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Answering Questions with Questions: 15teen
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:43 PM
Legion World 5 (started 21 May)
by Harbinger. 05/22/17 02:30 PM
NEVER have I EVER...
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:28 PM
Legion Trivia 5
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:27 PM
Inane one word posts XXIX - on the road to thirty
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:26 PM
Post ZH Legion: Volume 4 Moving On (May 22, 2017)
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:25 PM
The Non-Legion Comics Trivia Thread Pt 4
by Invisible Brainiac. 05/22/17 02:20 PM
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19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by JfposeyOh poopy pants! I miss a couple of days and y'all started one without me. Sniffle. Well, guess a consonant...
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49,825 Views · 1,951 Comments
29 minutes ago
Do we clarify them like we clarify butter?...
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Bits o' Legionnaire Business
42 minutes ago
Raz, Omni, thank you again for your kind reviews. Raz, I had to address Tyroc's ability change as it annoyed me too much in canon to ignore. Omni, I had no real rhyme or reason for the choice of team other than Ty, Sade and Dawnstar as she had been there before which could expl...
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31 Views · 10 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
44 minutes ago
Visited Sydney and the Gold Coast over two decades ago! I really need to go back. I have a good friend who lives in Melbourne now... and I really want to see Uluru... Never have I ever... gone hang-gliding....
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46 minutes ago
Future has it! It was Jan, in L* 77, after Candi complimented him on being eccentric yet having a good heart - he returned the compliment (by calling her nicely eccentric) and kissed her hand....
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70,740 Views · 1,534 Comments
47 minutes ago
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Bits o' Legionnaire Business
47 minutes ago
Feel daunted by the length of this thread? You can also check out the Recap Thread to catch up! VOLUME 4: MOVING FORWARD The Cordillera Mountains, Philippines, Earth Blizzard, Brek Bannin of Tharr; cold projection Kinetix, Zoe Saugin of Aleph; advanced telekinesis and animatio...
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43,284 Views · 587 Comments
52 minutes ago
Originally Posted by thoth ladDr Light didn't get into costume before she quit. Wasn't she going to be involved with the Titans, but that didn't come to anything either? thoth has it - Kimiyo was given a JLA signal device in issue 1 by Maxwell Lord; she used it to call the Lea...
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83,140 Views · 1,706 Comments
54 minutes ago
That's something to watch out for when I go cross-universe hopping....
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824 Views · 247 Comments
55 minutes ago
League of Nations McAvoy Brewing Company UltraFly Model Corporation Name three fruits that come in seedless varieties...
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Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
1 hour ago
I've been buying 'Tec since Rebirth started, and Nightwing, so I picked up the Batman chapters to have the full story. There's a reason for each monster, and what Strange was working toward. I don't regret getting the extra comics, although I don't have Batman books to file th...
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9,622 Views · 413 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
1 hour ago
LSH #277-279 Well, it does my heart well to see so many people keeping the reread going. I finally got caught back up...well, almost, still have B&B to go...and read LSH #277-279, or as many Legion fans have referred to it over the years "those damn Conway Thomas Reflec...
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1,794 Views · 111 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
2 hours ago
Original Adventure 344-345 Story:(source: http://www.cosmicteams.com/legion/legion1/chron4.html) The Legionnaires are captured by Nardo and imprisoned in the Super-Stalag of Spacealong with other heroes, including Blockade Boy (Phyl Staad of Amadus), Plant Lad (Noyt Echad of Sim...
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2 hours ago
Hal Jordan Batman Cyclops Green Arrow John Stewart Dr. Fate Kyle Rayner Wonder Woman Marvel Girl (Jean Gray) Zatanna Superman Flash (Barry) Phantom Stranger Banshee Firestorm Martian Manhunter Mary Marvel Cyborg Red Tornado Big Barda Captain Marvel (Shazam)...
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4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Kent Shakespearedid he first appear in print before 1982? Nope...
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18,450 Views · 1,133 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
5 hours ago
Are you sure they weren't different people, just all wearing Paladin's armour of awesomeness as a uniform?...
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385 Views · 84 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
5 hours ago
Alternate Quislet: In the 31st century Din Enigma is the heir to the the Riddler family line and the latest hero to take up the detective/hero mantel of the Question. Din took over from the current Question who was recently captured by the Dominion is their secret War on Earth. D...
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7,118 Views · 329 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by MalvolioI prefer the variant cover. It's the Bugs Bunny I know and love, not the "grim an gritty version" from the regular cover. If only "Grim & Gritty" was something you could, er, bug-spray for....
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Mission Monitor Board
14 hours ago
You can't get away from our birthday greetings, Lance happy birthday!...
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1,468 Views · 74 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
19 hours ago
A great loss to us all. Rest in peace Mr. Buckler, you will be missed....
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Yesterday at 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by PaladinIs it pre-1990? yes Originally Posted by thoth ladIs it a sci fi title? The annual in question was. Originally Posted by RebootIs it in the main DC imprint? (As opposed to an imprint like Vertigo) I would say yes....
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1,856 Views · 1,261 Comments
Yesterday at 11:18 PM
Originally Posted by Myg - Andy SDoes your character have mystical abilities? No Originally Posted by Invisible BrainiacDid your character appear in the Reboot? No Originally Posted by RebootDid your character first appear between Superboy #172 and LSH v3 #63 (inclusive)? Ye...
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63,178 Views · 2,049 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by Brain-Fall-Out BoyYeah, that seems to be pretty close to what I was trying to assemble. Of course, as always, Donna is even more of a mess. They seem to be going with the New 52 made from clay origin, with WW giving Donna false memories to hide the truth ab...
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472 Views · 35 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 03:46 PM
... avoiding answering the door like there were versions of Robotman out there wanting to talk to you about not being part of a list....
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1,837 Views · 338 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 09:00 AM
Now that the first arc of Doom Patrol is over, can anyone explain to me what Terry None's deal was?...
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