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#944090 - 02/08/18 12:29 PM Re: Unexploded Bombshells [Re: razsolo]  
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
Harbinger Offline
Harbinger  Offline

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
here, more often than not
Hey Raz, you've some really nice work here.

Love your picture of the Shazam Blok, it would be nice to see him be really pushed now he's so powerful.

Really not sure if I agree with Brainy's bomb, surely he could just shut Quislet's ship down without having to destroy it. Nice that Danielle was so torn up about helping with it, and Grava's response was great.

Also it's great that you are dealing with the Jacques and Drura situation. Very sweet how Pete reacted, hopeful, upset and all conflicted but willing to support Drura anyway.

The Legion of Substitute Villains are just great! Possibly your best creation actually and I am envious that I didn't think of them first.

What did you possibly hope to achieve here today? You people didnt even stand a chance against two of us, what would you have done if all of the Subs had been here? - ha, there's really no reply other than to hang your head in shame and leave to that. I laughed out loud the first time I read that line.

Gazelle the coward and Bile both made me laugh at just hoe ineffective they were. Ze Tongue sound gross - was he a re-boot character as I don't cognise him. X-Bomb Betty was absolutely the most useless character ever it's hilarious so I want to use her in my stories now!

Poor Magno and Ion, the Forever Soldiers are hardore! Looking forward to seeing the big bash when the legion go for them.

Great stuff Raz, looking forward to more, more, more!

Last edited by Harbinger; 02/08/18 12:29 PM.

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#944101 - 02/08/18 11:34 PM Re: Unexploded Bombshells [Re: razsolo]  
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 1,497
razsolo Offline
razsolo  Offline

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 1,497
Thanks Harbi! I actually wasn't intending on using Blok for a while, but I will step it up a bit and can now promise some magic lightning-fuelled punches coming up for you next instalment! laugh

Brainy....might be making some more controversial decisions in the near future...

You're on a roll because there will be some more Jacques & Drura romantical storytelling very soon as well!

Glad you like the Legion of Substitute Villains...the Legion have such a history of off the wall losers (I say with love) that I'm surprised it really took until 5YL before they started playing with some of the wackier aspects of their published history smile

I actually wrote a post with some footnotes for that last instalment but my computer decided to eat it apparently...Bile is my homemade Bismollian, but the others are all canon. Ze Tongue fought Umbra in the reboot just after she joined the Legion, and X-Bomb Betty was a tryout reject from when the SW6 Batch Legionnaires had their own title. Her line about her power is almost exactly what she said in her one comic appearance lol

I can't remember who it was that said they'd like to see Shadow Lad's reaction to what went down with Kara but you won't have long to wait, we are gonna have a visit to Talok VIII next up! (plus an update on the search for Yera!)

Read the alternate adventures of the Legion after Legion of Three Worlds!
#944156 - 02/09/18 09:17 PM Re: Unexploded Bombshells [Re: razsolo]  
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Omni Offline
Omni  Offline

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Hey Raz,

The scene with Staq and Aquiii was well done. Her confusion and his sympathy were so real and Staq seems to really care for her and sending her to the academy was a good idea. Fire Lass i like it and i liked the moment with her and Dragonwing. I wonder if this will force Myra to work harder. Although just because Aquiii goes to the academy doesn't mean she has to or will end up in the Legion.
Agreed i like Gravity Kid's determination.

Gim's battle with Kid Eternity was wicked cool. the image of Gim sliding down those building was my favorite visual of his probably ever as i don't recall him ever doing that in the comics.

good brother sister moment with Danielle and Jacques. I liked that she called him a Drama queen.

I understand Grava being worried about Ral. when ever cosmic entities get involved this can go bad quick. Although i think Ral will be OK.

AWWWWW man! i really had hoped Quislet was gone. but i guess a bomb in his ship is better than nothing as i'm sure he will do something to get detonated.

I loved your visit to Zwen. it sounded so picturesque and Hibernation Eve is an awesome tradition and makes total sense for a world that hibernates like they do. Kid Chemo and Sharpshot kid chasing Chemo's younger self. i wonder if they changed history somehow and created a divergent timeline.

The Future sure is coming back to haunt people a lot lately. I hope Lullaby Lad is OK!

Bounty... hmmm nice. Did Gim ever ask Dawnstar and if so did she refuse?

Enjoying the pics of the Heaventsent and Blok.

Dura and Pete's battle was fun. You use Dura so well and Pete did a good job to. I liked how X-Bomb better and Gazzlle both gave up. Bile. lol.

So i guess you know you've made it when you've got your own arch nemesis super team lol .

Oh man the Immortus sounds like he's going to be a big problem. the technicians becoming those plastioids was grotesque but kind of cool.

looking forward to the ride!

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