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Answering Questions with Questions XVI
by Invisible Brainiac. 08/24/17 12:18 AM
The Non-Legion Comics Trivia Thread Pt 5
by Invisible Brainiac. 08/24/17 12:17 AM
I'm Thinking of a Legion Character IV: A New Hype
by Invisible Brainiac. 08/24/17 12:17 AM
Legion Trivia 5
by Invisible Brainiac. 08/24/17 12:16 AM
Legion of Doom Idol (Round 3)
by Emily Sivana. 08/23/17 08:20 PM
Time Leaves Its Scars (an LMB Onevision)
by Paladin. 08/23/17 07:57 PM
The Writers' Discussion/Ideas Thread
by Paladin. 08/23/17 05:06 PM
Re-Reading the Legion: Archives Volume 18
by thoth lad. 08/23/17 04:41 PM
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22 minutes ago
Can you suggest any?...
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1,288 Views · 335 Comments
22 minutes ago
yes! that is exactly it...
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87 Views · 24 Comments
22 minutes ago
does your character have powers beyond those of a normal human?...
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237 Views · 54 Comments
23 minutes ago
RJ Brande?...
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74,819 Views · 1,747 Comments
4 hours ago
I am withholding the final tally as I had to send a few PMs due to ballot issues. I appreciate your patience during this time....
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Bits o' Legionnaire Business
4 hours ago
New Ggrrgg, 3036 waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh "It's a girl!" the physician announces, grinning widely. "It would seem we have a princess!" the nurse adds. She looked over at the shell-shocked-looking father and asks, "would his Majesty like to cut the cord?&qu...
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Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 11:06 PM
...Trix are for kids? ...
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9,956 Views · 209 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 10:41 PM
... continued Originally Posted by Cramer Oh, thats just Computo.... I think she was covering her utter lack of Legion knowledge about Computo from the Annual. Yes I know all about Computo! Just dont ask me about any other villains as I may have already accidentally rele...
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1,866 Views · 125 Comments
Yesterday at 10:01 PM
silly peanut....
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5,843 Views · 1,190 Comments
Yesterday at 06:40 PM
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98,186 Views · 2,048 Comments
Yesterday at 04:03 PM
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Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 02:51 PM
Lately, I have developed a great appreciation for rap music... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I knew I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face. Anyhow, here's the official "Litter Box Rap," inspired by Emma Stone's (painfully bad) rapping at the end of "The House Bunny.&...
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973 Views · 32 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 09:44 AM
Finally caught up! Fuzzball is a nice planet. I liked the bit about Gran being a brilliant scientist (and Ral's assumptions being challenged), and the bit about the decontamination for all new arrivals. You made Catspaw very likable. she and Ral make a good pair. Ming; Twine an...
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27,341 Views · 548 Comments
Yesterday at 09:16 AM
I realize I should have bumped this up during Kent's recent return to Legion World!...
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30,004 Views · 1,046 Comments
Yesterday at 09:14 AM
The Lozenges licked Jimmy and the Sunshine Band....
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1,079 Views · 321 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 01:55 AM
CHAPTER SEVEN: THE BGZTLR The Phantom Girl appeared out of thin air. Oh, this place is nice, she said, looking around. The motel on Gzbk is only fair-to-middling. Giz-Back? Chameleon inquired. Gzbk, said Phantom Girl. Its the equivalent of Mars, in Bgztls dimension....
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Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
08/22/17 06:11 PM
If it's any consolation, Humphries has said he's leaving because DC has given him something too good to pass up and he couldn't do both, so it's obviously something he's passionate about....
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12,009 Views · 333 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
08/22/17 05:56 PM
Selena was the villain in the Supergirl movie. I'm mostly onboard with the title just to see how the Fatal Five stuff plays out and incrementally moves Legion stuff forward, but Orlando isn't my cuppa as a writer....
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5,809 Views · 240 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
08/22/17 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Invisible BrainiacGreat story Set! I really enjoyed reading this. Love the news headlines, and I had a little laugh at the mega Dune / Avatar / what have you crossover and Hocus Focus. I had fun writing those out, coming up with absurd sorts of products or...
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263 Views · 29 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
08/22/17 01:39 AM
Wow. The French must be seriously bummed!...
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41 Views · 4 Comments
08/21/17 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by Myg - Andy SHas she dated a JSA member? I would say that she hasn't....
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23,028 Views · 1,365 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
08/21/17 04:57 PM
350. The "HOT NOW" sign was up at Krispy Kreme......
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3,924 Views · 348 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
08/21/17 03:22 PM
Ooh, more Imskian heroes! They are so fun, because shrinking is, unlike, say, Durlan shapeshifting, or the raft of powers a Daxamite gets, a decent power to pair with other powers. I love the name 'IMP Force.' Dust and Firefly and Colossal Girl all having powers that aren't ...
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12,854 Views · 452 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
08/21/17 01:20 PM
I thought I'd commented before now on these past couple of posts, sorry Harbinger! I really liked the Academy graduates musing on how their training could have been improved, and I like the dissenting opinions on Jan and even Hadru...it makes them feel more real when they don't h...
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332 Views · 38 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
08/21/17 11:48 AM
A great origin story that could actually fit in established continuity! Great job building up the suspense, and throwing in enough moments that the ending was still surprising!...
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58 Views · 8 Comments
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