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Author Topic: Legion on Smallville

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I couldn't see it, had something else pop up. How was it? Good, cheesy...really rocked...?

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Something pithy!

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There is a thread in the Future is Forever part of the board. You can read some of the comments on the episode beginning here.
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Omni Craig

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I'm pretty excited by this, and I can't wait for tonight. I've never actually watched an episode of Smallville, seen a few minutes here and there. I was always too AR continuity-wise to accept the forced multicultural retcon of Pete as African-American and Lana as Asian-American. Dude, Lana's a redhead, always has been! I'm not prejudiced, I'd just rather they leave things that already worked alone. Introduce new classmates and friends we just haven't met before who could be Asian-American, African-American why don't you? That would be fine! Chloe is a great example of an all-new character for Smallville who is still around all these years later...of course, because they messed with Pete and Lana, they made Chloe Caucasian too...my point is, Lana could have stayed a redhead, and Chloe could have been Arab-American or something, no problem at all! Just bugs me! Ah well, I'm the guy that hated Superman-The Movie because he was able to fly backwards through time to save Lois. Anyone whose ever read a Superman story involving time travel knows that's not possible!!!!!! [Smile]

Sorry, wasn't meaning to rant here. I am looking forward to tonight's show!

I will say the one thing I already believe will be missing is the fact that in comics, the Legion meant a lot to Clark because he was pretty alone as a teenager, having powers and being an alien, and the Legion became a place Superboy belonged. In Smallville, for the drama and action of the series, he's already met a ton of people with powers, alien and human, and weren't scores of people over the years powered up by Kryptonite meteors? So, what I'm getting at is that the Legion will get the chance to meet their idol, but Clark already has super-friends to hang with in his own time. Can they be as special to him in the Smallville TV universe as they are in the comics? They were like a lifeline to him as a teen!

Hey, maybe if this episode is well received and Welling re-ups for another season, maybe the Legion can show up again and yank him to the 31st century to save the future for an episode too (from what I read in Geoff's interviews, that probably wouldn't be financially possible though...I'll just dream about it then).


Craig C.

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Possibly an evil Legionnaire

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Pretty good so far but GEE WHIZ can we get a modern Legion story that doesn't deal with Xenophobia or whatever, I'm so SICK of that plot point. I mean, would it be so hard to say he's a criminal from the future (Fatal Five) and wanted to mess with history by killing Clark (you can even throw in the cheesy "you are destined for great things" line). Sorry, but I wish writers would get off that kick, its NOT interesting.

Plus, not so sure about their solution to the Chloe problem, but I'll wait and see how this ep ends to see if it was just an "initiation prank"

Anyways, I haven't watched Smallville in ages, but fun ep so far and I'm liking everyone well enough (I mean, you can't give the characters too much depth in one ep)

Long Live the Legion!

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or you can do the confusion 'til your head falls off

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Well, writers tend to react to current events, and our recent history (U.S.) seems to be rife with resurgent xenophobia-- certainly there's a lot of it in this neck of the woods. YMMV.

BTW, is this a good time to mention that I have everyone's home phone #'s and I'm going to call you all while the show is on just to bug you ? If you want to outsmart me and my evil, you'll have to take the phone off the hook at broadcast time. Don't say I didn't warn you. [Razz]

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Quislet, Esq
Great Calamity Kittens!

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I liked when Lightning Lad said "It's for my sister" and them giving Clark a Legion ring and offer to visait them.

The big major thing of the Legionnaires saying "We must kill Brainiac's host!" Hated it. If one thing should have come down through the 1000 years it should be the non-killing aspect of Superman. They know about the stupid baseball which was "missing", but not about Superman not killing? How about instead the Legionnaires said something like "the best we can do is contain Brainiac within Chloe and she needs to come with us to the future where she will be put in stasis."?

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Hypno Lad

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That was alright. It was REALLY weird seeing Legionnaires ready to kill.

The characters themselves came across as rather flat. I imagine they seemed exceedingly random to Smallville viewers unfamiliar with the characters.

I think the Legion would have been better served with a playful "Legion of Super Jerks" initiation episode. They came across as a cut-rate JLA with a prophetic twist.

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Phantom Girl
Long Live the Legion!

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I don't watch Smallville (as I really don't watch tv at all), but I really enjoyed it. Definetly exceeded my expectations. Garth was pretty immature but that happens a lot with people of their age (rage of maturity levels). Rock was quite the thinker, leader, which I really liked as well, and I think Imra was best represented in appearance. I though Persuader would have a bigger role though. They made a reference to Brainaic 5, stated that there were other Legionnaires and invited Kal-El to visit someday. Loved the close-ups and emphasis on the Legion Flight Ring. I liked that they showed the Kal-El's influence over the Legion. Didn't care for the Legion willing to kill Chloe but they learned from Kal-El in the end that there is always another way to solve things; they made it their #1 rule (so good show of influence there). I really hope this episode flies, a spin off would really be the greatest thing. I'd give the episode an 7.5 out of 10.

[ January 15, 2009, 07:20 PM: Message edited by: Phantom Girl ]

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Well, personally....I thought it was a pretty damn good episode! Had me glued to my seat, wating for more. I hope we see them again, if not...Long live the Legion!

"I can't get hold of your mind! Like something slippery..." Saturn Girl, The Legion #2

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Suddenly Seymour
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My love for this episode came to a screeching halt when they told Clark he had to kill Chloe. I still enjoyed all the touches Geoff threw in, but like Quislet said, they should not have been so quick to kill her. The whole knife bit was just wrong. I was waiting for Rokk and Imra to start chanting, "Kill her! Kill her!" They were just way too eager.

I don't care that they learned their lesson about killing in the end. It totally tainted the episode for me.

That said, the little bits of character they were able to show were pretty cool, and everything else about them seemed pretty spot on. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Clark pay a visit to the future.

And someone should probably go in and add SPOILER to the thread title just in case.

Geek Watch

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could be rabid

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it was ok have to re watch it to nit pick latter
two things quickly
i wanted then to end the episode with the legionnaires in the 31st century in front of the superman museum
love the look of rokk hated the jacket on close ups

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Oh, I thought it was really good. A couple times I had a really big grin on my face. Yes, the fact that they kept trying to convince Clark to kill Chloe was sort of off, but I found it easy to let it go. I guess I'm too used to compartmentalizing different versions of the Legion. The fact that they didn't find it very easy to do themselves makes me guess it's not something they had any experience doing. I loved that they worked in mentions of Winath, the Time Institute and the Subs. Even though I knew the line was coming, when they said "Long Live the Legion" I was a little giddy.

On a side note, it was funny to see Crashdown from Battlestar Galactica turning into Doomsday. Poor guy, getting the short end of the stick again.

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Hypno Lad

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Moreso than being unfaithful to the concept, having the Legion ready to kill made them seem really, really generic. It's weird how being a bright and shiny future makes the Legion different...you'd think that concept would be hackneyed, but it's so sparingly used that it gives the Legion a unique flavor.

Also - anyone else think it's funny how Garth is totally different in every continuity? "Geeky fanboy" was an interesting take on him.

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Uggghh. Except for two scenes -- Rokk and Garth taking down Chloe/Brainiac, and the final LLL salute -- this was AWFUL.

What a wasted opportunity, and what a goddamn shame the man who wrote this self-indulgent dreck has dibs on the comic book LSH. Geoff Johns wouldn't know the "real" Legion if they mugged him in a Kansas cornfield in broad daylight.

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There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met.

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The first five minute scene, with the Legion spanking Persuader, was very cool.

I did not like the 'human supremacist' crap, because that's just Action Legion stuff that was invented last year for some Superman crossover and not part of the past 30 years of LSH continuity, but it was gotten out of the way fast enough that it didn't bother me that much.

Lots of shout-outs. Mention of some place smelling as bad as the sulfur pits of Tharr or Garth saying 'sprock,' for instance. Kind of irrelevant to the Smallville viewing audience, but cute nods to the LSH fans tuning in and they didn't seem distracting.

I was not fond of the fact that Rokk clearly knew about the fortress when Clark said 'go talk to Jor-El,' and then they didn't go there, they just wandered around and read Chloe's notebooks to try and find her, and chatted up Lana and stuff. Ugh.

The Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill bit was annoying, and then I got what they were doing by having Clark be the inspiration for the Legion's no kill code, and then I didn't like it anyway, since it came off really, really clunky. Despite the nature of the show, they've had some really elegant writing, at times, paying homage to stuff while incorporating it into their own universe. This was not elegant writing. It was awkward.

Still, there were several scenes in the episode where I was all misty-eyed, seeing *some* sort of Legion being acknowledged as relevant to even this very much alternate universe version of Superboy/man/bear/pig. The use of the Flight Rings to catch up to Clark made me smile, as well as wonder how fast those things go, since it's never really been terribly clear to me...

On a shallow note, Persuaders axe look fugly, Imra had too much makeup on, especially in some of the later scenes (and she looked like she would be pretty enough not to need to cake it on so heavily, which, IMO, is more of a Smallville makeup department problem and nothing wrong with the actors judgement, since they are famous for caking Lana and Lois in about 20 lbs of plaster, so that their faces look like death-masks...), and the chinless wonder playing Garth needs to 'roid up and wait for the other one to drop before he plays any grown-up roles.

I could get used to Rokk with a beard 'though.

Chloe once again survives certain death. Good thing, too, 'cause she's my favorite character on the show, and has been since season 1!

Random thoughts;

Brainiac told Davis that after twelve days 'in the chrysalis,' he'd be irrevocably Doomsday. Two hours later, Brainiac is defeated and Doomsday hatches early. Sounds like potential for 'Doomsday' to be saved.

Brainiac is 'reprogrammed' to become Brainiac Five? Huh. I think I prefer a race of Coluans instead, but it's an alternate universe and that's as good an origin as any. (Why Imra would call him Brainiac 'Five' instead of Brainiac *Two,* I have no idea...)

Chloe looked like she was packing at the end of the episode, and not the 'going to visit my boyfriend in the hospital' packing, more 'looking over mementos of my past before leaving forever' packing. Gulp. They keep messing with my Chloe-loving heart!

[Probably because they know that if they endangered Lana I'd be all on the edge of my seat, rooting for the bad-guys!]

Omigod, if one more actor on this show decides to emote by staring at another actor and having their eyes go back and forth like they are watching a tennis match, I'm gonna go to Vancouver and pluck them out of their head! Act, damn you! Don't play pong!

Ooh, the actual EMP scene was WAY better than the previews with the placeholder graphic (some lame-o spinny white thing). Nice graphic! I like the barely decipherable babble of voices whenever Imra would telepathically assault someone too. Very nice way of 'showing' it without making pink bubbles come out of her head or something!

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