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Inane one word posts XXIX - on the road to thirty
by Legion Tracker. 03/27/17 08:13 PM
Five Movies you Love
by Kappa Kid. 03/27/17 08:01 PM
by thoth lad. 03/27/17 06:51 PM
Colu's Technology
by thoth lad. 03/27/17 06:11 PM
Kill This Thread XXIII
by thoth lad. 03/27/17 06:08 PM
United Planets First Contact Policy?
by Dave Hackett. 03/27/17 06:04 PM
Rejected Ideas for Inane MMB Threads...
by thoth lad. 03/27/17 06:03 PM
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5 minutes ago
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6,238 Views · 893 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
17 minutes ago
It's going to be tough to choose, but I'll go with: An American Werewolf in London After Hours Fright Night Blue Velvet The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...
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283 Views · 49 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
59 minutes ago
“Down with registration! Down with enslavement!” a voice called from the crowd. “Down with registration! Down with enslavement!” called another voice and soon more voices joined in. “What’s going on?” Cadet Tarka looked around trying to see just how many were...
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24,716 Views · 467 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
1 hour ago
It's one thing to have last second escapes, but that story had so many that they became meaningless. It only served to highlight Karate Kid's death which was avoidable. Lightning Lass seems to be shown dead, with her eyes open after an earlier encounter with Mekt. We hear Dream...
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265 Views · 24 Comments
The Legion of Super-Heroes
2 hours ago
The first story from L.E.G.I.O.N. springs to mind, with Kitson showing that technology does not necessarily bring any sort of freedom....
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8 Views · 2 Comments
2 hours ago
Inspired by this thread, JPops saves humanity from the Cosmic Cucumber Invasion by constructing a city sized jar to contain them. It's named Candor....
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29 Views · 17 Comments
Bits o' Legionnaire Business
2 hours ago
It was an issue of Tales, and it was Dev-Em and Mon-El who each thought their planet colonised the other....
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172 Views · 22 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
2 hours ago
The "For the Glory of Glorith Trans-Temporal Combat Sports" thread....
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18,533 Views · 1,238 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
2 hours ago
...under the misapprehension that you're a Capricorn. But the shifting position of Earth in relation to the stars means that you've really been leading the life of a Sagittarius all along!...
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711 Views · 99 Comments
Yesterday at 11:59 PM
Some good picks there in a setting I know you know well. Following the abduction and replacement of Salu Digby by a Durlan, Chameleon Boy makes a point to review the behaviour patterns of his colleagues. With Brainy not being the most stable personality, Reep has found a confid...
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24,597 Views · 665 Comments
Yesterday at 11:01 PM
Is anyone overqualified to look after our many whimsical needs?...
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6,164 Views · 757 Comments
Yesterday at 11:00 PM
The Holy Shrub That Must Never Be Phased Through, sending the United Planets into civil war?...
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68,023 Views · 1,459 Comments
Yesterday at 09:56 PM
Does this character have magical powers?...
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16,694 Views · 872 Comments
Yesterday at 09:54 PM
Lea Salonga Kelly Clarkson Meghan Trainor Name three Electric type Pokémon...
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12,889 Views · 998 Comments
Yesterday at 03:56 PM
I seem to be making a habit of stumping people. The other two pairs are: Orin and Shalako (Atlantis Chronicles # 1-2) Kraken and Haumond (Atlantis Chronicles # 5-7) Myg can take the next turn, as last responder....
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79,669 Views · 1,613 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
Yesterday at 03:44 PM
I seem to be quite popular with the gay Chinese men on campus....
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21,957 Views · 739 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
Yesterday at 02:34 PM
[blinks] Uh... yeah. Definitely seen this but uh... not 'til today. Yeah... [whistles nonchalantly] A pal of mine with a big-screen is hoping to do a viewing for us on 4/14, when it premieres for the first time. There's a local game shop which does viewings of the old episode...
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2,301 Views · 47 Comments
Yesterday at 01:38 PM
Did your character appear in more than one issue?...
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61,208 Views · 1,835 Comments
Yesterday at 12:28 PM
I can teach you about Philippine cuisine in the next thread we plan to kill ...
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355 Views · 100 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
Yesterday at 03:12 AM
Here you go. ...
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19,773 Views · 1,864 Comments
Mission Monitor Board
03/26/17 10:50 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Stan Dards. But you may know me as Puritan Lad. The Legion World Puritan Society feels it appropriate to step in when threads have gone to the seedier side of things. Where morals have broken down. We're kept very busy on Legion World. But it's importan...
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648 Views · 164 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
03/26/17 05:24 PM
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27,309 Views · 913 Comments
The Anywhere Machine
03/26/17 01:11 PM
thoth lad, you totally should draw/write some fandom stuff for Confection Queen! This is hilarious. Overrated Concept: Bacchanal Buffet. It looks very overpriced to me from the reviews I have seen. I think the buffet at Aria is better (it is also cheaper)....
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7,096 Views · 257 Comments
Oh Yeah, That Forum: The Titans
03/26/17 02:24 AM
Was Young Justice: The Secret that one-shot that came out before the series, written by the guy who was originally going to write the series?...
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981 Views · 39 Comments
Dr. Gym'll's Cultural Rarities
03/26/17 02:17 AM
I got sucked into World of Warcraft, and I've been too busy to read my comics, let alone write about them. I'll try to get back on the ball. Now that I can't drive at work, I can spend my downtime reading....
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336 Views · 31 Comments
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