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Television Trouble-Finder
by thoth lad. 10/20/17 04:04 AM
Teen Titans Trivia III
by thoth lad. 10/20/17 04:03 AM
Legion of Doom Idol (Round 9)
by thoth lad. 10/20/17 04:02 AM
Inane One Word Posts XXX - keep it clean
by thoth lad. 10/20/17 04:00 AM
Answering Questions with Questions XVI
by thoth lad. 10/20/17 03:59 AM
The Archives Re-read Project Discussion Thread
by Fat Cramer. 10/20/17 01:32 AM
Re-Reading the Postboot Legion! (L*37, LSH 81)
by He Who Wanders. 10/19/17 09:31 PM
Would you rather ... 2
by Myg - Andy S. 10/19/17 08:17 PM
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Mission Monitor Board
21 minutes ago
Congrats Rick!...
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23 Views · 3 Comments
23 minutes ago
Have another tissue Ibby. She's only (yet another) reboot away from coming back. That should cheer you up, as there will be one along in no time....
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591 Views · 82 Comments
24 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Blacula^ Thanks for the clarification Emily. I'll pick Brainstorm. I worry that he'd keep hitting his head off of low entrances or, like poor Dollar Bill in the Watchmen, suffer an accident in a revolving door. I can easily picture his cover though so he...
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2,358 Views · 210 Comments
25 minutes ago
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4,393 Views · 767 Comments
26 minutes ago
Did Lindt start out by making chocolate versions of lint?...
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3,645 Views · 618 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
2 hours ago
^He's thinking like a DC exec! After skimming through the next few issues, I think the Brave & Bold issue would be better after #300, in terms of story. Therefore I suggest that we end this current archive with #300 then start Archive 19 with the Brave & Bold #198. Arc...
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29,840 Views · 287 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
6 hours ago
LSH 81 I had a very different reaction to this issue than Ibby did. I thought it was a hoot. Originally Posted by Invisible Brainiac Let’s get it out of the way: there is a lot of stupid going on in this issue. I didn't see it is idiocy so much as Legionnaires being impulsive...
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24,376 Views · 366 Comments
8 hours ago
I'd go with dolphins because I grew up on the show Flipper Originally Posted by Invisible BrainiacOriginally Posted by Myg - Andy SParachute jump! It's over faster and looks like fun Oh, it definitely is! OHHHHH jealous!!!! Would you rather find a dead body who had been kil...
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32,976 Views · 2,088 Comments
8 hours ago
Dolce and Gabanna Gucci Dior Name three allies of Bruce Wayne who don't know he is Batman...
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18,853 Views · 1,461 Comments
8 hours ago
Accountants don't have taste? My mother and stepfather will be crushed when I tell them this. They never should have gotten their CPA licenses....
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107 Views · 32 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
9 hours ago
My Bronze Age reread went off the rails again, so I decided to rework it from first principles. The point was to read things on a 40 year to the week delay in anticipation of my 40th anniversary as a superhero comics reader next year, but I always got bogged down trying to binge...
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39,834 Views · 892 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 11:28 PM
... turned into a ghost and haunted this asshole that I dislike...
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2,885 Views · 153 Comments
Yesterday at 03:33 PM
>sits back in evil lair awaiting outcome< not even Twirly top knife guy can stop me now!...
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990 Views · 142 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 11:33 AM
Senior Team Eyes Only: Espionage squad mission to infiltrate Media Star Corporation Headquarters to discover source of previous mission information. Sister Eclipse - of Rhoohanisett iii, durability, heightened senses, physical possession of any living being. Atom Girl -Sylva Nri...
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724 Views · 63 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 12:56 AM
Originally Posted by Dave HackettI'm sure she was briefed on Duplicate Boy, but also that it was a long distance relationship and she wouldn't need to worry much about it (after all she was only replacing her temporarily, and presumably he knew if Violet went under cover voluntar...
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4,951 Views · 246 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
10/18/17 06:36 PM
A nation mourns. Here's Ron Maclean's thoughts on Gord. Can't get more Canadian than that. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/gord-downie-canadas-humble-genius/...
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10 Views · 0 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
10/18/17 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by Invisible Brainiac the plot thickens! Loved the &#147;on blocks&#148; bit. Cos would have gotten it - nice reference to him being a history buff Yup, glad you caught that! Quote Loved the reasoning for why Lythyl, and Brainy&#146;s explanati...
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89 Views · 12 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
10/18/17 06:25 PM
I can’t do Hallowe’en anymore. I’m too scary. ===================================================================== My fourteen-year-old grand-daughter, I can share Hallowe’en with, though. She can take her crazy old grandfather. I told her about Molly Malone, and how if you...
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41 Views · 17 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
10/17/17 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by JfposeyQuis, IB, Ablaze and JiffyPop this weekend in Boston thanks Jiffy! hi all, for those not familiar with my story - Blaze and I left home because we could not comfortably be gay there. We weren’t in danger of being killed or anything, but home is a ve...
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1,231 Views · 445 Comments
10/17/17 01:02 PM
Paladin's post is at 4:54 am on Oct. 15th Mine is at 12:51 pm on Oct. 16th Paladin wins!...
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1,984 Views · 309 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
10/17/17 12:50 AM
I've mentioned this before but I'm gonna be mad as hell if I find out there's not gonna be a Dark Multiverse guide. The Drowned is the only part I've been interested in because it looks like she's the only Dark Knight they put effort into being truly distinctive instead of a gene...
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11,838 Views · 436 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
10/16/17 05:36 PM
https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/16/wpa2_krack_attack_security_wifi_wireless/ Short version - check for patches and updates for ANYTHING you have that connects to the internet over wifi. Especially your routers, And if you have the option to use wired Ethernet, you may want...
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17 Views · 0 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
10/15/17 07:53 PM
Scooby Doo Team Up - YEAH! Teen Titans Go - Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
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236 Views · 3 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
10/15/17 03:18 AM
CHAPTER FIFTY-SEVEN ONCE UPON A TIME… ...there was a little girl who had a secret. It was a terrible secret, which she dared not say out loud. But she felt she had to say it, or she would burst. So she dug a hole in the ground, and shouted her secret into the hole. Every morni...
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605 Views · 72 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
10/15/17 03:07 AM
>sigh< I'm needing a legion fix, it's about the only DC thing left I really like. GL has had Hal in space for what....10 years now? Can't get into Barry's new book. They spayed Oracle for Batgirl. Honestly, about the only thing really grabbing me from DC right now is O...
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90 Views · 3 Comments
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