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#935357 - 08/06/17 06:21 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Sep 2003
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Harbinger Offline
Harbinger  Offline

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
here, more often than not
Senior Student team:

Kid Pulsar

Stupid, stupid ex-legionnaires... Neel Koduah laughed to himself.

Ha, they had believed him when he had told them that he as defending himself from muggers. Ha, the bloody idiots had just let him walk back into their precious asteroid without a care... Wildfire had even said he'd done the right thing! Ha! Stupid gasbag ex-legionnaire.

His mistress had visited him, with a couple of her thralls and he had initially resisted, not yet having been shown her eternal magnificent truth, until she had made him understand that it was childish to not agree... and now he understood... she had opened his mind and he now fully understood... the Legion would fall and any of them that she allowed to survive would only rise when they began to follow her, to worship her as he did. They would take the galaxy for their mistress and remake it in her image.

He had told her what he knew of their plans; how the Legion were leaving Sol in a couple of days... But she had already known. He should have guessed... Neel Koduah smiled as he realised how invincible his mistress really was, how she would succeed in doing what so many had failed to do. She had done already after all... this was not the first group of foolish so-called heroes that would try to defeat her, and they hadn't even realised that it was the stupidity of one of their own that that brought her here in the first place.

Well, he had been back for six hours now and already he had started following his mission brief. Two students that his mistress in her wisdom had estimated would cause her problems had to be dealt with in the next 24 hours - although he had asked why these two when there were stronger... fiercer opponents at the Academy, she had smiled and told him to do his part, she had plans for the others. Kid Pulsar had smiled again ask she told him this. Well, one had already been poisoned, the weakling called Booster, and was in the medi-bay while the other, that hysterical psi-witch Glory, had yet to appear but when she did Kid Pulsar knew what to do. She had a routine that she always followed so the turncoat student planned on intercepting her... and dealing with her. He wondered why these two had been chosen and knew that in her wisdom she must be setting him a test of loyalty by requesting he get rid of these two minor students. He realised it was such a simple test to murder two of the Night Guard, everyone knew they were the weakest team full of wannabe's. Their deaths wouldn't even be remembered once his mistress came to call...

The gymnasium was relatively empty, two of the junior classes were here as the senior student shot out blast after blast of his potently explosive kinetic bursts against a curved inerton block. With each explosion he imagined another one of the senior team falling... another one on their knees as they begged for their life and screamed in agony... He knew that the excitement would be too much when that day actually came and until then he needed to be careful and not let others see through the façade.

When the day came he would take great pleasure in bowing before his mistress as she tore the Legion apart.

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks? Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
#935359 - 08/06/17 06:23 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
Harbinger Offline
Harbinger  Offline

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
here, more often than not
As promised, here's the list of students I introduced in this arc:

Colossal Crew:

Ballistix - Crishtrakrek 714 of the Amegtranian Conglomerate on Zuun - synthezoid with incredible strength, speed, durability, stamina and spaceflight
Dragon Lass - Mari Baertling of Rimbor - enhanced strength, durability, senses and flight, has bat-like wings
Prescience - Gord Eno of Naltor - precognition, specialising in short range visions for combat situations
Bouncing Boy ii - Stoor Chamble of Pasnic - creation of personal spherical force field
Kid Dynamo - Ja Vlo of Dryad - incredible strength, invulnerability and stamina
Yeti Boy - Shik Al Sarju from the Boismarshi Colony of the Aldanankrian Oort Cloud mining settlements - can assume hyper-tough yeti-like form


Team Cosmic:

Kid Crush - Gooshi Dreffergoff from the Science Asteroid - creation of hyper-dense gravity bubbles
Nemesis Girl - Mi Pra of Dryad - neutralisation of energies
Magno Lass - Josi Rista of Braal - magnokinesis
Tectonik - Hardal of Granite Falls on Mondriak iv - geokinesis
Solar Gorilla - D'Nadka Endarooga of Dmansca - generate and project extreme heat and light
Polar Girl - Mel Lassar of Tharr - cryokinesis


Night Guards:

Kid Nimbus -Kendall Mekensy-Wolff the Fifth of Dryad - assume gaseous form
Silver Shaman - Shardwurd Gandussen of Avalon - biokinetic healing
Doppelganger - Roja Offred of Darling Home - assume duplicate form of anyone he has seen, detect untruth
Bloom - Lavender of Schentanhaumma iii - pheromone manipulation, enhanced senses
Booster - Solstin Wang of Earth - awareness and manipulation of natural physical properties of those around him
Glory - Gloriana Crestellen of Grighshtall iv - L- and T-aura reading and manipulation



Strobe - Denal Lort of Dryad - assume electro-magnetic energy form
Ultra Girl - Li Fahn Qiong of Xanthu - controls Red Energy to boost own strength, speed, durability, spaceflight and projection of force blasts, effectively limited to one at a time
Starstorm - Lady L'Sari Du-Weafronsion-Rega of the Eternal Empire of the Nomadic Sunkind - enhanced strength, speed, durability, spaceflight, creation of energy weapons
Atomsmasher - Ergus Wraithcat of Betelguese - spaceflight, speed, invulnerability, hyper enhanced senses, invisibility, telepathy, minor energy manipulation
Southern Lights of starhaven - spaceflight, magic user, has bird-like wings
Non - negative energy being - spaceflight, speed, invulnerability, intangibility, alter own dimensions, explosive touch, telepathic


The Changelings:

Metallix - Dru Della of Dryad - metal skin giving enhanced durability and strength
pH Zero - Shawyryn of the Gil'Dishpan Colony #2997B - levitation, durability, acid secretion, social empathy
Flipside - Drannananna Otticolli of Grathvarth V - strong, fast, agile, manipulate personal gravity, has a prehensile tail
Shadowsurfer - Walyed Reeaz of D-1457H234 - strength and durability, teleport through shadows or darkness
Spook - Wendl Honnessen of Winath - assume astral-like form allowing him to become invisible and intangible
Shifter - Josha Honnessen of Winath - manipulate density of solid or liquid matter


Senior student team

Imp Master - Dorrolo Capicca Redsail of Zerox - Elven strength, speed and senses, minor mystic, can summon and control imps
Kid Pulsar - Neel Koduah of Earth - incredible strength, durability, project explosive blasts
Friction - Jadee Whittakka of Xanthu - control the effects of friction
Slingshot - Prince Alfon Gundrix Maunheesta of the Grindlaw Colonies of System Mondarsh - hyper-charge kinetic potential of objects by touch
Howler - Elli Unji of Nu Delhistroid - agility, strength, enhanced senses and reflexes, creates sonic booms

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks? Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
#935360 - 08/06/17 06:24 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
Harbinger Offline
Harbinger  Offline

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
here, more often than not
And that brings me to the end of the Academy shorts. The students will appear again soon over in Legion Worlds Five. Some will be joining my version of the main team...

Thank you for taking the time to read this, all feedback welcome.


Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks? Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
#936217 - 08/19/17 02:57 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 15,461
Fat Cramer Offline
Fat Cramer  Offline

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 15,461
Café Cramer
Loved all these origin stories, Harbi! Such a range of powers, personalities, motives and maturity among the students. Each one is truly distinctive and well-developed in a few short paragraphs. I'm not sure who I'd want to cut from the group, apart from the clearly egotistical.

The teachers also present a good mix of approaches, strengths and weaknesses. It seems that the more long-term Legionnaires (Rokk & Gim) are less capable than those who are more outsiders, Lydda, Yera amd Wo;dfore (a physical outsider, as I see him). You make Yera, a character I never warmed to, an engaging personality.

M'Rissey made me laugh with his fascination with tax law and expense claims. Such an earnest type!

The wraithcat Ergus is another fine alien creation, and reminds me that in every species, there may be one outlier who thinks differently.

The Dryadians - well their motives were honourable, but it's a bit of a sad story. They're such earnest teenage idealists, wanting to make amends for something most people have forgotten, along with their own desires for adventure/fame/etc.

Casting Rokk Krinn as both a celebrity love interest and "creepy", according to different students' views, is so believable.

Thought you made up Ludwig Minkus as a mix of classical and jazz, but looked him up on a hunch and discovered he's real!

Now on to LW5 to see what happens next!

Holy Cats of Egypt!
#936225 - 08/19/17 06:51 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 8,108
Set Offline
I swore I'd die for you, I never meant like this.
Set  Offline
I swore I'd die for you, I never meant like this.

Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 8,108
Goodness, there's a lot to love here!

I really like the detail that's gone into the myriad worlds and cultures!

One student's fascination with the carvings in Legion World (was it Tectonik?) was cool. I liked how different students had completely different interests and focuses. There was bratty and egotistical, but there was also a good mixture of other motivations and interests. I particularly like that the powerset or world of origin didn't necessarily fall into any tropes, so that while Silver Shaman was all wise and mystical, Imp Master was mystical *without* being particularly wise. A harder more mercenary 'mystic' is certainly a fun twist on an archetype that tends to be either cackling evil or wise-beyond-their-years/standoffish (the way Raven and White Witch sometimes are written).

Lot's of uncommon or unique powersets, which I love. Friction control? Super-rare, and very cool! Neutrax's neutralization beams? Also, a rare power, and one almost exclusive to villains. Astral projection? In a genre overflowing with telepaths, and, to a lesser extent, precognitives, that's a psychic mode not as often explored! Very cool.

Atomsmasher (and the idea of space-based lifeforms like the wraithcats) is very cool and Non is fascinating. I'm very intrigued by the possibility that Non is having memory flashes from people who died earlier in this storyline...

Lazon's easily got my favorite power of the League of Super-Assassins, so it's great to see that Strobe is one of the better-adjusted of the Dryadan kids.

Loving Presience, as well. A good 'combat Naltorian' has promise, and the idea of 'pre-Commandos' is probably one of the best ideas from the otherwise not-quite-ready-for-primetime Threeboot.

Doppleganger being able to assume other forms, but not be a more generic shapeshifter, and to have a 'real form' that, to him, is unsatisfactory, as well as an inability to lie, is a great way of stretching that powerset and making him very, very different than just a Durlan. He's very clearly not Espionage Squad material, for instance.

Love Flipside's personal gravity orientation control, and Shifter's ability to turn solid things liquid, and vice-versa, which sounds very useful, to liquefy guns and armor, or even the ground beneath someone's feet, and then resolidify it, trapping them waist deep in ferrocrete or whatever. I'm also intrigued to see more of pHzero, as there hasn't been a lot of development of the Gil'Dishpan, other than that their thought-processes are very alien, perhaps even more so than their physiology, so much so that even Brainy has trouble with their technology.

Tons and tons of neat ideas, and very different personalities. Very cool, Harby!

Wrapped Around Your Finger now complete in BITS!
#936303 - 08/21/17 02:27 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Oct 2003
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Invisible Brainiac Offline
Unseen, not unheard
Invisible Brainiac  Offline
Unseen, not unheard

Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 58,388
Wouldn't you like to know?
So glad i finally caught up Harbi, such a delightful hour of reading.

you have gotten me excited for what comes next! will Booster and Glory survive? you ramped up the tension, Booster seems safe but who knows, and Glory's fear was well done

from Glory's POV I knew something was up with Kid Pulsar, but you masked it so well (his pretend story to Wildfire was well done and on keeping with the "good kid entrapped" cover)

love the kids in general, but I find Doppelgänger particularly intriguing, one of the more unique abilities. love his self consciousness about his appearance. I can relate, used to be just like hat

I love how you stress the importance of attitude, many of the nominees for tryouts are not necessarily the most powerful but are certainly among the best at teamwork and learning

loved you getting into the heads of everyone. as a nice guy too I can so relate to Gim and his struggles

above all, kudos for the realism. being in business school now i can recognize the environment - even down to Lu's dilemma with cutting down the applications - many good applicants but the team just doesn't have the capacity, and they really need to get the best of the best

also loved the bit about encouraging the strong willed, horrible team players to be solo heroes, finding a place for them despite them not fitting well into the main team

#936304 - 08/21/17 02:29 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 58,388
Invisible Brainiac Offline
Unseen, not unheard
Invisible Brainiac  Offline
Unseen, not unheard

Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 58,388
Wouldn't you like to know?
i should add - you have such a talent for creating characters. i like how you give people such unique and interesting abilities and creatively apply them. even the likes of ph Zero, whom many would dismiss as weak - but hen you give it the ability to understand new cultures! a great asset to a team protecting entire galaxies

and i also like how you have characters like Friction or Flipside whose abilities can, in practice, mimic super strength or speed or agility BUT you give hem a unique power that can do so much more than just that!

finally, I like how the team still upholds the "unique power" requirement BUT is also pragmatic enough to be a bit loose with it. that is, they are strict with the likes of exact duplication, but can bend it for very deserving candidates - at least candidates with duplicate or highly similar powers can get far enough to be judged on their own merits, if you get what i mean

Last edited by Invisible Brainiac; 08/21/17 02:31 AM.
#936890 - 09/02/17 05:05 PM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
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Omni Offline
Omni  Offline

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 860
Hey Harbinger sorry its taken me so long to respond to these. I sad to see this mini series come to an end as i was really enjoying your academy students.

Booster -
an amplifier of others only. nice twist! Poor Solstin and I wonder who poisoned him?

Im Master -
an elf that controls imps - his description made me thing of Nightcrawler and his imps. But with the white hair. i love the disruption of his apartment as well. the books can he pull them from his actual home? that would be really cool. No! he got a warning and should have asked for help!!! Why are Elve's always so cocky? lol

Friction -
the way you show her power is great! i love the little balls that separate her from the ground. I love how dedicated she is and really funny how much friction that dedication causes with her teammates. longest surviving student...that spells trouble.

Lu's scene -
I love how she carries Chuck with her. its great to see. wow 15 up for the tryout!
I love the idea that the academy tries to not only train to be a Legionnaire but to be solo heroes and create more allies. its true not everyone is cut out to be in the Legion or in the S.P's.
too bad about Yeti Boy.
Lydda is right about those girls. might make them wise up if they think there really is no chance of Legion membership.
Wow that's a lot of potential candidates. could you ever imagine an academy that accepted all of those potential candidates.

Slingshot -
I like that Prince Alfon recognizes when he is having princely moments and can reign himself in.
potential kinetic energy amped up could be so useful i think he'll make it. I had forgotten that they were dating and its good to be reminded of that. i like that he wasn't happy with Atom girl for not messaging him and hopefully his marks will get better.

Howler -
I like that she's happy about being there and wanting to learn and open her mind. that's a trait i admire in anyone and that she acknowledges she won't make membership. its interesting that she's so in tune with herself that she knows when she will leave and that the place is changing her.

Glory -
an aura manipulator is wicked cool! i've never seen that before. it has so many capabilities.
Hmmm Glory is sensing some crazy stuff and is really afraid. was that visit to the S.P. headquarters and the murder in story or something that happened off panel?
I hope she says something soon...

Gim's scene -
It was cute i always enjoy Gim and Yera together. they compliment each other well.
It was good to see the rundown of the students.
Yay Bouncing Boy II! can't wait for him to make it to the team.
Dragon Lass is- a third dragon child hmmm i smell a story there. The Dragon Triad!

Kid Pulsar -
Oh no he's been corrupted. his mistress hmm there are so many options but i have a good idea but i'll keep that spoiler to myself. Glory and Bootser are his targets? Glory i get but booster i'm not so sure of and i wonder what her plan is for the others? with the way Glory described him it makes sense he was so easily corrupted.

Again sad to see this end but can't wait for the main series!

read the adventures of the Reboot Legion!

#937301 - 09/10/17 11:44 AM Re: Legion Worlds - Tales from the Academy (Completed 6 August) [Re: Harbinger]  
Joined: Sep 2003
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Harbinger Offline
Harbinger  Offline

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,982
here, more often than not
Thank you for all your kind words everyone, I'm very grateful for them. Some of these students were ideas I had for the first try-out in LW2, and have been hanging around in my draft folder for a couple of years now so it was good for me to get them out there finally.

FC, I think that Rokk and Gim are too institutionalised by the Legion to be natural teachers, much as people who have worked full time in a given industry often struggle when they first try teaching - it isn't always very easy, and when you have big personalities it can get really tough even for those with more experience. Yera is based on a very good friend of mine who was a relatively successful actress back in the day who I met in a college as she helped run a degree show. Her attitude towards life is an inspiration and I thought after all the poor writing that had went into Yera's canon existence she was due something positive. Ludwig Minkus was definitely a real life composer, Don Quixote is possibly his most famous piece of music, and while I can't claim to know too much about him I have seen a couple of ballets that include his work and thought they were very good so wanted to reference it, and the idea of a ballet dancing yeti kind of appealed to me.

Set, I hadn't thought of Imp Master as a more mercenary type but that certainly fits, the boy has a solid ego! And thank you for your kind words on the power sets I used, it was a good exercise to plan them out and work out the characters to go with them. The twins from Winath were something I really wanted to do - just to show that they could have very different abilities but still function on that 'twin-level' that Winathians are shown to have.

IB - the Glory/Booster/ Kid Pulsar storyline will continue over in LW5 just as soon as the Zuun/Espionage Squad storylines come to a close. And after that there will be a big reveal and another change to the main teams membership. Thank you also for mentioning the business side to the Academy as I've always tried to avoid that in my real life but have seen enough of it to know it can be brutal. Poor Lu getting the unenviable job to informing the unsuccessful candidates, eh?

Omni, thank you again for your break down of each character and scene, I always enjoy reading what you have picked up on. The Glory visiting SP HQ was off panel. I had written it in m drafts for the first batch but didn't include it ... and then remembered why I had written it as I completed Glory's storyline. Oh well, not all plans go smoothly. I think you may have misunderstood what I meant with the Kid Pulsar section though as he's a very tough guy, it's just the main villain is a lot tougher so he was corrupted after a very brief skirmish. He was definitely a decent guy before then. I'll get into that in LW5 so hopefully it'll all make sense in the end for you, and everyone else too.

Thanks again everyone, greatly appreciate your feedback.

Legion Worlds Five - is it the end of the Retro-boot Legion as they face an increasingly hostile galaxy and a traitor in their ranks? Awesome ongoing adventures, only in the Bits o' Legionnaire Business Forum.
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