sure how much longer I can make him comfortable without knowing more about his species.” Cadet Shakespeare adjusted the frame less purple glasses.

“They are fascinating I will say.” Cadet Shakespeare noted as he took readings while administering more medications that were general use for all sentience.

Seconds later Cadets Benem and Dumaka rushed in holding the Duzza root.

“Quickly get me some alcohol, some magnesium, and grillus from Durla. Its properties will allow for rapid absorption and reaction.” Cadet Benem went to the lab table he was at before and began chopping up the Duzza root while Cadet Shakespeare got the ingredients he asked for.

“Thank you.” Cadet Benem said quickly as he added all of them into a mixing pot over an open flame. He knew he could have put it all on a processor but this was something that was intricate as he needed to time the release of the Duzza root's effect just right with his powers. He needed to get the aging potency just right. Gently his hands glowed green over the pot as it bubbled up.

Five minuets later the mixture was ready. Cadet Dumaka sat next to Gear the entire time Cadet Benem made his concoction.

“Is it ready Ral?” Cadet Dumaka pleaded her wide yellow eyes looking like they might tear up any second. Cadet Dumaka had been fine most of the way back to the academy the trip home to Fuzzball had renewed Cadet Dumaka in ways she didn't even know she needed. But once she saw her victim it all came rushing back.

“It is.” Ral quickly applied it to the slices in his arm where Cadet Dumaka had cut him with the Duzza root dust. The remaining mixture he added to Gear's I.V. bag.

Within moments Gear stopped sweating. The areas of his skin that had broken out in green translucent circuity began to fade returning his skin to its normal smooth brown glow. His eyes fluttered for a second before he began resting peacefully.

The three Cadets stood around him and watched for a moment. Cadet Shakespeare started taking readings and cleared him of the Duzza roots harsh affects. Cadets Benem and Dumaka stayed by his side as he healed for the rest of the afternoon.

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#940652 - 11/14/17 05:42 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Across town: Downtown Metropolis United Planet's Headquarters.
President Chu's office.

“These mantra's aren't working. Mysa has been little help the last few months.” President Chu huffed as she uncrossed her arms and legs. The lights in her office were dim. She hadn't been sleeping much since Anndranna had returned to the galaxy and she had to prepare for the departure of the academy. Her visions showed Anndranna being a prison for Mordru and she knew she could get Captain Allon to agree to it. But since their gift of the planet by its sole inhabitant, Metrixx-Kanndrnn Mysa has become nervous about their plans.

“Anndranna will work Mysa I know it will.” President Chu thought to herself as she placed her flacken gem to hide her hereditary tattoo.

“Madam President, I'm sorry to disturb you but I have Ambassador Wazzo on the Titan Net for you.” President Chu's assistant spoke softly over the intercom knowing the President was in meditation. But she also know the President had been waiting for this call for a few days.

“Not a problem. Put her through.” President Chu fixed her hair with a simple spell as she seated her self at her desk. Her office lights returning to their normal setting and her holo screen came to life floating above her desk as her Titan Adept stepped out of his adjacent office and place the receptors on her temples and rested his fingers there. Closing his eyes a gentle hum of purple psychic energy washed over them as the call went through.

“Winema! It's so good to hear from you again.” President Chu's broad smile spread across her face as always.

Winema Wazzo sat before her. Her long raven hair flowing over her purple pants suit. She was always a sensible one President Chu noted of someone who was on sabbatical.

“It's good to hear from you as well Jenni. I'm glad you were able to Titan Net me. Bgltz is rather hard to get in touch with when it goes out of phase for its quarterly shift. Thankfully it ends in a few days.”

“Yes. I'm sure your excited to get back to work.”

“Of course I am. Now that things have settled down with Tinya and her illness seems to have stabilized things should be back to normal.”

“That's great. I'm glad Tinya was finally able to return to not being permanently intangible.”

“I know its a miracle. It happened suddenly just a few months ago she could grasp things and even give me a hug.” Winema smiled and even began to tear up a bit.

“That's fantastic. I don't know if you're up for it. But if you and your daughter are back from Bgltz the two of you could accompany me to the “graduation” ceremony for the Science Police Special Unit we've built to combat Mordru. Its small and only a few delegates will be there to welcome them and thank them for their future service.” President Chu was trying to be extend her persuasion power through the Titan Adept but she wasn't sure if it would work.

“PLLLEEEASE MOM! Can we go? I haven't done anything fun and I'm sure there is going to be a party after.” Winema's daughter Tinya entered the mental conversation. She had been begging her mother's Titan Adept to let her in and finally she gave in wanting the young girl to stop pulling at her sleeve and let her concentrate on her job.

Winema gave a small smile.

A small flash of white light passed over President Chu and Ambassador Wazzo neither of them noticing.

“PLLLEEEASE GRANDMA! Can we go? I haven't done anything fun and I'm sure there is going to be a party after.” Winema's grandson Cub entered the mental conversation. He had been begging his grandmother's Titan Adept to let him in to the conversation pulling at her sleeve and giving the saddest face his little round face could muster. Finally she gave in wanting the young boy to stop pulling at her sleeve and let her concentrate on her job.

“Sure. It sounds like something we can do. We will see you there Jenni and catch up more then. I'll be in touch again once we leave Bgltz.” Winema smiled her thin red lips parting showing some teeth. She looked happy as she gave her answer and her grandson tackled her with a high pitched scream. The tackle cut the conversation short.

President Chu smiled to herself as she dismissed her Titan Adept with a small smile and bow of her head. Things might start looking up with Winema around. She was always her biggest supporter and confidant in the United Planets Council.

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#940653 - 11/14/17 07:19 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Hey Omni, I'm still catching up but I wanted to chime in with some thoughts - I love Gim's role in this reality, I will miss him if he has to die one day to cement the Legion's place. I really like how he's on the Legion's side as much as he can be but his first loyalty is to his duty, which strikes me as being true to how Leviathan was written.

I'm also glad that Nura told Cos & Cham the situation...and Cham taking on a leadership role should be interesting! I must commend you actually for the effort you put in to describe Cham's antennae/spatial awareness. It's a logical extension of his powers to be able to sense the presence of people he can't see smile

I'm just now up to Domain giving the Legion their new interdimensional base - I wasn't reading Legion when he was in the comics so I only know him from here...I am curious to see where he ends up!

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#940922 - 11/20/17 06:02 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Hey Raz
Gald you enjoying the story so far and i hope you enjoy whats to come.

I honestly had forgetting all about that aspect of Gim's life...But We'll see if he needs to die this time around. I've got some plans coming that once you read further I'm starting sow the seeds for.

Cham i think can do it. But its a matter of can he make the tough calls they clearly are going to have to make? i knew evetually she would have to do something. the more closed off the free squad got the more closed off their agency to affect anything became less and less and Nura's going to need all the help she can get for whats coming.

Domain honestly only had one appearance. So everything I'm doing with him is made up. So i hope you like what i going to do.

Can't wait to hear the rest of your thoughts.

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#941021 - 11/23/17 05:35 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Still reading but I didn't wanna wait to say I am pretty excited about Grimbor going after a mother box!!

Also I feel like things are gonna end in tears for poor Brainy )-;

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#941028 - 11/23/17 12:05 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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here, more often than not
Hey Omni, I've been reading this too but I've been too blinking busy to sit down to give a proper review, though quickly - I love your Gim, he's firm but fair, open to new ideas but still fixed on his goals. Rokk being released to go back to the magno-ball championship was a surprise (despite the prophecy saying he would as I expected it to get really cloak and dagger, not the way it was done), Blok saying he would eventually evolve into a planet fairly blew my mind as did the whole section with those pesky elementals and Gaia, I like the team you've picked and am really glad that Grava has been included as I've developed a soft spot for her, the team admitting their feelings about the new world was great - especially how you wrote Vi, hah - Dream Boy is Gim's secret weapon informing him on what he's foreseen - love it!

Loads more to say but it'll probably be next weekend before I have any real free time, sorry but am responsible for the school's Xmas concert this year - all prayers and bottles of gin appreciated smile

Loving your work Omni, more, more, more!

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks? Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
#941152 - 11/27/17 03:34 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Café Cramer
You've done so much with April Dumaka. I don't recall that the comic book version employed tracking skills, but it's a natural. The planet Fuzzball - funny name, beautiful setting and a good glimpse into the problems of bringing tech to less advanced worlds.

It's fascinating to see how the 247 group are dealing with adjustments to their new reality - and their sense of loss and uncertainty about losing their home and establishing this new one is quite touching.

The selection process with Gim, Shvaughn and Cuzmon was very interesting, as they discussed the various cadets, their strengths and weaknesses. Funny that Gim seemed to be eating through the whole process! None of them wanted Grava so they stuck Chu with her made me laugh. And then to find out that Imra was nudging the selections made me smile.

The scene in which Umbra forgets that Tinya wasn't really along with them in their Lost period was haunting; it brought back that whole scene when the deception was revealed and showed that the effects were long-lasting.

Holy Cats of Egypt!
#941372 - 12/01/17 10:22 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Invisible Brainiac  Offline
Unseen, not unheard

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Wouldn't you like to know?
Happy to see things progressing so, we have the special squad and Zoe (she still likes to help people and change outfits, haha)... and reality warping in around itself with Cub suddenly appearing. also the great escape by Domain and team. things are really shaping up!

Last edited by Invisible Brainiac; 12/01/17 10:27 AM.
#941399 - 12/02/17 08:15 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 11/14/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Thank you all for your comments and supports.

Raz, i'm working on some ideas for Grimbor's quest that i hope you like.

Brainy...isn't going to have an easy go that's all i can say.

Harbinger, i can't wait for the rest of your review. I'm glad you like Gim as well. He is a fun guy to write.
Rokk's thing was slight cloak and dagger. i'll be giving a follow up soon.
Bolk being a planet someday was a development i read about that took place in the 5YL era. it sounded like a interesting idea and its something i plan to explore a little bit down the road.
I'm glad you like Grava and i'll be sure to show case some more of her. she's fun to write.

Vi is the easiest one to get into her head and express emotions. its why i love her.
Dream Boy is definitely a secret weapon of sorts.

Good luck with your show!!!

FC, glad to see you like what's going on.
April's tracking skills did just seem like a natural. especially coming from the world she's from. I'm trying to flesh out the worlds more. So glad this worked out.
When i write this all i can think about is how they feel and lost even though they've "Found a home" again.
the fix it squad is sublet and Irma is gotta have a lot to do. so i hope she keeps you smiling.

Everything has a lasting affect and i'm going to do my best to showcase just how much.

IB, I hope you liked my introduction of Zoe. it was small but she will be coming around more.
Hope that wasn't the only reality warp you saw wink
the ride i have coming is hopefully going to be fast and hard.

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