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#940377 - 11/10/17 08:42 PM Re: Mister Miracle [Re: Brain-Fall-Out Boy]  
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 256
Brain-Fall-Out Boy Offline
Brain-Fall-Out Boy  Offline

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 256
Another spectacular issue. The thing that jumped out at me the most was when Orion had his reaction to Scott's breakdown. He not only looked shocked, he looked briefly like Orion. It might be that Orion is an agent of Darkseid. It could also be that he is simply overwhelmed with a role he can't handle, and the artificial face of bravado he is projecting temporarily cracked.

I've gone from wondering about the significance of the placement of "Darkseid is" panels to wondering about the placement of the "broadcast static" panels. Is there a pattern as to which question/answers got the effect?

"You then accused the Highfather of being similarly affected. True or false?" "True."

"The Highfather is an agent of Darkseid. True or false?" "I don't know."

"I am an agent of Darkseid. True or false?" "True."

"You hate your childhood. True or false?" "True."

Could these be lies? Answers influenced by the anti-life equation? Random effects? Putting them in the list like that, I see that all but one of them are about Orion being an agent of Darkseid. And we have already seen that Scott's feelings about his childhood are more complicated than hate.

I'm pleased that it looks like the next issue will be a Barda spotlight. Although I know better than to trust the narrator completely.

Last edited by Brain-Fall-Out Boy; 11/10/17 08:43 PM. Reason: No matter how carefully I proof, Siri errors keep creeping in
#940385 - 11/10/17 10:05 PM Re: Mister Miracle [Re: Brain-Fall-Out Boy]  
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 256
Brain-Fall-Out Boy Offline
Brain-Fall-Out Boy  Offline

Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 256
And one final thought: is it possible that rather than freaking out, Scott simply had that iOS auto correct bug that replaces the letter I with As?

ETA: I lied, I can't stop thinking of further things to add. I talked about how Orion looked like himself after the attack. I just went back and looked at the end of that scene again. When he sentenced Scott, he looks sad or guilty or something. In the next panel, he had his hard cold face back on, and he was holding up his mother box like he does when he's transforming between his bestial and human looking faces. Are those literally his two faces in this version of the comic, or is it simply a metaphor?

Last edited by Brain-Fall-Out Boy; 11/10/17 10:10 PM.
#940590 - 11/14/17 08:42 AM Re: Mister Miracle [Re: Brain-Fall-Out Boy]  
Joined: Sep 2004
Posts: 4,162
Dave Hackett Offline
Dave Hackett  Offline

Joined: Sep 2004
Posts: 4,162
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Orion's face metaphor certainly carries over from the last page of the previous issue where his face went from human to bestial and then haywire. But I think there's a larger face/mask thing that's going to be key to all of this as it plays out. It clicked for me when Scott wore his mask to the trial. Why does he do that? When he met Orion before, both formally and not, he didn't wear his mask. In fact he only seems to wear it when performing or in combat. It's not even a formal thing, because his costume isn't even from New Genesis. I'll have to pull up the Granny issue to see if he wore it there.

Other face bits:

- Barda's eyes seem to change colour early on.
- The distortions change Scott's mask colour (similar to Dr. Impossible or the Death of New Gods version of Scott - neither of which I hope are truly referenced again).
- Barda messes up Lightray's face and he's no longer the chipper lackey, but sour and bitter.
- We never see Forager's face

I'll have to look back for others (though maybe I'm overthinking it).

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