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Miscasting characters - The miscasting continues
by Malvolio. 04/22/17 11:15 PM
The Judas Contract ----- the covers
by Thriftshop Debutante. 04/22/17 10:29 PM
The ALL-That Tree Dude in Glorith's Quarters Thread!
by Thriftshop Debutante. 04/22/17 10:18 PM
by Thriftshop Debutante. 04/22/17 10:13 PM
by Thriftshop Debutante. 04/22/17 10:07 PM
Teeds' Comic Cover Cavalcade!
by Thriftshop Debutante. 04/22/17 10:01 PM
Teen Titans Trivia II
by thoth lad. 04/22/17 05:52 PM
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22 minutes ago
Aisha Tyler and Margaret Cho Next: Dream Girl...
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9,286 Views · 429 Comments
Oh Yeah, That Forum: The Titans
1 hour ago
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976 Views · 48 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
1 hour ago
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431 Views · 35 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
1 hour ago
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413 Views · 15 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
1 hour ago
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2,266 Views · 30 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
1 hour ago
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42,416 Views · 750 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
3 hours ago
Pile UPDATE (4/22/17) Currently Reading Flash Rebirth Vol. 1 Recently Read Murder Me Dead (David Lapham) Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 6 Nemo: Heart of Ice Orion by Walt Simonson Omnibus Swamp Thing (Brian K. Vaughn) Vols. 1 & 2 Star Wars: Legacy (Ostrander) Vol...
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19,956 Views · 370 Comments
Yesterday at 11:52 PM
>sniff< As I was looking for a question (and believe me that took a while) I came across a Titans story called Crystal Chaos written well after Kole's death. Just for a moment, I wondered, but it's about something else. So, how did the Titans finally cure Steve Dayton?...
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91,015 Views · 1,825 Comments
Yesterday at 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by Myg - Andy SWould anyone be surprised if your character was caught robbing a bank? Yes, I think they'd be surprised if this character was caught robbing a bank. Recap A non Earth native who has not travelled through time. People would be surprised if this c...
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62,269 Views · 1,955 Comments
Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by Invisible BrainiacHas she been invited to join the Justice League? She has not been invited to join the Justice League. Originally Posted by Myg - Andy SIs she Goldstar? She is Goldstar! I was going for the version that's Booster Gold's sister, but I wa...
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17,486 Views · 989 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
Yesterday at 10:54 PM
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2,057 Views · 155 Comments
Yesterday at 10:53 PM
I'm finding a lot of the pictures of dogs that people show me to be a lot cuter than I remember. But it's probably down to the market in forced breeding. I've decided that old school dog types are therefore better on principle....
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1,062 Views · 294 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 10:52 PM
... lighting the gas lamps in your Victorian village without wearing a vest....
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1,278 Views · 233 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 10:51 PM
226. As the heroes faced off against the Anti Monitor at the dawn of time, I decided to make a few tweaks there myself......
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2,822 Views · 228 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 09:50 PM
...I kyped Mrs. rickshaw1's secret PB&J cookie recipe and emailed it to everyone....
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269 Views · 22 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 09:34 PM
I myself am the true creator of this (unjustly obscure) epic: ...
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27,146 Views · 1,654 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
Yesterday at 04:52 PM
I had forgotten about Christopher Moore. He writes some seriously twisted humor. His wrap ups are a little lacking, but the getting there is hella funny....
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241 Views · 16 Comments
Yesterday at 02:35 PM
Isn't our peer group really made up of lovers of the Legion?...
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7,759 Views · 1,093 Comments
Yesterday at 01:04 PM
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7,585 Views · 1,136 Comments
Yesterday at 12:34 PM
There was a panel late in the mini when the Wasp cheers that Captain America gets to lead the combined forces. Finally, there was something that went their way. I'm not sure that early post crisis Supes would have really stopped Thor. That was probably the last Supes I read at an...
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76 Views · 19 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 12:07 PM
LSH #276, Who Dares Enter Lord Romdur's Castle? Originally Posted by Fat CramerI just didn't find this story very interesting. Originally Posted by thoth ladOverall, this is a mediocre issue. I couldn't agree more, although what little appreciation I have for this story was en...
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1,204 Views · 87 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 06:40 AM
Thanks, HWW. I appreciate the appreciation ...
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20,595 Views · 336 Comments
Long Live the Legion!
Yesterday at 01:30 AM
Coral can be red And the ocean is blue Aquaman is king And with that I'm through...
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3,474 Views · 80 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
04/21/17 09:51 PM
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1,385 Views · 59 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
04/21/17 06:55 PM
The only thing I found upsetting with the appearance was that Tom King has no idea how how hockey fights work!...
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44,267 Views · 838 Comments
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