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This is Leia. She's lodging with me at the moment, and has been for just over a month.

Eva was a very indoors cat, and Leia had been getting the occasional chicken dinner (i.e. I'd only see her occasionally and she'd always get a dinner) on the front step when I'd come home at night since she was a little cat.

She'd occasionally get past me at the door and dive into the hall, and a pile of cat toys, before being ushered out.

Being ushered, or told to do anything is not something Leia takes kindly to, and she will hiss, growl and claw in a heartbeat.

From what I gather her human, who lives in a flat down the street, would put her out for the day and then collect her in when he returned. So, I'd see her around the same place coming back and forth. A lot of her personality comes from presumably dealing with humans while being out for the day. Although I live in a quiet street, it's also really close to a town centre. So, she would have had some interesting days.

For such an outside cat, she's become quite the house cat in her time here, but I expect that to change when winter is over.

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