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Answering Questions with Questions XVI
by Invisible Brainiac. 12/12/17 04:12 AM
Re-reading the Legion: Archives Volume 19
by Fat Cramer. 12/12/17 03:57 AM
Would you still rather
by Invisible Brainiac. 12/12/17 02:50 AM
Inane One Word Posts XXX - keep it clean
by Invisible Brainiac. 12/12/17 02:12 AM
Kill This Thread XVII
by Invisible Brainiac. 12/12/17 02:11 AM
So, what are you listening to?
by rickshaw1. 12/11/17 05:34 PM
Postlo3w stories *LATEST UPDATE 30 NOVEMBER*
by razsolo. 12/11/17 03:59 PM
The Non-Legion Comics Trivia Thread Pt 5
by Quislet, Esq. 12/11/17 02:19 PM
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3 hours ago
Can be now directly interface with other storage receptacles?...
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7,985 Views · 976 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
3 hours ago
LSH Annual 2 Whatever Gods There Be by Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen, Dave Gibbons Art, Carl Gafford Colors, John Costanza Letters The Daxam restoration Legionnaires Nura, Rokk, Thom, Mysa and Jo continue their work. Nura ends the mission so that they can attend the wedding, ...
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709 Views · 43 Comments
4 hours ago
Joker and Superman! I think it was Changeling who once said, “the problems kind of go *poof* when the Big Red S is around “ if you were a shapeshifter, would you rather be able to turn into animals only or to other humans only...
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851 Views · 94 Comments
5 hours ago
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11,891 Views · 1,178 Comments
5 hours ago
I’m not really sure what supper is. I always just use dinner....
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55 Views · 19 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
13 hours ago
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44,997 Views · 1,060 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Well those Winathian Rose Honey Bees do pack a wallop ...
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27,695 Views · 525 Comments
Yesterday at 09:19 PM
Yup. Earth-B was for all those stories that did not fit into Earth-1 continuity. Usually written by Bob Haney. sometimes for Brave & Bold, but not all Brave & Bold stories took place on Earth-B...
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2,903 Views · 260 Comments
Yesterday at 12:14 PM
Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr Scarlet Johannson Name three European wine regions...
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21,748 Views · 1,596 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 08:28 AM
I got them all and was happy with the lot of them. The Batman-Elmer Fudd was brilliant, so well done with multiple Looney Tunes characters. The others were amusing. Nice Barry Kitson art for Wonder Woman....
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2,197 Views · 35 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
Yesterday at 08:08 AM
So....the show took its biggest veer from the book in the mid-season finale that it's taken in a long time, probably since season three. On one hand, it's hard to see future adapted storylines playing out with this change. On another, I can see a lot of character development comp...
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30,597 Views · 948 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by Fat Cramer The new Spider GIrl was incredibly creepy with that exo-skeleton and parasitic hair. What's it do to your morale to know that your parasite is just hanging with you until something better comes along? Since Brainy took samples of the hair, I expect...
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433 Views · 47 Comments
Yesterday at 04:54 AM
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28,018 Views · 1,413 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 02:58 AM
I've read a lot of responses on both sides. I don't think he necessarily deserves to lose his job, and I don't think many people are actually calling for that. He DOES deserve the social media drubbing he's receiving. At the end of the day, the most reasonable POV I've seen is fr...
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130 Views · 7 Comments
Oh Yeah, That Forum: The Titans
12/10/17 09:35 PM
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10 Views · 2 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
12/10/17 09:26 PM
Ugh, well don't give up if you didn't get tickets this round. There may be more and we may be able to help through the table....
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461 Views · 30 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
12/10/17 10:59 AM
Answering my own question .... Possibly Max Weber, the man who wrote The Protestant Ethic (which I've never read). Came across the name in another context and thought he's a likely candidate. From wikipedia: Against Marx's historical materialism, Weber emphasised the importa...
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84,091 Views · 1,309 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
12/08/17 11:07 AM
CHAPTER SIXTY-FOUR DATE NIGHT: THE PHANTOMS OF THE OPERA “I met your parents,” Ten told Phantom Girl. “On Weber’s World. They are interesting people. My Adult Guardian and I spoke with them for some time.” “They tried to convert Coluans?” said Phantom Girl. “Unbelievable.” “Co...
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107 Views · 6 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
12/08/17 10:21 AM
I drew a family tree today!...
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76 Views · 5 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
12/08/17 03:38 AM
So those of you who are like me and are loving DC's newish line of Golden, Silver and Bronze Age Omnibuses will be equally excited to hear that a second volume has been released for our beloved Legion of Super-Heroes: http://www.dccomics.com/graphic-nov...ibus-2017/the-legion-of...
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501 Views · 11 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
12/07/17 11:14 PM
371. My seven league boots didn't quite work out so well. My new Identity of "Captain Severe Groin Injury"... didn't really work....
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5,118 Views · 367 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
12/07/17 09:10 PM
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3,619 Views · 104 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
12/07/17 08:40 PM
You know, I can't explain perfectly, but I didn't think Vol. 2 of Vision quite held up to Vol. 1. It's not that it was bad at all, but it felt a little in a hurry to resolve itself in the allotted 12 issues. I'm usually not a fan of decompression, but I would have liked to have s...
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24,763 Views · 398 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
12/07/17 12:32 PM
I would like to see Ronnie back again, if only for the Firestorm/Killer Frost interaction I am SO glad they finally got away from Evil Speedster and Barry Needs To Get Faster tropes this season because I was honestly gonna give up on this show if they trotted that out again. I ...
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6,676 Views · 124 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
12/07/17 12:28 PM
re the Legion flight ring in the Fortress of Solitude: I just assume it means that in the CWverse, Clark joined the Legion after Kara found out about them (and after she sends them home later this season presumably)...so for years he has known that they exist and maybe even knows...
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1,538 Views · 49 Comments
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