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#940203 - 11/08/17 06:24 PM Young Legion Book 2  
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Paradise Valley
Well, there were no cries of ‘Oh, please, no, no, stop, no more!’ so I’m posting again.

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
#940204 - 11/08/17 06:42 PM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Paradise Valley

I have very distinct appearances in mind for all each of these characters, but I am a terrible artist. I don't even know where to start.
So, some extended description is in order.

(1) Saturn Girl
Dorrit Ranzz of Winath, age 16˝
Red-haired and green-eyed.
Dorrit wears the green-and-yellow outfit her mother popularized in Adventure #247.
Her only concession to current fashion is a pair of yellow leggings, and she has removed the ‘Saturn Girl’ code-name emblazoned on the blouse.

(2) Lightning Lass, age 16˝
Dacey Ranzz of Winath
Also a typical ginger, Dacey wears the original red lightning-emblazoned jersey and khaki jodhpurs her father wore as ‘Lightning Boy’ in Adventure #247. In a concession to current fashion, she has removed the code-name emblazoned across the chest.

(3) Cosmic Boy, age 14˝
Pol Hu Krinn II of Winath
Pol very strongly resembles both his uncle and father when they were his age. He wears the original, half-armored ‘Cosmic Boy’ outfit his father wore in Adventure #247-- without the helmet, or code-name emblazoned on the chestplate.
He does, however have shirts in three colors: the original ‘pale scarlet’ (or ‘dusky rose’), a second in sapphire, and a third in lavender.

(4) Chameleon (United Planets Universal Alphanumeric Designation (UPUAD) #U0373-WV451) perhaps 15-16 years old Earth Standard, in a race that lives only 50-60 years
He has the typical appearance of the registered United Planets Durlan Default Form.
Originally presenting without clothing, (although ‘smooth’, with no evident primary or secondary sexual characteristics) he has now taken to ‘wearing’ Reep Daggle’s blue-and-white chainmail-shirt outfit.

(5, 6 ,7) The Triplicate Girls
Ffiona, Ffarrah and Ffey Ffarr of Carggg
Actual ages ll ˝, but to accelerated aging due to their condition, they physically appear to be about 17.
In another year Earth-standard, they will look twenty.
The Ffarr girls are from an area of Carggg originally colonized primarily by settlers of Japanese descent. Physically, the three are virtually indistinguishable, except each has a small tattoo at the base of the neck, just below the left jugular vein. Ffiona has an interlac ‘i’, Ffarrah an ‘a’, and Ffey an ‘e’. When they merge, these tattoos form a symbol similar to the astrological sign ‘Libra’.
The girls wear outfits almost identical to Lluornu Durgo’s original purple-and-orange caped outfit. In a concession to current fashion, they have added orange leggings. Their outfits are slightly different hues: Ffarrah is more violet and gold, while Ffey wears lavender and peach.

(8) Shrinking Violet, age 14˝
Eulia M’Kord (pronounced A-Ool-Yah Mik-Kord) of Orzde.
She is a big, strapping farmgirl, easily the tallest and widest of the Super Hero Club.
If anyone were to draw her, I would expect her to appear pseudo-Polynesian: Samoan, perhaps, or Maori.
She wears an outfit similar to Salu Digby’s original short-dress-with-wide-lapels, but in sky-blue, rather than Salu's chartreuse. In a concession to current fashion, she has added blue leggings.
(In the Earth-K2 paracosm, the Irulan Krill appear humanoid, but are gender-reversed. Males nurse the offspring, and thus are ‘female’-appearing. Eulia is therefore technically male, while, for example, Lalo Muldron of Imsk is technically female. (And by this time in his life, probably a proud mama.) Eulia is at present unaware of this inter-species difference, although the Winathan kids (who are aware that their ‘Aunt Salu’ is technically their uncle) and Phantom Girl do know.

(9) Phantom Girl, age 15˝
Irinia Apero of Bgztl
Irinia’s appearance is based on an old college Inorganic Chemistry lab partner of mine, who was a citizen of Nigeria. He was the first black person I ever met.
Not that the was the first African-American I had ever met (he was not American). He was black. His skin was actually an pure, elegant, handsome black. Not really dark brown, but really, truly black. So black it shone with blue highlights in the mid-day sun.
Irinia has facial features similar to Terran East Africans, but her skin is deep, indigo blue, like the highlights of my friend’s skin. Her hair is tightly curled, cut short, and the colour of fine gold. Her eyes are a deep, dark, reddish-brown, and in direct sunlight glow blood-red. (My grand-daughter has eyes like this.)
She wears the original ‘Phantom Girl’ costume, all-white, with boots and cape, and the Interlac ‘P’ (a mirror-reversed ‘D|”) as a chest emblem.
Note that Bgztlrs are also not precisely Terran. Also, in her first appearances, Tinya Wazzo was depicted with pale blue skin.

(10) Ten
Txarlz Luz 5423 of Colu (Yod System), age 7˝, Earth Standard.
Ten wears a simple violet-and-lavender one-piece jumpsuit, with a stylized ten of diamonds playing card emblazoned over the left breast pocket.
Aside from his green* skin, yellow sclera, and bald head, he looks like an ordinary Terran second-grader.
(He shaves his head. His hair is naturally pea-green.)
He is always accompanied by his robo-nanny, which has the appearance of a featureless silver sphere. His first nanny was named ‘Mr. Andrews’, his second, and current, is named ‘Vesta’.
(* Actually chartreuse with many teal freckles.)

(11) Polar Lass, age 15
Kylda Zimm of Tharr
She is slender, blonde and blue-eyed, a Terran of evidently Scandinavian descent. Like all Tharrans, she is small in stature; at age 14, she is not even five feet tall. She wears the traditional mauve-and-white, fur-trimmed costume of her people.
Kylda herself is rather quiet, and perhaps that is why she was attracted to Matter-Eater Lad Two’s naturally outgoing personality and effortless eccentricity.
The two face one insurmountable obstacle. Their metabolisms are wholly incompatible. Kylda is certain to someday have her heart broken, and someday wind up marrying some perfectly ordinary Tharran boy.

(12) Matter-Eater Lad Two, age 16
Hillarie Norjay of Bismoll
Were you to take a time machine, and bring young Tenzil Kem and Hillarie Norjay together, they would seem virtually identical, both in costume and countenance, with the exception that Hillarie would be about six inches taller, and proportionally more slim.
As Hillarie is about a foot taller than Kylda, they make quite a couple.
(Note: If Tenzil Kem had not eaten the Miracle Machine, it is almost certain that Bismoll would not exist, as Bismollian physiology is an intersection of several unlikely simultaneous mutations. Just the sort of thing you would expect from a release of the Miracle Machine’s Infinitely Improbabilistic energies. Yes, I know, causaility, yadda yadda yadda. Well, Infinite Improbability and Quantum, so there.)

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
#940756 - 11/17/17 06:56 AM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Joined: May 2010
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Paradise Valley

Res-Vir, captain of the pirate ship Renegade, looked more the corporate C.E.O. than a pirate captain. His strawberry-blonde hair was slightly streaked with silver, his hairline slightly receding. He was broad and fit-looking, but also broadening a bit too much at the waist. His prized three-piece suit, woven of the best Daxamite wool, was three or four years out of fashion.

He looked over what remained of his motley crew.

Bal Kozz, the "First Mate": tall, slender, bearded, cat-eyed Daxamite mutant. His mutation caused him to be isolated at school, which probably led to his utter lack of concern for the feelings of others-- contempt, in fact, for feelings in general, seen as a sign of weakness.

Adah Orion, called “Huntress”. The half-Daxamite grand-daughter of Otto Orion. Adah’s mother is serving life imprisonment on Penitentiary Island on Daxam for brutally murdering him.

Tulip Gor-Man, who likes to be called “Daximus”, a massive, eight-foot-plus, wide-bodied, full bellied, with hands like dinner plates. Bald from the ears up; his hair fringe hung in dreadlocks down his back. Impulsive, not a deep thinker, he was not really stupid, but tried very hard to remain willfully ignorant. His gray lips and sunken eyes betrays an addition to Pigment, which he thinks is a secret. His blatant lust for Adah Orion is entirely unreciprocated-- at least publicly.

Ir-Ving: Young, blue-eyed and brunette, mostly nondescript for a Daxamite, although notably his left ear was burned off in an altercation with another band of pirates.

Kefaz Sa-Yir: "Navigator", “Computer Operator”, and all-around tech handyman. Slight of build, babyfaced, a mathematical genius, really the only truly intelligent one on board besides the captain, in Res-Vir's opinion. Rev-Vir also suspected him of being a Darseidist, but was not very concerned about it. Piracy and Darkseidism went together on Daxam like bread and butter.

There was also “The Psion”, whose name sounded something like “Hiss”-- but then, so did all the other Psion names. Always space-suited, except in his cabin, Res-Vir considered him no more trustworthy than the Dominators, which was not at all. However, he was needed to formulate and reformulate the anti-lead serum that made their chosen profession possible.

“Revenge,” said Gor-Man. “Simple revenge. I say we go to Mars, find that Little Legion, and smash ‘em to pulp.”

“I would point out,” said Kefaz Sa-Yir, “That the Little Legion is no longer on Mars. No one knows where they are. They haven’t been seen for seven tendays. Perhaps someone else has smashed them into pulp for us.”

“Well, we gotta find ‘em,” said Gor-Man, “And if they’re not smashed already, we smash ‘em. And if they're dead, we dance on their corpses.”

“In the first place,” said Kefaz Sa-Yir, “Without the kryptonite Gol-Ber was getting for us, we are not smashing anybody anytime soon. The artificial stuff The Psion has been whippin up is devilishly tricky; that last batch of serum had me heaving my guts out. In the second place, until we can get the life support in this boat up and running reliably, we need to stay within point-oh-one parsecs of a yellow star, or we suffocate in space. That makes traveling difficult.”

“And in the third place,” said Bal Kozz, “Where’s the percentage? We kill the Legion. We kill the Mars SP. We kill a hundred thousand more, just for the sprock of it. Then what? We’re still broke, with a broken-down ship, barely making ends meet selling hyper-cannabinol on the black market.” He shuddered. “Oh, for the days when a pirate’s life was easy, and there were plenty of chickens to pluck.”

“We gotta keep ‘em afraid of us,” said Gor-Man. “Makes life easier, right? Keep 'em thinking, 'The Daxamites are coming, let’s pile up all our valuables outside the door, and maybe they’ll go away.'”

“When was life ever like that?” Res-Vir asked. “Daxam isn’t scared of us. Rokyn isn’t scared of us. Neither are Kormo, or Colu, or Zuun. Bgztl and Imsk have developed some pretty effective anti-Daxamite weapons, and they’re spreading throughout the U.P. I hear Phlon and Myar are in a race to see who can finish their anti-anti-lead-serum-gas first.”

The Psion slithered over to the pirate crew.

“I have a distant associate,” he said, “who has had some luck with extract of Scarlet Jungle Blood Morel from Rokyn. An entirely different approach. Properly compounded, it has proved an effective antidote to lead poisoning among some Daxamites. Contraindications of hyperactivity and insomnia have been noted, but there are sedatives that could ameliorate those.”

“Rokyn?” snapped Huntress. “How do you expect us to get to Rokyn? First we need cash to fix this bucket of bolts.”

“I only suggest,” said The Psion, “That a fraction of the next sales of hyper-cannabinol might be put to use purchasing a sample from my associate. Then put some cash towards Life Support Repair, then eventually we find our way to the Malhaya quadrant, for a complete overhaul.”

“That would take more than one sale,” said Huntress. “And it will take time, unless you have found a way to speed up the manufacturing process.”

“Sadly, no,” said The Psion.

“What we need is a new angle,” said Res-Vir. “Another way to raise cash. Something no one else has thought of before. Somewhere the market isn’t saturated with pirates already.”

The group was silent, each lost in thought.

“I still like Revenge,” said Gor-Man.

“Oh, shut up,” said Bal Kozz.

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
#941077 - 11/25/17 03:36 AM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Café Cramer
I wish I could draw, too, but your descriptions are vivid enough to create good mental images.

And then...? Pirates of Penzance? These guys sound a bit like the League of Substitute Pirates and all the more charming for that.

Holy Cats of Egypt!
#941082 - 11/25/17 06:08 AM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Paradise Valley
Heh. Legion of Substitute Pirates. Yep. Piracy is a hard life, much less romantic than sometimes portrayed. They'll show up again in about twenty chapters.



Chameleon and the Triplicate Girls were the first ones back on Mars. They had, after all, nowhere else to go.

The Super Hero Clubhouse was a mess. Any building abandoned for more than a few weeks quickly falls into disrepair. There were birds nesting inside, and a sort of badger-thing, doubtless originally from Earth, but which seemed to have quickly adapted to the Martian environment.

Shrinking Violet and Phantom Girl came next. Shrinking Violet’s parents were proud of her association with the Legion, and Phantom Girl had other reasons to be on Mars-- or at least, near Gzbk.

Matter-Eater Lad Two and Polar Lass arrived a few days later. They were snogging and canoodling (am I allowed to use those words?) in front of the Clubhouse when Ten came running up from the parking lot with his Adult Guardian.

Renlo Tagor cleared his throat in a very human manner.

“I am leaving him once again in your care,” said Renlo Tagor. “He has learned much with you which he could not have learned any other way.”He turned to Ten. “Good-bye, Inscio, try not to get into too much trouble.” He strolled away.

Inscio?” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “Did he really call you that?”

“It is a term of endearment,” said the female voice of Vesta, Ten’s new ‘nanny-bot’. She looked remarkably like Mr. Andrews, a plain, shiny floating sphere.

“I know what it means,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “All Bismolleans take Latin in Grammar School. Neque me esuriit,” he quoted. Tu velim a me, cum ego non esuriit. The official motto of Bismoll.”

“I think I know what you mean,” said Ten, “But I don’t think that’s quite right.”

“We have a similar saying on Orzde,” said Shrinking Violet. “‘Don’t make us angry; you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.’ It’s not an official motto or anything, just good advice when dealing with Orzdeans.”

Phantom Girl came running out of the clubhouse, and grabbed Ten in a bear hug. “Wow! You have gotten so big!” she cried. “You must have grown three centimeters since I saw you last! The Triplicates and I tidied up your room for you. We left your lab alone, though.”

“A wise precaution,” said Ten. He fished an object out of his luggage. It was the inert remains of Mr. Andrews. Vesta made a gulping sound. “My Adult Guardian suggested I keep this in a place of honor. I believe my room would be more appropriate than my laboratory?”

“Yes, I think you’re right,” said Phantom Girl. “Other than that, how was Colu?”

“Well, and good,” said Ten. “My Adult Guardian and I met with my parents, and they were satisfied with the direction and progress of my education. My Adult Guardian also feels that my association with the ‘Super Hero Club’ has allowed me unique experiences and opportunities for learning.”

“Do you see your parents a lot?” asked Phantom Girl.

“Regularly,” said Ten. “But Coluans recognize that each has his own talents and strengths, and not everyone can effectively dedicate a century or more to child-rearing. Renlo Tagor is a well-respected Adult Guardian, even if, or perhaps particularly because, he has some unorthodox ideas about what constitutes a proper education. Our recent adventure has even increased his stature, as it allowed him to interact with Brainiac Five and his Guardian. Have you been to visit the Wazzos since you got back?”

“Yes,” said Phantom Girl, flushing. “They have had me to dinner a couple of times. They really are nothing like the doppelgangers we knew on mirror-Tharn. If anything, I lo- appreciate them more than ever.”

Ten nodded solemnly, but with the trace of a smile.

It was another week before Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lass, and Saturn Girl finally arrived. They came in a cab, and looked worn out.

“We need to have a meeting,” said Saturn Girl.

“Well, tomorrow is Tyresday,” said Ffiona. “No better time.”

Last edited by Klar Ken T5477; 11/26/17 09:59 AM.

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
#941389 - 12/02/17 07:36 AM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Paradise Valley

“Our parents are even more opposed to this venture than they were originally,” said Saturn Girl.

“And by ‘our parents’, she means, ‘her mother’,” said Cosmic Boy.

“That’s not fair,” said Lightning Lass. “I didn’t see your parents standing up to defend us.”

“There was a HUGE fight,” said Saturn Girl. “In order to induce us to stay on Winath, they took away our Runabout. We had to get here the hard way, on a transport.”

“Just like the rest of us,” said Ffey.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” said Saturn Girl. “It’s just… we will have to rely on public transportation to get into town. Or anywhere now, really.”

“Ronin has a landspeeder,” said Phantom Girl, “Which I’m sure he would let us use in a pinch. Of course, he lives a few hours away, so it’s really not that convenient.”

“And we could have food pods and stuff delivered,” said Ffarrah. “Like normal people.”

“‘Normal’ is a funny word,” said Lightning Lass. “We have an embarrassment of Farmer’s Markets on Winath.”

“At any rate, a lot of things are going to be more expensive,” said Saturn Girl. “Dacey, Pol and I threatened to sell our shares in Lightning Ring Farms, and finance the Club with the cash. They talked us out of it. Mom yelled a lot; but our Dad and Pol’s Dad made a lot of sense, though.”

“Yeah, but they were right,” said Pol. “Do we really want to end up like the Daggle kids? Trust fund babies who were living the high life, but now have just a little less to live on each year, while Brande Industries is dying, being sold off piecemeal.”

“They do keep their names in the newsfeeds,” said Fey. “And publicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We haven’t had kids breaking down our doors for tryouts recently.”

“Speaking of tryouts,” said Ffarrah, “What about Mass Master? Will he be joining us, or is his status even clear?”

“Ted’s dads have enrolled him in the SP Youth Military Academy,” said Pol. “They feel that’s the best place for him to get good training. They’ve even had some experience with metahumans over the years.”

“Oh,” said Ffarrah. “Too bad.”

“I would like to point out,” said Ten, “That the Stipend abides, and while we were ‘cooling our heels’ on Tharn-- or mirror-Tharn-- regular deposits were being made into everyone’s accounts.”

“And each of us spent a large part of that windfall,” said Shrinking Violet, “On one-way passage back here to Mars.”

“I guess this would be the wrong time,” said Ten, “to talk about Flight Belts.”

“I suppose they were all left behind,” said Saturn Girl. “But I’m not sure we have the funds to rebuild them just yet. We have taxes coming due on this property.”

“It can’t be!” said Shrinking Violet. “Has it been six months already? And we would be paying taxes on property we don’t even own yet.”

“Satisfying the tax liens is part of the process of Homesteading,” said Saturn Girl. “And yes, in a couple of weeks, it will have been six months. Now, we all hold the deed in common, the twelve of us. It might be easier if we incorporated, and sold shares, but that’s the way it is for now. If one of us wanted out, the others could buy their interest, but it’s complicated. It’s what we get for keeping ourselves unofficial.”

“I think the benefits of keeping it unofficial outweigh the complications,” said Ten. “But you all know my opinion. As a minor, I really can’t own property, so it’s really the eleven of you that own this little site. I just live here.”

“I think,” said Shrinking Violet, “That we ought to have monthly dues, paid into a joint checking account, to pay for stuff like taxes, and weekly supplies, and building new Flight Belts, if we want them.”

“I certainly want one,” said Polar Lass. “The old one had my ultraphone and warming belt built into it.”

“Professor Leitseid shipped all the belts to Colu,” said Ten. “I brought them with me. Although to be honest, it will cost nearly as much to repair them as to build them again new. Lord M. really seems to take out his frustrations on inanimate objects.”

“I propose,” said Saturn Girl, “That we go into town, establish a joint checking account, and make Shrinking Violet our Treasurer. She seems the most qualified.”

“Qualified? Me?” asked Shrinking Violet. “Why?”

“Good attention to small details,” said Saturn Girl.

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
#941505 - 12/08/17 04:07 AM Re: Young Legion Book 2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Paradise Valley

“I met your parents,” Ten told Phantom Girl. “On Weber’s World. They are interesting people. My Adult Guardian and I spoke with them for some time.”

“They tried to convert Coluans?” said Phantom Girl. “Unbelievable.”

“Convert?” said Ten. “If you mean, we discussed your religious beliefs…”

“Not my religious beliefs,” said Phantom Girl.

“You are not also Quotidian?” asked Ten. “What I heard of their philosophy seemed quite reasonable. That the ordinary, mundane activities of life, pursued with proper mindfulness, gives meaning to life.”

“Not exactly,” said Phantom Girl. “It supposedly allows one to transcend life, to rise above the meaninglessness of existence, to become one with Quod. No, I’m no follower of Quotidianism. I’m kind of more a “Minister’s daughter”; more of the Rumspringa type. I’m sure my parents suspect, but if they knew the details of what I do on the weekends-- listening to loud music, dancing past midnight, riding around in fast cars… well, one fast car, anyway. I even kissed a boy! They would be mortified.”

“Those seem like perfectly small-q quotidian activities,” said Ten. “They are forbidden under your parents philosophy? That seems a logical non sequitur... it does not follow. Perhaps I misunderstand.”

“Yes, it’s not Philosophy, it’s Religion,” said Phantom Girl. “And ‘non sequiturs’ are as common in Religion as dust. Calvin, for example, believed that God does not punish the wicked, or reward the guilty, but assigns souls to Heaven or Hell based on his ineffable pleasure. And yet, the original Calvinism was one of the strictest, most Draconian systems-- both for its believers, and non-believers.”

“There is a certain logic to that,” said Ten. “If the gods will not punish the wicked, and you believe the wicked are in need of punishment, then I suppose you would need to do it yourself, yes? In attempting small talk, I seem to have lost the thread of my purpose in coming to speak to you.”

“Well, um, Religion is one of the things Humans tend to exclude from ‘small talk’, despite my parents’ example,” said Phantom Girl. “Also, Politics and Money.”

“I will make a note of it,” said Ten. “I am uncertain how to make this segue. My Adult Guardian has suggested that in order to better understand Terran culture, I ought to attend the opera. The Rabe City Opera Company is well-regarded. He suggested I invite you and Ronin Nah to accompany me. Perhaps this weekend?”

Phantom took out her ultraphone, and texted a quick message to Ronin. “What are they performing?” she asked.

“A classic by the late-nineteenth century composer ‘Terrytoons’,” said Ten. “A production called ‘Mighty Mouse’.”

“Could Arna come, too?” asked Phantom Girl. “That would make it a foursome.”

“I am sure my Adult Advisor would be willing to purchase tickets for the four of us,” said Ten. “And dinner beforehand, as well, I believe.”

“OK, it’s a date,” said Phantom Girl. “Ronin and Arna will pick us up at the Clubhouse this Honosday, mid-afternoon, then take us out to Rabe City. He said he would like to pick out the place to eat, if you don’t mind.”

“I will make the arrangements with my Adult Guardian,” said Ten.

Phantom Girl wore her Phantom Girl costume, complete with flowing white cape. Ronin and Arna were dressed similarly, their outfits a gift from their mother. Ronin’s outfit was more of an ecru shade, while Arna’s was a pearlescent opal. Ten seemed to have only a single jumpsuit, which he wore day and night.

The trip to Rabe City was surprisingly quick. While Ronin's landspeeder was only ordinarily only capable of Mach-point-two, he was able to drop into the Phantom Zone, which allowed them to make much better time. Either distances were shorter in the Phantom Zone, or time moved differently.

Ronin had picked a nice Thai Fusion place, and they even had the Agar gelatin dessert that was an acceptable substitute for Coluan Nutritive Paste.

The audience was as interested in the four friends-- three caped ‘phantoms’, a Coluan, and Vesta-- as they were in the opera. Ronin and Irinia sat next to one another, naturally, and Ten and Arna uncomfortably did the same.

“Do you think it was historically based,” asked Phantom Girl afterwards.

“There are Felinoid planets in in the Sirius sector,” said Ten, “But I never heard of any with a history of attempting conquest and domination of other worlds.”

“Well, they wouldn’t, would they, not with 'Mighty Mouse' around,” said Phantom Girl. “Imagine him in our Club!”

“Mom told us that when she in the Legion, they teamed up with super-intelligent animals with Daxamite-like powers from the past,” said Arna. “A dog, a cat, and a gorilla, I think.”

“And a horse,” said Ronin. “There was definitely a Kryptonian horse. I’m pretty sure no mice, though.”

They got back to the Clubhouse around midnight.

“Can you give me a tour?” Arna asked Ten.

“Oh, uh, sure,” hesitated Ten. They walked to the Clubhouse, leaving Ronin and Phantom Girl in the car.

“They need a little privacy, you know,” said Arna. “To say ‘good-night’, right?”

“Ah,” said Ten. “Yes. Romeo and Juliet. The balcony scene.”

“You’re smarter than you look,” said Arna.

The only ones still in the Clubhouse were the three Founders, Ffiona and Ffarrah, and Shrinking Violet.

“Aren’t you a little old for him?” Lightning Lass teased.

“Ten and I have a lot in common,” said Arna. “He’s seven years old, Earth-Standard, and I’m seven years old, Martian-Standard.”

“Really?” said Saturn Girl. “You’re tall for your age.”

“My folks moved from Bgztl to Gzbk right after I was born,” said Arna. “I grew up in low-gravity.”

“In a little while, you’ll be old enough to join the team as a second Phantom Girl,” Cosmic Boy noted.

“I don’t think so,” said Arna. “Mom talks a lot about the Legion, and it doesn’t seem like a Bgztlr was very useful. What with Supergirl, Superboy, and Mon-El, and with other kids throwing around enough energy to crack an asteroid…”

“Well, we don’t have anyone of that level on the team,” said Cosmic Boy.

“And a Bgztlr is valuable in close, hand-to-hand combat,” said Ten. “If an opponent has a shield, or armor, a Bgztlr can phase right through with a well-aimed punch.”

“Oh, surely the Legion didn’t go around randomly punching people,” said Arna. “Getting into fights? They didn’t, did they?”

“Maybe you should ask your Mom,” said Saturn Girl.

“Oh, I do not want to get her started talking about the Legion,” said Arna. “Her stories always end with a moral. Or, they end up about how she met Dad. Mush!”

“Let’s go see the others,” said Ten.

Ffarrah and Shrinking Violet were sharing a midnight snack in the back of the Clubhouse, while Ffiona looked on disapprovingly.

“You’re an Imskian, right?” Arna asked Shrinking Violet.

“Let me tell you how to tell an Imskian from an Orzdean. Imskians have green eyes, will join in a fist-fight for the pure fun of it, and don’t hold grudges,” said Shrinking Violet. “Orzdeans have blue eyes, and we fight to win.”

“And do Orzdeans hold grudges?” asked Arna.

“Against who?” asked Shrinking Violet.

Arna thought about this.

“Arna, we need to go,” Ronin called from the front of the Clubhouse.

“Do you have a curfew?” asked Ffiona.

“Dad and Mom’s rule is: ‘Don’t stay out so late that we have to give you a curfew.’,” said Arna. “It’s Honosday night, so they’ll cut us some slack. But we probably do need to be getting home.”

“She seems nice,” said Ffiona. “Tell us all about tonight.”

“Let Ten go to his room, and get to bed,” said Phantom Girl, “and I’ll tell you all about it.”

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Paradise Valley

Matter-Eater Lad Two and Polar Lass began the night in her quarters.

“It’s just no use,” said Polar Lass. “I’m sorry. Your hands are just too cold.”

“I’m sorry, too,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two, giving her a light kiss. “I really like you, Kylda.”

“And I like you, Hillarie,” said Polar Lass. “Really, really like you. It’s just… well, I like being with you. A lot. But maybe, for now, we can just be Friends-Without-Benefits?”

“And I like hanging out with you,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “We can hang out, right? I mean, if you think about it, we’re still just kids. Right?”

“Well, at least you’re helping me learn to control my powers,” said Polar Lass.

“What? How so?” asked Matter-Eater Lad Two.

“Most psychoglaciating Tharrans just kind of generally broadcast cold over a large area,” said Polar Lass. “But I’ve learned real focus. Take a look at the thermostat on the wall. I keep my quarters warm.”

“It’s over two hundred degrees in here!” said Matter-Eater Lad Two.

“That’s not possible,” said Polar Lass, jumping up to check the thermometer as well. “I keep it set on 95c. Not even a Tharran…”

“Sorry, sorry,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “On Bismoll, we use the Fahrenheit scale. 95c it is. But I don’t even feel warm? I ought to be suffocating.”

“Yeah, whenever we’re together, I’ve been keeping you in an envelope of a flat 20c,” said Polar Lass. “I like you to be comfortable around me.”

“Thanks,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “And good job.”

“Here, let me show you something else,” said Polar Lass. She took a transparent aluminum tumbler out, and set it on her dresser. She held her hand above it-- the ‘glass’ began to frost up, then slowly filled with a smoking, clear, pale-blue liquid. “Liquid oxygen,” said Polar Lass. “Care for a drink?”

Matter-Eater Lad Two took the glass carefully, took a sip, then quickly finished the whole tumbler. “A little tangy,” he said, “Refreshing. Filling, too. I would never go hungry with you to take care of me.”

“You’d never go hungry anyway,” said Polar Lass. “I mean, you can eat sand.”

Matter-Eater Lad Two stared thoughtfully out the window. Kylda’s cabin had an excellent view of New Hellespont Sea. “Let’s go for a walk on the beach,” he said.

“I’m glad Ten was able to repair and rebuild my flight belt,” said Polar Lass, hovering a half-meter off the ground beside Matter-Eater Lad Two. “It makes living off-planet so much easier.”

“I thought walking along the beach together might be a pleasant activity,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two.

Polar Lass came down, and took his arm. “It is,” she said. “I just get caught up in the freedom of it all. Say, I was talking to my parents about you. How would you like to come to Tharr, next time I go back to visit?”

“I thought we discussed this,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “I really wouldn’t be able to take the heat.”

“Well then, you’ll just have to stay close to me the whole time we’re there,” Polar Lass laughed. “No, seriously, there are cooling belts on Tharr, for tourists. Not that we get a lot of tourists. My mother thought we might like to come for Herringbone Day.”

“OK, what’s Herringbone Day?” Matter-Eater Lad Two asked.

“Well, it’s actually a three-day celebration,” said Polar Lass. “Tharrans are descended from Terran fisherfolk, and this holiday celebrates our ancestry. Of course, the fish are farmed now, and genetically modified to live in anoxic near-boiling water, but we still remember when our ancestors braved the open sea to feed their families and villages. There are a couple of great feasts-- you would like it: they have salted, pickled fish on ice, and lots of other traditional delicacies. Then on the third day, the Ancient Mariner comes with candy and gifts. And feathers, for some reason. It’s a real party, a special time for community, and family, too.”

“Salted fish,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “I prefer potassium salts.”

“Well, I know they use more than one kind of salt,” said Polar Lass. “Do you think you’d like to come?”

“Sure,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “Maybe someday you can come visit my family on Bismoll. We don’t have any special days, really, just The Day of Eating Rocks, which is every day.”

They walked on, arm-in-arm, or hand-in-hand, for a while. The two moons of Mars danced by swiftly overhead. At last, they turned back.

“When we were in mirror-Tharn,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two, “I was assigned to make a thing called ‘Amulets of Accommodation’. I’ve been reading about them.”

“I think I know what they’re for,” said Polar Lass.

“I made a couple myself, on Bismoll,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “Before I came back to Mars.” He fished two plain silvery rings out of his pocket. “It’s just plain electrum, with an engraved insignia-- it’s actually on the inside of the ring, not visible when being worn-- it’s kind of fiddly-- you have to get the proportions just right. But I think I did a good job. Of course, they’re not really magic-- you’d need a magician to activate them, and I’m not sure that I’ve even made them exactly right…”

“Oh, Hillarie!” said Polar Lass. “Are you giving me your Promise Ring? Does this mean we’re going steady?”

“Um… I’m not really sure what that means,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “But I wouldn’t…”

“Oh, I would totally,” said Polar Lass, slipping one of the rings on. “In a heartbeat. Look, a perfect fit! Now you have to put yours on.”

Matter-Eater Lad Two managed to fit the second ring onto the little finger of his right hand. Polar Lass kissed him.

“Now it’s official,” said Polar Lass. “All we have to do now is find a magician.”

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Polar Lass and ME-Lad The Sequel are cute together...on a sidenote, I dig "psychoglaciating" as a descriptor for cold powers too! smile

Read the alternate adventures of the Legion after Legion of Three Worlds!
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I am always surprised at what will spark a comment.

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Paradise Valley

Prospero, if that was his real name, looked like an old-man version of Mario the Plumber, if Ffey and Chameleon had known who Mario the Plumber was.

Ffey was doing the ordering, while Chameleon sat at a table in his ‘Ffameleon’ form.

“One-half pepperoni, sausage, linguica, anchovies, and prosciutto,” she said, “and the other half jalapeno, sliced artichoke hearts, and pineapple. And could you give us just a ball of raw dough?”

“I have some old, over-risen, yeasty, watery dough I was going to throw out. That OK?” asked Prospero. “I’m training a new kid, Antonio. Incompetent.Your friend is a Durlan, isn’t she? You want it for her?”

“Y-yes, please,” stammered Ffey.

“Don’t worry,” said Prospero. “I don’t care what shape she is or isn't in. I’ll bring you some seltzer for her, too, and maybe something a little special.” He lowered his voice. “You know, I came out here to New Metropolis retire. Used to run a big place in Rabe City, but it got to be too much work. But then I got bored just sitting around all day, so I opened up this little place in this little town. But when I was back in Rabe, we had a boy there who married a Durlan girl. He was a nice boy-- an SP cadet-- and she was very beautiful-- an actress. Then one day, with no warnint, she just disappeared. No one ever heard from her again. Broke his heart. You be careful associating with Durlans.”

“Is this a date?” asked Chameleon / Ffameleon, when Ffey got back to their table.

“Sure, it could be a date,” said Ffey. “Or just a girl’s night out.”

“Yes,” said Chameleon. “I recall. Dating is a courtship ritual, between the sexes, not merely a fixed time of meeting.” She concentrated. Her hair grew somewhat shorter, her face and shoulders grew somewhat broader, her hips somewhat slimmer, her height somewhat taller. She-- he-- was now a male version of the Triplicate Girls.

“Oh, we’ll have to call you Ffameleo now,” said Ffey. “Or Ffameleus.”

“An interesting idea,” Chameleon mused. “My tribe has no use for proper names, and yet you are suggesting that each of my separate forms ought to have its own name.”

“Well, maybe only your favorites,” said Ffey.

“I do like the Xanthuan Magpie Falcon,” said Chameleon. “Perhaps I will name him ‘Zavian’. And this form is Ffameleus.” He shifted slightly. His hair was differently styled, slicked back, and he had moustaches that mirrored Prospero’s. “And this is Ffameleo,” he declared.

“I like Ffameleus better,” said Ffey. “Those moustaches make you look too old.” Chameleon obligingly shifted back.

“So here’s your food,” said Prospero, appearing at their table. “An extra-large for the lady, and plain dough for the gentleman.” He also set down a cup of a lumpy, thick, milky substance in front of Chameleon. “Try this, and tell me how you like it.”

Chameleon took a spoonful.

“It is excellent,” said Chameleon. “What is it?”

“It’s yoghurt,” said Prospero.

“No, this is not yoghurt,” Chameleon protested. “I have had yoghurt. It upsets my stomache for an entire day.”

“No,” said Prospero, “What you have had is that fruity, lactose-flavored whipped gelatin that the thirty-first century calls yoghurt. This is the real thing: at least three thousand years old, and discovered over and over again by many Earth cultures during that time. It takes days to make properly. This is my personal recipe.”

“I shall be sure to request this in the future,” said Chamelon, “Next time the Club orders pizza.”

After dinner, the two went out for a walk around the town. Most of the shops were closed; there were a couple of bars open, but adults were not able to drink until age eighteen.

“Saturn Girl has talked about setting up a rotating patrol of the town,” said Ffey. “But this little place is so sleepy, I doubt we would see much action.”

“We might have been more use, had we set up our headquarters in Marsopolis, Marshall City, or Nix Olympia,” said Chameleon.

“But Ffiona pointed out that it would have been prohibitively expensive,” said Ffey. “Better to get ourselves established in New Metropolis, and open ‘branch offices’ later.”

They walked up to the end of the main street, then back down to the other end.

“We’d best be getting home,” said Ffey. “Too bad Ten hasn’t finished those flight belts.”

“I can fly under my own power,” said Chameleon, “But I can’t assume a form large enough to carry you.” He assumed his Durlan appearance, which he often did while he was thinking.

“Each Durlan Tribe has their own default form, don’t they?” Ffey asked.

“Correct,” said Chameleon. “Something over one-third belong to the tribe that uses the orange humanoid Iuquhu form, which is the legislated default form for Durlans throughout the United Planets. The next largest tribe uses the cthonic, cephalopodia form. My tribe is quite small, only a few tens of thousands of us.”

“And would you show me your default form?” asked Ffey. “Or is that too personal.”

“Not personal at all,” said Chameleon. His form shifted. He grew a half-meter shorter, and more slender. His fingers lengthened, growing spidery. His antennae shrank to button-sized nubs. His ears and virtually disappeared as well. His eyes grew large, his complexion darkened from orange to a dull, silvery grey.

“Somehow, you look familiar,” said Ffey.

“Unlikely,” said Chameleon. “None other of my clan have left Durla for centuries. If you do not mind riding, I believe I can get us back to the clubhouse quickly, without the need to call a cab.”

“Riding?” asked Ffey.

Chameleon assumed the form of a great, strawberry roan stallion. He kneeled, to help Ffey climb aboard.

“Hold onto my mane,” he suggested.

The midnight wind roared by as Chamelon galloped home. By the time they were arrived at the Clubhouse, Ffey was flushed and out of breath, while Chamelon seemed to have scarcely exerted himself as he shifted back into a more human form.

“Your moustaches tickle my nose,” said Ffey. “Hmm… that’s better. I definitely like your Ffameleus form better.”

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The Members had pretty much given up setting aside Mixcoatlsday for tryouts. There were never any applicants, it was a chore to haul out the dais once a week, and Saturn Girl complained she was putting on weight from all the pizza they were ordering from Prospero’s.

They were surprised, then, when, answering a knock at the Clubhouse door, they found not one, but six applicants waiting for them.

“Al Gimnon, Colossal Boy of Earth,” said the curly-haired boy, growing to an immense size.

“Mork Dirgna, Sun Boy of Earth,” said the blonde, shining with a radiant light.

“Orr Vellum, Karate Kid of Earth,” said the asian-looking boy, displaying a high kick-punch combination.

“Tuck Chain, Bouncing Boy of Earth,” said the chubby boy, transforming into a ball, and bouncing high in the air.

“Niles Lord, Invisible Kid of Earth,” said the boy with the headband, as he vanished before their eyes..

“Nandru Olson, Ferro Lad of Earth,” said the masked boy, changing into iron.

In their costumes and appearance, they were dead ringers for the actual, original Legionnaires. Some of them, in fact, were actual ringers for dead Legionnaires.

“Something is wrong here,” said Saturn Girl. “This seems unlikely in the extreme.”

“But it is our fondest wish to join the Legion,” said Invisible Kid, reappearing.

“When the six of us met on Earth,” said Colossal Boy, “We just knew we had to join you in this New Legion.”

“You don’t mind answering a couple of questions?” asked Saturn Girl. “Colossal Boy, what did you have for breakfast this morning?”

“Breakfast?” said Colossal Boy. “I… I don’t remember. Is it important?”

“Any of you,” said Saturn Girl. “Can you tell me just one meal you really enjoyed this past week?”

None of the six boys answered.

“All right, here’s an easier one,” said Saturn Girl. “Karate Kid, what is your father’s name?”

“Uh… Black Dragon… I think,” said Karate Kid. “Um, no, um, that’s not right. I should know this, right?”

“I hear suppressed giggling,” Chameleon informed Saturn Girl. “And it is not any one of us. From up there.”

“OK, come on out, whoever you are,” Saturn Girl shouted to the air. “We know these constructs aren’t real.”

“What do you mean we’re not real?” asked Sun Boy.

The little man appeared out of nowhere. Less than a meter high, his long nose identified him as a Zrfffn imp.

“You didn’t like my Compleat Legion?” asked the imp. “Why won’t you let them join?”

“They aren’t real,” said Saturn Girl. “You could do away with their existence with a thought.”

“I could do the same to you,” said the imp. “And as for real, she’s realer than you,” he said, indicating Phantom Girl. “But only eighty percent as real as me. Say, why not let me join your Super-Hero Club? Then you could have as many Members as you want, with whatever powers you like?”

“Why waste your time with us?” asked Phantom Girl. “You could have your very own Legion of Super-Heroes without us, and they would do whatever you wanted.”

The imp seemed to think about this. “No,” he said finally. “I’d rather spend my time with you.”

“Well,” said Saturn Girl, “What’s your name?”

“Oh, no, I’m not telling you my name,” said the imp. “Much too dangerous.”

“Right, right,” said Saturn Girl. “If one of us were to say your name backwards, all your magic would vanish, and you would have to return to your home dimension for ninety days.”

“They changed those rules a long time ago,” said the imp sulkily. “I would have to return to Zrfff for ninety years. But you got one thing wrong. I’m the one who would have to say ‘Rykmlbrt’... No! Wait!”

But it was too late. Both the imp and the six faux Legionnaires disappeared, without a trace.

“Why would he do that?” asked Phantom Girl. “He just told us he was keeping his name a secret. There was absolutely no reason for him to say his name backwards.”

Saturn Girl shrugged. “I have no idea,” she said. “Perhaps even some Zrfffn imps have weak, suggestible minds, easily influenced.”

Phantom Girl looked at her friend curiously. “You didn’t…” she began.

“I wouldn’t admit it if I had,” said Saturn Girl.

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Paradise Valley

A week later, the Super Hero Club had guests, this time expected ones.

They had been contacted by the Councilors on Tharn, who had offered to send their apprentices for a display of magic for the Member’s entertainment. None of the young sorcerers would actually be applying for membership in the group, but their Masters thought that this might be a good opportunity to rehearse what they had learned.

The eight young Tharnans appeared with the crowing of the magical green rooster, Chanticleer, and his caretaker, the Princess Pollita. In addition, a large, heavy oak table appeared, surrounded by cushioned chairs, capable of seating at least fifty. An open-air tent sheltered the area in front of the clubhouse as well.

Princess Pollita took a seat at the head of the table with the rooster Chanticleer as well. She invited the Members of the Super Hero Club to take their seats as well.

The first apprentice was a small, heavy-set blond, built along the lines of a young Bouncing Boy.

“I am Jonathan Falstaff, Apprentice to Falco Columbarius. My Master is a specialist in all sorts of useful household magicks; he has been instructing me in Food magicks, also called Victuamancy, or Shi Xue Mó Shů (食学魔术). This is my first completed project in Joining.”

He held up something like a wooden chessboard, but with a more complex pattern in the wood. He set the board down in front of Chameleon, places a large, shallow bronze bowl on top of it, and covered it all with a silk scarf. When he removed the scarf, the bowl contained a large Gnole Melon, and copper spoon. He left the bronze bowl-plate with Chameleon, taking the patterned board from underneath. He then did the same trick with Ffey, who received a dish of yakisoba.

“Do I just wish for what I want in my head?” asked Ffiona.

“No,” replied Jonathan Falstaff. “It does not respond to wishes.The board knows what you crave; it provides both what you need and what you want. Almost always, it is a food you are familiar with. And usually just a little more than you want to eat.”

For Ffiona, bowl was filled with udon noodle soup.

Farrah received okonomiyaki & dorayaki.

Ten received a large dollop of Coluan nutritive gel paste, and a couple of mineral supplements.

Phantom Girl got a mixed Bgzltr fruit platter.

Saturn Girl received a variety of Winathan vegetables.

For Lightning Lass, the vegetables came hot, in a thick stew.

Cosmic Boy received two hamburgers, two sausages-in-a-bun, and a half-dozen mini-tacos.

Matter-Eater Lad Two found his plate piled with a tasty assortment of pure elements and minerals, each about the size of an M&M.

Polar Lass received a plate of pickled fish, cabbage, and beets.

Finally, Shrinking Violet was granted a stuffed meat-and-vegetable sausage, an Orzdean dish she identified as ‘joyous’.

It was time for more entertainment.

Zauberlein was a dark-haired, dark-eyed girl with a greenish cast to her skin. She was dressed in stereotypical witch’s black, complete with pointed hat and witch’s shawl. She had a rather mysterious and somewhat spooky air about her.

“The question is,” said Matter-Eater-Lad Two, “Are you a good witch, or a [/i]bad[/i] witch?”

“I am a competent witch,” said Zauberlein. “I have been studying broom magic, with Doctor Leitseid,” she said, conjuring a broom from nowhere. The broom flew some tricky maneuvers overhead, then landed upright beside her. “It can perform simple chores as well, such as carrying water, and washing dishes.” Zauberlein motioned, and the broom grew marionette-like arms. “Of course, it can also be used as a defending ‘warrior’, but it is pretty weak. Would one of you like to break my broom in half?”

Shrinking Violet volunteered, snapping the broomstick cleanly in half over one knee. The two halves rapidly regrew into two whole brooms.

“Over the long term, any opponent attacked by the broom would face serious difficulty,” Zauberlein commented.

“Unless, of course,” said Jonathan Falstaff, “The opponent thought to do this.” The two brooms were encased in massive, clear solid cubes. “Rock candy,” he explained.

“All of us have been trained,” Zauberlein explained, “To use our powers offensively, as well as productively. Imagine going up against Jonathan, and having him pour an unending stream of hot soup or molten cheese on you from the sky.” She gestured, and the two brooms vanished. Jonathan Falstaff made another motion, and the giant rock candies were gone as well.

Next was a young blonde-haired girl dressed in a costume of yellow and gold. She had a golden ‘dia de los muertos’-like skull painted-- or possibly tattooed-- on her face.

“I am the apprentice of Mariam Abraxas. I am called La Bruja Amarilla,” she introduced herself.”But my friends call me Amy. I have been studying mental magic: telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and illusion.”

A great forest seemed to grow up around the Clubhouse. The Members could hear strange bird calls in the distance, as well as deep lowing from larger animals. Occasionally, a bird would dart between the trees. Flowers wafted their fragrances, over a scent of green.

“This is the enchanted Woods of Wonder on Tharn,” said La Bruja Amarilla. “Of course, Pollita could have Chanticleer actually take us there, but I use this as an illustration of what I have learned so far.” The Woods of Wonder faded away. “But this is no illusion,” she said. The Members had finished the meals Jonathan Falstaff had provided; the twelve bronze dishes were whisked away through the air, and neatly stacked up beside him.

“And you have also been studying magical telepathy, and clairvoyance?” asked Saturn Girl.

“<Yes,>” was the answer in her mind.

The next girl was dressed in colorful Romani garb. She seated herself at foot of the table. “Counselor Rincewind is my Master,” she said. “I have taken the name Occultress. My specialty is Soothsaying, Divination and Fortune-Telling. I have brought an extended Tarot deck with me.” She quickly dealt out the one-hundred-twenty-one cards, face-down, in eleven rows and columns. “I would ask each of you to turn a single card face-up.”

Chameleon turned the ‘Hermit’, Phantom Girl, the ‘Lovers’, Ten, the Ten of Diamonds, Ffiona, the Three of Diamonds, Ffarrah, the Three of Cups, Ffey, the Three of Hearts, Cosmic Boy, the Knight of Swords, Shrinking Violet, the ‘Temperance’ card, Matter-Eater Lad Two, the Queen of Hearts, Lightning Lass, the Two of Swords, Saturn Girl, the Two of Diamonds, and Polar Lass, the Jack of Hearts.

The Occultress seemed puzzled. “I am having difficulty reading your choices,” she said. She produced a small book, and consulted it for a few minutes. “I will need to talk to my Master. I am afraid I may have done something wrong.”

Saturn Girl smiled. “I think you have done very, very well indeed,” she said.

“I am called Sohai Haydn,” said the next young man. “And I have been studying a variety of martial arts with The Sensei. Each time an art is mastered, I am able to manifest my scholarship as a Qi Spirit.” He closed placed his hand together, and closed his eyes in meditation.

A glowing, translucent, red humanoid figure appeared. “This is the Martial Art of Mok'bara from Khundia,” Sohai Haydn explained, his eyes still closed. The entity performed an aggressive, martial dance.

An orange figure also appeared, executing some high kicks. “This is Taekwondo, from Earth,” Sohai Haydn said.

Next a neon-green figure appeared, divided into three, then recombined. “This is Tri-Jitsu, from Carggg.”

“Have you studied Tri-Jitsu?” Chameleon asked Ffiona.

“No,” said Ffiona, “But most mornings, we run through a set of Tri Chi exercises.”

Finally, Sohai Haydn produced a small, blue image, about three feet tall. “And this is Munchkin Fu, from Doll World,” he said. “There are others I am still studying, but have not mastered.” The colorful images vanished, and Sohai Haydn bowed respectfully.

There was one more who had accompanied the group, but did not seem ready to perform.

“Will you introduce yourself?” asked Saturn Girl.

He was a little over six feet tall, solidly built, with grey skin, horns, and upward-pointing fangs. He was dressed in some sort of golden armor.

“A year or so ago,” he began, “There was a young Branx warrior who stole a Euphorixan Spellbook in an attempt to learn Magic. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the forces he was dealing with, and exchanged minds-- and possibly souls-- with a 21st-century seventy-five-year old Earthman. Exiled from Emana Branx, I came to the Sorcerer’s world, in an attempt to undo the spell, and return to my own time and body. This has proven difficult, if not impossible. Still, I hold out hope. In the meantime, I am studying Bushido, the Way of the Warrior with the Sensei, in an attempt to learn control over this violent Branx body. I really have no special abilities to display, unless you want me to break something.”

“And your name is…?” asked Saturn Girl.

“The young Branx was called Lodarthon Ogreich, but I presume that being-- trapped in my old body-- passed away centuries ago. I call myself Strebor.”

The Sorcerer’s World Apprentices were preparing to leave. Zauberlein presented a box to Shrinking Violet. “This is the gift the Coventry promised your Club,” she said. “Put them to use as soon as you can.”

“Thank you,” said Shrinking Violet.

“And in answer to your query, Harlak and Varella’s son on Tharn is named Zolaak.”

“That makes sense,” said Shrinking Violet. “And is somewhat comforting.”

La Bruja Amarilla approached also Matter-Eater Lad Two privately. “We know you have been researching Amulets of Accommodation in our online Dictionary of Magic,” she said. “I just wanted to point out, there are some side-effect to their use that some people might find uncomfortable, or inconvenient.”

“What’s that?” asked Matter-Eater Lad Two.

“Offspring,” said La Bruja Amarilla.

“Oh,” said Matter-Eater Lad Two. “Well, then.”

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
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Paradise Valley

So these stories are not particularly about the Original Legion, but I am sure Old Legion Fans are curious about what has happened to them in the Earth-K2 paracosm. (No 5YL, no Reboot, no Preboot, just TOS and the Retroboot)
The oldest, the Founders, Phantom Girl, and so on, are now approaching sixty. The youngest, Dragonwing and Chemical Kid, for example, are thirtysomethings. Here is a brief rundown of all the old Legion’s status...

Garth & Imra Ardeen-Ranzz
Married, living on Lightning Ring Farms. Four children, Garridan, Graym, Dorrit, and Dacey. No grand-children yet, but Graym was recently married to the former Yves Jor.

Rokk & Lydda Jath-Krinn
Married, living on Lightning Ring Farms. One child, Pol Hu Krinn II.

Salu and Ayla Ranzz-Digby
Married, living on Lightning Ring Farms. One child, Violet Foudre Ranzz-Digby.

The reformed Mekt Ranzz also lives on Lightning Ring Farms. He is currently unmarried.

Jan Arrah
Legally owner of the entire planet of Trom. Spends his time between there, and wandering the entire Galaxy. Unmarried. Still a registered Adventurer.

Gim Allon
SP Special Investigations Officer. SP Trainer. Owns a home in Cloud City on Mars. Travels frequently for work. Unmarried.

The Royals
Projectra (Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall, plus titles)
Queen of Orando. Widowed. None of the multiple resurrections of Val Armorr ever “took”. She has, however, adopted a number of promising, magical children, one of whom will ultimately succeed her as regent of Orando.

Nura Nal
High Seer of Naltor. Unmarried, one child, a daughter.

Tasmia Mallor
Her cousin Grev and his wife, Kahnya, are Co-Regents of Talok VIII; Tasmia is therefore technically a princess. She resides in the palace at the Capital. Unmarried. One child, a boy.

A few notes on Talok, and the Malloreans
The Mallor family on Talok VIII holds the heritage of the Shadow Champions. When a Child of Mallor is of age, the enter the Shadow Cave, and either are chosen Shadow Champion, or not. There are generally only one or two Shadow Champions in a generation.
There are six Shadowcasters presently on Talok VIII:

(1) Sarven Mallor, male, age 105 (retired Shadow Champion)
(2) Tarnia Tolarn Mallor, female, age 80 (retired Shadow Champion), Sarven’s daughter-in-law
(3) Tasmia Mallor, female, age 55 (retired Shadow Champion) Tarnia’s daughter
(4) Grev Mallor, male, age 50 (retired Shadow Champion), Lord Regent of Talok VIII, Tasmia’s cousin, Tarnia’s nephew, and Sarven’s grandson.
(5) Adrion Mallor, male, age 35, (current Shadow Champion, aka Shadow-Star), Grev’s nephew, Sarven’s great-grandson
(6) Korvea Mallor, female, age 15 (Champion-in-Training), Adrion’s daughter, and great-great-granddaughter of Sarven Mallor.

It is expected that Malloreans, especially Champions, will take powerful mates, sometimes alien, in order to improve the bloodline of the Champions. Unfortunately, these genetic enhancements have proved to dissipate and dilute over the generations. Lyrissa and Lydea Mallor were noted for their great strength, but these have not persisted over time.

This preference for powerful mates is not merely a cultural imperative, but literally woven into the Mallorean genetic makeup. Mallorean males are intensely, almost irresistibly attracted to strong females, and Mallorean females are equally attracted to strong males. Polygyny and polyandry is not unknown on Talok VIII.
Everything said here about the Malloreans can also be applied to the memory-controlling Nahtahnie, priests and priestesses of Maakas.

Tasmia Mallor, to her shame and distress, was never able to produce a Daxamite heir. She did have one half-alien child, however. Gestated in an artificial womb, under the watchful eyes of the Healers, due to the many possible complications of such alien gene-mixing, he was a child of great expectations. Raised by revered Teachers and renowned Guardians, he was ultimately a disappointment. Unchosen at the Cave of Shadows, he remains an ordinary, powerless Talokan. He is currently studying at Metropolis University on his father’s homeworld. His name is Menaleas Niedrigh Mallor.

Mysa Nal
Ruler of Zerox, the original Sorcerer’s World, which is now located in another dimension. Long presumed deceased, but recently discovered alive.

Glorith II, now calling herself "Moonflower"
Lives on Zerox in another dimension. Long presumed deceased, but recently discovered alive.

Jo & Tinya Wazzo-Nah
Married, family living on Gzbk, the Bgztlr-Universe equivalent of Mars. Three children, one grandchild.

Tenzil Kem
Married Eve Aries (Saturn Queen). Former President of Bismoll. At least two children.

Tong Marya Pai (formerly DragonWing)
Lives in China (Qingdaopolis) with her husband, Tong Hu-Kai (Hukai). They have one daughter, Tong Xie-Tao (Xietao).

Jacques Foccart
Married. Lives in East Africa. At least one child.

Ganglios (Tellus)
Bonded. Lives on Hykraius. No offspring as yet, but he is still young. Hykraians have a relatively long life-span, some two hundred to two hundred fifty years.

Missing. Has not been heard from in years. Status unknown.

Hadru Jamik
Married. Lives on Phlon. No children. Yet.

Brek Bannin
Married. Lives on Tharr with his wife, Kalthrein Odomin-Bannin, and their two young children, Freski and Froyd.

Charles Foster Taine
Remarried a little over a year after Lluornu's death, a Wondilixian woman named Aemilia Tollydiggle. Lives on Wondil 9 with his and Aemilia's newborn daughter. His twin boys, Aaron and Lloyd, now fully grown, also reside on Wondil IX, and are VIPs in the colonist community.

Grava d’Quaal
‘Cured’ of her medical condition, Grava is now an ordinary, orange-skinned, pointy-eared, pink-haired Extalan hybrid. She moved to Wondil IX after hearing of Lluornu's death. She met a nice Wondilixian boy more her own age there recently, got married and settled down.

Querl Dox
Lives and works on Colu, directly for ColuGov. Technically still a child by Coluan standards, he has run through several dozen Adult Guardians over the years, a position now considered one of the worst jobs on Colu.

Harmonia Li
Currently lives and works on Colu, for ColuGov.

The Substitutes
Staq Mavlen
Married, lives on Schwar. At least one child.

Dag Wentim
Married, lives on Zwen. At least one child.

Ulu Vakk
Married, lives on Lupra. At least one child.

Khefurb Che Bez
Married, lives on Gryxor. At least one child.

Peter Dursin
Married, lives on Earth. ‘Cured’ of his porcupinish super-abilities. At least one child.

Reep Daggle: Old Age (Durlans have a substantially shorter lifespan than Terrans, most living no longer than 50-60 years, Earth Standard)

Lyle Norg: Killed by Validus

Lar Gand: Killed by Emerald Empress

Dirk Morgna: Killed in starcruiser crash

Thom Kallor: Killed in building collapse

Clark Kent (Kal-El): Presumed deceased long ago.

Linda Lee Danvers (Kara Zor-El): Presumed deceased long ago

Lluornu (note spelling) Durgo-Taine: Has died at least four times. No known surviving bodies.

Andrew Nolan: Heroic murder-suicide while battling Sun-Eater

Val Armorr: Heroic suicide while battling Nemesis Kid. Attempted resurrections have never been permanent.

Condo Arlik: Heroic suicide during EarthWar

Brin Londo: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Blok: Recently murdered by Mordru. Presumed dead for some time before that, after the disappearance of Zerox.

Rond Vidar: Murdered by Superboy-Prime.

Universo, Mordru and others are also implicated in his death.

Dawnstar: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Pol Krinn I: His heroic suicide ended the Magic Wars.

Troy Stewart: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Drake Burroughs / Wildfire: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past. It is possible that the true Drake Burroughs originally died during the creation of Wildfire, who may be an Anti-Energy Elemental in the same way that Swamp Thing is a Plant Elemental. In that case, the Wildfire entity, being essentially immortal, may still exist. Somewhere.

Ti'julk Mr'asz: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Jenni Ognats: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Kirt Niedrigh: Heroic murder-suicide of the ‘Blue Flame, Bringer of Chaos’. This entity claimed to be the Eternal Incarnation of Evil, but its destruction did not seem to make any difference to the level of evil in the Universe.

Yera Allon: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Frenk and Dyvud Retzun: Murdered by Kirt Niedrigh

Drura Sehpt: Lost in time; presumed long dead in the past

Honorary Members / Deceased
Elastic Lad / James Olsen: Presumed long dead in the past

Insect Queen / Lana Lang: Presumed long dead in the past

Pete Ross: Presumed long dead in the past

Gnill Opral: Vaporized by a wave of anti-matter created by the Anti-Monitor

'False Pretenses' Legionnaires / Deceased
Hart Druiter: Executed by the Queen of Orando under questionable legal circumstances.

Vorm of New Tortuga (also spelled New Tartuga): Lost in time; presumed death sometime in the far future

Graah, Aarl & Xaxan of Murra: Murdered by Pirates

Jan Jor: Died in Prison

My literary versions of Earth-K and Earth-K2 are not to be confused with the Earth-K's currently on Facebook.

I’m forgetting someone… I know I’m forgetting someone…

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
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“Jeem Rehtu of Pretzor, calling the new Super Hero Club on Mars,” said the curly-haired man on the viewscreen. “I was surprised to receive your solicitation. After all, I was only a Legionnaire for a few days.”

“Well, I had a list,” said Cosmic Boy. “I’m afraid we really don’t know much about you.”

“My tenure was rather ignominious,” said Jeem Rehtu. “The newsfeeds styled me as ‘The Lad Who Wrecked The Legion’, but it was more complicated than that.”

“Do you have children who have inherited your powers?” asked Cosmic Boy.

“You really don’t know much about me, do you?” said Jeem Rehtu. “No, they don’t have any powers-- and I never had them myself for more than those few days, thank the Luck Lords. But my youngest son… Well, Pretzor is an Ocean World, dotted with many islands. Some of the younger generation, perhaps feeling caged in by the limited land area here, has taken to chromosomal surgery, to render them more compatible with an underwater lifestyle. My son, Jaan, has opted for that surgery. While still perfectly at home on the surface, he is also able to breathe underwater. His strength and durability is enhanced when submerged, enabling him to swim at remarkable speeds, and dive down to very deep levels beneath the oceans. He is not unique among his generation, but was curious if this is the sort of applicant you would be seeking?”

“Yes, an Aqua Boy in the Club might be interesting,” said Cosmic Boy. “Is it possible for him to come here to Mars next Mixcoatlsday for an in-person tryout?”

“I am certain we can arrange it,” said Jeem Rehtu. “One word of caution: he does not turn fourteen until next month; however, his mother and I would be happy to sign any waivers and so forth if you would allow him to join early. Should he pass your examination, of course.”

Saturn Girl and Lightning Lass had been listening to the last half of the conversation.

“I’m sure we can make arrangements, Mr. Rehtu,” said Saturn Girl. “If he wants to come a month early, and you approve… well that indicates a certain enthusiasm, doesn’t it?”

Suddenly, the room was spinning around the three Members. The world tilted, the floor dropped away…

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"
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Café Cramer
Curious that a team that doesn't have a magician is so often encountering magic.

In the Jim Carey movie of Andy Kaufmann's life, he did a Mighty Mouse performance, which no doubt became the basis of the opera.

Coluan Nutritive Gel paste may be perfect nutrition but someone should buy that kid a veggie burger. If they can slip it past the Adult Guardian.

Strebor got the better deal in that mix-up. He should try saying his name backwards to go home, but what's so bad about gaining a young body in the future when you're 75? Where do I sign up?

Polar Lass and M-E Lad II seem to be the new Dawnstar/Wildfire physically incompatible romance, but with better results.

How does Prospero know that Ffameleon is a Durlan? I have the impression that Durlans may still be mysterious and little known, but the prejudice against them has lessened.

Jeem Rehtu is pretty anxious to get rid of his kid!

Thanks for the list of who's where in the Earth-K parcosm. The only ones I could see missing are some of the Academy kids - Power Boy, Lamprey, Nightwind, etc. and Dori Andraison.

Love all the daily life details you build into these stories.

Holy Cats of Egypt!
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I am gratified that you have found my vision somewhat interesting.

Originally Posted by Fat Cramer
In the Jim Carey movie of Andy Kaufmann's life, he did a Mighty Mouse performance, which no doubt became the basis of the opera.

Mighty Mouse Opera:
(One of many)

and the original Andy Kaufman routine:

Originally Posted by Fat Cramer
Strebor got the better deal in that mix-up

Yes, I inserted myself into the Earth-K2 paracosm.

Originally Posted by Fat Cramer
How does Prospero know that Ffameleon is a Durlan?

(1) Two identical girls walk into a pizza shop...
(2) ... and one orders raw pizza dough.
(3) or, Prospero may be more than he appears.

"I vow to use my super-powers to uphold the principles of democracy and the enforcement of law... never for selfish or evil ends!"

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