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We would love to say that there are NO RULES. As we don't like the idea of censoring other people's expressions. However, the following applies:


1. RESPECT. Show it. Use it. You should at least respect the opinions, works, and posts of others, and the others themselves at ALL times. We're not saying that you have to agree with everyone and everything or that you have to like everything...just understand that it is someone's work or someone's thoughts that you're commenting on or disagreeing with.

2. No Flame Wars. No personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated. This should go without saying, due to rule #1, but just in case, here it is. In plain English.

3. Think before you post. You should always reread what you're planning on posting at least once before you post it. Make sure it says what you mean it to say and try to make it an intelligent and contributing response to the discussion. Also, try to get all your comments up to that point in the discussion into your one post instead of posting after yourself multiple times. Don't be afraid to go back and add to your post later if you think up something new.

4. Be Patient. Sometimes there isn't anyone else on for HOURS at a time...and sometimes there wont be a response to your thread for days after you post it...but be patient, no need to spam your own topic.

5. Rumors and Fact are different things. Please don't state rumors as fact...and really all you have to do is qualify your statement with an "I heard that..." or a "I think that maybe..." Believe me, it'll save us all some confusion.

6. LOOK. READ. Look for other threads that may already be discussing what you'd like to discuss and give 'em a read through before you go off making a topic on the same topic. array(See how redundant even the RULE is?)

7. Try to put 'em in the right category. It's not always obvious where you should start your thread, but usually it is. And those categories & forums are there for a reason and helps us all navigate the boards.

8. SPAM will not be tolerated. Administrators and Moderators can and will delete any duplicate posts or topics. A poster's activity may be considered SPAM if it consistently and frequently dominates discussions on multiple threads or even in a significant part of a forum. People who habitually and intentionally violate this rule may be banned from posting. Consistently having a much higher post count than any other poster, for more than a month, may be a sign that you are spamming.

Activities which may be considered SPAM include, but are not limited to:

a) Repeatedly posting on a thread in response to yourself, without intervening replies from other posters. Exceptions to this, are when posting to a thread where you share your own art or fan-fiction.

b) Even if you are posting only in response to other posters, it may be best to wait some time when responding. This is especially when the thread is meant for serious discussions. Posting too many lengthy responses may discourage other posters from replying and reduce overall activity on your thread. This is especially true if your posts are just to say "I agree" or to ask questions which you can easily answer by Googling.

c) Bumping up more than 20 old threads in a forum at a time. Threads are considered "old" if they are on Page 2 or beyond. While we encourage and appreciate responses to old topics, bumping up too many of them at a time may drown out newer topics which are being read and posted to by a large number of users.

d) Creating a large number of new threads at a time. Even though each new thread may have a completely separate topic, the large number of threads may drown out existing threads and discussions.

e) Bumping up a certain topic too often. Occasionally, old topics can be bumped up to gain attention; but if nobody has responded yet, it may be best to wait a few months before bumping it up again.

9. Post stuff our kids/family could read! Every attempt is made to make this site kid-friendly, but, as 'kid-friendly' is a subjective term, not every objectionable word or image can be monitored. Post at your own risk.

10. Impersonating others. Choose whatever name you wish for the boards, but under NO circumstances will you intentionally impersonate another poster or any real person. Additionally, do not use the board to harass members, either publicly or through PMs. Members found doing so will be banned.

11. Attention seeking posts. Topics or posts started with the sole aim of attention seeking, for example - "Look at me", "I'm leaving unless you all beg me to stay", "I'm gonna slit my wrists!" will be deleted immediately. No exceptions.

12. Be responsible for your accounts. You will be given a password which you can personalize later. It is your responsibility to remember this and keep it secret. You will be held responsible for any messages posted under your name if another person gains access to your account. You may be banned along with anyone who misuses this message board under your user name.

13. Guidelines for POLLS:
a.) You can only run ONE poll at a time. Do not create another poll until your previous poll has closed.
b.) Exceptions to the above may be approved by the Founders.
c.) Every poll is to have a close date. Make sure that it is set. Habitually creating polls without a close date will result in the loss of polling privileges.
d.) The close date is up to the author, but should be set as soon as possible.

14. Credit where credit is due. Do not reproduce any or part of another member's posts without at least acknowledging that you got that information here and noting from whom you are quoting the information. It's also common courtesy to ask that person for permission beforehand.

15. Spoiler Alerts. It is common courtesy to include a spoiler warning or issue # in the title of a thread containing spoilers for an upcoming issue or an issue released in the past week. However, please expect that ANY topic created after the release date of the latest issue may or may not contain details about said issue.
Those who wish to avoid spoilers use this forum at their own risk!

16. Don't Be ANNOYING! Please remember to use proper English when posting, and make your posts clear and easy to read. Do not use sTiCkY cApS, 1337 5p34k, CAPS LOCK, or an excessive amount of smiley icons. No "Text" typing either, array(u r 2 kewl 4 skool). And please, no continuous strings of characters, such as fifteen exclamation points or question marks.

17. One membership per person. No new Alternate Identities will be allowed. This is strictly enforced. Don't ask for another ID nor should you register more than once! array(Existing multiple accounts are unaffected.) Attempts to do so will result in a deletion of the new account and any member who attempts to circumvent this rule repeatedly will be banned.

We do not want to be modding with an iron fist, since that doesn't encourage a healthy board, but sometimes it helps to actually have the rules and consequences for breaking said rules written out.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check back often.


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