It was the death of Len Wein that led me down this chain, but I didn't want to derail his memorial thread, so I am posting this separately.

Wein's death made me want to donate to the Hero Initiative, and because I have learned to be careful how I spend my limited charitable budget, I looked them up online to see how good they are at using money effectively.

I discovered that they didn't have entries on Charity Watch or Charity Navigator, and on GuideStar all they had was a basic page with no info and a comment saying they had removed their information from the site.

Another comment provided information that was supposed to have been from their most recently reported period, 2012-13. It say that of 286K in donations, 32K went to helping creators, roughly the same as the travel expenses budget. And that the two paid employees made 67K and 43 K.

Does anyone know more about this? Those numbers are unconscionable if true. But I don't want to go on a campaign against them based on a post in a comment thread, either. Still, their lack on info on any of the major charity monitoring websites is disturbing in itself.