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#932621 - 06/29/17 09:06 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 6/20/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Hi Harbinger I'm glad your liking the story and i can't wait for your next review.

The Memory Stone's are my invention but your more than welcome to them. there are many stones that enhance psychic abilities, so i figured a society around one such as premonition would have something that would boots or store their dreams.

Your not Wrong about Meta. She is defensive. but for good reason and she's going to play everything close to the chest so you won't know what to expect from her.

Brainy might have his suspicions but has no proof and thinks its just busy work to keep him from blowing up the planet.

I hope i can do justice to the Reboot's cannon then. I'm sure IB will call me on anything if I've got it wrong. But I've got my work cut out for me.

I'm having fun with Beast boy and his transformations. i have a bit of a fascination with shapeshifters, especially those limited like him.

Gim and Lu and maybe sparing over this before we know it. Star boy wasn't one of the captured but his is wearing something that could land all of our cadet's in some serious hot water...

I'm glad Rehtu has grown on you. he's a fav or mine that i enjoy playing with on missions.

Things are going to come to a head with the nannites soon but who knows the damage might be done for some of their relationships.

LofA will be a thorn for sure. lol bondage master Grimbor. hahah laugh

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#933110 - 07/06/17 07:08 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/6/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Fuzzball: Mission to save Captured Gear.
Roll call:

Cadet April Dumaka of Fuzzball - Cat-like speed and agility, enhanced senses, and retractable claws.
Cadet Ral Benem of Mardru -Ability to stimulate plant growth

Ral flew through the trees dodging low hanging heavy green vines. A fuzzy hazel moss falling off them every time he flew by disturbing their rest. Ral’s flying was pretty steady but he had a little trouble maneuvering himself around so many trees. Even though Ral had a head start April caught up and passed him in no time running along the jungle floor at top speed climbing over giant roots and flowers. April jumped up on to a tree trunk climbing high and began jumping from tree trunk to tree trunk. A wide smile on her face her hair bouncing about her and just as quickly as she had started going from tree trunk to tree trunk she was back on the jungle floor running underneath a flying Ral. The edge of the April’s tribe was in sight. Two 6’3 tall muscular black and brown furred guards standing in the entrance a small wall of redwood logs surrounding the front of the village as the back side was in front of a giant tree, according to her people the oldest in this part of the jungle. Their village has been here for over 100 years. April ran headstrong at the entrance.

“Halt!” the black furred guard yelled at April but all she did was smile back at him. Her eyes were wide with excitement.

“RewwWWWWW” the brown furred guard yelled at her and instantly April halted.

“RaaaawwwwwwwwwMWW” April proud and loudly pronounced herself to her people.

Ral flew above not sure what to make of this greeting. He hadn’t interacted with many of the native Fuzzballian’s when he was here with the Agriculturalist of Tomorrow. Ral landed next to April his feet sinking into the dirt a bit.

“April is everything out?” Ral asked smiling at the guards who looked him up and down with a small growl.

“Things are fine Ral. Grrrrraaaaawwwlll” April turned from Ral and growled at the guards establishing him as under her protection. Only the ambassadors from the colonies have come into their village. Even though there was peace it was an unspoken rule that they would never enter their village unless invited.

The two tall muscular guards towered over the two of them as they passed through the gate. Ral smiled at both but they both just bared their sharp teeth at him with a slight growl. April knew that they were just doing their job but even she thought they were being a bit much and glared with snarl back making sure this time they understood her. April and Ral walked into the bustling village of tan and red Hilfa hid huts. Children running through the town center and the smell of Hilfa deer stew with juju beans and cabbage a new import the ambassadors had introduced. April saw the stew being made in several huts, each hut made from Hilfa hides with small lines but as they walked and saw a long line from one of the huts. It was the longest by far but April didn’t expect to see a hut with no smoke coming from it but a food replicator that was cranking out twice as much stew as the huts making it the traditional way.

“Replicators have nothing on the traditional way. It doesn’t have the same…” April was searching for the word in Interlac.

“Heartiness is the world I believe you’re looking for young one.” standing in the hut next to them was a hunched over older feline woman. Her soft gray fur poking out of her shawl while her hair was stylized with two small braids from her temples black streaks running though it and the rest of her long hair that extended down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a luminescent green.

“Gran!” April ran over and hugged the hunched feline woman.

“Ral, this is my Gran. She’s my ...what you would call nanny or pack mother. My village is led by our queen Arfmura and Gran and the other pack mothers safe guard the children and food sources. Those not chosen to be a pack mother are part of the tribes military and hunter groups. ” April pulled Ral over who smiled warmly while extending his hand out palm up. Gran smiled back at the young and clearly nervous cadet and licked his palm a sign of welcome and affection. April beamed again having only seen this once before from Gran.

“Uhhh ….Thank you.” Ral smiled again he had read up on the greeting of April’s people on the way there.

“Thank you for brining my April back to me.” Gran smiled again and took April’s had.

“I’m not back to stay. I’m here on a mission to save an injured sentient.” April’s smile faded as did Gran’s a little.

“But I wanted to stop in and see how things are…and they seem…new.” April did her best to smile.

“The old ways are still here catspaw…just new toys have come into play. But don’t worry new toys come and go but the old ways endure.” Gran smiled and ran her long claws across gently April’s face ruffling her fur a little like she used to when she was a little kitten.

“I hope your right Gran.”April smiled but she’s been out in the universe and she’s seen and met other cultures like hers were the technology almost infects their way of life. April enjoyed many of the conveniences while at the academy but she spent as much time out on the laws and nearby cliff sunbathing. If it wasn’t for having to share her room it would be much more like her hut here on Fuzzball.

“April…I hate to interrupt but we should get going to find the flower fungus of the Duzza root.” Ral pulled April back to their mission.

“Duzza root isn’t blooming right now and we’re a ways off from the Paruza.” Gran spoke skeptical of their mission.

“What is Paruza?” Ral looked at them razing a thick sweaty eyebrow.

“It’s the paralyzing form that you found in my pouch.” April explained.

“Ahh…and as far as it not blooming I can help with that.” Ral pulled out a small seed and focused his energy. A neon green light swirled around the seed and instantly a small bushel of graka grapes a favorite of his as a child.

“Magic?” Gran’s eyes widened. But neither Ral nor April could tell if it was in fear or fascination.

“No. Not exactly…April I’m not sure we have the time to explain DNA and a Meta gene.”

“Oh you posses the meta gene or as the prefix meta in this context, simply means "beyond"—as in metastable, which is beyond regular stability and ready to collapse at the slightest disruption, or metamorphosis, which is the state of going beyond a single shape. I believe it was the Dominators’ research who pointed out that the Meta-gene is contained inside every cell of the human body. Oh and magic is accessible through the Meta gene as it is has the potential to manipulate all forms of energy and most mystics are of a family line.” Gran smiled at Ral her eyes keenly on him.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed.” Ral began before Gran smiled again. She saw he meant no ill will.

“Gran’s our resident genus.” April smiled.

“She mean’s geneticist. When the colonist first came I left and studied science to bring back to my people when we were facing a change in our bodies or as more of the universe knows it as Alopecia universalis, which thankfully we’ve found a cure for.” Gran looked at a few of the children running around their fur growing back where there were bald spots before.

“Still learning my Interlac. It’s been harder than I thought. But Gran we must go.” April held Gran’s hand as the smell of Hilfa stew wafted about them in the hot jungle.

“Be safe Catspaw.” Gran smiled taking April’s hands in hers handing her a small claw.

“Keep sake. I meant to give it to you before you left.” Gran smiled again letting go. April smiled back and took the claw. It was attached to a leather rope quickly placing it around her neck her and Ral left the village center.

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#933112 - 07/06/17 07:17 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/6/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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Anndranna RumCok-8
Roll call:

Captain Gim Allon- Captain and headmaster of the Science Police Special Unit Training Academy
Apparition - Tinya Wazzo Nah –intangibility of Bzgtl of U247
Umbra (Tasmia Mallor) – shadow caster. Of Talok IV U247
Cadet James Cullen of Xanthu - Ability to cast stasis fields using belt.
Cadet Tharok of unknown – hacker genius. Capable of making any type of weapon from any part.
Cadet Ayrla of Dyrlia - Gravity negation
Cadet Staq Mavien of Shawr - breathes fire
Cadet Gil Swanson of Earth -able to switch people’s powers at will, must touch person to do it. Flight. Invisibility
Cadet Lonny Evening of Myar –sentient being of ink. Makes ink projectiles. Can transform into humanoid form.
Cadet Jedediah Rikane of Earth – density control. Super dense and strong to immaterial phantom.
Live Wire - Garth Ranzz - electrical generation and manipulation, and elemental transmutation of Winath of U247
Ultra Boy - Jo Nah- Super-strength, super-speed, flight, invulnerability, flash vision, and "penetra-vision" (all approximately at Kryptonian power levels), only one of which can be used at a time. Of Rimbor U247
Cadet Mory Lour of Omegons -Teleportation
Cadet Myke-4 Astor of Calish-Aetia -Able to recall a 10th portion of powers of those he's touched.

Inside the Mausoleum

“Cadet anything?” Captain Allon was becoming.

“I’m working on it. This system is so archaic!” Cadet Tharok smacked the stone consol with his wiry hand.

The room around them started shaking. Whatever Cadet Tharok had done set something else off.

“What did you do?” Cadet Umbra barked her fist ready to punch Tharok.

“I don’t know.” Cadet Tharok scrambled to infiltrate the system while the mausoleum continued to shake dust, dirt, and small chunks of rock began falling on all of them.

“Everyone out!” Captain Allon yelled.

They all ran out and into the open and before them the ground was opening up. Th dirt falling into a dark abyss before a giant robot began to rise up. Standing at 50 feet tall with blasters on its back. A giant elongated head with a window for its eyes that glowed bright yellow and spry light weight thin legs and arms that were at least 6 feet long. Its hands spread out with three fingers on each and at the center its palms were pulse cannons. The blue light bounced off its gleaning black metal showcasing lines of hidden compartments on the legs and arms.

“Intruders.” Its voice rang throughout the abandoned world.

“What the Sprock!” Cadet Umbra yelled her hands instantly coming to life with her dark shadows that glimmered in the blue light.

“That’s the defense system for clearly what is a giant secret.” Captain Allon took out his blaster.

The other cadets quickly came upon the same robot and instantly Cadet Garth Ranzz was off and flying straight at the robot his hands charged.

“Garth!” Cadet Wazzo-Nah called out with a smile and instantly both she and Cadet Umbra charged in. Cadet Umbra’s shadows extended outward enclosing the robot in a dark field from its head to its torso she wasn’t able to cast the whole robot but cutting off its sensors was something.

Cadet Garth Ranzz threw three bolts of white hot lighting. Cadet Wazzo-Nah running through its legs hoping to pull some wires out or short circuits it. Quickly cutting through the first leg with ease its leg sparking up sending it down onto one knee. When she went to try and take on his other leg it quickly brought up a force field and as soon as Cadet Wazzo-Nah hit the field it bounced her backwards. Captain Allon fired round after round the laser blast hitting its finger talons. Cadet Astor raced around the city to find rope at the tenth of Cadet Orgnats’ speed.

“If we can tie it up it will help!” Cadet Astor’s telepathic voice soft as he was farther away.

“Just get back here! We’ve got to take this thing down!” Captain Allon called back.

The robot began thrashing about as its sensors raged out of control from Cadet Umbra’s dark field. Cadet Garth grabbed a hold of its long left arm his hands glowed bright as he tried to transmute the metal to aluminum to make it more malleable and conductive as the robot adapted to his charges and started to deflect it. Cadet Astor speed in and began punching the robot its arms flailing around barely being able to dodge his hits, with its metallic hide now malleable his hits put many dents throughout its hide. Meanwhile Cadet Evening cast thick stands of ink around the robots right arm trying to hold it in place. But quickly Cadet Evening was being tossed around like a rag doll as the robots strength increased to try and break free of her ink. Cadet Umbra began to sweat trying to keep its head and torso in cased in her dark field. Concentrating hard she began to manipulate it to punch into its torso. But what she didn’t know was that the torso contained torpedoes which began firing out.

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#933113 - 07/06/17 07:19 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/6/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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“Get those torpedoes!” Cadet Garth yelled at Cadet Lour who began bubbling up and with a burst of light she was gone. Another burst of light and liquid surrounded one torpedoe and then another as she Blipped them out into space at the White Dwarf star.

“WEEEOOOOOOO!!!” a pulse erupted from its left hand hitting Cadet Wazzo-Nah sending her flying back again just as she had gotten on her feet and was flying head strong towards its head to take it out. Another swing of its long arms the pulse from the cannon wildly firing from the left hand while the right began snapping away trying to grab hold any of them.

Captain Allon fired again and again. When the ship of Cadets landed. Quickly they all piled out of the cruiser. Cadet Rikane flying over his thick dense dark purple body taking each pulse as they came his way. Cadet Ayrla’s hands began to glow, white balls of light circling her hands causing the pulses to fly up and away from them.

“Cadets get in here and take this thing down!” Captain Allon fired more rounds sweating as he wasn’t sure what to do. Even with Cadet Umbra’s dark field confusing it they still were having a hell of a time beating it. The robots shield began recalibrating after each one of their attacks.

Cadet Garth’s lighting surged though its malleable aluminum hide but the robot began to grow insulation underneath its hide. Cadet Garth’s blue eyes surged with electricity as he tried to push through as much raw power as he could. his hands lighting up. The electricity began surging through his artificial arm. The lighting jumping in between the plates pushing them outward making it look like it was going to burst. But with each blast the robot began to grow another layer of insulation to keep the electricity from frying its circuits. But Cadet Garth was determined to get through and he pushed his lighting even further. The electricity flying around his entire body. But nothing was working. Cadet Mavien stood nearby breathing as much flame as he could at the robots legs, melting it but not causing much more damage. Cadet Ayrla lifted his flames higher and higher doing her best to bath the robot in the flames. Cadet Garth Ranzz changed some of the air around the flickering flames of Cadet Mavien to hydrogen increasing the flames realizing he needed to shift tacktics. Cadet Rikane shifted his density avoiding a swing from its arms and the flying body of Cadet Evening as she had now turned herself into a ball of ink around the robots right hand. If he didn’t know better he’d think it was Cadet Umbra’s dark field. But Cadet Evenings face was circling the ball. He couldn’t tell if it was in pain or in jest as she did her best to dismantle the fingers by flooding them with ink.

Cadet Nah came rocketing out of the cruiser using his flight ring and switching in between super strength and invulnerability smashing straight through Cadet Umbra’s dark field and grabbing hold of the robots head taking it with him. Lifting it above his head Cadet Nah threw the robots head across the city. Instantly flying to his wife who was about to start running back in to fight the robot again.

“Tinya!” Cadet Nah yelled.

“I’m fine Jo! But I don’t think that robots done yet.” Cadet Wazzo-Nah stared at the robot before them and its missing head sent up another three heads but their necks were elongated and their eyes weren’t yellow like the original head but red and they began firing beams while the pulses from his left hand began expanding outward hitting the Cadets and Captain causing each of them to fall over.

Quickly Captain Allon ran back into the mausoleum and yelled for Cadet Tharok.

“Tharok please tell me you’ve found a way to stop this insanity?” Captain Allon ducked as some pebbles fell from ceiling.

“Haha. That’s funny Cap. This system uses bilateral coding and has Hexen firewalls which were the hardest to crack or change for that matter; which ultimately caused their collapse.” Cadet Tharok’s hands pushed every button as hard as he could to make something happen.

Outside the cadets kept up their battle against the hydra like robot. Cadets Rikane and Nah continued to pound on the heads. While Cadet Garth kept transmuting its body to make it weaker. Slowly even transmuting parts of the necks to Freon was the only thing working, as it was the only transmutation he tried where the beginnings of a new head didn’t start to grow and it would release into the atmosphere. Cadet Ayrla’s gravity negation sent the pulses up and outward doing her best to deflect its blast. But their sheer force made her frail body shake. Cadet Astor had yet to unleash the third power he possessed after Cadets Ardeen’s telepathy, and Cadet Nah’s ultra abilities.

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#933678 - 07/12/17 01:44 PM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/6/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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here, more often than not
Finally got the time to comment on your latest batch Omni, I'll write this as I'm reading it so I may change my mind as I carry on.

Love Catspaws concern over Gear and t's always good to read Kent making an appearance. Ral's time on the Gifted Agriculturalist of Tomorrow sounds like an adventure in itself. Also good to see the cadets helping each other out without asking too many questions or asking for anything in return.

I must admit to getting a little bit muddled in the next section with there being such a large cast, some with similar but not quite names like Ayrla, but that might be my post work brain failing smile

I like the team of Umbra and Tharok, dnt know why but they're both hard asses so perhaps its the potential fight brewing that's so appealing. The ancient threshold technology hiding a planet was a twist, I expected them to be far, far away. And Tharok's ongoing betrayal is great, he's such a little monster. Jo's excessive concern for Tinya is always funny, they are a pair of co-dependent drama queens but I still adore them.

The desolated golden planet is very ominous! And Tharok is still a sneak, he's great.

The Ark? Where the Omniphagos was discovered? That would be very cool if it is.

Yay! A giant floating pyramid in space, it must be the Omniphagos... musn't it?

Fuzzball sounds really idyllic.

Science Police Protocol: Rule 12-3omega - what a pest! Well, Ral could always animate a plant to be their third team member couldn't he?

Funny scene with Catspaw and Ral stripping down, and stopping pollutants from contaminating the world is a good rule to introduce though hopefully not too late.

Catspaw running off and digging her claws into the tree root to enjoy the smell is a nice piece of characterisation. "she couldn’t have looked happier or more harmless" Great line!

The cadets introducing themselves was rather sweet, nice that they acknowledge that they are people, not just entities on a training program.

Tinya and Umbra's dislike of Imra was very realistic, and I imagine they wouldn't be the only Legionnaires that felt that way either. smart of Tinya to figure out the pattern that worked the controls though its another cliffhanger about what's underneath...

“That really doesss look like the worssst way to travel.” Ha! Made me smile.

Poor Cadet Lour, no-one (apart from Cadet Evening of course) gives her the credit she's due. The dark man is as sneaky as ever, nice to see he's not letting the cadets ruin his plan to control the technology.

It's kind of funny that your description of Fuzzball and the natives reminds me of the planet and races in Avatar. The guards snarling at Ral was cute. April and her obvious love for her gran was very sweet. I really appreciate how you have rounded out her character Omni, she's never been a favourite of mine but as you write her she is definitely growing on me. Catspaw's Gran belief in the traditional ways was sweet too. Gran is my new favourite - todays lesson kids, never underestimate your friends gran! haha, she was really well written, with a nice sly humour.

Giant robots defending ancient secrets are a sci-fi trope that never gets old, and I'd forgotten that this Garth is 'Jarth' so was surprised by the transmutation trick, though it was good to see the Legionnaires working as a team to try to subdue it, even as it adapted to their attacks.

Jo to the rescue!

Oh, maybe not...

Is Tharok really trying or is he controlling the robot, or at least taing advantage of the situation?

What is cadet Astor's tird power? I'll have to go back and check now.

Great stuff Omni, you are keeping the excitement flowing while slipping in enjoyable moments of nice character development too, neer an easy task but you're managing just fine.

Looking forward to more, more and much more!

Legion Worlds Four - awesome ongoing adventures set in the Retro-Boot, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
#933818 - 07/14/17 09:54 AM Re: Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/6/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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thanks for your review Harbinger its always welcome.
I'll work on making the sections with large cast a bit clearer.

I'm glad Tharok is keeping you on you toes. he is a little sneak and he's he's going to keep things interesting. a lot of the questions you have about Tharok on this mission will be answered with in the next few post. oh the fight i want to write him and Umbra into. that would be fun.

Jo and tinya are total Drama queens! laugh

I'm glad you like my Catspaw and i agree she wasn't ever well rounded which in someways is nice. it allows me to play with her more than a standard Legionnaire with a long publishing career. I think that makes two character's i've gotten you to like. Lyle being the other. tongue
I must be doing something right. lol.

Fuzz ball is rather idyllic and glad you liked Gran. i have fun exploring these worlds and a tribal jungle world was just something that speaks to all of us i guess. (Avatar, i'll take that as a good thing. ;-D

i've never been a fan of power houses and so i'm all about the team work.

Don't forget about "Jareth" as things aren't going to be easy for him as i've got some plans there.

I haven't named cadet Astor's third power yet. as of right now he has Imra's telepathy, Jo's ultra abilities and the third is revealed in the next post. but i may put what powers he's currently holding from now on in the roll call.

Thanks again for the review and i hope you like what i have coming.

Last edited by Omni; 07/14/17 10:04 AM.

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#934075 - 07/17/17 05:37 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/17/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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“It’s time to take this thing out!” Cadet Astor screamed his hands bursting forth with ice coating the hydra bot in layer after layer of ice as it traveled up its body.

“Watch it!” Cadet Rikane shifted up his density becoming intangible and missing the ice blast. But Cadet Astor’s blasts were actually having an effect on the robot stopping it in its tracks.

Cadet Garth’s hands glowed blue as he transmuted the hydrogen in the air to water to give Cadet Astor some assistance by only having to freeze the water and not just generate all that ice to try and stop the hydra bot who began firing on the cadets lasers erupting from its eyes of its numerous heads. A stray laser made its way for cadet Astor and Cadet Garth charged up and into the air to intercept it the electricity flying around his body again as he flew straight at the hydra bot. the lighting flying everywhere poured out of him and the electricity began bursting from his prosthetic arm but hadn’t destroyed it yet. But Cadet Garth didn’t care he was just intent on beating the hydra bot.

Cadet Ayrla’s hand glowed brighter as she pushed the robots arms upward with a little help from Cadet Nah. Cadet Evening finally was flung from the robots right hand.

“Ahhhhh” Cadet Evening screamed as she was caught by Cadet Ayrla’s gravity power.

“Got you.” Cadet Ayrla shook a little as she tried to flex her power. But the pulse cannon shot off again and her concentration instantly dropped. Cadet Evening landed down on one knee.

“Ahhh. Well that was a work out.” Cadet Evening smiled playfully jumping right back in and firing strands of black ink attaching them to its body and pulling out torpedoes before they can fire.

Just outside the skirmish between the Cadets and the robot, the Dark Man watched with intensity for his moment to get to Tharok.

“Must get to Tharok…” The Dark Man’s mind was becoming basic and animalist as his quest was coming to an end the hunger to find the answers he needed was insatiable.

The Dark Man’s purple robe was dragging and becoming more tattered as he went but dodging from broken building to broken building and shadow he finally reached the mausoleum’s side wall. The cadets were so busy with the robot he knew they wouldn’t notice his entry.

“Tharok…not alone…so close.” The Dark Man’s eyes glowed a bright red his jaw slacking as he began to salivate under his hood.

“Tharok do it. Just shut it all down. Over load… Something. I don’t care.” Captain Allon screamed over the noise of the battle raging outside.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” The Dark Man screamed lunging into the mausoleum.

“Who the Sprock is this?!” Captain Allon yelled pulling his blaster and aimed for the Dark Man.

“Dark Man?” Cadet Tharok whispered.

“Rawwww! Yes! Do not disconnect anything this world is my salvation.” The Dark Man choked out hunched over his tattered purple robe seemingly getting smaller as he stood before them.

“You know this sentient?” Captain Allon looked at Tharok ready to pull his blaster on him.

“Yes, he gave me a job and that job turns out was to bring him here.” Cadet Tharok stood hanging his head. His greasy brown hair falling into his face.

“What for?” Captain Allon yelled moving his blaster back and forth as he watched the two of them.

“Salvation.” The Dark Man hissed under his hood.

With those words the mausoleum sparked to life once again and stopped shaking. Outside the mausoleum the robot stopped slowly falling to the ground in mid strike almost taking out Cadet Nah with a pulse blast.

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#934076 - 07/17/17 05:42 PM Tales of the Legion: In Universe 248 Update 7/17/2017 [Re: Omni]  
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“What just happened?” Captain Allon looked about the blue light of the white dwarf above shone through the ceiling as it had opened up and instantly a hologram appeared before them of a green sentient in a military uniform. His chest was covered in medals of all sizes. His stark grey green eyes stared out at them.

“Welcome back Operative. We knew you’d find your way back to retrieve your general. It has been a long time.” The hologram looked right back at Captain Allon and Cadet Tharok.

“You’ve brought new operatives with you to the cause. We applaud you even if they are not Anndrannian.” Quickly turning its attention back to the Dark Man whose form was heaving more under its robe.

“What is this? What’s going on? Who or what are you?” Captain Allon re-grasped his hands on his blaster.

“You are on Anndranna, a warrior world whose military might and empire was the longest running in the Andromeda galaxy’s history. We ruled with a fair but iron fist. Until we encountered the Federation. They didn’t agree with our practices and we eventually went to war. We were defeated.” The holograms voice was clearly distraught. Even though it wasn’t real it held emotions about the death of its society.

“They dismantled our empire taking many of our worlds to be part of the Federation and our world as much as they could. They forced us to move to a new world as our planet itself was a war installation. The Federation relocated us to Bellatrix.”

“That doesn’t explain why we’re here.” Cadet Tharok chimed in trying to keep the hologram talking. He winked at Captain Allon hoping to get into some good graces.

“We would never let our world and our weapons fall into the hands of the Federation. They said we had to leave it. They didn’t say we couldn’t hide it. We knew that the Federation was young and simply beat up because of sheer numbers. But because of that youth we knew how corrupt they could be. How corrupted our technology could become. We sealed our world away inside a dimensional gateway that we built and on our world we left behind our greatest tactical General.” The hologram made its way to the cryogenic-chamber.

“Who was that?” Captain Allon asked.

“Metrixx-Kanndrnn was our greatest General in a generation. He was well on his way to being Supreme Commander just like his grandfather. Our Supreme Commander, which is the equivalent of a king or dictator according to the Federation, is chosen through who is the best general and highest ranking. Metrixx-Kanndrnn was captured by the Federation. But he was severally injured and they did their best to save him. They bonded him to machines and created a half sentient half machine android. But they didn’t know our weakness to Iron and in strong amounts it makes us delirious. They thought they could use him as a weapon but in his delirium he killed the hospital staff taking care of him as he thought he was in the midst of battle. He began reliving battles. The only way they could subdue him was to cryogenically freeze him and they turned him over to us. We decided to hide him and our world in hopes that one day we would be free of the Federation and return to our world and that day has come Operative.” The General hologram turned to the Dark Man again.

“What kind of Operative?”

“Its Operative Omniphagos.” With that world the Dark Man’s eyes light up glowing brighter than they had before. The holograms words activated the Dark Man’s subconscious and his heaving form began to grow stretching the purple robe and ripping it to shreds. Standing before them was a mini hulking creature that looked like rock. What little that was left of its green skin had fallen around it with the robe.

“What the D’ntaic is that thing?!” Captain Allon yelled aiming and charging his blaster at the creature.

“The Omniphagos was our last chance to stop the Federation. We sent it out into the universe to learn and find its way back to us to unleash its power and our Greatest Legacy. Let there be WAR!” the hologram’s voice was deep and harsh as the Omniphagos opened its mouth and a swirling vortex opened up and began pulling in rocks and dirt. The side wall of the mausoleum began to shake as the vortex grew.

“Get that thing out of here. We can’t lose this world or this General. It could help fight Mordru.” Captain Allon began firing hard core changing his blaster setting from fine and stun to wide and destroy as he knew whatever this thing was it wasn’t anything more than a weapon.

The Omniphagos’ eyes glowed bright and sucked in the energy with ease. Captain Allon kept firing but looked scared.

<Team help! We’ve got a situation. Cadet Lour I need you to teleport something.> Captain Allon thought quickly and instantly a blip of purple was in the mausoleum. Cadet Lour almost screamed at the sight of the Omniphagos before instantly spreading out her purple liquid body and starlight growing bright encircling the Omniphagos and in an instant it was gone.

“Where’d she take it?” Cadet Tharok asked.

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“I don’t know but we’ve got to contain that thing. The hologram called the Metrixx-Kanndrnn General its master. It might know how to stop it. You stay here and try and safely but quickly release the General. I’m going to brief the team and without a word from Cadet Tharok Captain Allon ran out of the mausoleum.

“Cadet’s we’ve got a problem. Has Cadet Lour come back yet?” Captain Allon’s blaster was ready to fire as he moved quickly to the cadets who were standing around the depowered robot.

“No not yet Captain. What’s going on?” Cadet Garth Ranzz looked up as he heard something odd.

“AHHHHHHHHHH” Cadet Lour screamed in pain. The cadets looked up and saw her purple liquid glow bursting outward as she tried to escape and her starlight in an instant was gone.

The Cadet looked up as they saw something falling high from the sky where Cadet Lour had just been.

“Scatter people!” Cadet Nah yelled as he saw the rocky hide fall towards them.

The cadets and Captain Allon scattered and with a giant crash the Omniphagos landed sending a shock wave throughout the ruined city. Buildings around them crumbled from the blast.

“ArrrrraHHHHH” The Omniphagos roared pounding its huge hands against its chest before leaning forward balancing on them. Its hind legs smaller than the rest of him but still very large. Its mouth began to open before the dust settled and the Cadets could see what it was before them.

The vortex from the Omniphagos mouth sucked in the dust, dirt, and debris from the crumbling buildings.

“No!” Cadet Garth Ranzz eyes grew wide in shock and fear. Standing there before him was part of the creature that was responsible for his death. Cadet Garth froze in fear as his mind started trying to call out for Imra. His rock but there was nothing but silence. She was too far away for her to hear him. Cadet Garth’s eyes watered for a moment before his hands began to charge up and the lighting began to surround his body while his right hand glimmered with a small green light.

“What is that this?” Cadet Astor speed up to Captain Allon.

“It’s the Omniphagos.” Captain Allon began firing trying to hit its rocky exterior but nothing was working. For every piece he shot off another grew back in its place and its body grew larger with the more energy and matter it took in.

“Yeah that doesn’t tell me much Captain.” Cadet Astor shot back blasting ice at the Omniphagos.

“It’s the all eater and destroyer of everything.” Cadet Garth chocked out. Both Cadets Nah and Cadet Umbra standing near him trying to get him to lower his lighting field as it began casting outward uncontrollably.

“Breath, Garth. Just breathe.” Cadet Nah shifted to invulnerability as he tried to touch Garth’s shoulder.

<Umbra you were right. The Omniphagos is here.> Cadet Wazzo-Nah ran over still intangible.

<You thought it was here?> Cadet Garth turned on Cadet Umbra his eyes wide with lighting bouncing around his irises.

<We came through a Threshold to get to this planet. This society discovered Threshold technology 600 years ago and they used the dimensional doorway to lock this world away inside the much expanded ark. It just made sense it might be here and this reality has rewritten so much of our history it was just a matter of time.> cadet Umbra responded over the Legion’s telepathic link. Her black eyes never leaving Garths. She knew what it was like to fear something that almost destroyed her from the inside out and what it was like to take this beast head on. But she also knew the only way to face it was to fight it.

“We’ll take him out. It can’t eat if it is froze.” Cadet James Cullen’s hands glowed a bright purple pink before casting it at the Omniphagos. The Omniphagos’ mouth was still open wide taking the stasis energy deep within itself.

“What? It can’t do that!” Cadet James Cullen threw another blast of stasis energy at it flying high above it and it worked as its head couldn’t look up to suck the energy in and it stalled the Omniphagos.

“That thing won’t stop until it eats everything.” Cadet Garth Ranzz said his voice cold as he informed the Captain.

“How do you know that Cadet?” Captain Allon’s suspicions were raised. He hoped Cadet Ranzz wasn’t also in league with the creature before them.

“We’ve encountered it on our travels and the only way to stop it was to lock it away. It eats everything in its path. No matter what and it grows larger with each thing it eats.” Cadet Garth’s lighting began to subside as he informed everyone but the crackle still lingered in his eyes and his artificial arm where it gently bounced from plate to plate.

“He’s right. It’s the only way to take out that weapon.” Came a gruff voice from the steps of the mausoleum. A slender tall half green sentient half android leaned on the shoulders of Cadet Tharok.

The Legionnaire Cadets stood there in slight shock and wide eyed as they saw Metrixx-Kanndrnn who looked like a version of their old universes Tharok but half green and much weaker. But standing next to this reality’s Cadet Tharok the Legionnaire Cadets had another fear come to light as they may have just witnessed the origins of this universes’ Cadet Tharok becoming the one they knew.

“How do we do tthat? He ttook out our ttteleporter and we don’t even know if sssshe’sss ok.” Cadet Mavien pointed to the night sky above them where Cadet Lour was last seen.

“Overrrr here actually.” Cadet Lour crawled out from behind a building her purple bubbly liquid form barely holding itself together and the starlight within her flashed out gently.

Cadet Astor speed over and picked her up and brought her into the group.

“We need to reopen the hard light structure around it and place it inside our...”

“Threshold gate.” Cadet Garth Ranzz finished for Metrixx-Kanndrnn.

“Yes, it’s an inter-dimensional doorway we created that allowed us a place to hide our planet. It’s allows anyone or any object to move through space instantly. Putting the planet inside the hard light structure safe guarded it while it existed inside the doorway.” Metrixx-Kanndrnn rattled off as if it was a pre recorded for this very moment with no emotion while his human side’s eye let a very tiny tear fall for his people.

“But the doorway was around the ark not in it. How did you do that?” Cadet Wazzo-Nah asked.

“The asteroids floating around Anndranna each have transmitters that ignite the doorway and have helped to keep it sealed. While also controlling the “Ark’s” position to not travel through its doorways and keep it in position as we have never fully learned to control navigation through the doorways.” Metrixx-Kanndrnn’s voice was robotic as it adjusting to using the teams “Ark” term.

The Legionnaire Cadets looked at each other. This was their chance to bring Thresholds to the galaxy or contain a threat to the galaxy. The rewriting of their history wasn’t lost on any of them. Meanwhile no one noticed that the Omniphagos had started eating at Cadet Cullen’s stasis field again its pink energy slowly lifting from the ground up.

“ArrRRRRRRRR!!!!” The Omniphagos roared to life as the stasis field began to life.

“What? This can’t be happening!” Cadet Cullen was flying high above them reinforcing his powers. He could feel it pulling at his powers eating it as he tried to increase.

Cadet Umbra began firing on the Omniphagos knowing her dark field could help repeal it for a little bit. Cadet Rikane instantly flew off towards the Omniphagos. His body increasing in density growing stronger and squatter while his skin darkened to magenta. Cadet Nah followed suit using his flight ring to switch rapidly between super strength and invulnerability.

“Pow! Crunch!” the crashing sounds of Cadets Rikane and Nah’s fist connecting with the Omniphagos’ rocky exterior sending it flying backwards into two tall towers that had survived the ravages of time near the mausoleum. The debris started falling on the Omniphagos but it opened its mouth and the vortex sucked it all in.

“We have to lock that beast away. If we don’t do something soon it will continue to eat and we won’t be able to stop it.” Cadet Garth Ranzz urged as the other Cadets ran off to try and keep it at bay.

“Yes, he’s right. Use this box, it is the “Ark” we need to trap the Omniphagos within it.” Metrixx-Kanndrnn handed Cadet Garth Ranzz the box.

“No we need the inter-dimensional doorway to hold it. The Ark will just be eaten by the creature.” Cadet Garth Ranzz insisted.

“We would need one of the doorways from one of the asteroids which will shut down the Ark’s network and leave Anndranna returned to the galaxy.” It was clear Metrixx-Kanndrnn wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He wanted to preserve his world and he knew with it out in the open there was no way to do that.

“Metrixx-Kanndrnn, what’s wrong?” Captain Allon saw through the mechanical side of Metrixx-Kanndrnn and to his human heart which was full of regret.

“I’mmmm more than willing to help and save the galaxy from my people’s creation. But my world is now open to be taken and ravaged by the Federation. They wanted our world and now my people will truly fall.”

“The Federation? The Federation fell centuries ago. The Untied Planets has no interest in taking your planet from you. But your people have been resettled.” Captain Allon wasn’t sure how he would take this flux of information.

“Can we debate this later? The cadets are getting their butts handed to them out there.” Cadet Garth saw them firing everything they had but nothing was working.

“Yes, Cadet Lour can you make the jump?” Captain Allon asked hoping she would be up for it.

“Ye...Yes. Be back in a blip.” Before Captain Allon could double check she was gone with a blip of starlight and purple bubbles floating up her liquid body.

“Blip!” instantly Cadet Lour was back and with her the entire asteroid.

“I couldn’t separate it and honestly if it was any bigger I don’t know if I could have brought it back.” Cadet Lour leaned back on the asteroid it standing 10 feet tall and almost a mile wide. Its body almost crushing all of them when she brought it in.

“Cadet Ranzz can you get rid of the rock?” Captain Allon asked and before he could finish Cadet Garth Ranzz hands glowed with a bright blue light and as quickly as he could the rock turned to oxygen. But it wasn’t fast enough as the other Cadets continued to try and defend against the Omniphagos.

“Here need a hand!” Cadet Astor super sped in and began punching away at its body furiously with 10th the speed and super strength of his borrowed powers.

“Cadet Swanson, I need you to bring the cruiser in.” Captain Allon called over the communications link.

“Yes, Captain.” Cadet Swanson responded.

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Between the work of Cadets Astor and Garth Ranzz they broke the inter-dimensional doorway free of the asteroid. Metrixx-Kanndrnn produced the hard light white box and gave it to Cadet Tharok who placed it on the ground next to the doorways trigger pad. Metrixx-Kanndrnn’s left eye glowed white as it connected to the Ark’s system programming it to grow and turn from a box into a giant pyramid.

“Cadet Ayrla and Astor work on getting the trigger pad inside the Ark.” Captain Allon informed as he saw Cadet Garth Ranzz changing the air around the Ark into solid rock.

“The rock will help protect the hard light structure from being noticed and stop us from being blinded.” The cadets had a hard time looking directly at its light.

“Good thinking. Cadet Garth. get that thing over here to the ark!” Captain Allon yelled.

Cadets Umbra, Nah, Rikane, Evening, and Mavien did their best to maneuver the Omniphagos towards the Ark. Cadet James Cullen tried his best to focus his energy on the vortex and slow down its intake by blocking it with a stasis field. But it was causing him to sweat through his blue training uniform.

“Just a bit longer.” Cadet James Cullen thought to himself through gritted teeth.

Punch after punch from Cadets Rikane and Nah pushed the creature back stumbling before it started to swing again. Cadet Evening creating strands of ink to grab its arms and keep it from striking the other cadets but it pulled hard at them and broke them quickly. Cadet Umbra fired on its face blocking its eyes while Cadet Mavien breathed fire at its feet to make it try and jump back.

Cadets Tharok, Garth Ranzz and Captain Allon ran into the Ark and with Metrixx-Kanndrnn they installed and opened the inter-dimensional doorway in the floor of the Ark.

“We’re set. Now bring that thing in here Cadets.” Captain Allon called over their com link. Cadets Rikane and Nah pushed extra hard and lifted the Omniphagos up and into the Ark its white light blinding them a little. The Ark began to expand to accommodate for the new size of the Omniphagos’ new size and the battle the cadets were embroiled in. Metrixx-Kanndrnn’s cybernetic eye glowed red as it shifted the Ark still connected wirelessly to it.

“Keep pushing Jed!” Cadet Nah called as he pushed harder trying to lift the Omniphagos who had grown to be 8 feet tall and feeling like it weighed two tons.

Cadet Ayrla’s white light circled her hands gently before the Omniphagos began to lift up negating its gravity. The two cadets pushed harder but the stasis field slowing down the monster’s debris intake finally gave way and everything in its path started to get sucked in, including the cadets the structure of the Ark started to fold and get pulled in along with some of the inner rock Cadet Garth has coated it in. Cadet Nah and Rikane flew around grabbing everyone out of the way. But Cadet Ayrla had gotten too close as she tried to lift the Omniphagos who had increased in another 3 feet and a ton as it ate.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Cadet Ayrla screamed out.

“NO!!!!!!!!” Cadet Garth saw her being sucked in and he couldn’t help it anymore. First he transmuted the air around the Omniphagos’ vortex trying to clog it to give enough time for Cadet Nah to speed in and save her. But when the creature sucked it in faster than he could make it Cadet Garth couldn’t hold back anymore and he flew off his entire body awash with electricity as it began pouring out of him the stored charges from earlier returning easily as they powered his body up and Cadet Garth’s flight ring lifted him up in the air as the electrons around him burst feeding his power until finally he blasted off a giant white hot bolt of lightning straight at the Omniphagos the blast so strong as it burst out his hands and blinding all of the other Cadets except Cadet Nah who was able to race in at the last second and swoop Cadet Ayrla out of the way. The blast sent the Omniphagos staggering backward. When the light show ended Cadet Garth was kneeling on the ground staring down at his prosthetic arm shattered on the ground in front of him but underneath the metal plates was his arm, his flesh and blood arm had somehow grown back under it.

With the Omniphagos’ balance off cadets Rikane and Astor speed off to push the creature to the Ark doorway. With one final punch from each of them the Omniphagos went flying back into the inter-dimensional doorway its brilliant white and blue light coming to life splashing outward for a moment swirling energy wrapping around the Omniphagos.

“Everyone out and get on the cruiser. We’ll fly the Ark out of here.” Captain Allon instructed as they all ran out grabbing Cadet Garth by his good arm waking him from his shock.

Cadet Garth Ranzz finished the final layer of rock on the ark as they ran out instinctively knowing he needed to hide the ark with his newly returned hand. His eyes wide with excitement as he felt the sensations of not only his powers but to touch as well.

All the Cadets, Captain Allon and Metrixx-Kanndrnn quickly made their way on to the cruiser with Cadet Ayrla using her powers to carry Metrixx-Kanndrnn. Cadet Swanson used the tractor beam and pulled the Ark with them off the planet.

“What now? We need to store that thing somewhere.” Cadet Tharok looked out at the Ark which now housed his former employer turned monster.

“We can’t leave it anywhere within this Galaxy. If anyone got their hands on it they could wipe out everyone.” Cadet Wazzo-Nah hugged herself a bit.

“We need to open another inter-dimensional doorway and send it through.” Captain Allon suggested.

“If we do that we have no way of controlling where it goes. It could end up on an inhabited world.” Cadet Umbra reminded them.

Cadet Garth stood for moment thinking rubbing his newly returned arm.

“When you send it through, all sensors go blind. But what if you let it fly blind but with specific coordinates. It would end up there but there is no telling really when if I’m correct.” Thinking back to when Brainy would try and explain how the thresholds worked.

“That is what would happen. This thing could end up anywhere in time at those coordinates.” Metrixx-Kanndrnn responded his android eye fluttering for a moment as his body continued to adjust being out of the deep freeze and being displaced 600 years into the future.

“It’s a chance we have to take. Do you have coordinates in mind Cadet Ranzz?” Captain Allon asked.

“I do.” Cadet Garth Ranzz tapped through the functions of his flight ring that was coordinates from the Legion’s travels. Captain Allon watched him carefully.

“Metrixx-Kanndrnn, you’re connected to the Ark’s system and can program it to go there?” Cadet Garth Ranzz asked pulling up the coordinates to the second galaxy where the Legion had first encountered the Ark. Brainy had programmed all of the rings with these locations in case they would ever need them for a mission through the thresholds.

“I am and I can. I just hope where ever we send it, it causes no more harm. I’ll activate a perimeter defense that will emit a repulsion beam.” Metrixx-Kanndrnn began connecting through his android’s right arm touch pad.

Cadet Garth knew those coordinates didn’t exist anymore but he hoped they did here in this reality and even though he was casting the dice blind all he could do was hope he was doing the right thing. Cadet Swanson used the tractor beam to help Cadet’s Nah, Rikane, and Astor to move the remaining five asteroid triggers to open an inter-dimensional doorway. Metrixx-Kanndrnn opened a channel with the triggers through the cruiser’s system igniting all five at once. Cadets Ayrla and James Cullen used their powers to keep the cruisers and Cadets safe from being pulled in once the gate opened. They all watched as the giant rock covered pyramid shaped Ark entered the blazing white swirling light of the Threshold gate. They could feel the gentle wind through Cadet James Cullen’s stasis field.

“I hope wherever or whenever that Ark appears it doesn’t get opened.” Cadet Garth looked at his history being rewritten before him and he prayed that the rest of his history wasn’t about to find away to repeat itself. His artificial arm gone and the hairs on his returned arm stood up on end.

The second galaxy stood motionless for untold amount of time. The planets having yet settled into place, clouds of various gases moving around heated suns whose fires reached farther out to push the elements together burning them anew. While black holes shifting about sucking random debris in. The stars starting to burn for the first time casting their light gently. The emptiness was palpable as small rocks formed and floated away randomly towards the black hole or rocketing outward to places unknown. From out of the mist of the pink clouds of creation slowly stretching out to reveal the bright blazing light of the threshold gate opening up. Slowly the rocky Ark passed through and out into the void. Small rocks from the black hole that flung outwards hit the Ark breaking off some of the rock exposing the hard light. While pink clouds wafted past as the gate closed behind the Ark leaving it in the vastness of the second galaxy floating aimlessly away from the suns and black hole.

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