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#939277 - 10/22/17 06:49 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
Joined: May 2010
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Joined: May 2010
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Paradise Valley

“Please, all of you, if you could wait just a moment,” cried Shrinking Violet. “I have so many questions… well only a few, actually, but could we impose upon you... take an hour or so of your time to understand what has happened to us these past months?”

“There is a great deal of urgent business awaiting us,” said Professor Leitseid. He looked at the waiting sorcerers. “And we may not be able to answer you, at any rate… still…” he sighed. “We will give you a short period of time, before you depart. Falco, if you would assist us?”

The other magician conjured a large, round table and a number of comfortable, padded chairs.

“Mysa, will you join us?” asked Professor Leitseid. The red-haired witch nodded. The group seated themselves.

“Where there ever really apprentices?” asked Shrinking Violet. “Zauberlein, La Bruja Amarilla, and the rest?”

“There were indeed,” said Professor Leitseid. “All young apprentices of the First Coventry. Mordu convinced us that there would be value in sending one of them to Mars, for study abroad. We, too, were deceived for a time. But when we learned you had disappeared… still, his hold over us prevented us from acting even then.”

“Do you know of a place,” said Shrinking Violet, “A circular valley, perhaps three hundred kilometers wide, heavily wooded, surrounded by high mountains on all sides, and over the mountains on one side, a great ocean?”

Professor Leitseid nodded. “It is called Orbuculum Valley, on the Eighth Continent. It is not very developed, populated by a small, goblin-like alien race called the Abolo, who were offered refuge on Tharn.”

“The Abolo in mirror-Tharn were completely obeisant to Mordru,” said Shrinking Violet, “And did not seem compelled. Of course, much was different in that other world. But I thought you might like to know.”

Doctor Leitseid nodded. "We will consider sending a delegation," he said.

“There were a few others there, who seemed important to Mordru,” said Shrinking Violet. “Do you know of Zoe and Thanat Saugin?”

Professor Leitseid shook his head. “No, but I cannot know all of the millions of sorcerers on Tharn.”

“Zoe Saugin is a powerful, extra-dimensional sorceress from a dead Universe,” said Mysa. “She is an invaluable aide to me on Zerox. She remains there, in good health, I hope. Mordru took only myself, Glorith, and Blok with him when he crossed over. It may be that there exists in this plane another version of her, and she has somehow found her way to Tharn, with her brother. She may have been corrupted in Mordru's universe. It would have pleased Mordru to do so.”

“What about a pair of dwarf Khunds, Harlak and Varella Harlack?” asked Shrinking Violet.

“Harlak Harlack was a pupil on the Sorcerer’s World when I studied there,” said Mysa. “He was eager and dedicated. I helped him somewhat with his studies-- mentored him, as it were. Like Sensei, he was not on Zerox when we were forced to flee to the other dimension. I believe he was courting a wife at the time-- I do not know her name. His interest in magic was such that I would not be surprised if he also returned to Tharn.”

“I do not know of them, either,” said Professor Leitseid, “But if you have concerns, I could look into it.”

“I am particularly interested,” said Shrinking Violet, “In the name of their son.”

“Things in Mordru’s created Universe do not necessarily reflect the real world,” Mysa reminded her. “They were the creations of the evil imaginations of his heart.”

“We are responsible for the deaths of trillions, aren’t we?” said Shrinking Violet. “Because we would not bow down to Mordru, he destroyed an entire Universe of 'mirror-Tharn'.”

“I doubt,” said Mysa, “That that pocket Universe he created extended much farther than United Planets Space. Creating and sustaining even that small alternate Universe required immense quantities of magic. But yes, trillions-- or even quadrillions-- of sentient life-forms perished when Mordru broke his wards. But the same number of inhabitants of this Universe would have died otherwise, and perhaps more, had Mordru succeeded in his plan to overwrite this reality. And it was all flawed-- I do not see how he could have sustained it without further infusions of magical energy. Many of those in what you call the ‘mirror-Tharn’ were already miserable, suffering, and dying.
Mordru is a powerful mage, and immensely intelligent and well-educated, but he has certain blind spots. He is from Earth, originally, and is casually speciesist. I think you saw how he neglects the ordinary needs of those who are, from his perspective, alien. It is not that he does so maliciously-- it just does not occur to him that there might be metabolisms different from ancient Terrans.”

“Do not feel guilty,” said Glorith. “That world would not have held. My other self-- the other ‘little Glorith’, who never aged, who had learned no magic-- spoke to the gods of that world morn and even for thirty years, telling them of Mordru’s betrayal of his oaths. When Mordru took the Blok-Golem away, their attention was finally triggered: he had been animated by Mordru with elemental Earth-magic, and should not have been able to exist in the real Universe."

"And this was not the first time Mordru has created an alternative world," said Mysa. Trapped in his ring, I have seen him create and destroy at least three others, each time playing and tweaking with the past, to create his desired outcome.”

“But why us?” asked Shrinking Violet. “Why did he bring our Super Hero Club, of all people, out of the real world, and into mirror-Tharn?”

“Mordru was frustrated by previous repeated failures,” said Mysa. “I saw, while captive in the ring, how he rolled bones, interpreting the portents as a prophecy indicating that the Children of the Legion would be his ultimate undoing.”

“But we are not the children of Legionnaires,” said Shrinking Violet. “Aside from Pol and the Ranzzes. And there are other real Legion kids, like Ronin and Arna, that he just left alone.”

Mysa shrugged. “Mordru has a blind spot concerning families. Like the Titan Saturn, he has murdered his own children over the centuries, considering them a threat to his supposed destined power and dominion. He is also not particularly concerned with the personal lives of the Legion; he knows them individually, and considers them his enemies, but in his mind, his repeated defeats and humiliations at their hands have been pure happenstance or fate.”

Shrinking Violet thought about this. “Do you know of a city,” she finally asked, “named Mortrigon?”

Professor Leitseid shook his head ‘no’, but Mysa’s eyes grew narrow.

“It is a Zerotian ruin,” she said. “Hundreds of years old. Originally build by Mordru, in his younger days. But it was founded on dark magic, and fell into ruin. It is an evil, demon-haunted place, which wise persons avoid. And the unwise… do not return. Was there such a place on ‘mirror-Tharn’?”

“We only heard it spoken of,” said Shrinking Violet. “But I think it was Mordru’s intention to rebuild it as his capital. Speaking of which, what is the name of this city, and the capital of Zerox?”

“Our world’s capital,” said Mysa, “is called Zeresh.”

“The people of Tharn generally call this place The Capitol City,” said Professor Leitseid, “but it’s actual name is Saint Bosco. Long, uninteresting story.”

“And we have no Thaumaturgical or Alchemical Factories, on either world,” said Mysa. “Such devices and potions are best created in small, artisanal batches by skilled thaumaturges and alchemists. But Mordru needed a great deal of poor-quality magic to consume, in order to keep his spells running.”

“Two more questions,” said Shrinking Violet. “Do you think this is the end of our Super Hero Club? And do you think we are doing the wrong thing?”

“The answer to your first question depends entirely on the actions of the United Planets Council,” said Professor Leitseid. “The second-- I do not know. Mordru seemed to consider you a threat, which might indicate you are on the right track.”

“I am cut off from my Naltoran heritage,” said Mysa, “But there are other oracles.” She produced a silver dish, and filled it with water from a silver jug. She gazed at the water for some time.

“In answer to your two questions,” said Mysa, “No, and no. According to my reading.”

Glorith was scrying over her shoulder. “I would have to agree,” she said.

“The other Glorith never reappeared, in opposition to our portents,” Mysa said to Glorith. “And now that time seems past. Perhaps the reasons for choosing your mystic name no longer hold. Perhaps you would like to choose another.”

“I have had some time to think about that,” said Glorith. “What do you think of ‘Moonflower’?”

Mysa nodded in satisfaction.

Professor Leitseid indicated a package Mysa had set beside her on the table, something like a large hatbox. “And what are you taking from Tharn back to Zerox?” he asked.

“I wish Blok’s remains to be buried on Shanghalla,” said Mysa. “With full honors. With the one exception of his skull, which I am taking back to a place of honor on the original Sorcerer’s World.
It may seem faintly macabre, but I am, after all, a witch.”

Professor Leitseid nodded, as though with understanding.

"Nadie en el mundo tiene poderes iguales a los tuyos. Debes usarlos sabiamente, para bien."
#939278 - 10/22/17 06:52 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
Joined: May 2010
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Klar Ken T5477 Offline
Klar Ken T5477  Offline

Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1,503
Paradise Valley

Webers World, High Interplanetary Court

“Irinia Iwin Apero of Bgztl
Hillarie Kan Norjay of Bismoll
Ffiona Ffarr,
Fiona (Ffey) Ffarr,
and Fiona (Ffarrah) Ffarr of Carggg,
Eluia Puira M'Kord of Orzde,
Kylda Sky Zimm or Tharr,
and Pol Hu Krinn II,
Dacey Ardeen Ranzz,
and Dorrit Ardeen Ranzz of Winath,
and an unnamed Durlan, known as Chameleon.”

“Please stand,” said the bailiff.

“This is a fact-finding hearing only,” said the judge. “However, even if no bail will be set, you are advised by the Court to keep yourselves available for further hearings. Are there any attorneys present? I understand the defendants are all indigent?”

“There are Selachii, representing the defendant’s interests on the behalf of the State, but I do not believe they have had a chance to meet with their clients.”

“We will read the charges, and entertain motions for severance,” said the judge.

There were even more interested spectators than defendants. Garth and Imra Ranzz; Rokk and Lydda Krinn; Shrinking Violet’s parents: Hal and Puira M’Kord; Phantom Girl’s parents: Kzpr and Ruachah Apero; Matter-Eater Lad Two’s parents: Kai and Everine Norjay, and his older brother, Chenil; Polar Lass’ parents: Per-Blomst and Jan-Stjerne Kimm; Jo and Tinya Nah, with Ronin and Arna; and Renlo Tagor and Txarlz Luz, and their new ‘nanny-bot’, Vesta.

“The defendants are charged with injurious interference in the internal affairs of a Sovereign World, inciting rebellion and insurrection against a legally elected and legitimate Head of State,” stated the prosecutor, “And culpability in the kidnapping and false imprisonment of the minor child, Txarlz Luz 4523 of Colu.”

“The defense requests these absurd charges be immediately vacated,” stated the Selachii. “The Prosecution’s evidence is wholly circumstantial, and much of is derived from sensationalist media reports.”

“Your Honor,” stated the Prosecutor, “The acknowledged facts are that this so-called Super Hero Club…”

“Objection,” objected the Selachii, “No such formal organization exists.”

“Sustained,” ruled the Judge.

“That these eleven young women and men,” continued the Prosecutor, “Journeyed to Tharn in secret, without even their parents knowledge, taking young Luz with them, and upon their re-appearance, Lord Mordru, the legally elected and legitimate Chair of the First Coventry of Tharn, no only no longer held that position, but has not been heard from at all since that time. These facts are in evidence.”

“The Court rules,” said the Judge, “That there is sufficient evidence to bind the accused over for trial.”

“In that case,” proposed the Selachii, “We request severance for the defendants, and that each be tried separately as to their individual guilt or innocence in this matter. We include the three Cargggans, who due to a medical issue, live as three separate individuals, each deserving of her own trial.”

“You Honor!” cried the Prosecutor, “This would require the same evidence be introduced at eleven separate trials, before eleven different juries! Surely…”

The Prosecutor was cut off as the Bailiff stepped up to the bench, and whispered something in the Judge’s ear, then handed him an Omnicom.

“Interesting,” said the Judge. “The Court has just received a late amicus brief, and we are inclined to take time to hear it, as we have the Friend of the Court actually present today. I am sending the Prosecution and the Defense a copy of the document we have just received. The Bailiff will seat Professor Leitseid, Chair of the First Coventry of Tharn, in the witness box, and have him sworn in.”

The old Professor wore his dress robes, and had had his hair, beard and formidable eyebrows trimmed and styled. He was an impressive sight.

“Professor Leitseid,” said the Judge, “According to your brief, you suggest that the defendants are wholly blameless, and all charges against them ought to be dropped. Yet you, yourself have benefitted from their actions, have you not?”

“If you mean,” said Professor Leitseid, “That I now serve as Chair of the Council, well, I have been a member of the First Coventry for many years, and have Chaired it before. It is no great honor. But the fact of the matter is, that these young persons were invited by the Council-- as a sort of Field Trip for them-- and infortuitously arrived at a moment of unexpected political upheaval. It was in dealing with these difficulties that caused us, I am afraid, to neglect our young guests for some time, not even able to provide them with contact with their families, and so forth. But they were not the cause of these political difficulties; rather, they were the victims of events beyond their control.”

“We will need to examine this evidence,” said the Judge. “In light of the source. You and your colleagues would be willing to testify in court?”

“We had hoped that would not be necessary,” said Professor Leitseid. “As you can see, the facts of the brief is acknowledged not merely by myself, but by the entire thirteen-member First Coventry.”

“Yes,” said the Judge. “There are a number of names I do not recognize here. Issa Kaleeb? Lady Mondegreen?”

“You will observe that it is also acknowledged,” said Professor Leitseid, “by the six former councilors of the First Coventry who issued the original invitation to the defendants.”

“It is well known that magic exists to compel actions in others with whom the magician disagrees,” said the Judge.

“That would be a serious charge,” said Professor Leitseid, his countenance darkening. “Using mind-control spells on Councilors of the Coventries would be a serious breach of magical law indeed, and would have devastating legal consequences. Oh, no, I assure you, the agreement of the former Councilors was obtained entirely of their own free will, choice, and decisions.”

“And Lord Mordru?” asked the judge.

“Lord Mordru is sadly indisposed,” said Professor Leitseid, “Having suffered collateral damage in an Elemental War. A part of our recent political upheaval. We all hope for his eventual rehabilitation and recovery.”

“You also suggest that the kidnapping charges are unwarranted,” said the Judge.

“Yes, the invitees all came of their own volition, and Master Luz had the approval of his ‘robo-nanny’, Mr. Andrews. You may examine the data-banks, if you like.” Professor Leitseid gestured, and the battered casing of Mr. Andrews appeared before him. “Unfortunately, the complex and delicate technological workings of this device were unable to compensate for the magical atmosphere of Tharn. I am afraid it is irreparably damaged. Rather than taking it in as evidence, I would suggest you turn it over to Mr. Tagor, its author, for examination. Master Luz is, I believe, his ward.”

“In light of this additional evidence,” said the Prosecutor, “And the existence and availability of witnesses, the Prosecution requests that these charges be put in abeyance, unless and until other evidence suggests the case should be re-opened.”

“We would, of course, prefer dismissal with prejudice,” said the Selachii, “But will accept the Prosecution’s offer. Due to our firm belief in the complete innocence of our clients, we cannot imagine that these charges would be brought again.”

“It is so ordered,” ruled the Judge. “The Defendants are therefore free on their own recognizance.”

"Nadie en el mundo tiene poderes iguales a los tuyos. Debes usarlos sabiamente, para bien."
#939279 - 10/22/17 06:54 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1,503
Paradise Valley

On mirror-Tharn, Mordru removes the powers of the Old Legion and the new Super Hero Club, but fails to eliminate their ‘super’-senses. Here is a little list.

Lightning Lass: Electroreception (Smells Electric Fields)
Just like her father, Aunt Ayla, and Uncle Mekt. Similar to the sensory abilities of the sharks and rays, dolphins, bees, and the platypus.

Cosmic Boy: Infra-Red and Quantum Magno-Vision
As a Kathooni, Pol has infra-red vision, like a cobra. This allows him a kind of limited ‘x-ray’ vision, as he can see warm-blooded organisms standing behind walls. As a Braalien, Pol also has quantum magno-vision (which allows him to see magnetic fields), like the European Robin.

Chameleon: Ultrasonic Molecular Analysis
This is a well-known Durlan ability, involving their antennae and large ears, and contributes to their ability to mimic the shapes of nearly any solid object.

Phantom Girl: 4D vision
Bgzltrs do not see through objects like walls, but rather ‘around’ them. Tinya Wazzo first demonstrated this ability in Superman’s GirIfriend Lois Lane #50, "Lois Lane's Luckiest Day!" It is inferior to Superman’s super-vision, as it does not include telescopic and microscopic abilities, so its effectiveness falls off with distance pretty rapidly.

Matter-Eater Lad Two: Bismollian Spectrographic Taste
Because of course. Each element has a distinctive flavour.

Ten: Wide-Spectrum Vision
Coluans can see somewhat into the infra-red, like Braaliens, and somewhat into the ultraviolet, like bees and moose. They actually see many more colors than Terrans, such as: Aquamauve, Cha'a, Ortreuse, Purolet, True Blurple, Vichsia, Zkarange, and Octarine.

"Nadie en el mundo tiene poderes iguales a los tuyos. Debes usarlos sabiamente, para bien."
#939280 - 10/22/17 06:56 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1,503
Paradise Valley

I had to pull an almost literal Deus Ex Machina to keep them all alive.

I couldn’t even kill Ffameleon, or Irinia Apero, both of whom, by all rights, ought to have starved to death.

But hey, it’s fan fiction. Comic book fan fiction, at that. I am allowed to write badly.

"Nadie en el mundo tiene poderes iguales a los tuyos. Debes usarlos sabiamente, para bien."
#939281 - 10/22/17 06:56 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Joined: May 2010
Posts: 1,503
Paradise Valley
Author’s note #3: A moonflower is a kind of morning glory.

Next up: Young Legion, Book 2

"Nadie en el mundo tiene poderes iguales a los tuyos. Debes usarlos sabiamente, para bien."
#941079 - 11/25/17 03:49 AM Re: Young Legion - A Tale of Earth-K2 [Re: Klar Ken T5477]  
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Joined: Jul 2003
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Café Cramer
You must have had a lot of fun with the names. It clicked with me when I read "Pierre Kern of Zwen". Of course!

A complicated fairy tale. I'm sure I didn't get all the references/sources but enjoyed this new Mordruverse dystopia. And the kids win in the end, so all good!

Bogged down with Christina Rosetti, though. Those Victorians do go on and on.

Holy Cats of Egypt!
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