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#372158 - 09/15/03 05:36 AM Advice For New Posters  
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 17,273
Lightning Lad Offline
Lightning Lad  Offline

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 17,273
Omaha, Utah, DC, wherever my j...
By Order of Her Royal Highness, Queen Crujectra:

Where To Turn When You Need A Hand

Is something on the board bothering you? Perhaps you think the content is becoming a little too lewd. Or you find a particular poster to be rude. Well, fighting fire with fire isn't always the best course of action. However there is a place to turn.

Send a PM to one of the moderators. It doesn't really matter which one you choose... pick one you like or trust. Now, this doesn't mean that the moderator is going to tell someone to stop doing what they are doing. What they CAN do, however, is either discuss the problem with the site owners or, if appropriate, they can start a thread to open a discussion on the topic.

For instance, if you think someone is being a little too explicit in their sexual innuendos. A moderator can begin a dialogue with the posters, suggesting that perhaps some people are getting a little too explicit, and that perhaps we should all be mindfull of the other people that post here who might be offended by such talk. Other posters could then offer opinions on the topic, and perhaps the whole situation could be resolved without any hurt feelings or accusations.

The moderators would, of course, be discrete in such situations. There would be no reason in this instance for naming names, so the person looking for help would be able to remain anonymous in the matter.

The moderators are here to help. We can do more than delete a double post or move a thread to a different forum. We can also act as a go-between to help resolve matters before they get out of hand.

Legion World is there for everyone to enjoy. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask that a little compromising be done from time to time to enable everyone to be comfortable posting here.

Please be advised that these are my thoughts on the matter, and may not be shared by the site owners and/or other moderators smile

Please do not post replies in this thread. It is for reference only. Please be kind enough to start a new thread for discussion or post your questions here .

#372159 - 09/16/03 07:34 PM Re: Advice For New Posters  
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 5,178
Spellbinder Offline
Spellbinder  Offline

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 5,178
Penthouse atop Levitz Hall, LM...
Originally posted by New Kid:
Another thing that would be helpful to 'newbe's' is a list of people to whom it would be appropriate to pose questions or ask for advice.
Well, in general you can ask any moderator for answers or advice. If its something that the moderator can't answer (or doesn't have the authority to take care of), they can either point you in the right direction or act as your mediary.

Whoever are the current Ambassadors is also a good choice. At the moment, for instance, you could ask either myself or Eryk Davis Ester for assistance.

Beyond that, though, you can ask any poster who you feel comfortable with. Everyone here is pretty nice, and will probably be willing to offer assistance is you ask.

Some people are like slinkys: not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when you knock them down a flight of stairs
#372160 - 10/31/03 09:55 AM Re: Advice For New Posters  
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 5,178
Spellbinder Offline
Spellbinder  Offline

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 5,178
Penthouse atop Levitz Hall, LM...
Something to keep in mind:

Legion World is a public message board. You really never know who will one day become a member here. As such, it might be a good idea to keep that in mind when composing posts or contributing to the story threads. If you are planning to be rude or crude in your post, consider the fact that the subject of that post might one day read that post, and might be hurt or offended by it.

Don't let your attempts at entertainment override your consideration for other people's feelings.

Some people are like slinkys: not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when you knock them down a flight of stairs
#372161 - 10/20/04 09:39 AM Re: Advice For New Posters  
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 34,607
Cobalt Kid Offline
Bold Flavors
Cobalt Kid  Offline
Bold Flavors

Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 34,607
If you don't want my peaches, ...
Something I've thought about a lot lately about the MMB in general:

Sometimes in the MMB, people play 'in character' and act differently than they would on the rest of the board. For instance, I know I do that a lot on certain threads, Shark Lad used to really do it a lot, etc. Most of the time, it's obvious when that's being done.

On other forums, you usually get the 'real' poster and his/her opinions on things. Now, lots of posters are 'real' all the time in acting out who they are, but there are some who are relatively playful on the MMB to keep up with their LMB personna.

I just thought I should point that out for any new posters who are ever really confused about the craziness of the LMB and unsure when to differentiate between people being 'in character' or not.

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