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Inane one word posts XXIX - on the road to thirty
by Legion Tracker. 06/26/17 07:25 PM
Answering Questions with Questions: 15teen
by Invisible Brainiac. 06/26/17 04:32 PM
Kill This Thread XIV
by Invisible Brainiac. 06/26/17 04:31 PM
The Non-Legion Comics Trivia Thread Pt 4
by thoth lad. 06/26/17 04:02 PM
Would you rather ... 2
by Quislet, Esq. 06/26/17 01:05 PM
Random Review Corner
by Paladin. 06/26/17 10:16 AM
Towers Game
by Dave Hackett. 06/26/17 09:57 AM
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18 minutes ago
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11,779 Views · 1,946 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by Invisible Brainiac Wow! as usual, you have an amazing concept here Set. Thanks! Quote I love Brainy's reasoning for why Kid Omega and not Superman. nice job adding Tasmia's perspective and showing that Earth is just one of many UP worlds. Shady's just my...
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16 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Did it give you the power to ace any test?...
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11,663 Views · 1,842 Comments
Yesterday at 10:31 PM
I prefer King's Cup myself....
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2,578 Views · 634 Comments
Yesterday at 10:02 PM
Yay! I'll recharge and come back with a question shortly. Thanks for the link to the posters. I notice that there's a direct edition with them in it. I wonder if I got another version that didn't have them. Sprouse's art certainly has something distinctive about it....
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85,999 Views · 1,846 Comments
Yesterday at 07:05 PM
Accept responsibility. Even if I lost the position, I think intelligent people would appreciate accepting the responsibility. Would you rather meet Napoleon or Alexander the Great?...
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28,550 Views · 1,791 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 04:16 PM
Who knows? This might just be considered age-appropriate on the Cobie Scale! BTW, I've got SBF on reserve at my store. I just knew I had to get it after seeing the pre-release pub! I'll weigh in on it after I get it in the next week or so....
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32,376 Views · 781 Comments
Yesterday at 03:57 PM
Thanks Emily!...
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952 Views · 138 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 03:31 PM
Another round of some really interesting cadets Harbinger. Kid Nimbus: i like him. he's a good egg. who wants to help people because that's how he was raised which is nice when some comes right out and says that. He's also a bit different than the rest of the League replacements...
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191 Views · 31 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
Yesterday at 02:12 PM
Another good installment Raz and I have to say I do love how you leave us wanting more with each of your setups. I'm looking forward to Zoe, Brainy, and Mwindaji's mission to find Sodam Yat. I Like that Mwindaji was able to free Larfleeze of the orange lantern's power. I'm not...
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24,598 Views · 468 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by PaladinPile UPDATE (4/22/17) Currently Reading Flash Rebirth Vol. 1 Recently Read Orion by Walt Simonson Omnibus I'd be interested to know how this reads in one sitting. The first two story arcs were dynamite. Tthe crazy throw down between Darkseid &...
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20,779 Views · 373 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 10:33 AM
Can't really think of much to add to what Cramey said about the story -- it's a solid effort from Levitz. I do have to say that the art, both front cover and interior, is a sweet treat. Brian Bolland did the cover -- what can be said about his awesomeness that hasn't already be...
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76 Views · 5 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Yesterday at 10:26 AM
Update: 1996 Annuals: Graft & Nervosa, Phase & Metrox, Reflecto & Galaxy Girl, Shape & Shift...
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862 Views · 80 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
06/25/17 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Harbinger This is great fun Set. Thanks! Quote The four little dragonlets were cool, particularly like that one had a tigers face, somehow that sounded really cute to me. IIRC, the four seasonal critters are supposed to be the red phoenix, the black tort...
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69 Views · 8 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
06/25/17 07:28 PM
I've read other theories and fics about Quislet that had it being a ship for extra-dimensional creatures but this is by far and away the best. From your initial description of the captain's fur becoming more streamlined so she was ready for the hunt to the engineer being half ta...
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62 Views · 6 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
06/25/17 05:44 PM
How am I just finding this thread? Great comic, Drake! With amazing art as always! I especially loved the orange-skinned, yellow-domed, hate-filled villain! Nice subtle redesign on some of the costumes too. I think you did a great job on keeping the Luornu's distinct, but no...
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131 Views · 26 Comments
06/25/17 03:39 PM
Been away for awhile and catching up, love this pict! Very cute. I'd love to see more....
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129 Views · 2 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
06/25/17 08:44 AM
Little did I know that had I read the very next arc in Action, my Luthor question would have been answered....
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11,094 Views · 309 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
06/25/17 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by Fat Cramer Silverback - great origin story to go with that name. It is a tragic story, especially if he has moments of non-rage clarity. Sounds like a job for Element Lad. Thanks! I just saw the name, and had to have a metal gorilla. I'm weak like that....
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11,947 Views · 449 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
06/24/17 08:02 PM
Hey Omni, Sorry I've not caught up in a while, though here are my thoughts as I'm reading: It's sweet that Lyle is going to visit Querl, and I could feel his disappointment that it was Laurel who met him. I can relate to suddenly having 187 extra tasks on the list to get compl...
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26,354 Views · 524 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
06/24/17 03:39 PM
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526 Views · 15 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
06/24/17 03:19 PM
You can buy all the lovely fragrances you like. But nothing attracts women at the station more than that special month old derelict, urine, booze mix....
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117 Views · 5 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
06/24/17 03:16 PM
It could have so easily have been Sun Boy in there. Interesting guest appearance from Phil Oakey. ...
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10,957 Views · 171 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
06/24/17 11:53 AM
I own that 2000AD one. They were a great way of catching up the series that were out when I was too young to get the weeklies. Pasta la vista...
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99 Views · 8 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
06/24/17 09:59 AM
Appropriately grumpy too, along with a grumpy-looking Dawnstar wannabe, which raises the possibility of the perfect couple....
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78 Views · 2 Comments
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