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#941615 - 12/11/17 03:59 PM Re: Enter the Dragon [Re: razsolo]  
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Joined: Nov 2009
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Well those Winathian Rose Honey Bees do pack a wallop laugh

Read the alternate adventures of the Legion after Legion of Three Worlds!
#942132 - 12/27/17 02:08 AM The Menace of Moorte Island! [Re: razsolo]  
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Joined: Nov 2009
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Husband Hill, Legion of Superheroes Headquarters

Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox:
12th level intelligence, team leader
Color Kid aka Ulu Vakk: color manipulation
Elastic Lad aka Jams-Ols 5: super-elongation
Fire Lad aka Staq Mavlen: fire-breathing
Neon aka Zoe Saugin: infused with Green Lantern energy
Night Girl aka Lydda Jath Krinn: photosensitive super-strength
Polar Boy aka Brek Bannin: cold and ice generation

Through one of many cavities torn through the Legion’s headquarters, Polar Boy spared a glance for the Science Police vessel currently speeding away into the upper atmosphere. The ship was en route to Takron-Galtos with three members of the Heavensent inside. Blok and Mon-El flanked the vessel from outside and Polar Boy knew that more Legionnaires were on board the ship along with several members of the prison world’s own Workforce, so he was confident that the Heavensent wouldn’t be a problem for a while.

He turned his attention back to his more immediate surroundings. In Brainiac 5’s multilab, the Legion’s leader and Elastic Lad instructed the former Green Lantern named Neon in constructing an elaborate cube of hardlight machinery around the very ordinary-looking Fire Lad. Along with the other former members of the Substitute Heroes present, Polar Boy couldn’t quite believe how much Staq’s appearance had changed over the years; it had happened so gradually and Fire Lad had so convincingly argued that it was a normal Shwarian transformation that none of them had realised the drastic extent of his mutation. Looking at this athletic blue-eyed blond before him now though, nobody would believe that he was the gaunt flame-crested hero that Fire Lad had eventually become. “So what’s the verdict, Brainy?” Polar Boy asked, hugging himself against what any Tharrian would consider an uncomfortably low ambient temperature.

“With the damage to my laboratory which was done today in addition to that which had already been done, regrettably we will not have access to scanning equipment with any real accuracy for a few days.” Brainiac sighed. “Still, Neon’s attempt to replicate my technology should suffice for now.”

“Well excuse me for not being a 12th level technerd,” Zoe rolled her eyes.

“Gosh, don’t be sore!” Elastic Lad rushed to boost her spirits. “Without your help we’d be in a darned terrible spot right now, Neon! Sure, we could take a guess at Fire Lad’s condition, but Brainiac really doesn’t like to guess without a good amount of data and--”

“As I have stated previously, no scientist worth the designation should ever resort to something as puerile as guessing,” Brainiac 5 shook his head in disgust.

Fire Lad knocked on the inside of the enclosed device. “Hey, you think we can have this conversation later?” Though muffled, annoyance was clear in his tone. “Some of us kinda have a personal stake in your little science experiment here...and I want to go check on Arqiia anyway, she must have a ton of questions.”

“Of course.” Brainiac 5 turned his omnicom around so Staq could see it. Before Staq could complain that the lines of data meant nothing, Brainiac continued. “Despite Void’s interference, we seem to have succeeded in restoring you to your true genetic norm. Congratulations, Fire Lad. Bearing in mind a final analysis will need to be compiled once my multilab has been restored, but preliminary readings indicate you are very much an average non-fire breathing Shwarian male specimen.”

Everyone else in the room aside from Elastic Lad seemed utterly baffled, and Color Kid finally said what they were all thinking. “But...we saw him turn into a giant dragon...thing.”

“That’s the good news!” Elastic Lad burst out gleefully. “In this form, Fire Lad has no powers at all! But he can trigger a transformation into what would have been his ultimate mutation! In that form, he’s stronger than his base form, more resistant, he’s got super cool wings and horns and gee whiz, there’s no reason he needs to leave the Legion of Superheroes at all now! Then once we make sure Quislet can get back from Teall where he went after his ship got destroyed we’ll be back to full strength! Isn’t that swell??”

“Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves,” Brainiac 5 said coolly. “We will need to ascertain that Fire Lad has control of his faculties in his mutated form, and we will need to clinically determine the capabilities of that form as well as any inherent vulnerabilities...as for Quislet, well, Quislet is another matter entirely.”

“But there’s hope, right?” Night Girl approached the emerald construct and squinted against its brightness as she placed a hand up against Staq’s on the other side.

“Hope is inconsequential,” Brainiac 5 replied. “Fire Lad has something better than hope...he has me.”

Moorte Island, Quarantine Medical Research Facility and Hospital

Chlorophyll Kid aka Ral Benem:
hyper-stimulated plant growth
Comet Queen aka Grava: flight, gas generation
Phantom Girl aka Tinya Wazzo: intangibility

“F-faster!” Chlorophyll Kid stammered, his flight ring propelling him through the few remaining untouched corridors of his homeworld’s premier medical facility at breakneck speed. Lights flickered all around and snaking vegetation filled the hospital behind him. “The p-plants are g-gaining on us!”

Also behind him were Comet Queen with a nurse inelegantly slumped over one shoulder and Phantom Girl cradling a newborn infant. “Grava, fly ahead!” Phantom Girl commanded her younger teammate. “Whatever’s empowering these plants, they can’t do anything to hurt me and Ivy’s small enough that it’s no strain to keep her phased along with me!”

Tinya Wazzo’s face was much paler than usual and her forehead was shiny with sweat; it gave Comet Queen pause but Grava couldn’t deny that her Bgtzlr comrade had a much higher chance of survival against this weird threat than she did. “Whatever you say, starshine! Hold your breath though, I’m gonna make like a nebula and mist up this place!” Comet Queen zoomed ahead and the gases streaming from her scalp billowed out behind her until Phantom Girl’s visibility was reduced to only a few feet ahead. Tinya didn’t complain though; she knew as well as the others that when Grava had chanced across a herbicidal formulation for her cloudy plume she’d provided the trio of Legionnaires with their best weapon against these murderous plants.

As vines and thorny branches recoiled from Comet Queen’s poisonous wake, Phantom Girl felt surprisingly light-headed. She couldn’t possibly have inhaled any of the dangerous gases, both she and the child named Ivy were safely untouchable to just about anything in this plane of reality. “Seal the passage!” Tinya barked at her teammates when she saw that Grava had almost joined Chlorophyll Kid on the other side of a bright red band indicating a forcefield projector. “We’re both intangible, we’ll fly straight through!” Grava came to a sudden halt on the other side of the projector, and as clumsy as the maneuver was, Chlorophyll Kid borrowed the hand of the nurse slung over Grava’s shoulder to activate a fingerprint scanner mounted on the wall. With a fizzling sound, a translucent red plane of energy bisected the corridor and Tinya and the baby flew straight through just as she’d said they would. Their flight path wavered as soon as they were on the other side though, and Phantom Girl solidified as she barged painfully shoulder first at the floor. Holding Ivy as safe as she could within her crossed arms, Tinya skidded across the floor on her back and came to a painful stop against an empty bed.

Comet Queen immediately lay the nurse on the bed and crouched down to Tinya’s level. “Parse me to the c-span, are you still shiny?”

“...I’m fine,” Phantom Girl grimaced in a voice that sounded very much not fine. “Grava, can you please take Ivy for me?” She held the crying infant out and Comet Queen took her without question. Tinya tried to stand, but again felt herself overcome with vertigo and almost fell against the bed. Grabbing it quickly to steady herself, her shoulders slumped and her head bowed with the effort of simply staying erect.

“Ph-Phantom Girl, are you s-sure you're okay?” Chlorophyll Kid queried anxiously. Satisfied that Grava’s cloudy wake and the hospital’s forcefield would keep them safe for a moment, he approached the girls. “You look - you look like Nurse Dentley did just before she p-passed out!”

“I told you...” the nurse groaned weakly, “Call me Diyah…” She struggled to raise her head for a moment before the effort became too much for her and she instead resigned herself to staring helplessly at the ceiling. “...I think these things...infected me with some kind of poison before you Legionnaires arrived...may have done the same to...you all…”

“But Phantom Girl’s a space ghost!” Grava protested. “Nothing can touch her when she’s not here! And they grabbed a good hold of me till my stardust hurt their grabby vines but I’m nova bright, starshine!”

“They did touch me…” Phantom Girl trembled with the effort of standing. “Only...briefly, but...when I picked up Ivy...must have been...must have been enough…” She could push through her weakness no longer and eyes rolling back in her head, Tinya Wazzo collapsed to the cold floor.

Chlorophyll Kid rushed to help her, but the ailing nurse named Diyah Dentley found the strength to lean on one elbow and wave an arm before him. “Stop…” she warned breathlessly. “We don’t know what kind of...poison they used...if it’s still on her...Comet Queen’s species might be immune but…” She passed out again before she could finish, but Chlorophyll Kid grasped her meaning clearly enough. Like Diyah, he too was a native of Mardru; he was just as vulnerable to this affliction as she clearly was.

“G-Grava, do you know h-how to ch-check their v-vitals?” he asked his golden teammate.

Transferring the no longer crying infant to the crook of her left arm, Comet Queen smiled helpfully. “I might not be getting a job on Medicus One anytime soon starshine, but a meteor couldn’t have hammered first aid stuff into my head any harder than Duplicate Damsel did back at the Academy.” She rapped her knuckle against her skull for effect and without causing any discomfort to Ivy at all Grava took both the nurse and Phantom Girl’s pulses, pressed the back of her hand against their foreheads and gently rolled them to their sides. “They’re solar flare hot,” she worried aloud, “I think when the nice nurse lady wakes up again we better ask her where they keep the medicine down here.”

For the first time, Ral Benem looked around his surroundings and realised why it was so deathly still on this side of the field. A large plaque was affixed to the wall, a morgue directory written on its brassy surface in Interlac. Chlorophyll Kid gazed back at the plants which even now had summoned reinforcements and pushed up against the quarantine forcefield, and he gave a bitter laugh and slumped to the floor against the wall while the lights strobed lazily around them all. He heard Grava’s voice but it was muted and unintelligible beneath the sound of his own heart pounding.

...How had a routine trip to his homeworld turned into a hopeless siege in a hospital morgue of all places..?

Ral cast his mind back to the three Legionnaires’ arrival. They’d not had any contact with the hospital since reaching planetary orbit, and when long range scanners showed all three kliks of this island overgrown with vegetation they knew there was something wrong here above and beyond the curiosity of an old friend’s summons. They’d contacted Mardru authorities immediately, and while neither Chlorophyll Kid nor Comet Queen carried the kind of presence to sway local Science Police, Phantom Girl happily did. As one of the longest serving members of the Legion of Superheroes, Tinya had helped Ral convince the Mardru authorities to keep a wide berth of Moorte Island until after the trio of heroes investigated and gave the all clear.

Moorte Island had so utterly been reclaimed by its own plant life that the Legionnaires had found themselves unable to land their cruiser. When the three of them descended under the power of their flight rings, the sight which greeted them was oddly disconcerting. Only the barest hint of Mardrui architecture could be seen beneath a canopy of vines and thick leafy branches, and their only obvious entrance was an almost deliberate clearing several metres wide which led through the shade of whispering trees to the shattered front lobby of the hospital.

Chlorophyll Kid had been to this place once before, several years ago. He knew that there was the bare minimum of biological staff here, all possible functions carried out by medically programmed droids to lessen the chances of any disease making its way off of this remote rock in the ocean. Still, he’d expected to find some staff. He found it chilling that they’d not come across one doctor or nurse, or even a patient for that matter. Then they’d encountered Nurse Dentley hiding with Ivy in a freezer meant for biological samples and the Legionnaires had discovered first hand what had caused the plants to rise up in an attempt to swallow Quarantine and everything in it; their enemy was no plant controller, it was the very plant life of Moorte Island itself.

The Legionnaires had fought and then they had run. At some stage the plants had released a bizarre spore cloud which hampered their flight rings’ communication abilities, leaving them all well and truly alone in this hellish place. Chlorophyll Kid spared a concerned glance for the females trapped here with him. As far as he knew, every living mammal on this island was gathered right here in this corridor...and he had no idea how long that would hold true for Phantom Girl and Diyah.

“O-Okay, let-let’s take a s-second and th-th-think,” Chlorophyll Kid declared. He realised his stuttering was getting worse and took a moment to breathe and centre himself. “Okay,” he said again with slightly more authority. “Nurse….Diyah, s-sorry; what can you tell us? W-What kicked all of this off?”

The nurse’s head lolled and she gazed wearily at the baby gurgling placidly in Grava’s embrace. “...Ivy,” she found the voice to say. “I don’t know why...how...but they started coming for Ivy just after she was born, her mother was the first victim...Eletha...Eletha noticed it first…” Her eyes filled with tears at the memory of her friend who’d fallen victim to the plants just prior to the Legionnaires’ arrival. Chlorophyll Kid’s own eyes grew damp in sympathy.

“Eletha was your friend, starshine?” Comet Queen touched Chlorophyll Kid’s arm. “The one who called us here?”

“Once upon a time, she was my only friend.” Ral’s face betrayed his pain. “Mardru used to b-be a very d-different place...all our p-plant life was dying of Anthratic Blight and our b-best scientists all worked to stop it before our whole w-world turned b-barren.”

“That’s how you got your powers, right?” Comet Queen prompted.

Ral nodded. “I was working in one of the dozens of labs Mardrugov sponsored to f-find a cure...and I fell into an experimental h-hydroponic solution. It m-made me really s-sick for a week, but then I got better overnight and I found out I could make plants grow f-faster. Even back then it was a weird p-power...nobody even really thought of it as a power to b-begin with. I was s-sent here to be st-studied like a bl-blindrat until Mardrugov were satisfied that what I had wasn’t dangerous or-or c-contagious. And while I was here, I met Eletha and she-she-she…” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “...Sh-she made me smile. She made me smile, Grava...and now she’s g-gone because I didn’t get here fast enough to help her.”

Comet Queen squeezed his arm. “Chlory, you can’t think like that! Bouncy taught us in the Academy all you can do is try your best but sometimes even your best isn’t gonna be enough...but it’s not your fault!”

“Grava’s...right,” Conscious once more, Phantom Girl forced herself to a seated position against the wall. “From what Diyah said earlier on...before everything went crazy and we had to go on the run...only a few plants were mobile at the start...they didn’t know how bad it was going to get, and by the time they knew...that weird spore cloud cut off their comms just like it did ours...we couldn’t possibly have known...how much danger this island was in.”

A queer creaking noise resonated through the corridor and they all looked in vain to find its source. “We need a plan…” Phantom Girl tried to stand, then thought better of it and relaxed against the wall again. “I’m effectively useless...if Comet Queen can...reach our cruiser, maybe she can call for reinforcements…”

“But we’d have to switch off the forcefield for her to g-get out,” Chlorophyll Kid reasoned. “And we’ve got no defence against those plants without G-Grava...and anyway, I-I don’t want to risk her getting c-caught by those things.” He blushed a warm red at this confession and found himself unable to meet anyone’s eye.

“What I don’t get…” Diyah frowned, “...Isn’t your whole thing plants..? Can’t you force them back, Chlorophyll Kid..?”

“Th-that’s not how my power works,” Ral admitted with shame in his voice. “I can only make plants g-grow faster, and that’s the last thing we n-need right now.” Something occurred to Chlorophyll Kid suddenly and he shot Diyah a curious glance. “Who are Ivy’s p-parents? Maybe there’s a clue there why these plants keep coming after her?”

“Nobody knew,” the nurse replied. “...We found her mother staggering outside the main hospital building, she was suffering from extreme shock. Quarantine doesn’t have a maternity ward, but...the best doctors on Mardru are...were...here.” Her face contorted with pain once again as she corrected herself, realising that every last one of her colleagues was surely now dead. “Her mother’s name was Antonine,” she continued. “Antonine Arcane...she wasn’t in any condition to tell us how she got to Moorte Island...or who the father was. She lived long enough to...name Ivy, and then...then those things attacked…”

“Oh.” Chlorophyll Kid’s face grew ashen as he looked down to see the pouches on his belt rustling of their own accord. “Oh no.” His loose-fitting costume was lined with several hidden pockets, and they all started to poke and jostle him now as well.

“Chlory, what--” Comet Queen began to ask, but she was cut off by the sound of Chlorophyll Kid’s costume shredding as over a dozen different species of plants grew outwards from him. Phantom Girl was still too affected by the earlier attack to phase, and found herself as helpless as anybody else in the room when the Legionnaires and Nurse Dentley were suspended in grappling cocoons of hardy Zuunian creepers. Comet Queen clutched on to Ivy as fiercely as she could, but the plants in the end were simply too many and too powerful. “Don’t worry!” Grava cried out. “I’ll rot these ones hyperfast!”

“You will not risk the Avatar of the Green!” a creaking voice hissed. The rest of the plants which had grown forth from Chlorophyll Kid’s seed pouches had now intertwined, filling one whole side of the room. Chlorophyll Kid, Comet Queen, Phantom Girl and Nurse Dentley watched in gaping horror as the combined plants formed a face some seven feet tall. Reaching tendrils grew forth from the thing’s mouth, bringing Ivy toward it. Simultaneously, the Zuunian creepers tightened their grip on their helpless captives.

“You don’t tell a Legionnaire what to do, bark face!” Comet Queen balled her hands into fists and plumes of smoke started to billow forth from her scalp. The Zuunian vines holding her had a much higher resistance to herbicides than any of the native Mardrui vegetation, and Grava had to create more toxic mists to affect it. The vines holding Grava weakened, but the room had become so full of acrid smog now that all the others including Ivy herself had begun rasping for air.

“Grava, stop it!” Chlorophyll Kid hacked. “You’re g-gonna kill us along with these things! Besides, I’ve g-got an idea...get ready to fly as fast as you can!” One of the many extraterrestrial seeds the Mardrui plants had coopted from Chlorophyll Kid was an Earth sequoia. The gigantic redwood was of no use to the Moore Island plants in these confined quarters, but ironically its unwieldy size and strength was exactly what made it perfect for Ral’s purposes. He concentrated briefly and an enormous trunk suddenly shot straight up through the ceiling of the room, the ceiling above that one, and in no time at all through five other levels until it broke through to the open sky above.

“Nova burn!” Comet Queen squealed exuberantly. Taking advantage of the plants’ weakened state she snapped through the creepers gripping her, grabbed Ivy and shot up alongside the redwood trunk faster than anyone else in the room could react. By the time the Mardrui plants sent the clutching branches of the sequoia after Comet Queen, she was hundreds of feet up with Ivy cradled close to her flat chest. The sudden exposure to outside air had the side-effect of dispersing Comet Queen’s wake more effectively and Ral, Tinya and Diyah swallowed huge lungfuls of clean air.

Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones to get a recovery boost. The plants strengthened their hold on Nurse Dentley and the Legionnaires, more and more vines covering them until Ral couldn’t even hear his own pained bellow any longer. A moment before consciousness was about to leave him, he felt a falling sensation and found himself in a dogpile with Tinya and Diyah outside the cocoon of greenery. “...Whatever you try…” Phantom Girl challenged the looming plant face through gritted teeth, “We’ll find a way to fight you, Green Avatar...or whatever you’re called. Legionnaires...don’t quit.”

Chlorophyll Kid appreciated the sentiment, but he doubted very much that Tinya had it in her to phase all three of them again. He made a grim decision. “Phantom Girl...take Diyah...go find Grava and bring the rest of the Legion. I’ll keep him busy as long as I can.”

“I can’t just...leave you here!” Tinya protested.

“We both know you’ve got the best chance of getting her to safety!” Ral snapped. “And whatever happens to us, neither her or Ivy asked for this and they don’t deserve it! Please PG, let me save someone.”

It didn’t escape Phantom Girl’s attention that Chlorophyll Kid’s stutter was gone...nor did it escape her attention that he was right. She looked across at Diyah as the nurse hid her face behind her hands and sobbed helplessly. Tendrils were already reaching for the three of them, Tinya had to act now; she might not even be able to get them far in her current state, but she had to try. “We’ll come back for you, Chlorophyll Kid!” Phantom Girl looked at her teammate with a pleading expression as Zuunian creepers shot harmlessly through her. “I promise!” Fighting back her lightheadedness she grabbed Diyah around the waist and tried to avoid the plants as she followed Comet Queen’s flight path; as little chance as she had of escaping these things in her current state, Phantom Girl knew that chance would be improved if she didn’t exhaust herself trying to keep them both intangible for the whole flight. The plants didn’t know any better and had stopped actively pursuing her, considering the Bgtzlr woman a wasted target.

Chlorophyll Kid brought himself a fraction of a second by enlarging the vines reaching for him until they ran out of space to snake around him, but the plants soon tried another tactic and Ral found himself trapped in a slowly closing cage of thorny vines. “Wait, tell me something before you k-kill me!” Chlorophyll Kid desperately grasped for time. “Avatar, why are you after that girl Ivy anyway? She’s j-just a baby, she can’t possibly be a th-threat to you!”

“Ivy Arcane is the Avatar of the Green!” the mouth decreed in a tone of rustling menace. “For too long, the Green has held no sway in this plane! We have been devastated on far too many worlds to empower an avatar as we have in times past! The mortal mage Alek Arcane used his magicks in combination with our own power to give us that which would ensure the Green’s survival in this sterile time; a human/plant hybrid! The human side of Ivy Arcane will allow her to thrive and evolve in ways that her plant side never could alone!”

“Then why --ahh!-- why are you tr-trying to kill her?!” The thorns had begun to pierce Ral’s flesh, and he was starting to think this might be the end of his road. At least hopefully Comet Queen and Phantom Girl had gotten the others to safety, he had to concentrate on that small victory.

Kill her?” The plant-man seemed genuinely astonished. “We are not trying to kill the Avatar of the Green, not after all the work we have devoted to ensuring her birth! We are protecting her, fool! Alek Arcane used us, he manipulated his daughter’s pregnancy to ensure the Avatar of the Green would be primed for his own plots and schemes as soon as she came into this world! We have made the mistake of trusting humans once too often...none of you can save her from the predations of her grandfather so we will take her ourselves and train her in the use of her abilities far from his reach! That you must die for us to achieve our objectives is unfortunate, but we can not muster too much sympathy for worlds of species who have strived to wipe out plants from every land where they set foot!”

“Wait!” The thorns constricted around Chlorophyll Kid’s calf and rivulets of blood ran down his boot. “Wait, damn it! Nobody needs to die!! If what you’re saying is tr-true, you can’t possibly keep Ivy safe from Alek Arcane for long! He doesn’t even need spells to defeat you, just a d-decent herbicide! Sprock, one flamethrower and y-you’d all be done for!”

“What other option do we have?” the plants asked. “His own daughter Antonine barely escaped his power to seek refuge upon this island!”

“I’m with a gr-group of heroes,” Chlorophyll Kid explained hurriedly. “Comet Queen and Phantom Girl, they’re my t-teammates; and there are a whole l-legion more of us, all with different powers! S-Sprock, a handful of my teammates have enough power to reduce all you plants to ash! And if you k-kill me now, they’ll come and they’ll do it! But if you let us t-take Ivy with us, we’ll p-protect her! We’ve fought sorcerers before, we’ve fought d-demons and gods! He can’t beat us all!”

For the first time, Ral felt the embrace of the thorny vines slacken ever so slightly. He could tell he was getting through. “You’ve s-seen my power!” he continued. “We can keep her s-safe, but I can teach her to keep herself safe! If she’s got the same ability to c-control plants that you do, I can show her how to use it!”

“If she is to act as our avatar in this world, she will need to know her human side as she does her plant side,” the plant-faced man considered Ral’s proposition. “That is not a gift we can bestow...but we have seen that your own influence over plant life is vastly inferior to anything Ivy Arcane will be capable of, so let us bestow a gift which is within our ability to offer. We could not empower another in this manner, but you already have an affinity with the Green. It is a more simple matter for us to enhance this affinity and make you a more efficient guardian.”

“O-Okay,” Ral agreed hesitantly. “So what do I need to--”

He never completed the rest of his question; the sensation of hundreds of burning needles drew only screams of agony from the man named Ral Benem.

Titanopolis, Lano Residential Complex

Kando Vyr didn’t look up from his omnicom as he walked from the elevator to the front door of his new Titanopolis apartment. The thirteen year old platinum blond had left his homeworld of Naltor a week ago to start work at Titan’s prestigious Time Institute and the Time Institute had been kind enough to help him find affordable accommodation not too far away.

The research work at the Time Institute was fascinating, and the young genius had already begun brainstorming ways he could apply the things he was learning there to his own projects. Most exciting of all he’d already met his scientific inspiration Harmonia LI as well as reserve members of the Legion of Superheroes Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel. There had even been a real Legion of Superheroes battle right outside the Time Institute on his very first day! Bouncing Boy had kept him too busy with orientation tasks for Kando to have really seen a lot of it, but he was reading news files now that filled in the blanks for him. The question on everybody’s lips it seemed was the identity of the mysterious white hooded stranger who’d fought alongside Dream Girl, Matter-Eater Lad and Stone Boy that day. He was no Legionnaire, but nobody seemed to know who he was.

Kando absent-mindedly bumped into his front door and gave it an annoyed glance. “Silly thing should have opened as soon as the security scan recognised me,” he thought to himself. Out loud, he uttered a voice command and the door finally slid obediently into its recess. Kando made a mental note to notify building management before he left for work the next morning and was grateful that at least the internal light system was still working properly. The living room of his modest apartment became instantly illuminated, and Kando nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw a broad-shouldered bearded man in a simple red and blue hooded jumpsuit standing by the far wall.

“You’ve done well at hiding your tracks,” the stranger snarled as he stomped forward, “But I knew if I was patient enough I’d find you playing hero sooner or later.”

“Who-who are you?” the young boy stammered, backing off toward the front door. “How did you get into my apartment??”

“My best friend is Chameleon Boy,” the taller and far more muscular man responded, “I know how to be sneaky when I need to be...and I’m surprised you don’t recognise me, you’re telling me people never grow sprocking beards in your stupid future?” Unbelievably, the man grew in stature until he was nearly nine feet tall and his brown hair brushed against the ceiling.

Colossal Boy??” Kando asked incredulously. “From the Legion of Superheroes?? What are you doing here??”

Gim Allon pinned the boy to the floor of his apartment with one incredibly strong hand, knocking the wind out of him. “I knew you’d get it eventually,” the former Legionnaire grunted.

“Now...you’re gonna help me find my wife.”


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Things are looking up and down for the team.

Staq being able to transform at will is pretty cool and i agree with Brainy that they need to take the proper measures to make sure everyone is safe. Its going to be cool to see the full extent of his powers.
Elastic Lad's enthusiasm is always great to see. finding the bright side always.

Ha! "Hope is inconsequential.... he has me." that made me laugh out loud. such a Brainy line.

Mardru's adventure is intense! Grava too the rescue! I never thought of all the different uses her gases could produce. thanks!

Ral becoming a mentor to Ivy and a avatar of the green! that's cool. I like how you brought in elements of Swamp thing. Be interesting if Alec Holland made an appearance.
Ral got a power up grade and so did Staq...are the rest the subs in for something along the same lines?

CB is after Infinity Boy? but does he realize this is the one from before his transformation?

Also refresh my memory but when/how long has Year been missing?

Can't wait for more.

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here, more often than not
I love your take on Brainy, he's such a curmudgeon its great to read, especially juxtaposed to Elastic Lads uber-chirpy nature - great characterisation Raz!

Zoe is nicely snarky too while still trying her best to help, which is well done.

Interesting take on Fire Lad's development - am I right in thinking he can turn into a dragon of sorts now? Cool! (or perhaps Hot would be a better exclamation there smile ) Though that doesn't leave much chance for Marya to make the Big Team now, which is a shame. I wonder if Staqs personality will change with his body? Looking forward to seeing what you have planned next for him, and if Aquilla will return and how their kind of relationship will progress.

Again, I need to praise how well you take the weaker and less well established characters and give them great respect by showing how versatile and useful they can be - your Chlorophyll Kid and Comet Queen really do shine. And nice to see you are going to use Ivy as, if I remember correctly, other than talk to plants and generally jump around a lot, she didn't get a fair crack at the whip in the 5 year gap stories. Introducing the Green nto the Legion mythos is a fab idea as it can lead to all sorts of wacky storylines that I know you can deliver on. Also, you showed Tinya's determination and loyalty well without it seeming out of character, she really is one of the most experienced of the team and its good to see her use that.

Gim is desperate to find Yera, though it seems he has the wrong Kid Infinity in his grasp - really happy that you are using this character and also looking forward to seeing how you take that story forward too.

Great stuff Raz, you write some of the best characters and keep the action and suspense coming with every new post which always makes it a pleasure to read your work. That only really leaves me with one thing to add...

More, more, more!

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Wouldn't you like to know?
Wow, Ral power up! Interesting, tying Ivy in into the Green. I suppose you will have her do more than just talk to plants?

Nice touch, reminding us of the affection between Ral and Grava.

Happy to see Gim again! I was wondering where you would take this plotline.

Ah, Zoe, always so snarky.

Happy to see Staq made it out okay.

And Quislet... might not be? Hmmm!

#942579 - 01/06/18 05:04 AM Re: Postlo3w stories *LATEST UPDATE 27 DECEMBER* [Re: razsolo]  
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Happy new year, all! Thanks for commenting as usual, much appreciated laugh

I actually didn't realise I had been going through and upgrading all the Subs one by one till Omni mentioned it! Stone Boy already got his upgrade when he gained the power to move in his stone form, and I gave Night Girl a power-up way back when I started writing this series by saying that Mordru's shadow demons in Legion of 3 Worlds permanently increased her strength reserves...that only leaves Polar Boy and Color Kid of the original Subs and I'm pretty happy with them where they are (for now, hehe...)...we'll see over the next few months what exactly all this means for Fire Lad and Chlorophyll Kid anyway.

Yera last appeared in April 2014 (the story is here if anyone would like to refresh their memory), though in-universe I'd say only several months to a year has gone by; there's only been one leadership election since then so that tracks.

I am glad y'all caught that Gim has the wrong Kando Vyr, I didn't want to actually come out and say it so I was hoping the story made it clear. Y'all may remember I mentioned something about a couple of unexpected Legion guest stars coming up...well one of them will appear the very next instalment!

Thanks for reading, everyone! This year will mark the 8th year since I started writing this series by bringing Infectious Lass back from the 21st century and it has gone way further than I ever expected! Not bad for something I started doing just to try and teach myself some writing discipline smile

EDIT: that link doesn't go to the exact post on the page for some reason, but it's the post from April 9 anyway

Last edited by razsolo; 01/06/18 05:07 AM.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
Originally Posted by razsolo

I actually didn't realise I had been going through and upgrading all the Subs one by one till Omni mentioned it! Stone Boy already got his upgrade when he gained the power to move in his stone form, and I gave Night Girl a power-up way back when I started writing this series by saying that Mordru's shadow demons in Legion of 3 Worlds permanently increased her strength reserves...that only leaves Polar Boy and Color Kid of the original Subs and I'm pretty happy with them where they are (for now, hehe...)...we'll see over the next few months what exactly all this means for Fire Lad and Chlorophyll Kid anyway.

I noticed too, and thought you were purposely powering up Legionnaires you felt needed a boost!

Originally Posted by razsolo

Yera last appeared in April 2014 (the story is here if anyone would like to refresh their memory), though in-universe I'd say only several months to a year has gone by; there's only been one leadership election since then so that tracks.

I am glad y'all caught that Gim has the wrong Kando Vyr, I didn't want to actually come out and say it so I was hoping the story made it clear. Y'all may remember I mentioned something about a couple of unexpected Legion guest stars coming up...well one of them will appear the very next instalment!

This is one of the subplots that has me hooked the most, so I'm eager to see what happens next! Also noticed that Gim got the wrong version of his guy wink

#942621 - 01/07/18 06:25 AM Re: Postlo3w stories *LATEST UPDATE 27 DECEMBER* [Re: razsolo]  
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Café Cramer
Love your various nicknames and insults: Tachyon calling Lydda "Beehive", Grava calling Chuck "Bouncy"...

Fire Lad as a dragon, very interesting and logical development of his power. It could be funny if he just suddenly changes forms, as long as he keeps his consciousness - but certainly more effective if he learns to control and change on command. Brek's struggle to talk him down from angry dragon state (and for Brek to face some of his own dragons) was very well done.

Elastic Lad is so 1950s. Is he channeling the original Jimmy Olsen - or maybe Leave it to Beaver? He does play off well against Brainiac 5.

Grava's power takes on a whole new threat when adding the power of different gases. I'm curious to see what you do with Ivy.

I didn't think Laurel's "S" was terrible - it looks a bit yin-yang, and she should have something distinctive from the 20th century Super S.

And comment to Set: the hair idea was really cool!

Holy Cats of Egypt!
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Thanks FC laugh

Elastic Lad was indeed my attempt to give the Legion an updated version of a 1950s character, I wanted to see if I could carry it off without making him just the comedy relief and it seems to have worked I guess as people don't hate him lol smile

Ivy is just a baby for now but she is definitely gonna bring some interesting things along with her now that she's in the Legion's lives!

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Husband Hill, Legion of Superheroes Headquarters

With Element Lad’s help, the Legion had made emergency repairs to one of the smaller rooms in their medical facility and reinforced the interior walls to make the room fireproof. The reinforcements seemed to have been unnecessary, but when Staq Mavlen opened the door and saw the hunted look on Arqiia’s face as she cowered on her bed he was glad they’d taken the precaution nonetheless.

“Who are you?” the Mercurian woman snapped. “Am I a prisoner here??”

“Not at all,” Staq replied in a tone he hoped was soothing. He caught his reflection in the mirrored surface of the viewing window and realised why she hadn’t recognised him; this blond pink-skinned youth seemed nothing like the bony hairless Fire Lad she’d briefly met. Still, he felt some tinge of the connection they’d once shared and he hoped the same held true for Arqiia. “My name’s Staq,” he continued, taking a seat near the foot of the bed. “We met before, I’m also called Fire Lad. I’m one of the Legion of Superheroes, we saved you from the Heavensent. Do you remember?”

She glared suspiciously at him, but that suspicion soon lessened slightly. “Why do you look so different?” she demanded.

“Long story,” he smiled wryly. “I look different, but I’m still the same person...and I still want to help you, Arqiia. Can you tell me what happened after we last met? You and Void disappeared, and our trackers couldn’t find a trace of you.”

“I remember now,” her eyes blazed with anger. “You didn’t save me from the Heavensent, you trapped me with one of them! We were in a space...a space that wasn’t a space, and Void wasn’t there but Celestine was and...and I don’t know how much time passed in that place, or if time passed in that place, but suddenly we were back in your building once more and Celestine had her hand at my throat!”

“That was an accident, Arqiia.” Staq wondered whether he should change into his mutated form; this room might be fireproof, but in his current state he certainly wasn’t. He decided against it; a giant horned dragon-man with a loose grip on his own humanity might not be the best approach to avoid escalating tensions, Staq noted sardonically. “I’m so sorry that you went through that but you have to believe we would never have intentionally put you in danger. I wouldn’t put you in danger. We stopped the Heavensent for good this time, you’re safe now.”

“You killed them??” The artificial woman was confused; as much as she was terrified of the Heavensent, part of her still couldn’t help but idolise them.

“No, no!” Staq fanned his hands in front of him. “We don’t do that...they’re in prison though and they’ll stay there for a very long time.”

She seemed to accept this answer, and visibly relaxed. After a moment, the beady embers of Arqiia’s eyes met Staq’s. “So...what will happen to me now..?”

“Well,” he smiled, “I’ve got an idea about that…”

Titanopolis, Lano Residential Complex

Terrified, Kando Vyr looked up into the looming face of a nine foot tall Gim Allon. The former Colossal Boy’s hand was spread across Kando’s chest, easily pinning him to the floor of his own apartment. “W-What do you mean I’m gonna help you find your wife?” Kando stumbled over his words. “Why would I know where Chameleon Girl is??”

“I might not have ever been the smartest Legionnaire,” Gim growled, “But I’m not an idiot either. She only left me after she met you. Even if you didn’t have anything to do with it, you must know why she left, where she is now!”

“Are you crazy?!” the young Naltorian’s voice cracked with fear. “I’ve never met Chameleon Girl, I’ve only even seen her in holos two or three times!”

Gim frowned. This wasn’t going at all how he’d expected it would. He had assumed Kando might feed him a line about protecting the sanctity of the timestream, he’d even been prepared for a fight, but this boy seemed completely dumbfounded. More, Kando was clearly frightened but he wasn’t doing anything to defend himself. None of it made sense; Gim had seen the Infinite Boy working with Dream Girl, Matter-Eater Lad and Stone Boy on Marella Tao’s newscast. He might have worn a new costume, but how many other heroes had the ability to summon Thanagarian Hawk-Police from thin air? Once Gim had seen him in action in Titanopolis, it had only taken a little more investigation to unearth Kando Vyr’s address. Why now was this experienced hero from the future cowering in confusion?

Before either of them could utter another word, the front door of the apartment slid open with a subtle whoosh. Without releasing Kando, Gim’s head snapped toward the new sound. Silhouetted in the doorway was a white-cloaked figure; the Infinite Boy. Gim Allon’s face contorted as he struggled to come to terms with the two identical youths now before him.

From where he was pinned to the floor, the younger Kando couldn’t quite make out this newcomer. Still, he recognised this might be his best chance to escape unscathed. “Whoever you are, get help!” the immobile boy bellowed. “Call the Time Institute, tell Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel that Colossal Boy’s gone crazy!”

“Let him go!” the Infinite Boy barked.

“What the sprock’s going on here?” Gim snapped back. “How can you be in two--”

“I said let him go!” the elder Kando interrupted with a note of panic. He held his cloak wide open with both hands, an eternal starscape yawning inside. An animalistic roar suddenly filled the apartment and before Gim’s stunned eyes a lycanthropic monster almost as tall as himself charged forth from the cloakspace. The creature was solid muscle covered entirely in long brown hair, and Gim realised as it knocked the breath out of him that it was far stronger than he’d anticipated. The vaguely humanoid creature knocked the former Colossal Boy on his rear, grazing Gim’s head painfully against the ceiling and smashing both a coffee table and a three-seater couch to shrapnel along the way.

Pulling his hood over his downcast face, the Infinite Boy stepped away from the doorway and disguised his voice as best as he was able. “Go!” he shouted at his younger self. “Get out of here, I’ll take care of Colossal Boy!” The younger Kando didn’t need to be told twice, and in a matter of seconds he was halfway to the elevator. The Infinite Boy turned his attention now to whatever creature this was he’d hurriedly summoned from the timestream to fight Colossal Boy, and his eyes grew wide with horror. “No, don’t kill him!

The shaggy creature straddled Gim Allon and raised one powerful arm to eviscerate its prey with razor-sharp talons. As it slashed downwards, Gim reacted just in time to shrink down to his normal size and squirm aside. Spittle rained down on Gim’s face as the monster’s claws shredded the floor only inches from his torso, and Gim looked up into a face so dark that it seemed in perpetual shadow. The only features visible were the two amber slits of the creature’s eyes and a mouth filled with fangs made to rend flesh from bone. The monster’s hot breath was like a gust of fetid wind, and Gim knew he had to act now if he was going to survive.

“Off you get, Furball!” Still lying on the floor, Gim slammed both fists into the hirsute creature and simultaneously shot up to twelve feet in height. The sudden growth spurt destroyed one of Kando’s remaining lounge chairs but it also added momentum as he shoved the monster into the ceiling with a satisfying crack. The beast he’d nicknamed Furball growled in response, but Gim couldn’t help but notice the sound was one of discomfort rather than pain. Gim conversely roared in agony as Furball’s claws ripped bloody streaks into his his left arm.

Gim grimaced. He could hear the Infinite Boy yammering something in the background but he couldn’t afford to focus on that now; this critter’s strength and durability far outstripped his own, the only way Gim could match him was in cunning. With Furball squirming in his grip, Gim shrunk down just enough to give himself room to maneuver. He grunted as he hefted Furball aside, slamming the monster into the man who’d summoned him in the first place. The Infinite Boy and Furball both crashed into a wall, the impact smashing an ornamental holo-projector to pieces. The Infinite Boy slipped to the floor in a dazed heap, but Furball was already pivoting to attack again. Gim ran toward the apartment’s outer wall, almost scraping his head against the ceiling. He could hear Furball behind him, and at the last possible instant Gim threw himself down on his belly in the wreckage of Kando Vyr’s living room. The creature’s pounce took him over Gim’s prostrate form and just as Gim had planned, Furball charged through the wall itself. Its howls faded into the wind as it began a 47 storey plummet into the streets of Titanopolis below. Too late, Gim wondered if he’d overestimated the creature’s strength; he’d been desperate to save himself, but he didn’t want to kill Furball even if it was just a dumb monster. Cradling his wounded arm, he made his way to Kando Vyr’s new makeshift window and clucked his tongue at the sight which greeted him. “...Sprockin’ unbelievable…”

Furball’s ill-considered leap had taken it into the path of gravcars below. It bounced from the roof of one vehicle to the next with greater dexterity than anybody could reasonably expect from such a bulky lifeform until one final flex of its massive legs sent it soaring a hundred feet across the traffic to land on an open balcony. It turned and gazed back up where it had come from, and though Gim couldn’t hear it from so far away he could imagine its low rumbling growl. He couldn’t just leave the creature there, no normal Titanian would stand a chance against it.

Gim turned back to the Infinite Boy; the boy from the future was still moaning his way back to full consciousness and Gim knew he was going to have to handle this himself. “Great,” he muttered. “This thing’s stronger than Timber Wolf and nearly as agile, and I’m probably gonna get myself killed just trying to get over there so it can dice me up and eat me...suck it up Allon, nobody lives forever.”

Cursing himself for having surrendered his flight ring when he left the Legion of Superheroes almost a year ago, Gim Allon took a running leap and threw himself into the biting winds of the Titanopolis evening sky. He increased his size dramatically, showcasing the power that had given him his heroic codename as crowds of people below suddenly saw a bearded colossus of a man over 200 feet tall appear above them. Praying that he could time this right, Gim reached out easily and hooked fingers as large as tree trunks on the edge of the rooftop of the building that Furball had found itself on. The building immediately creaked in protest at the weight it was now being asked to support, but before it could crumble Gim shrunk back down to his normal size and clutched on to the edge of the rooftop for dear life. When he slapped hard against the skyscraper’s chrome wall his shoulder almost dislocated and his injured arm throbbed maddeningly, but he held fast. Gim painstakingly pulled himself over the edge of the roof, and when he’d done that he stretched out on his back and released a long hissing exhalation through gritted teeth. A moment later, a shadow fell over him and Gim Allon heard a familiar low rumbling growl. He raised his head to see Furball advancing slowly from where the creature had just clambered up the side of the building. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me…” Gim groaned. Furball pounced once more, fangs and claws bared.

Gim hoped that he’d estimated correctly how much stress this rooftop could take as he once more exercised his power and grew to three times his normal size. Furball landed on his stomach and tore deep red stripes down his chest, but it was better than being torn apart as he surely would have been at normal height. All of the size-changing in such a short period of time had begun to make Gim lightheaded, but this fresh pain cut straight through it and left him fully alert once more. Crying out in shock, he grabbed Furball with both hands and held him high overhead. The creature writhed and slashed at the air, but it no longer had any leverage to mount a successful assault. Still, as much as it looked like an angry teddy bear at the moment Gim knew its strength was far greater than he could afford to match in the middle of this crowded city. He needed to find a more permanent way to deal with Furball without killing the creature.

As if on cue, the Infinite Boy floated overhead and looked down upon the growling beast and the gigantic man holding it. “Shock, you look like you’ve been through a meat grinder!” the cloaked hero uttered.

“No thanks to you!” Gim shouted back. “Would you please send this thing back to whenever you got it? I know I came on strong, but I get the message; I’ll behave myself, alright?”

The Infinite Boy considered his opponent’s words. Honestly, Kando had no more idea of Furball’s point of origin than Gim did. Once upon a time he’d not only have known, but the creature would have acted purely as a living extension of Kando’s own will. These days, the timestream just threw him whatever it deemed appropriate to deal with the problem at hand...and if that might mean he unleashed a super-strong werewolf monster on Titan, so be it. Kando sighed at his own limitations and flicked a hand at the snarling creature. Furball disappeared back into the timestream, and the Infinite Boy landed on the roof by Gim Allon’s head.

“I don’t know what drove you to scare the nass out of my younger self,” he addressed Gim sternly, “But even though I might only have a fraction of the power I used to have, I’m still a Naltorian; I foresaw you attacking him and knew I had to help him despite the risk of interacting with my own earlier incarnation.”

Gim had shrunk back down to his normal size again, and Kando offered him a hand to get to his feet. “So...you mind telling me what was worth jeopardising the whole timestream for, Colossal Boy?”

Moorte Island, Quarantine Medical Research Facility and Hospital

Comet Queen zipped across the sea like her namesake, her cloudy wake dissipating swiftly on the ocean breeze. Phantom Girl and she had found a lifeless rock jutting out of the sea and once they had contented themselves that the plants of Mardru had no ability to harm them there, Grava had left Ivy in the care of Phantom Girl and Nurse Dentley. Phantom Girl was still too weak to risk going back to Moorte Island, but Comet Queen wasn’t going to leave Chlorophyll Kid there to face those murderous plants on his own. Grava had felt the icy grip of panic for a moment when she hadn’t been able to raise Ral on his flight ring, but then she remembered that the plants had somehow managed to block the Legionnaires’ radio comms. She would need to wait till she saw him herself to know that he was safe, and patience unfortunately had never been one of Grava’s stronger traits.

She found the island easily enough; this far out at sea, there was precious little other land to distract her. Comet Queen circled the angry border wall of vines and thorns and allowed her cloudy trail to settle on the clutching vegetation. The plants responded to Grava’s power instantly, pulling away as though they’d suffered an electric shock. As Grava found the front of the medical facility though, she noticed that it wasn’t just the creepers and branches affected by her power which were retreating...the foliage all across the island seemed to be growing thinner by the minute. Comet Queen wondered whether Chlorophyll Kid had somehow managed to come up with some way to hurt the plants after all, and she descended into what was now a large open patch behind the damaged building.

She saw movement inside the building, heard the rustle of countless branches twisting and reshaping, and while she was still trying to gauge what exactly these plants were up to Grava saw a bulky figure exit the research facility. He was covered from head to toe in wooden armour, wiry vines holding thick plates of bark together over his torso, limbs and head. Comet Queen presumed that the plants had found some way to create artificial soldiers and she readied herself to immerse the golem in toxic gas. When she saw the figure’s exposed face, her own features lit up and Grava almost knocked him to the ground with the force of her embrace. “Chlory! Starshine, you’re okay! I was so scared!!”

Inside the wooden armour, Chlorophyll Kid squirmed under a barrage of kisses. “You came back for me!” he smiled warmly once he finally managed to get an arm’s length from Grava.

“Of course I did, silly!” She stepped back and looked him over properly. “Ivy’s safe with Phantom Girl, I wasn’t gonna leave you here with these creepy creepers!” She looked around warily at the retreating plant life. “We better make like a rogue planet and shoot outta here though before they come after us again!”

“That’s not going to be a problem anymore,” Ral said quietly but firmly. “The Green and I have come to…an understanding, you might say.”

“An understanding? What kinda understanding?” Grava suddenly blinked and her mouth dropped open. “Hey! Chlory, your stutter’s gone!”

“I’m going to take responsibility for keeping Ivy safe and for training her until she’s old enough to serve her role as Avatar of the Green,” Chlorophyll Kid explained calmly. “And in return, the Green...improved me.” He held his hands splayed before him and with a look of detached curiosity he watched as his own power effortlessly extended the wooden armour over his fingers to form long artificial talons. With a soft creaking noise, the wood transformed itself once more and the claws became rigid bracers covering his forearms.

“Parse me to the C-span, that’s nova-bright Chlory! It is nova-bright, right? You’re shiny?” She regarded him with concern.

“It’s a good change...I can do so much more now, the Green have helped me exceed my potential. But the change isn’t just physical, Grava….I’m going to need to adjust to this new role. Still, the danger here is over. We can return home now.”

“Yay!” Comet Queen impulsively kissed him on the cheek once more and the two took to the sky. As they flew, a small neurotic voice inside Grava’s head asked her if this really was a good change. Chlorophyll Kid would never have been able to make this kind of armour before today, and she knew that he found his stutter infuriating at times; she knew that she should be ecstatic for him. Still, there was something in his voice and something in the way he carried himself now...it was subtle, but he felt different.

Different doesn’t mean bad though, Grava told herself silently. Taking one last look at the remains of Moorte Island behind her, she repeated that phrase many times more as they soared over the ocean waves.

...Eventually, she knew she’d believe it.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
NIce demonstration of Ral's power up! I wonder how this will affect his budding relationship with Grava?

Good show, displaying Gim's tactics, his strength and fitness. Too often he is shown merely relying on his large size, it was good seeing how athletic he is.

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