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#812361 - 06/21/14 11:09 PM IB's Postboot Legion - the Recap. VOLUME 4 BEGINS! (Oct. 29, 2017)  
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Wouldn't you like to know?
This thread is to recap my very long Continuing Adventures of the Postboot Legion thread.

I've been having a lot of fun writing about the continuing adventures of the Postboot Legion. At first, I had just intended to write one-off vignettes for each Legionnaire, showing the impact they had on their reality beyond fighting villains.

But as I went on and on, and introduced new developments and a new Legion of Super-Heroes, I thought - why not continue the story? What if the Legionnaires got back together and returned to their universe?

And so I bring you a recap/table of contents thread. As I finish each "volume", I will add to this. This is so my actual fanfic thread doesn't get bloated with summaries, and also so anyone interested in reading can jump to the end without worrying about everything that has gone before. Finally, it's useful as an aid for me. Makes it easier to remember everything I've written about before tongue


1) What Came Before (in this post) recaps how the Legion came to be lost, and what happened to the Legionnaires up to the end of Legion of 3 Worlds.

2) Volume 1: Loss explores how the galaxy copes without the lost Legionnaires. (also in this post).

3) Volume 2: Scattered Souls explores where the 27 lost Legionnaires ended up, and how are they are dealing with their castaway status. Click here for the recap.

4) Volume 3: Homecoming is pretty much what the title says - but will the way home be smooth? Click here for the recap.

5) Volume 4: Moving On - what is next for our Legionnaires? Click here for the recap.


What Came Before

1. The Postboot Legion first vanished into the timestream at the end of the Teen Titans/Legion Special, after defeating the Fatal Five. Present were all active Legionnaires, Andromeda (restored to her original form and costume) and Chuck Taine (there was a figure with a cap and jacket). Shikari was separated from her teammates, and emerged in an unfamiliar world. Unfortunately, this was not picked up on.

2. In Infinite Crisis 6, the Legionnaires are shown in one panel, back home on Earth-247. How they got back there was never explained. Shikari reappears as well, stating that she has finally found them. Apparently, at the end of Infinite Crisis, Earth-247 ceases to exist.

3. The Legionnaires next appear in Legion of 3 Worlds, trapped once more in Limbo. Chuck Taine is absent. We know that they were rescued from Limbo by the Retroboot Legion.

4. This story assumes that Earth-247 had somehow continued on after Infinite Crisis. The "how"? I'm working on explaining that in Volume 2 wink

5. Magno had resigned from active Legion membership, and remains on Earth-247.

6. Thunder resigned from Legion membership, and apparently still remains in the 90th Century of her Earth.

7. Inferno had left the Legion (whether she actually was a member is debatable), and is apparently still in the 21st Century Earth that the Legion had been trapped on.

8. XS and Gates decided to stay with the Retroboot Legion on the new post-Flashpoint Earth. XS declined a post at the Legion Academy and was last seen making a mosaic somewhere. Gates joined an away team that was trapped in the 21st century in the Legion Lost 2nd series.

9. Kinetix was apparently killed in action during Legion of 3 Worlds. Her magic was absorbed first by Mordru, then by the Black Witch (Mysa).

10. Element Lad, Monstress, Leviathan and Kid Quantum I all died in the universe of Earth-247 long before the events of the Teen Titans/Legion Special.

11. The remaining Legionnaires (minus XS, Gates and Kinetix) survived Legion of 3 Worlds and decided to become the new "Wanderers"; they are hopping through dimensions to find other survivors of their universe. Their full roster is: Kid Quantum II (leader), Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Live Wire (restored to his human form), Apparition, Triad, Chameleon, Invisible Kid, Brainiac 5, Spark, Violet, Andromeda, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, M'Onel, Umbra, Sensor, Ferro, Karate Kid, Wildfire, Shikari, Gear, Timber Wolf and Dreamer.

12. The current Legion of Super-heroes consists of Nightwind (leader), Infectious Lass, Blizzard (Polar Boy), Babbage, Magnetic Kid, the White Witch (Lady Mysa), Impulse (Kent Shakespeare), Lume, Particon, and Spider-Girl (who just joined). Chuck Taine works with them but is non-powered.

13. Other supporting cast members who work with the Legion include Dyrk Magz, Shvaughn Erin, Gigi Cusimano, Tenzil Kem, Lori Morning (minus her H-Dial), RJ Brande, Marla Latham, Proty, Dr. Ryk'rr, Dr. Gym'll and Winema Wazzo. The Uncanny Amazers and the Legion Cadets are also active.


Volume 1: Loss contains one-post vignettes for each Legionnaire. In order:

Kinetix. Before her disappearance, Kinetix had been regaining her original personality and mental capacity. She, her mother Azra and her brother Thanot had talked about starting a scholarship foundation for fashion designers. One requirement was that designers needed to devote part of their time to functional designs, i.e. clothes for archaeologists, firefighters, Science Police officers etc. Zoe's childhood friend Mabuhay was the first scholarship recipient.

Monstress. Kinetix's mother Azra approached Monstress' father and convinced him to help her open the Zoe and Candi Institute of Design. Azra wanted to immortalize Zoe, and chose Monstress' father because Monstress also loved fashion, plus her father was rich! Insect Queen helps out and tells Candi's father that she kept thinking about him despite his neglect of her. Candi's father reveals that what kept him away was his own shame, rather than disappointment of her mutation.

Timber Wolf. Brin's old gang on Rimbor all survived their confrontation with the bounty hunters in Legion Worlds 6. They have become much more self-sufficient, and are slowly working on cleaning up their old neighborhood.

Karate Kid. The training module that Val designed in cooperation with Shvaughn Erin, Gigi Cusimano and Dyrk Magz has been launched. The module focuses on unarmed combat and use of non-lethal force to subdue enemies using common weapon types and common meta-powers.

Invisible Kid. Condo Arlik mourns his boyfriend Lyle Norg. This post recounts how they met. I also showed Jacques Foccart invisibly visiting Lyle's memorial. The Foccarts, including Danielle, are also mentioned.

Umbra. Life on Talok VIII continues on. With Umbra's encouragement, it has started opening itself up more to the United Planets. Several children have already received scholarships to study off-planet.

Inferno A crazed young man desperately searches for news on Inferno, who - to the 3oth century at large - simply disappeared. The last official news bit had been that she accompanied the Legionnaires who were on a "secret mission" (the team stranded in the 20th century).

Chuck Taine. Tenzil Kem visits Chuck, as the latter deals with losing his friends and handling the new Legionnaires as advisor. We see that Chuck misses Triad, while Tenzil misses Violet.

Kid Quantum II. New Legion leader Nightwind leads Polar Boy, Infectious Lass, and Lume against a group of armed opponents. Though her team is still raw, she rallies them into efficiently disarming their opponents and protecting innocent bystanders. She reflects on Jazmin's mentoring, and how it helped her effectively lead the team while celebrating their individual talents and personalities.

Apparition. Winema Wazzo inaugurates Legion month, and reflects on how her relationship with Tinya greatly improved after Winema had almost been killed (Legion 35-38).

Gates. Infectious Lass, White Witch, Kent Shakespeare and Dr. Gym'll are on a medical mission to a poorer UP world. Drura reflects on how Gates (with help from herself, Brainiac 5, Kinetix, Chlorophyll Kid and Kent Shakespeare) convinced the UP to start this program.

Gear. Hannah Wells, formerly Trudi Trusoe, reflects on how Gear was one of the more overlooked Legionnaires. She airs a piece showcasing his contributions to the Legion, including his (and Brainiac 5's) continuing aid to Robotica, and his exposure of the Black Star juvenile correction facility which was enslaving super-powered youths.

Violet. The imprisoned Emerald Eye thinks about how Violet was its best host yet. It compares her quiet confidence and inner strength to its other hosts.

Dreamer. The Titanet program now includes the training of young Naltorian dreamers. This post explores the expansion of Dreamer's original idea to use her precognition in conjunction with the Titanet as an early warning system for the UP.

Brianiac 5. Babbage and Coluan Legion cadet Zaron Lux successfully manage to hook Babbage up to the Coluan sleepnet. Babbage transmits information along the sleepnet. This exercise had been improved by both the Coluan and Robotican governments, and younger Coluans are supportive of greater cooperation between the two worlds.

M'Onel. Hannah Wells interviews Captain Shvaughn Erin about her time with the Legion and her ongoing role as Legion Liaison officer. When the questioning turns to M'Onel's true identity, Shvaughn resolutely hides his identity. Out of respect, Hannah abandons that line of questioning.

Leviathan. Lieutenant Gigi Cusimano approaches Captain Shvaughn Erin about tactics that Leviathan taught her for dealing with meta-powered assailants. She wants to expand on the Karate Kid module. Gigi also reveals that she has been assigned to command the Science Police contingent on Legion World.

XS. Lori Morning is coping with the loss of her H-Dial well, thanks to XS. However, in Lori's dreams, she is still the Time Trapper. She almost destroys the Retroboot reality and tampers with time to bring the Legionnaires home, but decides against it. When she is awake, she is not aware of her Time Trapper status nor does she remember her dreams.

Shikari. Matriarch Enkenet is troubled that more and more Kwai youth are embracing the aggressive hunter instincts that Shikari displayed. However, she comes to accept that it is a part of their culture, and that the youth can learn to be responsible like Shikari had been.

Credits to Omni for providing inputs on Enkenet's reaction and thoughts.

Ultra Boy. Spider-Girl successfully auditions for the Legion, using both her prehensile hair and her advanced espionage skills. She regrets not having followed Ultra Boy's example earlier but reveals that she has gotten over him.

Magno. On a visit to Legion psychiatrist Dr. Rykrr's office, Science Police Officer Dyrk Magz subdues a paranoid patient. He has been transferred to Legion World. Kent Shakespeare and Lady Mysa call him at the end to give him good news about their research into his power loss.

Thunder. A now-teenaged Thunder finds the reassembled Rock of Eternity in her native time. The Wizard gives her knowledge of the Legion's present and near future, and sends her back in time to the 31st century.

Spark. Spark's old friends Hegga and Megga, Garla and Lando (from Legends of the Legion 2) prepare to visit Legion World. Young Winathians are now more accepting of differences between twins, with several pairs of twins choosing to follow different careers.

Kid Quantum I. Current Legionnaire Polar Boy tells his former Substitute Heroes teammates about Kid Quantum I, and explains that the Legion Cadet program is purposely long in order to avoid deaths like James'. His former teammates are revealed to be Night Girl, Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Color Kid and Rainbow Girl.

Star Boy. Legionnaires Particon, Babbage and Lume join Atmos, Insect Queen and Radion on a mission to make Xanthu fertile again. Particon recalls Star Boy's unbridled optimism and leadership in the efforts to rehabilitate Xanthu.

Ferro. Dennis, the boy Ferro, Element Lad and Star Boy saved in Legionnaires 67, visits Legion World and remembers how Ferro inspired him to stand up for himself.

Chameleon. It is Officer Neep's first day as a Science Police officer on Earth. Though many officers are still wary, attitudes have changed enough that Officer Neep finds acceptance among the populace and even from Commander Hagbard.

Wildfire. Dirk and Derek Morgna have been using a sample of Wildfire's anti-energy to develop new medical technologies and techniques. They successfully modified the energy so it could continually draw on other energy sources. Wildfire had donated this amount of energy despite the revelation that his imprisonment on Qward (Legion 34) had drained him so much that his energy was now finite.

Triad. The Divided Trinity, a Carggite movement to stop the systematic discrimination against Carggites with differences among their selves, addresses the Carggite public. It is revealed that several prominent Carggites have been hiding their differences out of fear of persecution. Triad was instrumental in starting the movement. Also, the Carggites whom Ra's al Ghul had kidnapped have returned home. The ones coping the best are those who had differences among their selves.

Credits to Reboot, Omni and razsolo whose input I used to refine the description of Carggites differences.

Andromeda. Daxamite Ambassador Obin Der addresses several Daxamites who wish to emigrate. Although most Daxamites did not subscribe to the fanatical, violent beliefs of the White Triangle, most are still wary of offworlders due to fear. All Daxamites who go offworld are now required to wear a red sunlight armband which severely limits their powers, but leaves enough to allow them to defend themselves against attackers. Each Daxamite who wears the armband will be limited to peak Earth-human strength and reflexes.

Cosmic Boy. Magnetic Kid, Blizzard (Polar Boy's new codename) and Lume attend the opening of the Second Galactic Youth Games. Cosmic Boy had started the games as a way to promote unity and fellowship among UP worlds.

Superboy. RJ Brande visits the Hall of Heroes on Legion World, and reflects on Superboy's time with the Legion. Historical records reveal that Superboy was able to return to his own time and fulfill his role in history.

Saturn Girl. The Legion launches a new module in the VR Room, which allows trainees to measure their power output against different types of heroes. This was Saturn Girl's initiative, and emphasizes control of powers. Legion cadets include former Substitute Heroes Night Girl, Stone Boy, Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Porcupine Pete and Rainbow Girl; Amp (formerly Amp Girl), Retro, Comet Queen, Lamprey, Arachno (from the same race as Tangleweb), Yera Liggle of Durla, Sizzle, Flying Fox, Zaron Lux, Calorie Queen, Density (Jed Rikane), Gravity (Tel Vole), Dragonwing, Mandalla, Tellus, Mentalla, Tomb and Splitter. Vapor (Gas Girl) is also present, sent by Lallor for advanced training. There are more than 25 cadets in all. The post also reveals that Infectious Lass was once a Substitute.

Sensor. Tenzil Kem caters for a UP Summit on Orando. Marla Latham helps Orando's King Charlz (Sensor's father) prepare a speech highlighting Orando's granting of equal rights to the raccoon species. Leejah, new leader of Durla and a former Composite Durlan, reveals that her Durlan shapeshifting powers are returning, though she still cannot mimic the powers of the forms she takes.

Live Wire. Jancel Ardeen, now a Titanet cadet, tries to seduce Mekt Ranzz mentally while he sleeps. Mekt calls up memories of his rehabilitation, and of his improved relationship with his family and siblings before their disappearance. A stunned Jancel recalls that her sister Imra had tried to reach out to her, but Jancel had furiously turned her away. Jancel cuts off the telepathy as she is forced to question her own actions, while Mekt returns to sleep missing his siblings, but happy that he has worked through his own issues.

Element Lad. RJ Brande, Chuck Taine and Shvaughn Erin visit Trom to remember the Legion and Element Lad. RJ recalls the Legion's untold mission shortly after the President Chu sting and the first defeat of the Fatal Five (this would have been shortly after LSH 80 but before the end of Legionnaires 37). The Legion, plus Andromeda and Micah Aven and supported by UP Fleet Admiral Everett, tracks down and incarcerates the last of the White Triangle leadership. Through intelligent teamwork and use of powers, the Legionnaires manage to defeat four fully-powered Daxamites. This strategy was formulated in large part by Element Lad, who wanted to avoid using his powers to give the Daxamites lead poisoning as there was no guarantee that Brainiac 5 could cure the poisoned Daxamites in time.

The Element Lad post ends with several of the Legion's supporting cast members (Dyrk Magz, Marla Latham, Tenzil Kem, Lori Morning, Rond Vidar, Dr. Ryk'rr, Dr. Gym'll, Dirk Morgna, Winema Wazzo and Cub Wazzo-Nah, Gigi Cusimano, Hannah Wells, Condo Arlik) as well as the new Legionnaires (White Witch, Spider-Girl, Nightwind, Infectious Lass, Blizzard, Particon, Impulse, Babbage, Magnetic Kid, Lume) joining in for the memorial. The group sits on Trom well into the night to tell stories about the Legion.

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#812368 - 06/21/14 11:47 PM Re: IB's Postboot Legion Stories - the Recap thread [Re: Invisible Brainiac]  
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Wouldn't you like to know?
At the end of Part 1, here is the full roster of the Legion (Lost or otherwise):

CosmicBoy1 LiveWire SaturnGirl1 Triad Apparition XS Chameleon InvisibleKid1 Leviathan KidQuantum Brainiac51 Spark Kinetix Violet Andromeda Gates StarBoy1 ElementLad1 UltraBoy1 MOnel1 Umbra Sensor Magno Ferro Monstress KidQuantumII KarateKid1 Thunder Wildfire1 Shikari ChuckTaine Gear TimberWolf1 Dreamer Superboy1 Nightwind1 InfectiousLass1 WhiteWitch Impulse Lume Babbage Particon MagneticKidII PolarBoy SpiderGirl

And several others who have appeared in the Postboot reality and/or in my story, though not as Legionnaires - for some of them, not yet anyway wink :

SunBoy MatterEaterLad ChemicalKing InvisibleKidII Tellus ComputoII Lamprey FireLad NightGirl ChlorophyllKid StoneBoy ColorKid PorcupinePete RainbowGirl GasGirl PowerBoy Mentalla CalorieQueen Sizzle Retro AmpGirl Dragonmage CrystalKid Kono Charma BeastBoy ArmFallOffBoy Cannus Tomb Brawler Theena Mandalla CometQueen Radion InsectQueen Atmos EvolvoLad

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#812389 - 06/22/14 01:19 AM Re: IB's Postboot Legion Stories - the Recap thread [Re: Invisible Brainiac]  
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Wouldn't you like to know?
Volume 2: Scattered Souls is finally over!! And what a ride it was. (spoiler warning, obviously)

Post 1

The 24 "Wanderers" have been hopping from reality to reality, using Shikari's pathfinding sense to find a way home. They are using the cosmic treadmill from Legion of 3 Worlds. Morale is mixed, at best.

Cosmic Boy encourages Kid Quantum II, as she tries to keep the team's spirits up.

Star Boy and Ultra Boy reconcile; the two have been fairly antagonistic ever since Thom alerted Cos about Jo's "health issues" (LSH 80 and 81). The pain Star Boy used to experience when using his powers (Legion 19) was diagnosed and cured by the 3 Brainiac 5s in Legion of 3 Worlds, though they cautioned him about overusing his powers. Apparition and Ultra Boy comfort each other about Cub, and Ultra Boy promises to be more civil to Timber Wolf.

Shikari pushes herself over not being able to find their home reality. She tells Wildfire her sense of urgency stems from wanting to get home so they can figure out a way to replenish his dwindling anti-energy.

Post 2

Spark consoles a weeping Violet, as the two recall fond memories of Kinetix.

M'Onel and Andromeda share a quiet moment, as Andromeda hypothesizes about how she returned to her original form.

Chameleon finds a distraught Invisible Kid. Lyle reveals that Condo was his boyfriend, and shares how Condo helped him realize that he didn't need to prove himself so much.

Post 3

A concerned Karate Kid checks on Brainiac 5, who has been pushing himself hard. Brainiac 5 reveals that Gates stayed with the Retroboot Legion in order to find stability, and that Gates had confided in Brainiac 5 before he announced his decision to stay.

Gear helps Timber Wolf prepare provisions for the team. The two bond over their newcomer status.

Post 4

Umbra uses some tough love to help Sensor get over her recent mutation. The two talk about their "royal" status over their respective homeworlds.

Triad and Ferro reconcile over their argument in LSH 112. Triad apologies over Purple's hurtful words, while Ferro apologizes over closing himself off from Triad.

Post 5

Dreamer tells Star Boy about her vision of his grave (Legion Worlds 4, Legion 19). Thom reassures Nura that the vision could come true far off in the future.

Saturn Girl and Live Wire affirm that they are still engaged. Garth reveals that, after the Retroboot Brainiac 5 restored his original form, Garth borrowed the lightning rod to restore his human arm. Imra also reveals that she had told Garth about kissing Jo (Legion Lost 9). Imra consoles Garth over his regrets at not being able to use the lightning rod to heal Sensor, Ferro, Wildfire and Kinetix, as the Legion was in pitched battle at that time.

Post 6

This post takes place after Legion Lost v2 16. Gates and his fellow Lost Retroboot Legionnaires Tyroc, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Timber Wolf, Tellus and Chameleon Girl, plus Agent Jocelyn Lure, encounter a Kwai. The Kwai recognizes and attacks Gates and flees through a Threshold. Gates concludes that someone must have figured out how to cross over from the Postboot universe to the Retroboot universe.

The Legionnaires also reveal that they falsified a cover story for Gates and XS, to cover up the fact that they came from an alternate universe.

Post 7

This post takes place after Adventure Comics 526, when XS turned down a post at the Legion Academy to go work on a mosaic.

XS finishes her mosaic, and reveals that it was a way of making sense of the knowledge that the Time Trapper had implanted into her mind (Legionnaires Annual 3). She now doubts whether her decision to stay with in the Retroboot universe had been hers. It is also revealed that the Retroboot Quislet has been with XS all along!

Post 8

This post remembers four Postboot Legionnaires who were killed in action:

The last time we saw Kinetix was in Legion of 3 Worlds. Superboy-Prime used his heat vision on her; she blew up; and Mordru absorbed her magic. Mordru was in turn absorbed by the Retroboot Legion's White Witch, turning her into the Black Witch.

Element Lad, driven insane by his long isolation and immortality in the Second Galaxy, had become the Progenitor. As Monstress tried to appeal to his old self, he killed her with a touch. He himself was hideously merged with the Omniphagos, and was electrocuted by Live Wire.

Leviathan bravely sacrificed his life to stop Doctor Regulus, becoming the third Legionnaire to fall in the line of duty.

Zoe and Candi are preparing for their junior year prom. Zoe has made a dress for Candi; Zoe is going with Gim while Candi is going with Jan. Other friends mentioned are Sally (Zoe's best friend), Jenny and Ayla. The setting is a small town somewhere in the 21st century United States.

Post 9

XS and Quislet sneak into the Flash Museum and use the cosmic treadmill to return to the 20th century. XS also leaves instructions for the Retroboot Legion.

Post 10

Zoe flirts with Gim as the two discuss their plans for college. Zoe's Aunt Michelle, a friend of her mother's, texts to say she'll visit for dinner.

Post 11

The Lost Legionnaires find no sign of the Kwai who attacked Gates. XS and Quislet come to take the Lost Legionnaires home, and XS tells Gates she plans to find their other lost teammates. She also reveals that their home universe doesn't exist as of the moment, but she knows how to reconstitute it.

Post 12

Zoe's Aunt Michelle takes her out to dinner. For some reason, her elderly Aunt Myra and her brother Stan do not join them.

Post 13

The Lost Legionnaires, led by Kid Quantum II, encounter a dimension full of giant hostile worms.

Post 14

Zoe's Aunt Michelle drives around to a distant part of town. For some reason, Aunt Myra, Stan and Sally aren't answering Zoe's texts.

Post 15

Tellus, Timber Wolf and Agent Lure retrieve an old friend who had been under witness protection of the 31st century Echo unit - Infectious Lass.

Post 16

Zoe asks Aunt Michelle to bring her home so she can check on Aunt Myra and Stan. They are intercepted by Zoe's teacher Mr. Morgan. Zoe flees as the two fight over her.

Post 17

The Postboot Legion visits a dimension where vapors turn everybody except the inorganic Wildfire and Ferro into babies. Ferro convinces toddler Saturn Girl to put everyone to sleep, while Wildfire and a still-intelligent Brainiac 5 are able to get Gear, Andromeda and M'Onel to operate the cosmic treadmill to escape the dimension.

Post 18

Zoe finds herself near Jan's house and asks for help. Before he can fetch his parents, Mr. Morgan arrives and abducts Zoe.

Post 19

Combining their powers, XS and the lost Legionnaires manage to breach the barrier that is preventing forward time travel from the 21st century. They follow the Time Beacon to the 31st century.

Post 20

This post takes place before the last Retroboot story - the new Fatal Five. Sun Boy and Star Boy are still alive, Phantom Girl hasn't fled to who knows where, Glorith and Zerox are still in this plane of existence, and the Legion is not in any danger of being disbanded.

Retroboot Legion leader Phantom Girl welcomes the Lost Legionnaires home. Dream Girl calls the Legion and tells them to bring everyone they can to her away team's location within sixty minutes... or else everyone is dead. Phantom Girl mobilizes everyone she can.

Post 21

Zoe tries, but fails, to escape from Mr. Morgan. He chloroforms her into unconscious.

Post 22

Zoe is awakened by Aunt Michelle, a blonde woman called Imra, and a white-haired woman. They tell her she isn't who she thinks she is. Mr. Morgan attacks Aunt Michelle and draws energy from a confused Zoe. Aunt Michelle says, "Zoe Saugin, I am sorry. I am sorry for letting this man take your life... and for only giving it back to you now. And I am sorry that you still must fight for it after I do." Then everything fades to white.

Post 23

Zoe materializes on Zerox in the Retroboot Legion universe, in the midst of a battle. She runs off before the Legionnaires can stop her.

Post 24

The Retroboot Mysa, the White Witch, awakens. She is no longer the Black Witch; she has released both Mordru and Kinetix from her body. She could not release one without releasing the other. Mordru has his memories, but has been manipulating Kinetix and trying to take over Mysa's body.

The Retroboot Sensor Girl, Element Lad, Brainiac 5, Star Boy, Glorith, Lightning Lass and Blok attempt to stall Mordru while Dream Girl, Saturn Girl and White Witch go to retrieve Kinetix, restore her memory, and teach her to stop Mordru from leeching off her powers.

Post 25

Kinetix continues to run, confused and amnesiac and not knowing about her powers.

Glorith temporarily cuts off Mordru's access to Kinetix's magic as the Legionnaires bury him. But his long stay on Zerox has made him attuned to the planet; he frees himself and resurrects the magical heroes imprisoned in the walls of his castle!

Post 26

Zoe is attacked by Mordru's magical slaves Bork, Nightmaster and Congorilla. She is saved by the Retroboot Shrinking Violet, who gives Zoe her old flight ring. Zoe doesn't put it on, but decides to stick with Violet for now.

Post 27

Element Lad's group of Legionnaires put up a valiant fight, but are overwhelmed by Mordru's slaves. Raven calms Glorith so that she can be willingly conscripted by Mordru. Sensor Girl is also singled out as a possible magical slave.

Other magical slaves include Zatanna, Blue Devil, Zealot, Jinx, Alan Scott, Torquemada, Enchantress, Black Alice, Blackbriar Thorn, Ibis the Invincible, Nightshade and Traci Thirteen.

Post 28

Retroboot Dream Girl, Saturn Girl and the White Witch catch up to Shrinking Violet and Zoe. They explain to Zoe how Mordru has been manipulating her mind, and convince her to allow them to attempt to break down the mental blocks sealing off her true memories.

The captured Legionnaires are brought before Mordru. He begins the incantations to turn Glorith into his slave. The last thing she feels is being pulled away by a powerful force.

Post 29

Via Saturn Girl's telepathy, Zoe begins to "see" images of her past, but lacks the emotional connections to them. She doesn't recall any of it happening.

Glorith and the other captured Legionnaires are saved at the last minute by XS, Dawnstar and Ultra Boy. Tellus restores Glorith's will, while Dawnstar finds and knocks out Black Alice to restore Glorith's powers. Glorith heals the other 5 Legionnaires. Mordru and his slaves crash through to attack the Legionnaires, but Phantom Girl appears and commands Gates to teleport the rest of the Legionnaires and their allies in. Cue the Battle Royale!

Post 30

Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 broadcast all their knowledge of Mordru's 21st century slaves to their teammates via Tellus' telepathic link. Sensor Girl continues using her illusions to delay Mordru's slaves, though she needs to keep shifting them as each illusion is dispelled.


Phantom Girl, Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass vs. Midnight Rider

Fire Lad, Color Kid, Comet Queen and Infectious Lass vs. Tempest

Chameleon Boy and Harmonia vs. Yellow Peri

Post 31

Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, Mon-El, Wildfire, Dawnstar, XS and Chemical Kid continue to slow Mordru down and buy time. XS and Gates are sent to help Saturn Girl.


Sun Boy and Lamprey vs. Maya

Timber Wolf, Gates and Chlorophyll Kid vs. Alan Scott

Chameleon Girl, Colossal Boy, Shadow Lass and Night Girl vs. Nightshade

Post 32

Element Lad, Crystal Kid and Star Boy use a combination of their powers to slow down the majority of Mordru's slaves. Element Lad is using magic-resistant iron to try and keep them in check. The Enchantress breaks through their defenses, but is stopped by Rainbow Girl's indigo light of compassion.

Post 33

Nightwind and Polar Boy take on Anna Fortune.

Post 34

Tyroc, Power Boy and Gravity Kid take on Extrao.

Post 35

Matter-Eater Lad and Stone Boy take on Ibis the Invincible.

XS and Gates join Saturn Girl's telepathic circle. They share with Zoe their memories of her as a Legionnaire. Zoe begins to absorb the energy from the Emerald Eye that Violet was exposed to before.

Post 36

Dragonwing, Porcupine Pete and Invisible Kid II take on Jinx.

Post 37

Kid Eternity unleashes several dead Legionnaires on Lightning Lad, Quislet, Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy. These Legionnaires are Karate Kid, Ferro Lad, Chemical King and the first fallen body of Triplicate Girl.

Post 38

Mordru figures out that Chemical Kid is slowing his metabolism down. He stuns the Legionnaires attacking him and starts destroying the cavern, removing the maze-like layout and also one of the Legionnaires' main tactical advantages.

Post 39

Mordru and his slaves press their attack. Slaves include Jennifer Morgan, Manitou Dawn, Manitou Raven, Black Orchid, Felix Faust, Silver Sorceress, Klarion the Witch Boy and the Queen of Fables.

They overcome Element Lad's and Glorith's delaying tactics, and take out Sensor Girl, Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy and Tellus. The loss of these tactical advantages threatens to overwhelm the Legionnaires.

A series of memories from XS and Gates helps restore Kinetix's emotional connection to her memories. She opens her eyes to see her companions being attacked, and Gates grievously wounded.

Post 40

Phantom Girl sits with less than half of the over 50 Legionnaires and allies on Zerox, and only about a dozen of those with her are battle-ready. She splits the able-bodied Legionnaires into two groups and instructs Duplicate Damsel to bring the wounded to safety. They are interrupted and captured by Mordru and his slaves. Just as he is about to kill them, Kinetix appears with her powers and memory fully restored.

Mandalla is revealed to have joined the Legionnaires on Zerox.

More of Mordru's slaves revealed: Madame Xanadu, Princess Amethyst of Gemworld, and Etrigan the Demon.

Post 41

Before Kinetix confronted Mordru, she healed Gates completely. Even his scars from the Legion Lost series were healed. She also absorbed the magic from their attackers, turning them into stone. These attackers were Raven, Blue Devil, Witchfire, Oceanmaster, and Sebastian Faust.

Post 42

Kinetix heals the Legionnaires completely and absorbs most of Mordru's slaves. Mordru stalls her by absorbing some of his slaves, but his main goal is to mingle his energies with that of Zerox's, which is the nexus of magic in this universe. He threatens to blow the planet up so he can absorb its energy and all ambient energy in the universe. The Legionnaires flee, but Kinetix stays behind with the White Witch and Glorith.

More of Mordru's slaves: Isis, Ragman and Shakira

Post 43

Mordru has grown to gigantic proportions from the magic he absorbed from Zerox. Kinetix tries to redirect that magic into the ground. Mordru restrains her and tries to absorb her using the spell we saw Mysa use in Legion of 3 Worlds, the spell that turned her into the Black Witch. Thankfully, Kinetix is able to counteract it as she had merged with Mysa and Glorith beforehand! Their three souls in one body gain the upper hand on Mordru, and they imprison him deep within Zerox's core. Zerox is returned to normal and all of Mordru's slaves are set free.

Post 44

Kinetix separates from White Witch and Glorith. Mordru's slaves return to the afterlife. Before they do, Kid Eternity summons Luornu's two dead bodies and Karate Kid, who say goodbye to Duplicate Damsel, Bouncing Boy and Sensor Girl. Phantom Girl invites Kinetix, XS and Gates to stay with the Legion; the three decline as they are bent on rejoining their own Legion. XS reveals that she knows how to restore their home universe.

Post 45

Kinetix, XS, Gates, Phantom Girl, Brainiac 5, White Witch, Tyroc, Saturn Girl and Star Boy use the map of the multiverse on Star Boy's costume to travel to the place where the Postboot Legion's universe used to be. Combining their powers, they use XS', Gates' and Kinetix's memories in conjunction with Kinetix's release of the magic she has absorbed to recreate the Postboot universe.

Post 46

Flashback one year, to the day that the Legionnaires disappeared for good. RJ Brande and several Legion allies try to keep the crowds safe as the Infinite Crisis rages on. Their efforts are bolstered by the Legionnaires, who were lost in the timestream. Shikari also reappears. The Legionnaires head towards the gigantic hands that had appeared, with Kinetix and XS in the lead as Dreamer foresaw they would be crucial. Chuck Taine, who had been lost with them, stays behind with RJ Brande's group. Everyone feels reality ripple around them for a moment, and then the Crisis is over. And the Legionnaires are gone.

Flash forward one year, and RJ Brande gets a strong feeling that the Legionnaires will return.

Post 47

Kinetix wakes up, and it is revealed she has lost most of her power. Her original psychokinetic abilities are intact, though. It will take three days for time in their newly-restored universe to "catch up" to the time in the Preboot/Retroboot Legion's universe. Kinetix, XS and Gates make plans to track down their teammates before returning to their world.

Post 48

Karate Kid reflects on the beautiful, peaceful world that the Legionnaires have landed on. This is the 38th world they have visited, and they have spent the last two weeks there. The Legionnaires all seem happier and more peaceful, and are talking about spending the winter there.

Post 49

We find out that Herros of the Kwai was the one who Gates encountered way back in Post 6. Herros survived the "destruction" of the Postboot Legion's universe because of his mysterious new Master. His Master tells him they will return to the Postboot Legion's universe tomorrow.

As always, feedback, comments and questions are welcome smile

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here, more often than not
You put so much love into your writing IB it's great to have a place to catch up with it. The original idea of looking at how the Postboot universe got by after their team was lost and how each character had inspired people during their lives was inspired!

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks! Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
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Wouldn't you like to know?
Why thank you Harbi, that's one of the best compliments I could ever imagine getting. Losing the Postboot Legion was a big blow to me, and Volume 1: Loss was my way of exploring how much they must have meant to their home universe.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
By the way, I realize some readers might not be well-versed in Postboot Legion history. I've gone back and have started annotating my posts with issue numbers and notes on past Postboot events.

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This is it, folks! I am almost done with Volume 2! Just a couple of epilogues, and then I will move into Volume 3!

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And one month after my "almost" post, we are done! Volume 2 is over, folks smile Whew, what a ride it has been.

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Volume 3: Homecoming

I think the title pretty much gives it away smile

Post 1. Jancel Ardeen tries to make friends with her fellow Titanet cadets. One of them, Gilda of Naltor, gets a frightening vision of future events affecting Legion World. Chief Adept Erqol attempts to send a message to Legion World, but fails to get through either telepathic or technological channels. They also fail to contact Earth and Luna. The Titanet adepts desperately try to find the nearest body that can receive a transmission.

Post 2: Impulse Impulse leads a team, including the White Witch and Magnetic Kid, to perform a procedure to try and get Dyrk Magz's powers back. The procedure involves a mixture of science and magic.

Post 3: White Witch Mysa checks in on an exhausted Dyrk Magz and Magnetic Kid. The operation caused no harm to Dyrk, though they still do not know if he recovered his powers. Mysa reflects on her former student Dragonmage, who lost his powers fighting Mordru. He unwittingly released four dangerous elemental spirits in a misguided attempt to regain power, causing much death and destruction. He now serves as a UP consultant on a diplomatic mission to Mordru's former territories to atone for his sins.

Post 4: Spider-Girl Spider-Girl works with Chuck Taine to improve Legion World's security, while Shvaughn Erin tries to probe where Sussa has been getting her intelligence. Sussa thinks that she has to keep walking a fine line when dealing with her informants - she tolerates smugglers but will tip off the Science Police to those engaged in kidnapping, extortion or worse. She reflects that she is happy to be respected and valued in the Legion, and that she does also enjoy doing some good.

Post 5: Particon. Particon welcomes good friend Insect Queen, who has gone ahead of the official Uncanny Amazer delegation. Insect Queen compliments her on how much happier she seems, leading Particon to realize that she had joined the Legion to prove to herself that she was capable of making the grade.

Post 6: Microbe.. Microbe, formerly known as Infectious Lass, reflects on how important her Legion membership is in getting the galaxy to be more accepting of Somahturians. She also thinks about how this Legion is untried and untested. She is interviewed about her Legion membership and code name change by Condo Arlik, whom she noticed has been crying.

Post 7: Lume. Lume reflects on how joining the Legion has opened its eyes to other species in the UP, and to concepts like justice, hope and diversity. Its home of Silvan had always been isolated simply because the Silvans were extremely self-sufficient and had little need of the other UP worlds. As the Legionnaires prepare to fly over Legion World in a parade, Lume begins to thank its teammates when an explosion rocks the team and Lume is cast into darkness.

Post 8. Magnetic Kid. The Legionnaires are attacked by several villains, including Abyss, Stheno, Titanor, Cherry Bomb, Bandarkat, Density, Holdur, Pollen and the Persuader. Several Legionnaires are taken down. In a last desperate gambit, Pol slams the Legion's cruiser into the villains as the Legionnaires flee towards Legion World.

Post 9: Babbage. The Legionnaires flee as Magnetic Kid's gambit scatters the attacking villains. Babbage succeeds in reestablishing contact with Chuck Taine, who tells him that something has been jamming communications. The assembled Legionnaires and allies receive a transmission from Chief Adept Erqol, who says she had to fly out of Titan's atmosphere just to get the message through. She warns that the villain attack is a distraction for an invasion of Legion World. Chuck Taine, Shvaughn Erin, Dyrk Magz, Mentalla and Insect Queen go to pick the Legionnaires up while Retro coordinates with the Cadets and Gigi Cusimano on evacuation procedures.

Post 10. Insect Queen. The rescue squad arrives to retrieve the Legionnaires. They are attacked by more villains, including Brainstorm, Micro, Twine and Repulse. As several Legionnaires and allies fall, the Persuader arrives with over a dozen villains and tells them to surrender. Impulse weighs their options and tries to bargain for the escapes of the people on Legion World, including the cadets; the Legionnaires will surrender only when all are free. The Persuader disagrees and throws the Atomic Axe at the Bouncing Boy, intending to remove the Legionnaires' only chance at escape.

Post 11. Mentalla. The Bouncing Boy is saved by the timely arrival of Thunder! She stalls the villains as the Legionnaires and allies board the ship. As they make their escape, the injured are all revived. Thunder explains that she has been able to return because the Rock of Eternity was reassembled successfully in the future, and asks Mentalla to link her mind to Nightwind's so she can update her. After debating on the safety of this with Shvaughn Erin, who points out that Thunder may be mind-controlled and part if the villain attack, Nightwind agrees to risk.

Post 12. Nightwind. Thunder telepathically shares her vision with Nightwind: a pink-skinned humanoid male in armor will overwhelm Legion World with superior numbers. He has amazing power and technology at his disposal. He is after power, but also knowledge; he intends to study the sentient beings captured on Legion World. Nightwind believes the best course of action is to escape for now, as they do not have enough power to stop the invasion. The Legionnaires and allies, most notably Shvaughn Erin and Blizzard, are skeptical.

Nightwind asks White Witch to show everyone what is happening on Legion World. They see the Cadets, Uncanny Amazers and Science Police officers on Legion World defeated; staff and civilians are captured. Tenzil Kem tries to resist the mysterious enemy, who appears as a shadowy figure; Tenzil is unsuccessful and the enemy makes an example of him by having him tossed into space. Nightwind anticipates this and orders Thunder to save Tenzil.

The Legionnaires are convinced that they need to find help. Thunder's vision showed that the Legionnaires need to follow the enemy's invasion force as they Threshold off into parts unknown. After ensuring that Earth and the UP have received word of the fall of Legion World, the Legionnaires prepare to follow the enemy ships into a gigantic Threshold.

Bronto is another villain that appears.

Post 13. Blizzard. Nightwind comforts Blizzard as he deals with his feelings about abandoning Legion World to the enemy. The Bouncing Boy prepares to enter the Threshold.

Post 14. Shvaughn Erin. Shvaughn sizes up her companions and comments to herself on their youth and lack of experience. She also notes their enthusiasm and optimism, comparing them favorably to the original Legion. The Bouncing Boy follows the ships into the Threshold and emerges near the Earth of a different universe. Herros of the Kwai makes a beeline for Earth; as the Bouncing Boy prepares to follow, their ship is caught in a tractor beam. As they try to break free, XS, Kinetix and Gates board the Bouncing Boy and greet the new arrivals.

Post 15. Tenzil Kem. The Legionnaires meet their alternate universe counterparts and marvel at some of the differences between the two teams. Phantom Girl and Nightwind announce the plan: the Postboot reality Legionnaires will go find their teammates, assisted by Dawnstar. The remaining Preboot reality Legionnaires will hold the fort until the Postboot reality Legionnaires return. Once they stop the invasion, the Postboot team will return home to retake Legion World.

Post 16. Marla Latham Marla Latham struggles to maintain calm aboard Legion World. Marla reflects that the majority of UP officials and dignitaries escaped, as did less than half of the civilians. Sentients with post-human abilities, or the potential to develop such abilities, are taken away by the enemy. Among these are RJ Brande, Dirk Morgna, the Legion cadets, Lori Morning and Proty. One of the reporters is also missing. Marla Latham, Rond Vidar, Dr. Gym'll and Dr. Ryk'rr are among the ones not taken. However, all hostages still remain under guard.

Post 17. XS and Dyrk Magz rekindle their mutual attraction in each other by catching up. However, they are interrupted by Chuck Taine and Dawnstar announcing they have found the other Legionnaires. XS prepares to use the cosmic treadmill, hooked up to the Bouncing Boy, to break the dimensional barrier.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
At this point in our story, the cast is:

1) On the Bouncing Boy, en route to the "Lost" Legionnaires:

Active Legionnaires

Babbage, I-45ENG/Nth Series of Robotica; combat mechanoid
Blizzard, Brek Bannin of Tharr; cold projection
Gates, Ti'julk Mr'asz of Vyrga; opens teleportation disks
Impulse, Kent Shakespeare of Earth; enhanced speed, strength, durability and recuperative abilities, medical doctor
Kinetix, Zoe Saugin of Aleph; advanced telekinesis and animation of objects
Lume, of Silvan; energy being made of light
Magnetic Kid, Pol Krinn of Braal; magnetokinesis
Microbe, Drura Sehpt of Somahtur; generate and control harmful and beneficial microorganisms
Nightwind, Berta Skye Harris of Earth; wind and air manipulation
Particon, Jennifer Sanchez of Earth; "hard light" energy casting and manipulation
Spider-Girl, Sussa Paka of Luna; prehensile hair
Thunder, Cece Beck of 90th century Binderaan; SHAZAM-empowered human with enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, wisdom and flight powers
White Witch, Mysa of Zarrox; sorcery
XS, Jenni Ognats of Aarok; super-speed


Chuck Taine of Earth (Honorary Legionnaire). Skilled architect and mechanic, pilot of the Bouncing Boy
Dyrk Magz of Braal (Honorary Legionnaire). Science Police officer and former Legionnaire, currently depowered though it remains to be seen if his recent operation will restore his powers.
Shvaughn Erin of Earth (Honorary Legionnaire). Science police captain and Legion Liaison Officer.
Tenzil Kem of Bismoll (Honorary Legionnaire). Consume and digest all forms of matter. Skilled chef and Legion support staff member.
Mentalla, Delya Castil of Titan. (Reserve Legionnaire and Cadet). Telepathic control of others' physical functions.
Insect Queen, Lonna Leing of Xanthu. (Uncanny Amazer and Legion ally). Ability to morph her abdomen into various insect forms, gaining the powers of the forms she takes.
Dawnstar of Starhaven (Member of the other universe Legion). Tracking abilities, flight, super speed and enhanced durability.

2) On Planet "Eden": The original "Lost" Legionnaires:

Andromeda, Laurel Gand of Daxam; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers
Apparition, Tinya Wazzo of Bgztl; intangibility
Brainiac 5, Querl Dox of Colu; 12th level intelligence and force field powers
Chameleon, Reep Daggle of Durla; shapeshifting
Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn of Braal; magnetokinesis
Dreamer, Nura Nal of Naltor; precognition
Ferro, Andrew Nolan of 20th century Earth; previously could turn his body into durable iron, but now stuck in his iron form
Gear, I.Z.O.R. of Linsnar; bio-mechanical techno-morphing
Invisible Kid, Lyle Norg of Earth; invisibility
Karate Kid, Val Armorr of Omega Colony; skilled martial artist
Kid Quantum II, Jazmin Cullen of Xanthu; time manipulation
Live Wire, Garth Ranzz of Winath; electric manipulation. Formerly had Element Lad's transmutation abilities.
M'Onel, Lar Gand of Daxam; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers
Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen of Titan; telepathy
Sensor, Jeka Wynzorr of Orando; sensory manipulation
Shikari Lonestar of the Kwai; pathfinding, armored skin and claws allowing for flight and survival in space
Spark, Ayla Ranzz of Winath; electric manipulation
Star Boy, Thom Kallor of Xanthu; gravity manipulation
Timber Wolf, Brin Londo of Zuun; enhanced speed, strength, durability, senses and regenerative powers
Triad, Luornu Durgo of Cargg; triplication
Ultra Boy, Jo Nah of Rimbor; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers and flight, but can only use one power at a time
Umbra, Tasmia Mallor of Talok VIII; shadow casting
Violet, Salu Digby of Imsk; size manipulation of own body
Wildfire, Drake Burroughs (energy gestalt of two beings). Anti-energy being.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
Continuing the recap:

Volume 3: Homecoming

Post 18. Dreamer and Karate Kid are troubled by a lingering feeling that some sort of intelligence is keeping them on the "Eden" Planet. Whenever Dreamer tries to access her visions, she feels physically ill. None of their teammates seem to notice, though. The piece ends when the Bouncing Boy arrives.

Post 19. Trouble erupts between the two groups as the Eden Legionnaires refuse to leave. Things quickly degenerate into a skirmish as Saturn Girl takes Gates out; she in turn is taken out by XS. The two teams fight.

Post 20. Dreamer and Karate Kid enlist White Witch to help them investigate the mysterious intelligence. M'Onel, Andromeda, Ultra Boy, Apparition and Gear vs. Thunder, Spider-Girl, Babbage.

Post 21.. Chameleon, Triad and Umbra vs. Tenzil Kem, Shvaughn Erin, Chuck Taine and Lume

Post 22. Wildfire and Violet vs. Kinetix and Microbe. Violet reveals that she too has been sensing the manipulations of a mysterious entity, and that it is nudging the Eden Legionnaires to fight the Bouncing Boy Legionnaires.

Post 23.. Kid Quantum II vs. Nightwind. Microbe relays Violet's revelation to the team. Kid Quantum II also tries to tell the Eden team about Violet's revelation.

Post 24. Cosmic Boy and Invisible Kid vs. Magnetic Kid and Blizzard

Post 25. Dreamer, Karate Kid and White Witch come across a cave. Dreamer can access her visions again now that the teams are fighting. She reveals that whatever is manipulating them lies inside.

Post 26 Timber Wolf vs. Impulse. Timber Wolf begins heading towards the cave.

Post 27. Shikari, Spark and Star Boy vs. Gates, Particon, Insect Queen and Dawnstar

Post 28. Live Wire and Ferro vs. Dyrk Magz and Mentalla

Post 29. The remaining Legionnaires converge at the cave. The new team manages to neutralize the remaining mind-controlled Legionnaires of the old team. The White Witch's spell of revelation causes the mysterious entity to reveal itself.

Post 30.. The White Witch learns that the entity is a composite of 108 evil spirits bound to the area. It has been manipulating the original team into staying so it could feed off their energies. The only way to stop it is to destroy the keystone binding it to the area. Karate Kid rushes into the cave before the spirit blocks its entrance. With guidance from Shikari, he navigates into the inner chamber and manages to destroy the keystone.

Post 31. Karate Kid is rescued by Shikari, Dreamer and Kinetix. Blizzard and Kinetix flirt. The White Witch traps the freed spirit and exorcises it. Shvaughn tells M'Onel not to feel bad about being controlled; M'On thanks her and reveals he always knew that she knew he was Valor. Saturn Girl uses her telepathy to update everyone. Kid Quantum II and Nightwind say that their next move is to return to the Retroboot Legion's universe, stop the invasion fleet, and learn what they can from it to plan their return assault to their home universe.

Post 32.

The Postboot Legionnaires return to the Retroboot Legion's universe. They (Apparition, Violet, Lume, Impulse) capture the lead ship of the invading army from the Postboot universe, including the Kwai Herros and other former Credo members Rayl, Nox, Brek, Ngangan and Kusp. Postboot Brainiac 5 also deactivate the drones, tanks and other machines of the invading army.

The Retroboot Timber Wolf reflects on how Gates fits in so well with his own Postboot team. Postboot Spider-Girl saves Retroboot Chemical Kid, who initially mistakes her for the villainous Retroboot Spider-Girl.

Post 33. Postboot Cosmic Boy and Magnetic Kid reconnect, with Cosmic Boy apologizing for his actions on the Eden reality. They discuss the differences between their universe and the Retroboot verse. Cosmic Boy tells Magnetic Kid that the death of the Retroboot Magnetic Kid should not be taken as an indication that Pol will die too.

Post 34. Postboot Invisible Kid sifts through the data they collected from the lead ship. He snaps at some other Legionnaires to get them to hurry up with their preparations to return home to their universe. Postboot Chameleon catches Invisible Kid looking at the statues of the deceased Retroboot Invisible Kid (Lyle) and Condo Arlik.

Spark records a news report from the Retroboot Trudi Trusoe, who remarks on the differences between the Postboot Legion and the Retroboot Legion.

Post 35. The Legionnaires wrap up their preparations and begin gathering for a briefing. Andromeda encourages XS to gather everyone so she won't feel so antsy.

The Legionnaires of both realities continue marveling at their differences - Reboot Mysa reveals she is Reboot Mordru's daughter; Reboot Live Wire and Spark share that their Mekt Ranzz is rehabilitating; the Retroboot Nightwind and Infectious Lass marvel at the success of their Reboot counterparts while Reboot Polar Boy is thrilled to find his counterpart was once Legion leader. Reboot Ferro encourages Reboot Mentalla that they will not meet the same fate as the deceased Retroboot counterparts. Reboot Kinetix, Violet and Star Boy share stories about Reboot Leviathan with Retroboot Colossal Boy, Chameleon Girl and Violet. Reboot Umbra and Insect Queen tell Retroboot Shadow Lass about Monstress. Reboot Saturn Girl tells Retroboot Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin about Reboot Element Lad. Retroboot Sensor Girl and Reboot Karate Kid discuss Retroboot Karate Kid. Reboot Sensor and Retroboot Sensor Girl marvel at the differences between their Orandos. The Wildfires, Shikari and Dawnstar talk about their differences. Night Girl and Thunder talk about their respective Captain Marvels. Particon, Gear, Dyrk Magz (all Reboot-only), Tyroc and Harmonia (both Retroboot-only) wonder if they have counterparts in the other universe. Reboot Apparition explains her half-Carggite heritage and how she found her third body and stopped Cub's rapid aging

**Major credits to Reboot, who let me use his story as canon!

Post 36. The Retroboot Phantom Girl offers her Legion's help in retaking the Reboot Legion World. The Reboot Legion politely declines, explaining their findings that they do not know how long the dimensional barriers between their worlds will remain weak.

Kid Quantum II also references some of the dangling plotlines left over from Legion Lost 2nd series, such as the Echo organization (which Chameleon Girl apparently spied for, and which may have more Legionnaires as moles), and Captain Adym (who worked for Echo). Glad we're leaving those plotlines behind!

Post 37. The enemy gases Condo Arlik into unconsciousness so he can begin studying him. He reiterates that his main goal is to study and catalogue the various races and species in the galaxy.

A still-depowered Dragonmage is revealed to be among the captives.

Post 38. The Legionnaires teleport into Winema Wazzo's offices. They share their plan, which is accepted by UP and AP commanders: The Legionnaires have discovered the locations of the equipment that are blanketing Legion World in an impenetrable field that prevents anyone from entering. It also scrambles telepathic and technological communications and prevents anyone from teleporting in. The Legion will split into five: three to tackle each of the force field generators; one to protect Earth; and one to retake Legion World. The enemy's fleet leaves Legion World and heads for Earth.

Post 39. Apparition, Ultra Boy and Timber Wolf bid a sleeping Cub (real name Byrin) hello, and goodbye.

Post 40. Invisible Kid convinces Kid Quantum II and Nightwind to let him join the team headed to Legion World. XS and Dreamer give input on the team assignments; XS explains that the visions left in her mind by the Time Trapper from way back have given her hints as to who should go where.

Post 41. Micro is punished for almost letting Ra's al Ghul escape. The villain has his telepaths transfer Ra's al Ghul's knowledge into his own mind, then destroys Ra's motor functions so he can study Ra's at leisure and without danger of him escaping. Charma, Brainstorm, Nara Minsork and two Gil'dans (one brain globe and one worm) are among the villain's army.

Post 42. On one of the enemy ships, Persuader begins to question the villain's plans. He discusses options with Mano and Tharok. The villains in the main villain's army are cowed by his immense power and resources. As their ship is attacked, Tharok suddenly realizes that they could only have been detected by similar ships - and the only other ships deployed by the villain were sent into the multiverse to find the Legionnaires. The Legionnaires must have returned! Before Tharok can warn Legion World, they are taken down by Andromeda and Thunder.

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Wouldn't you like to know?
And I'll be using this post to update on the locations of each Legionnaire, as I reveal them smile Things are going to start happening fast, folks!

Earth - Space

Kid Quantum II
Star Boy

Earth - Planetside

Brainiac 5
Cosmic Boy
Magnetic Kid
Ultra Boy

Dyrk Magz
Tenzil Kem

On the Bouncing Boy, in the Asteroid Field near Legion World


Chuck Taine

Asteroid 1: JM-L15

Karate Kid

Asteroid 2: RSTP-3680

Timber Wolf

Insect Queen

Asteroid 3: TMC-89



In a ship orbiting Legion World

Invisible Kid
Live Wire
Saturn Girl
White Witch

Shvaughn Erin

Post 43. Kid Quantum II, Andromeda, Star Boy and Thunder and the UP Fleet defend Earth from over two dozen enemy ships. The Legionnaires' effectiveness is hindered somewhat by their need to stay hidden, so they can maintain the element of surprise in their operations.

Post 44. The Earth contingent of Legionnaires works hard to build a machine. Brainiac 5 notes that Dyrk's ability to sense magnetic fields is getting stronger, but he cannot determine to what extent Dyrk will regain his Braalian abilities. Particon reveals to Spark that she has a thing for redheads.

Post 45. Shikari uses her pathfinding to lead three teams of Legionnaires to the three asteroids housing portions of the forcefield around Legion World. Triad relays her instructions to the away teams, while Chuck Taine pilots the Bouncing Boy to keep them hidden.

Post 46. Apparition, Karate Kid, Lume and Spider-Girl prepare to infiltrate their target. Caress and Stormfront are among the guards.

Post 47. Umbra uses her darkfield to hide herself, Timber Wolf and Insect Queen while they wait for Chameleon to infiltrate their target.

Post 48. Sensor uses her illusion powers to ensure that she, Gear, Ferro and Mentalla can reach their target undetected. Gear helps make sure the security systems don't detect them.

Post 49. The team assigned to liberate Legion World waits impatiently for the signal to attack. Live Wire and Saturn Girl reassure Nightwind that they will all support her. Invisible Kid enlists Impulse's help to catalogue lab equipment on Legion World so they try to understand what the enemy is doing to beings it studies.

Post 51. XS thinks about Dyrk Magz. She helps Wildfire check his equipment and comforts him; Wildfire needs to be careful as his energy is now finite.

Post 52. Microbe updates Gates on the medical missions they began for the UP. Kinetix suggests they focus on preparing for the upcoming battle. She flirts with Blizzard; Violet gives Blizzard tips on wooing Kinetix.

Post 53. Gear's team successfully takes control of their installation, all the while remaining hidden thanks to Sensor's illusions.

Gangster, Quicksand and Titanor are among the villains here.

Post 54. Spider-Girl leads Apparition and Lume into bypassing their installation's security systems. With help from a diversion by Karate Kid, they successfully allow Gear to take over their control center as well.

Caress, Stormfront, Twine and Holdur are among the villains guarding their asteroid.

Post 55. Chameleon also succeeds in allowing Gear access to his assigned installation. Gear turns off the shield surrounding Legion World. Chuck Taine reveals that the Bouncing Boy can bounce because of plastic fluid inside the hulls. Kid Quantum's team is still fighting in space, while Brainiac 5's team is still working on their machine.

Post 56. With the shield down, Nightwind's team enters Legion World.

Blizzard, Live Wire, M'Onel and Wildfire wait as backup and in case a distraction is needed.

Babbage, Microbe, Nightwind and Saturn Girl teleport into Chuck Taine and Gear's old workshop to take control of the Legion World vents and the Threshold. Nightwind and Microbe combine their powers to infect villains with the Naltorian Sleeping Sickness.

Gates, White Witch and XS secure the Threshold chamber with Babbage's guidance. XS runs off to rescue the non-powered hostages. The Empress, Emerald Eye and Ar'dn of Gil'd attack Gates and White Witch; Empress reveals they had anticipated the attack.

At the holding area of the hostages, XS manages to take out the guards but is subdued by Tangleweb, a Durlan and a man using Kid Quantum I's stasis belt.

Invisible Kid and Violet try to free the powered hostages. Lyle is distracted by an unconscious Condo Arlik. The villain enters carrying Kinetix and Impulse. As he is about to attack Lyle and Violet, M'Onel and Wildfire intercept him. He manages to stalemate the Legionnaires present and reveals himself to be a Monitor.

Post 57. Sensor's team is attacked as Titanor reveals he was never fooled by Sensor's illusions. After a fierce battle, Gear and Ferro overcome Gangster and Quicksand while Mentalla and Sensor take out Titanor. Gear has lost control of all three asteroid installations and contact with the other teams; he desperately tries to regain control.

Post 58. Umbra, Insect Queen, Timber Wolf and Chameleon just manage to beat Pollen, Ze Tongue and Lazon (first Postboot appearance). Umbra leads the team in a charge against their asteroid's installation.

Post 59. In space over Earth, Kid Quantum II begins to suspect that the Legionnaires have been exposed. Suddenly, she, Andromeda and Thunder are attacked by the Empress, the Emerald Eye and Validus. They go down. The Empress and Validus go and free Mano, Tharok and Persuader, telling them of the Monitor's instructions to stop the Legion team on Earth. Star Boy and a recovered Andromeda intercept them; Tharok orders the Empress to send him, Mano and Persuader to Earth while they stall the Legionnaires in space.

Post 60. On Legion World, Live Wire and Blizzard fight through several metapowered Credo members. They were separated from the much faster M'Onel and Wildfire. They beat their attackers, only to be blindsided by Density. Density's ability to transform into any substance allows her to capture Live Wire and stun Blizzard. Blizzard regains consciousness in time to evade capture; he tracks Nightwind's squad to their location. Together, Babbage, Blizzard, Microbe, Nightwind and Saturn Girl beat Brainstorm, Dune, Lantern and about three dozen armed lackeys. Babbage reveals that it was able to contact its brethren*. Nightwind notes that Invisible Kid's contingent is still stalling the Monitor. Nightwind leads her subteam to rescue Live Wire, Gates, XS and the White Witch.

Post 61. Tharok, Mano and Persuader attack the Earth-based team. Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5 and Magnetic Kid continue to work on the machine. Dyrk Magz and Tenzil Kem go to support them. Dreamer, Particon, Spark and Ultra Boy beat the three villains, only to be turned into stone by a newly-arrived Stheno. Dreamer manages to warn Brainiac 5 just before she is petrified.

Repulse leads the squad of villains that includes Stheno.

Post 62. Apparition, Karate Kid, Lume and Spider-Girl beat the villains in their way - Caress, Holdur, Klamorr, Stormfront, Twine, Violence Queen. Gear tells the other asteroid teams that he can't regain complete control of their systems, and instructs them to destroy the controls.

Post 63. Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy and Magnetic Kid defeat Abyss, Charma and Stheno from Repulse's squad. As they question Repulse, they are taken out by Arrow and Undertaker. Undertaker is from Sarccus (original character created by me, though Sarcuss is not my invention). Dyrk Magz and Tenzil Kem take out Undertaker and Arrow, but are blindsided by Repulse.

As Repulse prepares to destroy the machine they are building and kill his captives, Dyrk Magz suddenly regains his powers and stops him. Brainiac 5 theorizes that it was exposure to large amounts of magnetic energy that sped up Dyrk's recovery. As they repair and activate the machine, Brainiac 5 reveals that it is a modification of the machine that creates a polymer shield around the other Legion's Earth; the machine they are building will enable them to create a forcefield around Earth.

Post 64. On Legion World, Babbage, Blizzard, Microbe, Nightwind and Saturn Girl defeat the villains guarding the hostages not being studied by the Monitor. These villains are Ar'dn of Gil'd, Devil, High-Brow, Scavenger, Slopp. They also find an unconscious Gates, XS and White Witch in tubes similar to the prisoners in the lab, although these tubes aren't fully set up yet. Saturn Girl continues to try and locate Live Wire, while Babbage works on freeing the imprisoned Legionnaires. Blizzard, Microbe and Nightwind prepare to defend the hostages, who are in an opaque forcefield, from approaching villains.

Post 65. Kinetix, M'Onel, Violet and Wildfire continue to keep the Monitor off-balance. Violet helps Invisible Kid and Impulse understand the machines and tubes holding the captives in the lab. Together with Babbage, they determine that the fluid they are in acts as a sedative and helps maintain bodily functions; it will be safe to free any captives in fluid and without additional machinery. Babbage proceeds to free Gates, White Witch and XS. Violet shrinks down to explore the wires attached to the tubes so Lyle and Kent can understand the machines.

Shvaughn Erin considers her options while waiting in a ship orbiting Legion World. Her ship is boarded by Benn Pares, but she subdues him. Another ship warps outside hers, to her delight.

Post 66. Using teamwork, Andromeda, Kid Quantum II, Star Boy and Thunder defeat the Empress, Emerald Eye and Validus. They are met by Robotican emissary PMC-87 of the Diplomatic Corps, who brings the containment unit the Legion placed the Emerald Eye in previously, with additional enhancements. PMC-87 reveals that Babbage successfully contacted Robotica, and another Diplomatic Corps unit MLJ-85 has made contact with Shvaughn Erin. The Legionnaires also see that Brainiac 5's team has successfully booted the machine creating a transparent shield around Earth. Kid Quantum II calls Triad and checks on their team's progress disabling the shield around Legion World.

Post 67. Shikari and Triad defend the Bouncing Boy from Swool and Kuga, who boarded after someone rips a hole in the ship. They dump the villains through the airlock to avoid damaging the ship. Chuck Taine receives an ultimatum from Cherry Bomb and the Molecular Master; surrender or they will destroy the ship. Chuck decides to attack them head-on instead of surrendering the ship; he rams the ship into them just as Cherry Bomb blows up.

Post 68. Shikari and Triad defeat Swool and Kuga and try to stop Chuck Taine. Shikari reaches the Bouncing Boy just as Cherry Bomb explodes. Chuck succeeds in taking out Cherry Bomb and the Molecular Master, but the Bouncing Boy is heavily damaged and Chuck himself severely injured. He is coated in rubber fluid from the Bouncing Boy and the explosive alloy that Molecular Master transmuted. Shikari brings Chuck towards Legion World while Triad reluctantly stays behind to gather the other Legionnaires in the asteroid field.

Post 69. Gear confirms that he cannot regain control of the shield. Sensor's team destroys the controls in their installation.

Post 70. Babbage frees the hostages in the forcefield AND Gates, XS and the White Witch. Some of the hostages castigate the Legionnaires at first, but through teamwork, the Legionnaires are able to successfully hold off any attackers. Nightwind leads the small group in establishing a defense around the hostages while waiting for the other Legionnaires to bring reinforcements.

Named hostages include Marla Latham, reporters Keema Delf and Hannah Wells, and Science Police Officer Sybelle Deacon. Bronto and Nadir are among the attacking villains.

Post 71. Apparition's team destroys the controls in their installation as well. Apparition worries about Triad.

Post 72. Kinetix, M'Onel and Wildfire are beginning to tire from their unending fight with the Monitor.

Invisible Kid notes that the tubes with prisoners can be classified into two: those that have undergone some unknown scientific procedures, and those that have not. He decides to risk freeing those that have not undergone procedures as he believes they can understand the equipment. Silently, he is glad that he won't have to risk Condo Arlik's life yet. Impulse disagrees with Lyle, but is convinced after watching his teammates battle.

Gates, Babbage and White Witch teleport in to help. Babbage assists Invisible Kid and Impulse while White Witch helps battle the Monitor.

The hostages in the first set of tubes are freed. Gates takes those unable to battle, including Dragonwing, Retro and Splitter, to safety. Those able to battle, such as Atmos, Hotshot (Fire Lad), Lamprey, Rainbow (Rainbow Girl), Gravity and Vapor, help against the Monitor.

Despite their added power and numbers, the Monitor defeats them by letting loose a large surge of energy. He decides to prevent the Legionnaires from using the other hostages against him by killing them. Invisible Kid screams as the Monitor attempts to destroy Condo Arlik's tube.

Post 73. Chameleon and Insect Queen hold off attackers as Umbra and Timber Wolf head to the control room of their installation. Micro gives Timber Wolf seizures; Umbra beats him by playing on his insecurities. A recovered Timber Wolf destroys their installation's controls. The shield around Legion World vanishes.

Titania also makes her first Postboot appearance.

Post 74. Shvaughn Erin gives the word that the shield has disappeared. Kid Quantum II leads the assembled Legionnaires, UP forces, Khunds and Roboticans against the army occupying Legion World.

Post 75. Invisible Kid leaps in front of Condo's tube to protect him. Luckily, Impulse takes the blast instead of Invisible Kid, and Kinetix continues to shield Condo.

Babbage, Invisible Kid and Violet work on freeing the four remaining hostages: Condo, Dragonmage, Dirk Morgna and Amp (Amp Girl).

As Kinetix buckles under the strain of shielding everyone from the Monitor's attack, Wildfire decides to let his powers loose to the fullest to buy everyone time. He unleashes his full energy on the Monitor; as he presses the attack, his energy form dissipates completely. A furious Kinetix unleashes her full might on the Monitor; a freed and repowered Dragonmage and Dirk Morgna join her.

Telepathically informed by Nara Minsork about the invading allies led by the other Legionnaires, the Monitor decides to escape for now. He causes the ceiling to collapse; in the chaos, he escapes with an unconscious Kinetix.

Post 76. Condo Arlik Invisible Kid cradles a sleeping Condo Arlik. He alone of the hostages cannot wake up. The Uncanny Amazer Kal Bodo uses his powers of phrenology (understanding people's mental and intellectual functions by touching their heads) and psychometry ("see" a person's past using touch) to reveal that Condo's metagene was tampered with, granting him the power to control chemical reactions. The Monitor uploaded knowledge of chemistry into Condo's mind, but kept him sedated far more than other prisoners due to his relative inexperience in using his powers and their potentially dangerous nature.

Kal is able to determine the chemical formula used to sedate Condo, allowing Invisible Kid to concoct an antidote. As Condo wakes up, he and Lyle finally kiss again.

Shikari arrives with an unconscious Chuck Taine, interrupting Lyle and Condo. She becomes distraught upon seeing Wildfire's empty containment suit.

It is revealed that Amp (Girl) was also freed, but was too weak to join the battle.

**major credits to Harbinger for giving me the idea of combining phrenology and psychometry as Kal's powerset!

Credits also to Omni, whom I consulted when deciding whether to give Condo the chemical reaction powers.

Post 77. The Monitor arrives with Kinetix at one of his hidden chambers, where Density is waiting with Live Wire. Live Wire has been playing possum and takes out Density; but is defeated by the Monitor. The Monitor calls Daoyou, a Kwai, to take him to the remains of the Progenitor. He reveals his plan to gain the Monitor's powers. Daoyou guides the Monitor through a Threshold; after they pass, the Monitor has set the Threshold network to be disabled. A speeding blur follows them unnoticed.

Post 78. Kid Quantum II, in space, and Nightwind, on Legion World, coordinate their attacks. Kid Quantum II continues to lead the allied forces in attacking the Monitor's armies to get to Legion World, while Nightwind leads the allies defending the civilians on Legion World. Kid Quantum II gives Nightwind a pep talk. Andromeda scans Legion World with her vision powers but finds no trace of some missing Legionnnaires or the Monitor. With the Threshold network down, they are unable to trace him. Shikari returns to space to retrieve Gear, Brainiac 5 and Triad and bring them to Legion World. Gear will assist Babbage in repairing the Thresholds.

Post 79. Invisible Kid, Impulse and Dr. Gym'll devise a plan to save Chuck. Because they are unable to extract the alloy from his system, they will guide the White Witch and Condo Arlik in transferring the alloy from his other organs into his fat cells. Chuck's fat cells contain an enzyme that can neutralize the poisonous nature of the alloy. Triad makes the decision to go ahead with the plan. After they finish, Chuck wakes up to find he has gained the super power to inflate his body and bounce.

Post 80. Dirk Morgna Using Dirk Morgna's research and the technology provided by the Brainiac 5s of the Retroboot and Threeboot universes, Brainiac 5 and Dirk Morgna use a sample of Wildfire's anti-energy to draw his scattered atoms back together. They also modify his suit so now he can absorb almost any form of energy and convert it to his same form. Wildfire just needs to be careful to stay within the suit's capacity, and he will need to learn how to maintain his identity or else risk losing it if he expends too much energy. But this also means he won't run out of energy and die anytime soon.

Lori Morning is revealed to have been adopted by RJ Brande.

Post 81. Live Wire and Kinetix recover on the Rosette. They are bound, powerless, to a machine. The Monitor explains that this machine will regress them; Live Wire to his Element Lad form with transmutation abilities; Kinetix to her Terrorform form with Hypertaxis powers. The Monitor starts the process, causing them to change. Suddenly, XS, Saturn Girl, Violet and Dragonmage arrive and free them. XS convinces them not to destroy the machine, as the visions the Time Trapper implanted in her mind gave her foresight. This is the same reason she knew the Monitor would take them here. XS has Saturn Girl link their minds to the Monitors' to use his knowledge; she directs Live Wire and Kinetix to focus their powers on the largest crystal spire. The Monitor defeats the Legionnaires and attempts to kill XS. At the second, she is saved by a figure that emerges from the spire... A figure who says, ""Leave my friends alone, you nasty, nasty man!"

Post 82. Back on Legion World, Shvaughn Erin and MLJ-85 lead the Robotican contingent; they will enter Legion World soon. On Legion World, Gear, Babbage and Cadet Zaron Lux try to restore the Thresholds. Nightwind leads the Legionnaires and super-powered former captives in retaking Legion World; mentioned are Konk!, Flying Fox, Density (Jed Rikane), Gravity, Chlorophyll Kid, Night Girl and Yera.

**credits to Reboot for the code name Flying Fox, which he used in 21st Century Legion.

Post 83. Cosmic Boy, Particon and Insect Queen disable a ship commanded by Emerita and Razorsoul. Emerita is convinced to stand down by Cosmic Boy, who cites the overwhelming forces on the Legion's side and the Monitor's abandonment of the villain's side, leading to a command vacuum.

Post 84.A returned Monstress explains that the Progenitor somehow transmuted her into an altered state of consciousness; her teammates' efforts allowed her to take on a physical body with transmutation powers. She, Live Wire (with transmutation powers), Kinetix (as a terrorform), Dragonmage, XS, Violet and Saturn Girl pile on the Monitor. The Monitor reverses the regressions of Live Wire and Kinetix, restoring them to how they were before being kidnapped. The Monitor defeats everyone except Monstress; she destroys the Monitor's machine. An enraged Monitor attacks Monstress; at the last minute, a Threshold appears and every other Legionnaire, Cadet and super-powered ally on Legion World charges through. They all combine their powers to attack the Monitor, with Amp (formerly Amp Girl) displaying the new ability to amplify everyone's powers. The Monitor decides he can't win and jumps into the Threshold, promising to come back and vowing revenge. Shikari is unable to trace him.

The assembled Legionnaires return home.

Post 85. Brainiac 5 explains that Shikari likely could not follow The Monitor because of his advanced technology.

Condo Arlik and Invisible Kid visit the other universe's Legion to invite update them. Brainiac 5 explained that the barrier between their universes would remain thin for another month, and that it would weaken irregularly, allowing for inter-reality travel. Lyle tours Condo around the other team's headquarters and shows Condo the other-reality Lyle Norg's and Condo Arlik's memorials. Condo expresses his love for Lyle and reminds him that the realities are different.

Particon and Insect Queen are revealed to be a couple. Live Wire and Saturn Girl tell Spark and Chameleon that they are finally getting married.

White Witch offers to nominate Dragonmage for Legion membership. Still feeling guilt over his freeing of the Elementals, and the subsequent consequences (including the destruction of Dryad and the desertification of Gil'd), Dragonmage declines.

Monstress reflects on her medical exam results. She now inhabits a crystalline version of her Monstress form and has Element Lad's full transmutation abilities and potential, but lacks his experience as the Progenitor. Umbra visits and apologizes for insulting her while she was alive; the two make amends. Kid Quantum II, Star Boy and Insect Queen arrive, bringing Monstress' absentee father; the two reconcile.

Post 86. Nightwind offers to step down as Legion leader, but Kid Quantum II insists they remain as co-leaders. They debrief everyone (Legionnaires, Cadets, Staff); the villain army has been caught, with only a few escapees; former hostages have all been debriefed and examined with no major injuries; and there have been no lasting negative psychological or physical effects of their imprisonment.

They announce the results of votes taken by the Active membership. Several Cadets and allies have been granted Reserve status; a tryout will be held in one month for potential new Active members, as well. Dragonmage is one of those who earned Reserve status.

Impulse, Magnetic Kid and Thunder have opted for reserve status. Impulse will concentrate on being lead doctor for Legion World. Magnetic Kid has decided to pursue his magnoball career. Thunder will return home to the 90th century but promises to visit often.

Tenzil declined the offer of Active membership, but opted for Reserve status. He takes the code name Matter-Eater Lad.

Condo Arlik (Chemical Kid) and Dirk Morgna (Inferno) were voted into, and accepted, probationary Active status. They will be promoted to full Active status upon passing Legion basic training.

The following were voted into, and accepted, full Active status: Mentalla, Insect Queen, Chuck Taine (code name Rebound). Magno and Monstress (new code name Element Lass) also return to Active status.

The Legionnaires have a roll call.

**Originally I had decided on Dirk Morgna taking reserve status. But major credits to Harbinger, whose comment on Dirk's Reserve status being a shame made me rethink my decision. After researching his past appearances, I decided that his taking Active status was in-character.

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Post 87. Legion Roll Call. Also reposting here:

Active Legionnaires

Kid Quantum II, Jazmin Cullen of Xanthu; time manipulation. Current Legion co-leader.
Nightwind, Berta Skye Harris of Earth (Iceland) and Enwa; wind and air manipulation. Current Legion co-leader.

Andromeda, Laurel Gand of Daxam; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers
Apparition, Tinya Wazzo of Bgztl; intangibility
Babbage, I-45ENG/Nth Series of Robotica; combat mechanoid
Blizzard, Brek Bannin of Tharr; cold projection
Brainiac 5, Querl Dox of Colu; 12th level intelligence and force field powers
Chameleon, Reep Daggle of Durla; shapeshifting
Chemical Kid, Condo Arlik of Phlon; controls chemical reactions (probationary pending completion of Legion basic training)
Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn of Braal; magnetokinesis
Dreamer, Nura Nal of Naltor; precognition
Element Lass, Candi "Princess" Pyponte-LeParc III; transmutation
Ferro, Andrew Nolan of 20th century Earth (USA); previously could turn his body into durable iron, but now stuck in his iron form
Gates, Ti'julk Mr'asz of Vyrga; opens teleportation disks
Gear, I.Z.O.R. of Linsnar; bio-mechanical techno-morphing
Inferno, Dirk Morgna of Earth (USA and Russia); pyrokinesis (probationary pending completion of Legion basic training)
Insect Queen, Lonna Leing of Xanthu; morphs into various insect forms, gaining the powers of the forms she takes
Invisible Kid, Lyle Norg of Earth (Australia and Israel); invisibility
Karate Kid, Val Armorr of Omega Colony (Earth colony: Japan); skilled martial artist
Kinetix, Zoe Saugin of Aleph; advanced telekinesis and animation of objects
Live Wire, Garth Ranzz of Winath; electricity generation and manipulation.
Lume, of Silvan; energy being made of light
Magno, Dyrk Magz of Braal; magnetokinesis
Mentalla, Delya Castil of Titan; telepathic control of others' physical functions.
Microbe, Drura Sehpt of Somahtur; generate and control harmful and beneficial microorganisms
M'Onel, Lar Gand of Daxam; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers
Particon, Jennifer Sanchez of Earth (India and Philippines); "hard light" energy casting and manipulation, disruption of energy flow
Rebound, Chuck Taine of Earth (Canada); inflates into a durable bouncing form
Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen of Titan; telepathy
Sensor, Jeka Wynzorr of Orando; sensory manipulation
Shikari Lonestar of the Kwai; pathfinding, armored skin and claws allowing for flight and survival in space
Spark, Ayla Ranzz of Winath; electricity generation and manipulation
Spider-Girl, Sussa Paka of Luna; prehensile hair
Star Boy, Thom Kallor of Xanthu; gravity manipulation
Timber Wolf, Brin Londo of Zuun; enhanced speed, strength, durability, senses and regenerative powers
Triad, Luornu Durgo of Cargg; triplication
Ultra Boy, Jo Nah of Rimbor; enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability, vision powers and flight, but can only use one power at a time
Umbra, Tasmia Mallor of Talok VIII; shadow casting
Violet, Salu Digby of Imsk; shrinks and grows own body
White Witch, Mysa of Zarrox; sorcery
Wildfire, Drake Burroughs (energy gestalt of two beings). Anti-energy being.
XS, Jenni Ognats of Aarok; super-speed

Reserve Legionnaires (Not Legion Cadets)

Dragonmage, Xao Jin of New Shanghai (Earth colony); sorcery
Impulse, Kent Shakespeare of Earth (United Kingdom: England); enhanced speed, strength, durability and recuperative abilities; medical doctor and Legion support staff member
Magnetic Kid, Pol Krinn of Braal; magnetokinesis
Matter-Eater Lad, Tenzil Kem of Bismoll; consume and digest all forms of matter. Skilled chef and Legion support staff member.
Thunder, Cece Beck of 90th century Binderaan; SHAZAM-empowered human with enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, wisdom and flight powers

Uncanny Amazers

Atmos, Marak Russen of Xanthu; nuclear energy blasts, flight, enhanced strength and durability
Kal Bodo of Xanthu; phrenology and psychometry activated upon touching another's head
Konk!, of Xanthu; detachable floating head, if she fails to reattach her head to her body, a new one with a different personality grows
Radion, Roy Travich of Earth (Italy and Madagascar); flight and emission of radiation

Reserve Legionnaires (Concurrent Legion Cadets) - Partial List

Amp, Ming Sul of Earth (Korea); amplifies the natural abilities of self and others
Arachno of Arachnidia; enhanced abilities of spiders
Beastmaster, Ilshu Nor of Lallor (Hero of Lallor seconded for training); transform into any animal
Brawler of Moxie; super-strength and durability, can mind-mesh with machinery to control it
Calorie Queen, Taryn Loy of Bismoll; consume and digest all forms of matter, conversion of digested matter into super-strength
Cannus of Anthropologia; skilled tracker, canine senses and abilities
Catspaw, April Dumaka of Earth (Tanzania); enhanced agility, speed and claws
Chlorophyll Kid, Ral Benem of Mardru; plant manipulation
Comet Queen, Grava of Quaal III; super-speed flight and emission of comet-like gases
Crystal Kid, Bobb Kohan of Earth (Brazil and Peru); crystal generation and manipulation
Density, Jed Rikane of Earth (Mongolia and Nepal); controls his body's density; increasing his density grants a degree of strength and durability
Dragonwing, Marya Pai of Earth (Singapore and Tibet); breathes fire and secretes acid venom
Echo, Troy Stewart of Earth (South Africa); sound manipulation
Flying Fox of H'lven; levitation and other abilities
Gravity, Tel Vole of Earth (Cambodia and Thailand); gravity manipulation
Hotshot, Staq Mavlen of Shwar; breathes fire
Lamprey, Tayla Skott of Earth (Maldives and Palau); underwater survival; hydrokinesis
Mandalla, Tari Wahlmunn of Takron-Galtos; projects a thought-sphere that affects the target's mental and physical functions
Night Girl, Lydda Jath of Kathoon; super-strength in darkness
Porcupine Pete, Peter Dursin of Earth (Jamaica); ejects quills from his body
Rainbow, Dori Aandraison of Xolnar; rainbow-based light powers
Retro, Deen Toro of Retcon; touch-triggered ability to rewind time, but leaving those affected with a memory of "future" events
Sizzle, Teela Spuunvll of Abaddonus; absorbs and redirects energy
Spectrum, Ulu Vakk of Lupra; changes the color of people and objects
Splitter, Floyd Belkin of Lallor; ability to detach his limbs from his torso
Stone Boy, Dag Wentim of Zwen; turns self into stone
Tellus, Ganglios of Hykraius; telepathy and telekinesis
Theena of unknown; attached to a symbiotic alien able to open "viewscreens" allowing communication across distances
Tomb, unpronounceable of Sarccus; controls others' bodily functions
Vapor, Tal Nahii of Lallor (Hero of Lallor seconded for training); transforms her body into gases
Veilmist of Khundia; teleportation
Vision, Rhent Ustin of Earth (Egypt); microscopic, telescopic, heat, freeze, and hypnotic vision
Yera Liggle of Durla; shapeshifting
Zarox Lux of Colu; 10th level intelligence

Honorary Legionnaires and Legion Support Staff

Cub Wazzo-Nah of Bgztl and Rimbor; son of Apparition and Ultra Boy, confirmed phasing abilities
Devlin O'Ryan of Xanthu; report and Legion deputy media liaison
Dr. Gym'll of Jaquaa; Legion physician
Dr. Ryk'rr of Jaquaa; Legion psychiatrist
Dr. Mollie Dennum of Hephaestus; materials scientist
Gigi Cusimano of Mars; Science police lieutenant and commander of the Science Police contingent on Legion World
Hannah Wells of Earth (France and Mali); reporter and Legion media liaison
Lori Morning of 20th century Earth (USA); RJ Brande's adopted daughter
Marla Latham of Earth (Germany and Sweden); Legion adult advisor
Proty of Vyrga; shapeshifting and limited telepathy
Rene Jacques Brande of unknown; Legion Founder/Financier and United Planets Ambassador to the Second Galaxy
Rond Vidar of Earth (Iran); skilled scientist specializing in time studies
Shvaughn Erin of Earth (Ireland); Science police captain and Legion Liaison Officer
Winema Wazzo of Bgztl; United Planets President

Andromeda Apparition Babbage PolarBoy Brainiac51 Chameleon ChemicalKing CosmicBoy1 Dreamer Monstress Ferro Gates Gear SunBoy InsectQueen InvisibleKid1 KarateKid1 KidQuantumII Kinetix LiveWire Lume Magno Mentalla InfectiousLass1 MOnel1 Nightwind1 Particon ChuckTaine SaturnGirl1 Sensor Shikari Spark SpiderGirl StarBoy1 TimberWolf1 Triad UltraBoy1 Umbra Violet WhiteWitch Wildfire1 XS

Dragonmage Impulse MagneticKidII MatterEaterLad Thunder Atmos Radion (Kal Bodo) (Konk!)

AmpGirl BeastBoy Brawler CalorieQueen Cannus Catspaw ChlorophyllKid CometQueen CrystalKid PowerBoy (Dragonwing) Tyroc (Flying Fox) (Gravity) FireLad Lamprey Mandalla NightGirl PorcupinePete RainbowGirl Retro Sizzle ColorKid ArmFallOffBoy StoneBoy Tellus Tomb GasGirl Veilmist Theena VisiLad (Yera) (Zaron Lux) Proty

Post 88. and Notes on Legion membership. Also reposting here:

And here we go, ladies and gents. Thanks for reading along until this point. It's been quite a ride; four years and two days from the first post to this point, to be exact! I'll be taking a bit of a break after this, but I'll be back to writing early next year.

This roll call is pretty voluminous, and I'm still toying with some membership shakeups. But for now, the Active membership will stand pat at 42 Legionnaires. We have 21 girls, 19 guys, and two gender-neutral (Babbage and Lume). Non-humanoid Legionnaires are Gates, Sensor, Lume, Babbage; I might need to add more later on, but I think I'll need to drop some. This Volume was pretty difficult to write because of the large cast, and I don't think I can handle a large ongoing with 41+ Active Legionnaires and so many reservists and support staff!

Some notes on my choices:

Magno and Chuck as Rebound were sure bets from the start. I love both their personalities, and Chuck is a top fave.

After consulting with Omni to test my idea, so was Condo as Chemical Kid. His relationship with Lyle gives me a gay male couple on the team. Like with Mysa, I think I may have some initial difficulty getting a handle on Condo's powers though.

After I decided to give Condo the Chemical King powers, instead of Element Lad's transmutation, I hit on the idea of a returned Monstress as Element Lass. Sweet, sweet Candi is another favorite of mine, and her return allows me to up the Legion's power quotient as well.

I decided on Mentalla on a whim; I found that I had fun writing her, so she got called up to Active status. Her story in the Levitz era has always stuck with me and I see a lot of myself in her.

Finally, I hadn't originally planned on Insect Queen, but Mystery Lad posited a while back that she would join. And after rereading some of the scenes I used with her (the Monstress and Star Boy tributes), she seemed like a natural fit. Her relationship with Particon was a stroke of inspiration at the start of Volumne 3.

As noted above, I at first had Dirk Morgna remain a reservist because he used to express fear at losing control, and even with them I thought he would find it hard to disentangle himself from his responsibilities at Morgna Industries for the time being. But thanks to Harbi, I took a second look and saw some scenes (Legionnaires 43, 71) where he expressed enjoyment at the thrill of accompanying the Legionnaires on missions. Now that his powers are much more controlled, I decided he would be the type to take on the challenge of joining the Legion. So join he does smile

As for the new Legionnaires at the start of Volume 1, or the interim team, they were: Nightwind, Microbe (Infectious Lass), Blizzard (Polar Boy), Particon, White Witch, Lume, Spider-Girl, Babbage, Impulse, Magnetic Kid.

Nightwind, Microbe (Infectious Lass), Blizzard (Polar Boy), Particon and White Witch were all established Postboot characters. I always felt all of them deserved to be Legionnaires long ago, so all got flight rings.

Spider-Girl was also an established Postboot character, and I was inspired to add her based on her TMK/5YL usage. Lume as well, and I always liked light-energy based characters (Kimiyo Hoshi is a fave of mine and my own LMB character Invisible Brainiac has light powers), so Lume got added in.

Babbage was never really a favorite, but I decided I needed a brawler/physical attacker/short-range fighter type for this interim Legion.

Now on to the cuts:

I originally added Kent Shakespeare beside, like Blizzard, he made a cameo as a Legion Cadet; and like Babbage, I wanted another physical/short-range attacker for the interim team. But now with the Legion reunited, I decided to drop Kent first but keep him as a reservist and Legion doctor. Sadly, as I went through Volume 3 I decided I needed a better handle on the character. And I made sure to note that if he were to choose between being a doctor and a Legionnaire, he'd pick the former.

Finally, I had a lot of fun writing Pol, but with Cosmic Boy and Magno both back I wanted to increase my power diversity. I think my references to his doubts early on paved the way for his exit; and also, Pol only joined the Legion in the first place as a way to honor Cos. His heart was never really truly in being a superhero (at least, he doesn't think so as of now!) This isn't the last we'll see of him, though.

Of the other reservists, Tenzil and Dragonmage were both strong candidates. But as I was writing, I decided it wouldn't be that "organic" to have them suddenly become active members. Tenzil has always been content to be a support staffer (unlike Chuck, who played a fairly big role during Legion Worlds as a field agent under the Legion Subterfuge Team).

Dragonmage was a very strong contender for Active status, but I decided against it because of the heavy consequences of his actions in releasing the Elementals. Dryad blew up and Gil'd was desertified, leaving pretty much the entire Gil'dan population on-planet dead. That's not the kind of thing you can sweep under a rug, and if I were a voting Legionnaire it would be enough to make me vote No.

Finally, Thunder has a life of her own in the 90th century, and nothing is keeping her from going back to the future. But she can and will pop in from time to time, as will all the others mentioned above.

On the other Reservists, some of those I'm considering for future active membership are Amp (Girl) and... well, just here, really. I think the six I listed above (Pol, Kent, Dirk, Dragonmage, Tenzil, Thunder) plus Amp are more than enough candidates for now. I already have 41 Active members to juggle smile Though some might need to take a leave of absence...

Finally, let's tackle the "original" Legionnaires who appeared in Legion of 3 Worlds. I'm thinking of having a few leave the team for a bit - maybe Ferro, who still hasn't fully dealt with his inability to turn back to flesh; and Sensor, who still hasn't fully dealt with her mutation. But besides that, I don't see any reason for them to leave the team.

Same for everyone else, really, including the returned Andromeda who has given up her cloistered ways - I don't see any reasons for any of them to leave the team at the moment, except maybe to take a break.

The resurrected Kinetix was a lock for me as well - she is still my #1 fave - and bringing her back allowed me to restore the Postboot Legion's reality smile And there was no way I was going to leave XS and Gates in comic book limbo!

And that's that. I'll still think on my membership choices over the Christmas holidays, but I don't foresee myself changing my mind on a whim. Story-wise though, I already have a plan for getting at least one of my Reservists upgraded to Active status... wink

Thanks again y'all for reading along. Comments, suggestions and questions welcome! I'd love to hear thoughts on the lineup too smile

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Note: Retcons made -

1) Dirk Morgna accepted Active status; originally I had him as a Reservist.

2) Lamprey now has water manipulation powers, NOT bioelectric blasts.

3) Because Amp (Girl) also had her powers expanded, I placed her in the same group of hostages as Chemical Kid (Condo Arlik), Inferno (Dirk Morgna) and Dragonmage during the liberation of Legion World.

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Volume 4: Moving On

What's next for our Legionnaires?

Post 1. The Legion Day celebrations resume. Devlin O'Ryan (first Postboot appearance) and Hannah Wells report. Lizu is their cameraman. Hannah advises Devlin to provide a balanced report despite their pro-Legion leanings. The Legionnaires (Active, Reservist and Honorary) and Support Staff prepare for a fly-by parade. First appearance of Lenzslo Philish, lead Athramite; the Athramites, Kinetix, Element Lass and Kinetix's friend Mabuhay help design costumes for all new Active and Reserve Legionnaires. Cadets promoted to Reserve status earn flight rings and individual costumes. Honorary Legionnaires also earn flight rings.

Babbage approaches a somber Amp, who confides that she feels inadequate for being virtually the only being, among those whose powers were tampered with by the Monitor, not to be invited to Active status. Babbage notes to itself that she did play a small but key role in the final battle, but that her performance did not stand out enough to win a majority vote. It encourages her to wait for the tryouts in one month as it will give her a chance to show what she can do.

Post 2. The fly-by begins. The Legionnaires use their powers to wow the crowd. Kid Quantum II notes that species and races from all over the UP are attending, even some who may have reason to dislike the Legion (i.e. Colu, at odds with the Legion and UP over the recognition of Roboticans as sentient; Sklar, whose planet was destroyed by Mordru; Gil'd, whose planet's water was removed entirely by the water elemental; Cargg, whose government tries to suppress Carggites with differences among their bodies, such as Triad; Daxam, whose citizens are typically xenophobic). Phlon sent a large contingent to celebrate their first Legionnaire, Chemical Kid. Nightwind is revealed to be half-Enwan and half-Earthling.

On Colu, head of government Orin Fex thinks about how to discredit the Legion following the Monitor's invasion.

Ferro develops a crush on Mentalla.

Luonel Burdo, Apparition's Carggite father, is on the run from the Luck Lords in Rimbor. He reveals that Apparition and the Legion brought down the mining company that bought Apparition's third body and other Bgztlians, and that the Legion is on the trail of the slavers who sold them the Bgztlians.

Recap of Tinya's dads' history: Luonel Burdo is Apparition's dad. He was the Wazzo family groundskeeper, a rough type whom Winema fell in love with at first sight. Ironic isn't it? Maybe that's one reason why she hated Ultra Boy so much at first. Anyway, Burdo was a pathological gambler, and secretly a Carggite. He gambled away his money at the Luck Lords' casinos, and to escape his debt he gave up two of Tinya's bodies. Winema and Tinya never found out until Tinya, whose body died in the White Triangle War (Legionnaires Annual 2) but whose spirit survived in Ultra Boy's body (LSH 82), merged with Phase of 20th century LEGION (LSH 100). Turned out that Phase was one of her other bodies (LSH 102). Her third body was never found... but Reboot's excellent story revealed that this third body had been sold to a slave trader, who in turn sold her to a mining company, and the third self had died in those very mines.

Lume is surprised to see some of its people in attendance. They reveal that they can travel through space without fear of the dark because of the Thresholds.

Post 3. Saturn Girl basks in her love for Live Wire, and the blossoming romances among other Legionnaires. The listed romances are Apparition and Ultra Boy; Star Boy and Dreamer; Spark and Chameleon; XS and Magno; Wildfire and Shikari; Triad and Rebound; M'Onel and Shvaughn Erin; Particon and Insect Queen; Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum II; Invisible Kid and Chemical Kid; Density and Gravity; and Kinetix and Blizzard. (IB's note: Not listed are Ferro's crush on Mentalla, and the burgeoning attraction between Violet and Matter-Eater Lad which I will introduce in a succeeding post).

Saturn Girl is surprised to see her sister Jancel in attendance. Jancel will receive a medal for her role in warning Legion World of the Monitor's attack. Jancel shows positive signs of responding to Saturn Girl's attempts at improving their relationship.

RJ Brande sits with various Honorary Legionnaires and Support Staff in a small flier that is part of the parade. With him are Marla Latham, Rond Vidar, Dr. Gym'll, Dr. Ryk'rr, and Dr. Mollie Dennum, a materials scientist who helped the Legion before and was offered a spot on the staff. Shvaughn Erin, Gigi Cusimano and Lori Morning all have Honorary status as well and are joining the parade via flight ring.

On Pon, a Xanthian moon, a mysterious group meets, their identities hidden. The group's leader provides instructions to each group member individually. He cryptically mentions that they have found the last one, and asks a group member called the Rat to find "him". The Rat is revealed to be Kono, whose motive is revenge on the Legion for Sklar's desctruction, and a chance to restore Sklar.

Post 4. Matter-Eater Lad enjoys the adulation he receives as a Reservist. He flirts with Violet, who asks why he did not accept Active status. Tenzil notes that he is fulfilled in his role as Legion chef; as a Reservist, he avoids danger but can be called upon as needed. Violet reveals that her parents were killed in an accident when she was a baby (IB's note: this was never revealed Postboot, but her parents never appeared so I decided to make her an orphan). Violet responds to Tenzil's flirting, and Kinetix gives Tenzil a wink of approval.

Post 5. Amp and Lamprey strike up a friendship as Amp helps Lamprey with her flying skills. Lamprey invites Amp to join her in attending additional training sessions. Both hope to prepare as much as they can for the upcoming Legion tryouts.

Post 6. Nightwind greets her mother and her family from Enwa. She reflects on the Enwan diaspora, where thousands have migrated to other worlds in hopes of better economic prospects. She reveals that she will visit soon, on official Legion business.

Post 7. The fly-by ends. Nightwind addresses the crowd, acknowledging the Legion support staff. She explains that the Legion is involved in many programs where the non-powered, or those with no inclination to become super-heroes, can participate. She gives instructions on volunteer sign-up.

Rebound talks about the upcoming Legion tryouts, and the Legion's plans to visit different worlds to encourage sentients to apply for either the Legion or the Legion Cadet program.

Kid Quantum II notes that there are four absent Legionnaires the team wants to remember. Sensor conjures images, one by one, of Superboy, Kid Quantum I, Leviathan and Element Lad. In turn, Triad, Kid Quantum II, Star Boy and Element Lass speak briefly about them. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, Admiral, Mrs. and Drianna Allon join the Legion on stage.

Cosmic Boy closes and officially launches the Legion Day celebrations.

Post 8.Rond Vidar tries to get Thunder to reveal knowledge of future developments on time travel. M'Onel and Shvaughn Erin help convince Rond to back off. Thunder invites M'Onel and Shvaughn to meet her parents from the 90th century; they are watching the Legion Day celebrations in the Legion meeting room.

Interlude. I think up of "_____" Legion nicknames for Shikari to call all the Legionnaires, and then some.

Post 9. Gates and Brainiac
5 catch up, and tease each other about having mellowed down and become more emotionally open. Brainiac 5 goes to meet with a group of Coluan students who want to discuss how to cooperate with Robotica without compromising Coluan planetary security. Gates is approached by Shikari leading a group of Vyrgans and Kwai; they treat him as a hero for his powers. Gates berates them and explains that his independent thinking, which is a rarity among Vyrgans, is not related to his powers - he cites another independent Vyrgan thinker called Mantis Morlo. Gates tells the Vyrgans to expose themselves to outside ideas. He also cites the changes happening in Kwai society, to which Shikari agrees. Gates and Shikari take the group to the library to share more about the UP.

Post 10. Spark introduces Chameleon to her childhood friends Hegga and Megga, Garla and Lando. Chameleon excuses himself to check on Sensor, who is hiding from her family. Her father King Charlz and her brother Prince Willum arrive, and affirm their acceptance of her despite her physical transformation.

**Credits to Omni. After consulting with him, I decided not to reverse Sensor's transformation.

Post 11. Element Lass, Blizzard and Kinetix are among the Legionnaires entertaining youngsters using their powers. A young boy insults Blizzard and Kinetix; though Blizzard is annoyed, Kinetix responds kindly by changing the boy's shirt. Blizzard makes a sno-cone for the boy, who happily thanks them and says they're "the coolest". XS and Magno use their powers to wow the crowd.

Post 12. Microbe reflects on how, although some sentients still fear her powers, the crowds are more welcoming than they used to be. She runs into Magnetic Kid, who is flustered after being harassed by fans, reporters and advertisers. She recommends asking Chemical Kid to help get him some exclusive interviews to clarify his reasons for stepping down from Active status.
Chemical Kid gets Magnetic Kid some interview slots. Invisible Kid reveals that he is looking for clues on the whereabouts of his old friend Jacques Foccart; as revealed in Legionnaires 66, Jacques ingested Lyle's invisibility serum while controlled by Charma and was thought dead. Unknown to Lyle, Jacques is know a deep-cover UP operative, and using his invisibility has the potential to kill him.

Post 13. Inferno's father Derek Morgna nags him about joining the Legion. Though Inferno concedes to himself there is some danger, he firmly tells his father he won't change his mind. Apparition invites Inferno to talk about their respective overprotective parents.

Post 14. Mentalla and Rebound lead a tour group into the VR room. Amp and Lamprey demonstrate the VR capabilities while getting some extra training.

Triad walks some interested applicants through the Legion Cadet application process; she meets a Carggite whose three selves all have differences too. He tells Triad she has been an inspiration.

Wildfire catches Ferro's crush on Mentalla; the two bond over their respective changes. Ferro can't turn into flesh again, or he will die; his body was severely injured in Legion Worlds 5.

**Credits to Omni. After consulting with him, I decided not to "fix" Ferro and allow him to turn into flesh again.

Post 15. A Xanthusian man bumps into Insect Queen; he insults her. Atmos explains that some Xanthusians are fearful because of the recent Robotican invasion, and they resent the former Uncanny Amazers who joined the Legion. Star Boy suggests that they put their heads together to show Xanthu how important it still is to them.

Post 16. Gear and Theena are on Monitor Board duty. Gear tells Theena to go and enjoy herself during Legion Day; he can handle things. He watches some Legionnaires and Cadets training despite the festivities. Brawler gets frustrated sparring with Umbra, and accidentally injures Karate Kid and Catspaw. Gear notifies Impulse, who insisted on clinic duty despite Legion Day. The two trade quips as Impulse races to treat the injured. Calorie Queen, Tellus and Echo help Umbra keep Catspaw and Brawler from fighting more.

I placed limits on Theena's symbiote - 1 kilometer radius, though hooking her up to the Monitor Board allows her to expand her range.

Post 17. Ultra Boy, Timber Wolf and Spider-Girl confirm that Luonel Burdo, Apparition's father, is on Rimbor. Ultra Boy decides to tell Apparition. Spider-Girl flirts with Timber Wolf, and calls out Ultra Boy on how he dumped her for Apparition way, way back during their Workforce days.

Post 18. Andromeda shares a meal with Daxamite Ambassador Obin Der, and Teena Dav, a Daxamite who left the planet to travel the galaxy. Andromeda reflects on how she has not spoken to her White Triangle family since the White Triangle attack on Earth.

Post 19. White Witch says goodbye to Dragonmage, who is unsure what to do with his life now. He still feels unworthy of being a Legionnaire.

A hidden figure watches, unseen, as Dragonmage departs for New Shanghai.

Post 20. Kid Quantum II and Cosmic Boy invite White Witch to join them on a quick visit to the Hall of Justice; they need a break after a busy day entertaining guests. White Witch declines politely as she is due at the VR Room.

Kid Quantum II and Cosmic Boy encounter Gigi Cusimano, and are told that a pyrokinetic is causing havoc at the Hall. The man recognizes Cosmic Boy and violently attacks him, asking him where Inferno (Sandy Anderson) is. A guilt-stricken Cosmic Boy shows him the recording of the call where Inferno decides to stay in the 20th century (though the call does not reveal they are lost in time), and promises the man that they will try to reach Inferno. As the man surrenders, Cosmic Boy vows to fulfill his promise.

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Originally Posted by Fat Cramer

I'm so glad to see other parts of the Earth (New Seoul) than the original U.S.A. represented.

FC's comment has inspired me to firmly established where in Earth my Earthling Legionnaires are from.

I see these countries existing as distinct regions on a united Earth; there is a centralized Earthgov, but these regions have some autonomy in internal affairs. More importantly, they are proud of their rich, long histories and distinct cultures.

Here they are:

Active Legionnaires

Nightwind, Berta Skye Harris of Earth (Iceland) and Enwa; wind and air manipulation. Current Legion co-leader.

Ferro, Andrew Nolan of 20th century Earth (USA); previously could turn his body into durable iron, but now stuck in his iron form
Inferno, Dirk Morgna of Earth (USA and Russia); pyrokinesis (probationary pending completion of Legion basic training)
Invisible Kid, Lyle Norg of Earth (Australia and Israel); invisibility
Particon, Jennifer Sanchez of Earth (India and Philippines); "hard light" energy casting and manipulation, disruption of energy flow
Rebound, Chuck Taine of Earth (Canada); inflates into a durable bouncing form

Reserve Legionnaires (Not Legion Cadets)

Dragonmage, Xao Jin of New Shanghai (Earth colony); sorcery
Impulse, Kent Shakespeare of Earth (United Kingdom: England); enhanced speed, strength, durability and recuperative abilities; medical doctor and Legion support staff member

Uncanny Amazers

Radion, Roy Travich of Earth (Italy and Madagascar); flight and emission of radiation

Reserve Legionnaires (Concurrent Legion Cadets) - Partial List

Amp, Ming Sul of Earth (Korea); amplifies the natural abilities of self and others
Catspaw, April Dumaka of Earth (Tanzania); enhanced agility, speed and claws
Crystal Kid, Bobb Kohan of Earth (Brazil and Peru); crystal generation and manipulation
Density, Jed Rikane of Earth (Mongolia and Nepal); controls his body's density; increasing his density grants a degree of strength and durability
Dragonwing, Marya Pai of Earth (Singapore and Tibet); breathes fire and secretes acid venom
Echo, Troy Stewart of Earth (South Africa); sound manipulation
Gravity, Tel Vole of Earth (Cambodia and Thailand); gravity manipulation
Lamprey, Tayla Skott of Earth (Maldives and Palau); underwater survival; hydrokinesis
Porcupine Pete, Peter Dursin of Earth (Jamaica); ejects quills from his body
Vision, Rhent Ustin of Earth (Egypt); microscopic, telescopic, heat, freeze, and hypnotic vision

Honorary Legionnaires and Legion Support Staff

Hannah Wells of Earth (France and Mali); reporter and Legion media liaison
Lori Morning of 20th century Earth (USA); RJ Brande's adopted daughter
Marla Latham of Earth (Germany and Sweden); Legion adult advisor
Rond Vidar of Earth (Iran); skilled scientist specializing in time studies
Shvaughn Erin of Earth (Ireland); Science police captain and Legion Liaison Officer

I also took the liberty of establishing that Karate Kid's home, Omega Colony, was colonized by Japan.

Karate Kid, Val Armorr of Omega Colony (Earth colony: Japan); skilled martial artist

Some of these characters have two countries; their parents came from these different countries.

I wanted to do the same for Xanthu, seeing as how we have so many characters from there... but I don't feel up to creating an entire geography for Xanthu just yet!

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Volume 4: Moving On

Continued from this post.

Post 21. and Post 22. Chemical Kid dreams about Invisible Kid proposing. Lyle wakes Condo up; it's his first day of Legion basic training. Condo and Lyle had just visited the Arliks and the Foccarts.

Post 23. Blizzard, Kinetix, Matter-Eater Lad and Violet begin their vacation: a trip to the historical sites of Southeast Asia. They start with the sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar.

Post 24. Ferro, Lume and Nightwind make their way to Nightwind's family's hometown on Enwa. She is mixing her family visit with Legion business; Enwa is a gateway to nearby worlds, and the culture is such that only personal visits will do despite the presence of technology.

Post 25. Apparition and Spider-Girl apprehend a thug on Rimbor; he tells all he knows about Apparition's father. They, along with Timber Wolf and Ultra Boy, turn the thug over to the Science Police as they continue their search.

Post 26. Cosmic Boy, Magnetic Kid and Microbe appear on the UP Today show, hosted by Hectorrr Arroo. Pol tells Rokk that he realized heroing wasn't for him; his resignation from Active membership has nothing to do with wanting to stay away from Rokk. Microbe continues to talk about how Somahtur takes precautions to prevent from accidentally causing plagues off-world.

XS confronts Magno over his recent bad moods. Magno confesses his jealousy over her wanting to watch the UP Today taping, despite being invited by Kinetix to join their trip. XS says she is just being a good friend, and affirms her love for Magno.

Post 27.

Blizzard, Kinetix, Matter-Eater Lad and Violet have made it to Siem Reap, Cambodia. They relax over dinner and drinks while planning their tour of the Angkor temples. They finished Bagan and Yangon, though their visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon was disrupted by an alarm sounding; apparently, it was a Bgztlian who had phased through the pagoda's central spires.

Post 28. Training session: Dreamer, Element Lass, Karate Kid, Particon, Rebound and Wildfire vs. Amp, Arachno, Beastmaster, Chemical Kid, Density, Gravity, Inferno, Lamprey, Mandalla, Porcupine Pete, Sizzle, Splitter, Tomb, Vapor, Veilmist and Vision. Despite outnumbering the Legion team, the trainees are not able to take any of them out of the fight. They are told they had some good tactics, but still need to improve. Chemical Kid and Inferno look abashed as they are probationary Active Legionnaires, while Amp and Lamprey resolve to do better so they will pass the upcoming membership tryouts.

Post 29. Jancel Ardeen, Spark and Cosmic Boy agree to be the Best Man and Maids of Honor for the wedding of Live Wire and Saturn Girl. Cos expresses his misgivings about a decision of Garth's, though accepts it when Garth says he is sure. With Spark's support, Garth works up the nerve to ask his brother Mekt to be his second Best Man; Mekt happily accepts.

Post 30. Upset at doing so badly in training, Chemical Kid and Inferno ask some of the Legionnaires for advice. Chameleon, Karate Kid, Rebound and Wildfire offer to give them additional training.

Post 31. Mentalla and Particon compliment Amp and Lamprey on their showing during training. They remind the two of the Legionnaires' standing offer to give additional training as needed; Amp and Lamprey accept.

Post 32. Shikari fails to find Luonel Burdo with her pathfinding. The Legionnaires conclude that he must be shielding himself, somehow. Apparition wonders if she was right to involve the others; Ultra Boy reassures her that Burdo deserves to be caught for his crimes.

Post 33. Brainiac 5 refuses to help Cosmic Boy retrieve Inferno (Sandy Anderson) from the 20th century unless they receive the appropriate clearances from the UP. Brainiac 5 examines Andromeda, but finds no trace of what altered her back to her original physical form. In the UP Assembly, Orin Fex of Colu proposes imposing regulatory and technical safeguards on the Legion to guard against unauthorized use of the Thresholds and Legion World.

Post 34. News of Orin Fex's speech reaches Enwa. After mulling it over, Nightwind decides to step down as Legion co-leader, much to the dismay of Ferro and Lume and Nightwind's Grandma Amihan.

Post 35. Blizzard and Matter-Eater Lad bond as they discuss their respective feelings for Kinetix and Violet.

Post 36. Blizzard, Kinetix, Matter-Eater Lad and Violet begin their tour of Cambodia with Angkor Wat. Violet thinks she sees someone phasing through one of the temple walls, but when she investigates, there is nobody there. The four compare this to the incident at Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, but find that there were no reports of theft or vandalism there, and no signs of either crime in Angkor. They continue on their tour. Kinetix also reveals she has lost her ability to sense magical objects (displayed in LSH Annual v4 6 and Legionnaires 42, and alluded to in Legion 7).

Post 37. Apparition, Shikari, Spider-Girl, Timber Wolf and Ultra Boy are able to trace Luonel Burdo's movements in the last few weeks. They take to the streets to track him down.

Burdo considers offering a deal to the Luck Lords. He returns the artifact he stole, and they leave him alone.

Post 38. Kid Quantum and Echo are on Monitor Duty. Echo is one of the most proactive Cadets, taking extra training sessions and volunteering for Monitor Duty.

Kid Quantum sends a memo to all Legionnaires to plan their time off early. She notes that only Blizzard, Kinetix, Matter-Eater Lad and Violet are on vacation on Earth, and Live Wire and Saturn Girl are taking some time off to plan their wedding. Apparition's group and Nightwind's group are both on Legion business. She requests that the Legionnaires plan around the upcoming tryouts.

Additional requests come in: Umbra wants to visit Talok VIII to check on the social climate, Triad and Rebound plan to visit Cargg to monitor the Divided Trinity movement, and Sensor wants to visit Orando to spur along the progressive moment of the Raccoons. Kid Quantum approves all visits and says they can be considered official Legion business.

Brainiac 5 and Gates also want to visit Colu. Jazmin approves but cautions that they will need an invitation from the government in order to go near Orin Fex.

Cosmic Boy plans to join M'Onel and Thunder when they help Rond Vidar with his time studies.

Insect Queen and Star Boy propose having a semi-permanent detachment of Legionnaires on Xanthu, to ease the populace's fears about the Legion abandoning them. Jazmin agrees in principle, thinking that she had similar plans for the Kwai Galaxy. It would be fairly easy to implement with Thresholds. She asks Lonna and Thom to draft some guidelines, so they can avoid having too many worlds asking for permanent detachments of their own.

Post 39. Luonel Burdo contacts the Luck Lord and offers his silence, and the return of the device he stole. The device masks a user's presence within a certain radius. In exchange, he asks for transport off Rimbor so he can hide out near the Luck Lords' casinos. The Luck Lords, after hesitation, agree. Burdo hires some Emerald Dragons to guard him while he talks to the Luck Lords; Spider-Girl hears about this, and Shikari traces the Dragons' paths.

Spider-Girl reveals her origin (note: this is not canon) - her parents were McCauley scientists. They died in the lab accident that gave her her powers. McCauley paid someone to raise Sussa so he could exploit her powers later on. He was never able to replicate the conditions and empower others.

Post 40. The Legionnaires track down the Dragons. Apparition arrests Burdo, but finds out the one she picked up is not his "main" body. He reintegrates and escapes. Timber Wolf picks up the trail of his scent, but Burdo loses himself in a crowd. Because of his stolen device, the Legionnaires have trouble pinpointing his exact location until Apparition gets the idea to look for a blind spot.

The Legionnaires catch Burdo just as he meets his Luck Lord contact. Apparition threatens to arrest the Luck Lord for aiding a wanted man. The Luck Lord declines to help him, stating that Burdo failed to disclose his arrest. The Luck Lord also explains away any wrongdoing in their acceptance of Tinya's two infant bodies, by explaining that Burdo tricked them as well. The Luck Lord presents adoption papers.

The Legionnaires leave with Burdo, as they have no basis for arresting the Luck Lord. After they leave, the Luck Lord picks up the device Burdo stole - a dark green sphere. The Lord remarks that it was quite lucky that the sphere fell out of Burdo's pocket.

An unseen figure watches the Luck Lord walk away.

Post 41. Apparition's away team celebrates with Timber Wolf's old gang, the Wolfpack. Apparition remarks that her adoption by the Luck Lords is null, as her mother was unaware of it. The Luck Lords also only received two of her, while her main body remained with her mother. The Wolfpack are about to open their own bar.

Post 42. Ferro, Lume and Nightwind visit Dili-Tawi, another backwater UP world. At a citizen's assembly, they introduce the Legion Cadet program, the Legion Volunteer program, and talk about upcoming tryouts. Sensing the lack of interest, Lume remarks that they should figure out what the crowd needs. Drawing on her knowledge of Enwa and Dili-Tawi, Nightwind steers the conversation towards economic benefits of joining the Cadet program. Ferro and Lume play along, causing the crowd to listen intently.

Post 43. Lume handles inquiries from the Dili-Tawi natives. Lume decides to be honest but optimistic with F'e1lpz, who can hold his breath for a long period of time. Lume notes that many Cadets probably will not become Active Legionnaires, but may find placements with the Science Police, UP Armed Forces, or private firms.

Polecat is revealed to be a Legion Cadet.

**Credits to Set for suggesting I use a more futuristic sounding name for F'e1lpz! I originally called him Phelps.

Post 44. and Post 45 Blizzard, Kinetix, Matter-Eater Lad and Violet tour the Philippine Cordilleras: the Ifugao Rice Terraces and the Hanging Coffins of Sagada. The next day, they prepare to enter the Lumiang and Sumaguing Burial Caves. Kinetix grows irritated at their guide Papa Jack's suggestive comments.

Post 46. The quarter continue to explore the Burial Caves. They enter a large chamber full of rock formations, and conceal their identities from other tourists. Kinetix spots a figure phasing into the rock. Violet tries to follow; suddenly, a bright light erupts in the chamber.

Post 47. Blizzard, Kinetix, and Matter-Eater Lad gather and protect all the tourists in the chamber while Violet goes for help. Kinetix finds Papa Jack trying to hold the chamber up with magic; residual magic shows her that the caves were protected by some magical artifact. Its removal could cause the chamber to collapse in on itself. She convinces Papa Jack to run to safety; the group takes shelter under Blizzard's ice dome and wait for rescue.

Post 48.Violet returns with reinforcements. She notes how serious Amp and Lamprey are being in volunteering for missions. Matter-Eater Lad tells Calorie Queen he has put in a good word for her with the active team. Vapor, Tomb and Chemical Kid assist Impulse in treating patients. Impulse fights his growing attraction for Chemical Kid, and notes that Tomb is working in being less scary to sentients. Element Lass reassures Inferno that his probationary status is just to ensure he gets the proper training and knowledge to be a Legionnaire. Veilmist tries flirting with Inferno, only to be rebuffed for not taking their rescue mission seriously. Papa Jack tells Kinetix and Chameleon about the history of the Stone of Adranika, the artifact that was stolen. Upon investigating, Chameleon concludes that the figure Kinetix saw phasing was not a Bgztlian and was not Radion, leading them to suspect that it was Kono. They further suspect that the theft of the magical artifact might be a way for the surviving Sklarians to take revenge on Mordru for the destruction of Sklar.

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